Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson got flirty at a Globes after-party, they ‘left together’

InStyle Warner Bros Golden Globe After Party

Pete Davidson turned up for some of the Golden Globes parties on Sunday. He went to the InStyle party and posed with Machine Gun Kelly, although I don’t know if they actually went together to the event as bros. After that, it seems like Pete went to the Netflix party, which is where he ran into Kate Beckinsale. And… like, sparks flew? The weirdest sh-t goes down at some of these parties, I swear to God.

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale were spotted leaving the Netflix Golden Globes party together.

“They were flirting and sipping Moët champagne,” a spy told “Page Six TV.” “They were outside on the patio and left together.”

“Saturday Night Live” star Davidson, 25, and fiancée Ariana Grande ended their engagement in October after four months. TMZ reported in December that he was spotted on a date at Carbone with a “mystery woman.” Beckinsale, 45, divorced Hollywood producer Len Wiseman in 2016, and has most recently been linked to British comedian Jack Whitehall. She shares 19-year-old daughter Lily with ex Michael Sheen. Reps didn’t immediately get back to us.

[From Page Six]

I have no idea about Pete’s “type,” but I do know that Kate Beckinsale has been going through a serious younger-man phase for a few years. Remember when she started dating that 21-year-old douche-bro? It felt like she picked him at the mall or something. I mean, Kate is gorgeous and she has an incredible body, and if she wants to bang 20-somethings, so be it and that’s her business. But she has TERRIBLE taste in 20-somethings. Rando college bros and Pete Davidson? Nah. If I was a 45-year-old cougar with a bangin’ body, I’d be trying to lure Timothee Chalamet into my web of seduction.

InStyle Warner Bros Golden Globe After Party

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  1. Lucy says:

    I would have gone for Machine Gun Kelly, personally.

  2. Feebee says:

    I don’t understand how Pete Davidson does it, like, AT ALL.

    • Pandy says:

      Well i always fall for the funny guys, so i get it. But he’s a candidate to date her daughter lolll.

    • Ann says:

      I think he is really funny. And he’s tall. And that BDE. I fully see how he isn’t for everyone but he does it for me. Although I don’t think he is the hit it and quit it type. Look at all the tats he gets for his SOs. That would freak me out if someone got a tattoo for me. He seems to get very attached. Guess I’m trying to avoid calling him clingy…

    • Justme87 says:

      I don’t get the hate for Pete, he’s a sweetheart and I think he’s super cute in a dorky way. That said, he really needs to work on himself before getting involved with anybody. He’s in such a vulnerable spot and he puts so much of himself into his relationships, another bad breakup could be the last straw for him. I really want to see him succeed.

  3. Millennial says:

    Love Kate, but her taste in men is terrible

  4. Snappyfish says:

    There is so much NO going on here. From horrid dress to confused young man

  5. WingKingdom says:

    I think Kate Beckinsale is EVERYBODY’s type

    • Katherine says:

      this LOL
      also – to disagree with many of the posters here, I see what she sees in him:-) cue that’s why she’s single side eyes from all of my friends, hehe. yep, I have the worst taste in men, certified

  6. grabbyhands says:

    Massive downgrade for her. Yikes.

  7. Cidy says:

    …. yikes.

  8. Barrett says:

    She was always so beautiful but now I remind myself that she became very Hollywood….breast implants, lots of tweaking.
    She didnt need it, in serendipity she was flat chested, natural, and still breathtaking

    • Originaltessa says:

      There had been a lot of work done pre Serendipity. She’s been at it for a long time

      • sid says:

        Yes. Looking back at Brokedown Palace, the change is obvious. And now that I think on it, I wonder if all this (the thirst-trap IG, the sleazy 20-something year-old guys) might not be her making up for what she thinks is lost time as she wasn’t the “hot girl” in her 20s. She turned into a stunner in her 30s.

    • Wisca says:

      Ah, “still breathtaking” despite being “flat chested.”

  9. Rescue Cat says:

    Pete looks quite unwell in that photo. Very pale and red around the eyes.

  10. Lala11_7 says:


  11. Tania says:

    I’d go the other route: sports people. Like Connor McDavid, PK Subban or Seth Jones. Hockey FTW!

  12. kellybean says:

    Jebus! What is that dress???

  13. Kit says:

    She’s been acting pretty desperate for the past few years. Botoxed to the hilt, obvious implants, cringeworthy bikini selfies and college bros. I applaud confident women in their 40s, but Kate’s behaviour reeks of desperation, not confidence. She’s clearly a bright woman, I wish she would allow herself to age more gracefully and focus on getting her dying career on track. I much prefer actresses like Rachel Weisz, who once had a lot in common with Kate – British, educated at Oxbridge, started out in British drama films/theatre, naturally stunning. But where Kate has ended up the most generic Hollywood clone, Rachel continued doing interesting projects.

    • smee says:


    • otaku fairy says:

      I don’t feel that she’s got to put the bikini selfies away or date guys from her own age group to have confidence. She looks great. Even this weird yet oddly pretty dress manages to look good on her.

    • lucy2 says:

      If I had her figure, at any age, I’d probably be tempted to do the bikini selfie thing too. And I usually hate that sort of thing, but she is in incredible shape.

      I think her career is doing just fine, it looks like she works pretty steadily and was getting award buzz last year or so for Love & Friendship.

      I don’t get dating the 20 something guys though, especially the ones she seems to pick, and she’s so beautiful I do wish she’d stop with the tweaking.

  14. Notanotherpostcard says:

    Timothee Chalamet? He is such a man child and don’t understand how anyone finds him sexy.

    Kate is enjoying herself I guess, so more power to her.

    • Kitten says:

      Chalamet literally looks like a child to me. I find him completely sexless. When I see him, I think of a cold, shaking whippet that I want to wrap a warm blanket around.

    • Lolly says:

      Agreed! I do not understand the attraction. He looks about 14 and reminds me of a little brother who honestly believes he invented drama.

    • lucy2 says:

      I mentioned yesterday that he seemed like a dork in an interview i saw, and when I saw people saying he was in his 20s I was definitely surprised. He seemed like 16-17 to me. Which is not good.

    • Pandy says:

      TOTALLY!!!! And that sequined halter didn’t make me warm and fuzzy either. When I outweigh a guy, I’m not sexually interested lollll.

    • WOW says:

      Right, Timothee Chamalet?? Oh baby no! He is not sexy in any capacity, he looks 12. Kitten’s description is dead on. LMAO.

    • Bryn says:

      I was thinking the same thing, if I was going to go for a celeb it would be one that doesn’t look like a child

    • arr says:

      I know a bunch of high school and college girls in their teens/early twenties (16-22) who are really into him, but I cannot imagine him being very appealing to someone late twenties or up. He is 22, which is mad young in and of itself, and honestly reads as about 17. Long story short is that he is cute, but sure as hell doesn’t seem any older than his age and in fact can easily seem (both appearance and demeanor) as a handful or so years younger.

  15. ZGB says:

    That dress…lmao! As for Pete, wow what a world of difference hair colour can make! Thank God he’s ditched the vomit-shade blonde hair. He looks good…but kinda unwell, like he’s caught a cold.

  16. Rainbow says:

    She’s gorgeous…
    I don’t think this rumor is true. I can’t see her with Pete.

    Also I love Timothee Chalamet but he looks 12. He looks way better with a girl his age like Lily Rose.

  17. Kitten says:

    Kate is so hot but clearly very, very vain. I would assume that’s exhausting but maybe worth it (?) because again, HOT.

  18. Originaltessa says:

    Pete isn’t THAT unattractive. When he first started on SNL I thought he was kinda cute. Add a sense of humor and self deprication, and lots of booze and god knows what else, and I can see how a woman might be into it. We’re acting like he looks like Mickey Rourke or something…

    • Bryn says:

      Everybody has different types. I am always attracted to tall, skinny, long hair, blonde, and quiet guys. I don’t find the clean cut, suit wearing, muscle man thing sexy.

  19. pru says:

    If its just a hook up, ok, I guess?? Anything else I would judge her for the age gap and getting involved with some with severe mental issues.

    • Becca says:

      Right? He just publically posted a suicide note a couple weeks ago. Stable guys are boring I guess?

    • Mira belle says:

      Look, crazy is almost always hot in bed. Funny can be charming and it certainly helps. I say this from uh, extensive personal experience. But then they need to disappear before the sun rises. Not making them coffee or wanting to see them morning after.

      Pete looks high AF most of the time🗿🗿🗿

    • Raina says:

      Are you serious??…you would judge her for being with someone with mental issues??
      With all DUE respect, YOU clearly have some of your own.
      What a disgusting thing to say.
      I dgaf if they hook up; have fun, do you.
      But…people like your miserable, snotty self are the type who suck EVERY bit of joy from things.

      Bet you’re fun at parties aszhole.

      Btw, some of you were the same people who felt bad for him during his breakdown. It was mostly Bull as you attacked him a minute later. I don’t understand it.
      So he hooked up with a few people, stated he had borderline, did some crappy jokes and broke up. Now he is a villain??
      I keep thinking: Shyte, if I were him, This would suck.
      I guess you try to ignore keyboard warriors in the end.

      • pru says:

        Wow. Ok. I’m disgusting for judging a 45 year old woman for starting a relationship with a 25 year old who was possibly suicidal a few weeks ago?? This kind of relationship could be extremely detrimental to his mental health. I stand by thinking that would be wrong of her.

    • Raina says:

      Nope. You conveniently left out that I clearly stated you judged her for being with someone with “mental issues”.
      At least you seemed uncomfortable enough about posting that part because you focused on the age part instead.
      It’s a bad look to judge others on their mental health and you clearly realized that.
      Look, I just feel VERY protective of people when I feel like they’re being piled on. Especially, if they have borderline. It really does a number on self esteem to begin with. I have a teenager with autism and I tend to look at people of they were my kid.
      I apologize for certain language that I used. It was beneath me.

  20. Noel says:

    Timothee is a good actor but he looks like a 14 year old.

  21. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I mean, credit to her, that horrible tacky dress was still enough on her insane bod to lure a messed up 20 something boy home, if that was her goal? I know very little about him, he seems kinda fun though, and it’s a truth universally acknowledged that men in their 40s ignore women in their 40s, (hi B. Coop and Leo and every other dude in Hollwood at the party prolly), whereas a lot of young dudes are just up for whatever, so more power to her. Chalamet seems kinda drippy and is pre-pubescent looking to me, I don’t get the fuss.

    • Aren says:

      That too, where are women in their 40’s supposed to find partners? If she’s beautiful enough to attract young males then great, it’s not like she wants to start a family with a teenager or some other crime.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, I’m married but if i was single I’d go the young guy route. Guys my age mostly want to date younger. My sweet hubby was an exception imo.

      • Raina says:

        As long as these are two adults, do what you want. Not like she’s R. Kelly.
        Rarely hear so many age issues when the genders are reversed.
        I think people just REALLY don’t like him and I can’t figure out why to this degree

  22. TaniaOG says:

    Terrible dress and a terrible picker.

  23. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    Well if it did really happen, we all know Pete will be the first to blab about it on SNL or a comedy routine. He’s all about that kiss and tell.

    Secondly, if she’s going for much younger, she should get with someone who is actually hot, like Shawn Mendes or one of the guys from Gossip Girl or Riverdale. Any of them would be way hotter than this troubled young man.

  24. Jag says:

    He was probably trying to help her find the rest of her ugly dress. lol

    She is gorgeous. I don’t understand why she would want to be with him, but hey, to each their own. (His recently threatening suicide twice – once in passing right after Ariana and he broke up, and then on twitter – would be enough for me to pass.)

  25. WOW says:

    Hopefully he won’t fall apart again and she won’t get blamed once it ends.

    • otaku fairy says:

      ….Or labelled a cruel, fake, opportunistic, irresponsible bitch or ‘poison’ for her men for saying something like “he’s a great guy, but I need to take some time for myself” in an interview. Bc you know, the internet is forever, and previously unheard of levels of concern will now be shown for health struggles and wellbeing of public figures.
      Or at least it will be shown for 50% of public figures. We can’t have internetters being expected to do that for the other 50%. Asking for something like that or even discussing it would be called ‘stanning’ or making things to heavy for gossip sites. Bitches put themselves out there.

      • LoveBug says:

        Maybe the 45 year old Kate should know better and rather hook up with another young dude that wasn’t recently visited by NYPD for health check after seemingly sharing some disturbing information on social media about not wanting to be on this Earth anymore.
        Not rocket science, is it???

  26. NYCTYPE says:

    LOL, what a hideous dress, wow, looks like a night gown from the 70’s.
    Kate seems so desperate to me, with all of that botox and fillers, the fake chest, she is trying way too hard to hold on to her looks.
    I think she would be much better off, if she would go the similar route that RACHEL WEISZ is taking, doing interesting projects and looking like a bit of a older version of herself without her face screaming : BOTOX and FILLERS.
    Rachel Weisz is probably getting some laser treatments, facials, she is most likely eating well and exercising and not overdoing the alcohol and sugar consumption, but she doesn’t look manufactured to me with bunch of injections and plastic surgery procedures.
    In my opinion a 45 year old woman should know better than hooking up with a very troubled guy that was just posting some very disturbing things on social media in regards to not wanting to be on this earth anymore.

  27. S says:

    Women can have mid-life crisis, too and, wow, has Kate Beckinsale, once one of the most beautiful women in the world, lost the plot. The weird dress, incredibly questionable romantic decisions and constant nips and tucks all scream, ‘Rampant insecurity’. Makes me feel terribly sad for her, and for her daughter watching it all, as well.

  28. Lama Bean says:

    Totally missed that Machine Gun Kelly was in Birdbox. (I haven’t seen it yet)

  29. Kebbie says:

    Didn’t her husband leave her for a 20 something? Maybe that plunged her into this mid-life crisis she appears to be having.

    She had a baby young and went from one long term relationship with Michael Sheen into another one with Len Wiseman. I think she’s trying to recapture her 20s or something.

    She could do better than the guys she’s been seen with, but no judgment on her having some fun. Her kid is out of the house and she’s single and rich, might as well have some fun.

    • Lirko says:

      Agree. I mean, this sort of behavior is basically a right of passage for men (esp men of means) in their 40’s, so, she’ll figure it out. And (personally) I really don’t find Pete to be unattractive. His features are a bit quirky looking, but I dig unconventional.

  30. Melbelle says:

    Also, wasn’t Pete sober? At least from alcohol? Not that he couldn’t have relapsed but this story smells fishy.

  31. Coco says:

    People saying Chalamet looks 12/14 are even aware how a 12 year old looks like? Chalamet looks young for sure (he is 23!) but looks exactly his age.

    • Ashby says:

      @ Coco : To me he looks about 17 – 19 years of age. I would have have never guessed him to be 23. There is a reason why he is often cast portraying teenagers. I’m 29 and he looks to me like a teenager.

  32. zia says:

    I’d bang Pete. I don’t know why everyone says he’s so ugly. He’s not great looking but if he’s charming and he can deliver a hot time in the bedroom, well cool! A lot of men are so vanilla and don’t try hard enough because they’re so attractive. Maybe Pete knows that is a shortcoming and he makes up for it supremely in other ways LOL

    • JANE says:

      @ ZIA : Pete seems like a guy with a lot of issues. Not that long ago he shared on social media that he didn’t want to be around.
      I would stay away from that, I don’t think more confusion is needed for someone like Pete.
      He doesn’t seem stable.
      Maybe instead he could use a supportive friend and not a roll in the hay, regardless of how good or not he is in bed.
      There is plenty of other fish…

    • Snowflake says:

      I’d bang him too. Guys like that are usually very umm giving in bed. Rather him than some alpha ahole

  33. kristen says:

    Please don’t judge me, but I am attracted to Pete Davidson. I think he’s funny as hell and cute in a strange way. I don’t really understand it, but I so would. ::: backs away :::

  34. Elaine says:

    Obviously she’s still an attractive woman but her face looks NOTHING like herself. Really sad to see especially since she was so beautiful before. Now she just looks generic.

  35. Alyse Leitao says:

    She does tend to go for the funny, quirky guy… (which she is her self if you check out her insta!)

  36. Shelley says:

    Eh?! I think he’s very handsome when he stays away from the freaky hair colors. He doesn’t look well – pale and exhausted; seems like avoiding entanglements with women of any age might be wise for a few months at least.

    Stress for people with Crohn’s disease takes a massive toll. He should put his physical and mental health first and forget about romance for awhile.

  37. Bruja says:

    This is gross when middle aged dads do it also. Pete was threatening suicide a few weeks ago, and also a few weeks before that. Not a good look, on various levels.

  38. Raina says:

    The more I’m reading these comments, the more I’m horrified. Disgusted.
    Surprised, actually, as people who are on this site usually are amazing.
    Maybe we have some generic followers who run with a bad statement and have no mind of their own.
    I hate people like that.

    • Lulu says:

      @ Raina : What in the world are you talking about?

    • Barcelona says:

      Sorry Raina,

      but I would not hook up with a guy who very recently was mentioning possible suicide on social media and was having a health check with the NYPD.

      He needs help and not hooking up with someone old enough to be his mother and a 45 year old Kate should know better.

      If she is into a young buck, there is plenty of them that are more mentally stable than Pete.

  39. Pandakeeper says:

    I actually think Pete is cute in a sad puppy kind of way & can be quite funny. I never understood why he thought Ariana was beyond him. She’s super cute and young looking, but not the world class beauty Kate is.

    I hope he doesn’t get attached and that maybe Kate will help with his lack of confidence.

    Comedians are complicated and most are rather depressed in some sort of way. I know. I married one.

  40. dj says:

    Am I the only one that thinks just because you leave with someone does not mean you have to have sex with them? I can see him going up to her and saying something really funny trying to pick her up. Her laughing and saying ‘nice try but funny as hell.’ They have a rapport and him starting to talk to her about deeper stuff like ‘you know I am the guy from SNL that made fun of the war veteran with the eye-patch & it really didn’t work out well for me. *nervous laughter* She tells him she made a terrible dress choice. Next thing is let’s get out of here and have some drinks and talk elsewhere. I would totally do that with a much younger guy to just hang out with for an enjoying evening. Naive?

  41. Nala says:

    Uhm. Why is not disgusting to you guys that a 45 year old woman sleeps (allegedly) with a 25 year old boy. (yes, boy)?!

    It’s a big issue when ever an old dude over 40 is dating 20-something girls, but not when the roles are reversed?

    It doesn’t matter what gender they are, the power in the relationship is OFF.

    Come on guys! He’s TWENTY years younger… She was hitting her 20’ies and only 6 years away of be coming pregnant when Pete was just cum. Eww