Saoirse Ronan says her dog is a genius because she recognizes ads

Saoirse Ronan appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show yesterday and all I can think about are the metallic fuchsia pants she wore. Her whole look is amazing – so fresh and fashionable. I’ve scoured for a designer ID on the pants but haven’t found it yet. If anyone knows, please share! Since I am mentioning fashion, Ellen’s outfit is also great.

Saoirse is promoting her role as Queen Mary in Mary Queen of Scots alongside Margot Robbie. Ellen kicked things of by suggesting Saoirse looked just like Mary, which didn’t go over well with Saoirse, so they moved swiftly on to Saoirse’s adopted pup, Fran. Fran is a genius, so claims Saoirse. She said that Fran is able to recognize commercial music and when a dog commercial, especially a rescue dog commercial, comes on, she runs out to watch it. Here’s some of what she said and you can see the video below.

A lot of terriers, for some reason, tend to watch TV… and Fran can recognize when an animal or a dog is on the TV. And once she’s seen them on the TV like in a commercial if she hears the music and she’s in another room, she’s like ‘my ad’s on.’ And she’ll run into the living room and she’ll just watch it. And around Christmas time, you know the way they play like the animal shelter ads… they’re her people and she’s watching it and she’s like ‘Oh God, I know what that’s like,’ because we adopted her. She’s smart.

It’s not so much the sound recognition that impressed me, because dogs usually recognize sounds. If you’ve ever tried to sneak your car keys out when you do not intend to take the dog, you know that. It’s the fact that Fran runs in to watch “her people” when they come on. Saoirse best not tell Fran where her checkbook is kept, or the local animal shelter will be getting a hefty check every time Sarah McLachlan starts singing.

In the Vogue article to which Ellen refers, Saoirse declares Fran a genius when she offers the interviewer her paw at Saoirse’s request. Fran has my pup beat on that. When I ask for his, he just stares at me as if I am embarrassing myself by asking. I have a Korean Jindo and when we adopted him, the rescue representative “warned” me that Jindos are known to be smart. I never imagined she meant smarter than us. Seriously, we trained my dog to put his toys back in the basket, but my teenagers can’t seem to figure out how to get their dirty clothes in the hamper. My particular pup is beautifully uncoordinated though, so it keeps me from feeling inferior. Huh, look at that – I just spent half a paragraph talking about my dog. It’s almost as if I picked this video just to do that *walks away whistling*

Not only did I not know that Saoirse had a genius doggo, but that she never trained as an actor. That’s insane to me, she is so flipping good in every role. She told The Guardian that because she spent so much time on her own with only her imagination to keep her as company, “It was normal for me to pretend I was in a scene, and I would do it all the time.” I pretend a lot too, but I probably won’t get the Oscar for it. I just love Saoirse and knowing she has that much raw talent just makes me love her more.

By the way, I am not holding out on you, Saoirse doesn’t have social media so I can’t get you pictures of Fran beyond the one in the clip above. But in case you are curious what a genius dog look like, here is my genius dog resting after a long day of geniusing.




Photo credit: WENN Photos and YouTube

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  1. Bettyrose says:

    She wants to see genius? She should meet my terrier breed pup, who understands whole conversations involving parks and food.

    I’ll say I’m taking her in 10 mins. Pup’s at the door in exactly 10 mins.

    • Léna says:

      It’s so strange how dogs can understand time right?
      When I go to my dad’s house and stay with the dog at home, he will stand by the door at 11.45am waiting for my dad to come home for lunch break and will do the exact same around 17.30pm when my sister comes home from school, then again at 19.00 for my step mom and dad’s arrival.

  2. Marianne says:

    Mys siter dog does this too. She also barks at toddlers on TV.

  3. elimaeby says:

    I have a westie, and he gets so worked up if he notices a dog on the TV. The dog can be totally still and silent and he’ll still sit right in front of the screen and stand up on his hind legs. Then he tries to *talk* to it. It’s precious, except the episodes of Game of Thrones with the hounds. Those piss him off inordinately.

    • Homestead says:

      Same as our Westie. It’s funny because he can tell the difference between a very realistic fake animal and a real one. He doesn’t bark at the fake ones but if they’re super realistic will look at them suspiciously.

  4. Megan says:

    My cat loves to watch ice skating on TV. She sits right in front of the TV and moves her little head in sync with the skater. She also loves Johnny Weir’s outfits, She tries to bat at them.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I always joke that my pup and I have the same taste in shows. Whatever I’m watching she’s into.

  5. Laura-j says:

    My dog while not ‘smart’ does have a favorite Beyoncé song that was my alarm. Alarm = breakfast. Beyoncé = a snack.

  6. DTTIMES2 says:

    My shitzu terrier mix would bark like mad at ANY animal on tv…sound off didnt matter. She watched tv. I couldn’t watch any show with animals. The Telus commericals with animals drove her crazy. Especially the goat one…she was CONVINCED when the goat jumped that he was behind our tv 😂 …god i miss her.

  7. Some chick says:

    My kitties loved Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom! Also the Yellow Submarine movie. They would peer around the side of the tv to try to bat at things that had gone offscreen. In both cases, they watched with great interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they recognized the music.

  8. Sportlady20 says:

    Hectare, your dog is adorable. I’ve got 2 rescues & my weiner/mini pin mix Han barks at any animals on tv, especially birds, he stands on his back legs, it’s pretty cute, then after time depending on the animal on tv it’s tough to shush him. 😂🐶

  9. meh says:

    I want pics of the Korean jindo!!

  10. Homestead says:

    We have a Westie and he is on the same level of genius as Saoirse’s doggie. He has a fantastic memory for advertising jingles and comes running and barking from another part of the house when he knows the ad features a dog or cat. If he’s in front of the TV, he catches animals in a snap. Very sharp vision and hearing processing. He loves watching TV as well and I didn’t know it was a terrier thing but that explains a lot as our previous dogs were never interested in TV.

  11. IMUCU says:

    I clicked on this article just so I could read (& *hopefully* see) about dogs. Was not disappointed ☺! I dog-sit a trio regularly (gets me dog-time, since can’t have one full time right now), love them as if they were my own, but 1 of them always barks at the commercials with the doorbell sound in it (like Swiffer) — those ad developers must have never had dogs! Sometimes I even have to get up & open the front door just for him to check — little maltese rushes out the door, looks side to side, looks up at me, around again, grumble groans, defeatedly goes back inside to tell the other 2 it must have been some kind of trick 😉.