Patricia Clarkson in Georges Chakra at the Globes: striking and regal?

Patricia Clarkson won Supporting Actress in a Drama for Sharp Objects. That’s a show which I’ve heard many good things about, but which none of us are watching yet. (I really feel behind this awards season!) She’s getting accolades for one line during her speech, when she addressed director Jean-Marc Vallée and said “you demanded everything from me except sex, which is exactly how it should be in our industry.” That’s rather blunt, but she’s probably speaking from experience dealing with some really awful men. I can’t imagine. Amy Adams looked kind of shocked after that, but she kept smiling. You can see the speech below.

As for Patricia’s gown, she was in red-orange Georges Chakra. This dress design has been popular the last couple of years and that’s because it works. It’s very old Hollywood with some modern touches, like two trailing lines of fabric along the back in a contrasting bright pink.


Here’s Patricia’s speech.

Thandie Newton was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress, for her sublime work in Westworld, the show that got super confusing. She was in a white cutout Michael Kors gown with mirror sequins. I really like this, it’s so cool that the dress picks up the surrounding colors.


Did you know that she’s been been married to British director Ol Parker since 1998? They have three children together: daughters Ripley, 18, Nico, 14, and son Booker, just four! Thandie posted a cute photo with Ol. I just learned that Ol wrote and directed Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. I like him so much now, that film was delightful.


Presenter Gina Rodriguez was in Reem Acra. This dress photographs worse than it looked on camera. It has like a built-in necklace bead and sequin design that drags her cleavage down, but I didn’t notice it during the show.


Look at how hot she is with her fiance, Joe LoCicero. They are so cute together!


Nominee Melissa McCarthy was in Reem Acra too, in a deep purple gown with large stars along the side. I would like this if it wasn’t for the long ruffled sleeves. I feel like sleeves shouldn’t be that complicated. This is a nice holiday gown. There were a lot of looks last night which reminded me of the holidays. I wish we had more Christmas to look forward to.



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  1. xdanix says:

    My favourite, FAVOURITE story from last night is that Melissa, knowing that they would be serving dinner early while many of the night’s bigger stars and nominees would still be on the red carpet and so they’d miss it entirely, somehow managed to smuggle in THIRTY sandwiches and was kept busy handing them out to very hungry, grateful A-listers 😀 😀

    • Becks1 says:

      Huh. This makes so much sense re: dinner. For some reason I always thought they managed to serve dinner DURING the show and the cameras just stayed away from people eating or any servers. The fact that dinner is served before just makes so much more sense lol.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I think they use to serve it as they came in because I recall seeing way more plates at the tables during the telecast. They switched to this format not that long.

      • xdanix says:

        @Becks1 They switched to serving it really early, so as to avoid the sounds of cutlery clinking/people eating during the ceremony apparently. But what it really means is that any of the big names don’t get to eat on what’s already a long night for them (because they’re all still on the red carpet during dinner), unless they smuggle in snacks somehow. Melissa and her sandwiches were apparently VERY popular 😀

  2. Caitrin says:

    There was a moment last night when Clarkson shouted out NOLA, and I briefly looked up from my slab of king cake to fist pump. (I’m kidding about the king cake. Mostly.)

  3. grabbyhands says:

    Tired of the extreme plunging neckline look. Patricia Clarkson’s gown would have been better without it. At least it was a good color.

    Gina Rodriguez – terrible neckline, and another gown in a washed out color.

    I love Melissa McCarthy, but I feel like every time I see her, she is swaddled in yards of fabric and she would look better without it. Color was great on her, but it needed less sleeves – either sleeveless or off the shoulder would have been great.

    • a reader says:

      I am so tired of that extreme plunging neckline as well.

    • Bella Bella says:

      I think Melissa is dressing as if she still weighed more. She’d look great in something fitted. Or at least a fitted bodice.

  4. Jess says:

    Love Patricia, her dress, and her speech. Tha did looked incredible. And Gina looked stunning in motion.

  5. Nancypants says:

    I watched Sharper Objects. It’s a good series but disturbing, especially, if you have daughters.

    I have loved and hated Patricia Clarkson’s characters off and on for years.
    I guess that makes her a great actress.
    I mean, The Green Mile, The Station Agent (Awesome indie w Peter Dinklage before Thrones) , Frasier (tv show) etc.

    I hated her in Sharper Objects. No really, I hated her.
    Watch it and you’ll see.
    I did enjoy the set having lived many years off-and-on in the deep South.

    I love Amy Adams. Julie and Julia, Sunshine Cleaning Co, another great indie.
    She grew up Mormon about 30 miles from my house.
    Interesting little note there.

    As for the dress, I just don’t think redheads look great in red and I’ve been auburn at times but Patricia is more blonde now I think.
    I think redheads look stunning in navy, black, dark brown, gold, etc. but not red or pink or yellow or orange but that’s just me but some redheads can pull off pink like my little niece who has the most gorgeous dark red hair and pink cheeks.
    You can’t fake that.