Julianne Moore in Givenchy at the Globes: scrolldown fug?

All credit to The Fug Girls for the term scrolldown fug, which I’m pretty sure they coined. That’s the best way to describe Julianne Moore’s Givenchy look last night. I saw her get out of the limo and I thought “oh that’s not bad, it could be more fitted.” We’re so used to being disappointed by Julianne’s fashion that I thought it could be worse. It was though, check out the skirt below. It’s got like a weird split vest mullet top, a long skirt with a mesh overlay and a giant bow at the T back with more of that mesh running along the seam. That’s a lot of attention to detail for such a bad result. I wish you could see the face I’m making, it’s similar to this.



Rosamund Pike was also in Givenchy, in a black cutout dress. It doesn’t need the little sequin jacket, that looks like it goes with a different dress. The top is sort of interesting and I like the built in choker collar. It doesn’t need that see through part along the skirt though and what’s with the half circular pattern? This has different elements that have no business being thrown together in one dress, but that’s true of Julianne’s look too.



Debra Messing had on a metallic sequin and feathered Pamela Roland gown which was just ok. I think her heavy-handed makeup is throwing this off. She told Giuliana that she was the only one of the Will and Grace cast there (apart from Megan Mullally, she was a presenter) because it wasn’t nominated for anything. Debra was nominated for Best Performance in a Musical or Comedy though, that should count for something. (Rachel Brosnahan won in that category for Mrs. Maisel.) She also saidWe’ve never won. So we drink. Because at the Golden Globes that’s what you do, you drink.” So many of the presenters looked high to me though. It’s legal in California now, I don’t blame them.



Caitriona Balfe was another attendee whose styling let her down. She did one of those faux bob looks which can work, but not with visible barrettes like that. She had on Moschino and it’s like her hair is matched to the puffy parts of her gown. The dress isn’t bad per se it just needs a better look overall. She’s so gorgeous and can look much better than this. She lost in the Best Actress Drama category to Sandra Oh.



Photos credit: WENN

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22 Responses to “Julianne Moore in Givenchy at the Globes: scrolldown fug?”

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    Julian is gorgeous and talented, but never wears anything I like.
    I kind of like Debra’s dress.

    So I tried watching outlander, and got through maybe four episodes? Then I gave up because I found it really boring. Does it get better?

    • Becks1 says:

      Um, I don’t think so. I like it but am not a devotee of it (my mom loves it and doesn’t have Starz, so she watches it mostly at my house so I’ve caught most of it because of that.) It has its ups and downs. A few episodes are REALLY good, then a few are really boring. The books were the same way to me – really long, with some really good parts where I could not put the book down for hours, and then some really long boring parts where I kept thinking “people rave about this?”

      You may find it picks up for you but for me I find that I can watch 2 episodes and then not need to watch anymore.

    • Lizzie says:

      just watch the wedding episode and there is one where he spanks her with a belt and she dominates him on a fur rug. that’s all you need to watch from season 1. totally worth it. or better yet – just google outlander sex scenes and cut to the chase. haha.

    • Kerfuffle says:

      I can’t get past how rape-y Outlander is. For a show that’s supposed to showcase the female gaze, there are violent rapes every single season.

    • broodytrudy says:

      I watched the first two seasons, went, “wow this shows has some pacing problems”, and then realized I’d only actually watched the first season. It was such a surreal moment for me. Major pacing problems and it doesn’t seem to really go anywhere? It’s a no from me.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Debra Messing is the most annoying celeb. I don’t know what it is about her but she grates on every single nerve in my body.

  3. Himmiefan says:

    Very few people can carry off a middle part, including these celebs. By the way, I thought the Globes were purely for sale.

  4. KBeth says:

    Julianne Moore is one of my favorites, absolutely stunning but her styling is usually disappointing.
    The Outlander lady, Caitriona? So lovely but the barrettes in her hair…

  5. smee says:

    Caitriona Balfe’s velvet dress is bulky & gives her extra hips. The barrettes are a bit girly.

    Rosamund Pike’s severe hair ages her. Her get-up is too bizzy for me.

    Julianne Moore has worn that neckline before and it looks good on her – the SDF nails the rest of it.

  6. VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

    Caitriona’s hair is that length….it’s not a faux bob. Her dress makes her look like she’s trying to hide a pregnancy…if I hadn’t seen pics of her a few hours before looking as slim as she usually does I’d assume she had a baby bump she was trying to hide.

    I love Outlander too—sad she never wins. She is a fantastic actress and I am shocked it was her first substantial role.

  7. Kateeee says:

    I actually like both Givenchy, and even I am surprised by that! They are not 10s but at least they’re interesting. Julianne Moore’s could definitely use more tailoring, especially at the waist. A more supportive bustline would’ve helped, too, but she does seem to prefer less structured dresses. And Rosamund Pike’s is a bit incongruous but I think that’s why it works for me: it’s an exposed torso dress made more modest by a disco bolero.

    Caitriona with some loose waves would’ve been beautiful but the bob+barrettes give the whole thing such a twee vibe. Who knew strapless maroon velvet could end up so immature?

    Debra Messing… nope, not ringing any bells. Who’s that.

  8. SJhere says:

    I don’t like any of these dresses. Or most of the hair. The severley tight pulled back look is not really flattering. You know these ladies spend hours in hair and makeup with professional stylist, why do they look so awful? I’ve seen YouTube videos with better, more flattering styles.

  9. Lesanne says:

    Julianne looks like a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ in a polyester pantsuit.

  10. Mrs. Darcy says:

    So many middle partings! Rosamund Pike: I say this as someone who once rocked that Emily Dickinson “I’m a serious girl” severe low bun in college – there’s an age cutoff for it not to look matronly/weird, and it’s 22. Agree the cape doesn’t really work with the look, if you are going for a dress like that you have to commit, the cape feels like an afterthought.

    I wish we could see Julianne in Catriona’s dress, simply because that color would make her look alive, and she refuses to wear her best colors for some reason (also even though I don’t love it I think the shape might almost work on Julianne since she does gravitate towards structured shapes and they usually don’t look terrible on her if they are fitted properly, unlike what she is wearing). Her hair and makeup are pretty but she wouldn’t need ten layers of blush if she wasn’t wearing a color that totally washes her out.

    Catriona, I feel like she doesn’t expect to win at this point so is just having fun with the fashion? The bodice and rose accent on the dress are really pretty, is unfortunate about the Regency era hip poofiness,

    I don’t really get Debra’s look – it’s all way too heavy, the hair and makeup drag it down into the earth and she looks sort of stumpy and weird. Her beautiful hair looks plastered to her head, sack all of these hair stylists please.

  11. Kerfuffle says:

    So Debra Messing is the only one there except for a second person (which means 50% of the principals are there) and the show wasn’t nominated for anything, except for her own nomination? What strange things to say.

  12. Marty says:

    Balfe was a let down for me, that dress could’ve been really pretty without the puff of doom.

  13. Raven says:

    Julianne problem is that she doesn’t get any of her clothes tailored to fit her body. Half of her outfits look like they’re meant for somebody twice as tall and the other half looks like they’re meant for somebody who is twice her sizes.

  14. Sass says:

    I am cringing for Catriona. I think she is stunningly gorgeous and I barely recognized her here. Like, she is the type of beautiful I wish I was and she looks like a washed out nine year old in her grandma’s prom dress.

  15. Valiantly Varnished says:

    When I saw Julianne’s dress I literally said out loud (to myself) that the from the waist down looked like an old 80’s Jessica McClintock bridesmaids dress. If they had done the neckline and let it fall in a simple sheath style it would have been perfect. I LOVE Caitriona’s dress. I’m a sucker for velvet and I love how different the silhouette is…but that hairstyle is hideous. And because it catches your eye so much it ruins the entire look. Her hair currently has bangs and this was a lame attempt to tuck them away. It would have been better to just leave them.