Soulja Boy goes off on Drake & Kanye West: ‘You supporting Trump, bruh?’

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I saw “Soulja Boy” trending on Twitter throughout the day Wednesday and I didn’t think much of it – I thought it was some minor thing that was getting blown up. I reasoned, to myself, that Soulja Boy hasn’t been newsworthy for the better part of of like eight years or so. But then I finally looked into why everyone was talking about him and… it’s hilarious. He’s sort of amazing?? Soulja Boy appeared on The Breakfast Club and he SNAPPED. He talked sh-t about EVERYBODY. I guess when everybody calls you a has-been for years, you’ve got nothing to lose. The weird thing is that he didn’t behave like a has-been. He behaved like a guy who is still in it, a drama queen who lives to spill the tea on all of the people he knows. Here is just a sampling of all the sh-t he said:

On Kanye comparing himself to Steve Jobs & Walt Disney: “N—s talking about Kanye… Talking about I’m Walt Disney. N—, you ain’t none of that. Why you ain’t come out with s—then? I came out with a whole video console, bruh. I’m the first rapper in history to do that, bruh. You ain’t Walt Disney, You ain’t none of that, bruh. You kissed them folks’ ass at Louis Vuitton and you kissed them folks’ ass at Adidas and you came out with two pair of goofy ass tennis shoes.”

On Kanye’s Trump support: “You up here supporting Trump and s—t. You supporting Trump, bruh? What the f— wrong with you, bruh. That s— not right, bruh. I have sat back long enough and I’m not holding my tongue no more, bruh. Kanye, call me, get in tune with me cause if not I’m going to keep checking you. My folks went through too much s— for you to be out here doing this goofy s—. My grandaddy been through too much, my grandma and great grandaddy, they from Mississippi and they from Mississippi, we went through slavery and s—. You gotta put on for the black community.”

On Drake: “Stop playin’ with me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he knows. Y’all ain’t heard Drake on his first song ‘Miss Me’ … That’s Soulja! That’s my bar! He copied my whole f—in’ flow!”

He also thinks Migos stole from him: He also believes Migos recorded their 2013 song “Versace” over the same Zaytoven beat from his song “Teach Me How to Swag Part II.” “I called them n—s and I was like, ‘Yo, that’s my beat. What’s up with y’all?’’ ‘Oh my bad bruh, you know how Zaytoven do. He send every rapper in the game the same beat.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, you know what? We got to make some music together.’ We got cool off that. That was 2012. I knew the Migos before Drake did. It’s facts. It sounds crazy. When people sit back and listen they be like, ‘Yo, this n— crazy.’ No! I’m just that n— and them just facts. It sounds so unbelievable that I done did it, but I really done did it.”

[From People]

The Drake part was the thing that went viral, especially because the clip of Soulja Boy saying “Drrraay-ke!!” was especially hilarious (see below). And maybe he’s right, I don’t know enough about Soulja Boy’s discography to really say. But what he says about Kanye…man, it needed to be said. It needed to be said by someone in music too.

This is some funny sh-t. NSFW-ish for language.

Soulja Boy

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24 Responses to “Soulja Boy goes off on Drake & Kanye West: ‘You supporting Trump, bruh?’”

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  1. teehee says:

    Goofy ass tennis shoes…. X’D X’D

    I mean really, Kanye needs to disappear. Even Souja boy knows that. And hes up to some shade lately with his “consoles”.

    • Pandy says:

      OMG LOVE this guy! He’s right re shoes (and @ss kissing, let’s be honest) but he should have mentioned his line of dumpster clothes in nude pantyhose color. Ha ha ha.

  2. Nan says:


  3. LORENA says:

    I was listening to this interview on my way to work yesterday and man was it a gem. He talked about everybody and their mother and it was HILARIOUS

  4. Monicack says:

    Now watch me youuuu!

  5. Clare says:

    Eh, it’s funny hearing him mock Drake and Kanye, but honestly, I’m over people trying to extend their 15 minutes by talking shit on other people. You want attention? Do something useful or interesting – quit stepping on other people to get attention. It’s lame.

    I mean there’s been a huge cultural shift a from the very top of our society – to where all you need to do is badmouth something or make fun of someone and suddenly you’re trending on social blah blah – it’s awful and sad that we as a society encourage it. I don’t have high school age kids, but I imagine this shit trickles down as well.

    • LORENA says:

      Soulja boy has been around over 10 years, this isn’t his 15 minutes of fame

      • Clare says:

        He’s been a bit of a joke for ages, though, hasn’t he? He isn’t exactly well liked or respected. Or even well known amongst the key demographic. Let’s be honest, he’s reaching.

      • LORENA says:

        Yes I agree with that. Def reaching and getting the attention he really wanted

  6. Alissa says:

    do I suddenly love Soulja boy? I think I might love Soulja boy. who am I!

  7. BaeBae says:

    He’s so freakin annoying but as the old saying goes, a broken clock is right twice a day! Soulja is def a clown but he’s speaking nothing but facts here. He’s also given us over 10 years of zany, wacky behavior and he wrote lots of songs that were catchy ear worms when I was in my 20s.

  8. HelloSunshine says:

    I can’t stop listening to the draaakeeeeee part, this is gold 😂 I’ll have to listen to the whole interview later when my kid isn’t awake but Thank you for the clip!

    • Maisie says:

      Drake has got his nerve – he can take his millions and beat it back to Toronto any time he wants, while we have to endure the idiocy and cruelty of traitor Tr**p and his Russia-loving henchmen. He should STFU and go back home (and take Beiber with him while he’s at it).

  9. Kitten says:

    Lols. Where is the lie though?
    I’m absolutely HERE for it–all of it.

  10. MC2 says:

    My favorite post in a while. Spill the tea! Spill the TEA! Who knew I’d become a Soulja stan.

  11. eto says:

    Soulja has been giving me all the drama I need the past few days – I watched that clip from his interview at least 10x yesterday.

    I will say, Soulja has been doing interesting things with his gaming console. I haven’t really followed the convo but apparently it’s selling well

    • Erinn says:

      HA. HAHAHA. Yeah, no. He hasn’t. He’s a joke in the gaming community. His newest addition comes after being forced to take down FOUR OTHER consoles from his store because they were such obvious legal messes. He doesn’t have any licensing rights – he’s ripping off other consoles so blatantly that it’s not even funny.

      His second handheld consule was ripping of the PS Vita. The THIRD handheld is ripping off the PSP. People have found identical looking products on Allie Express and he’s out here begging for money for this garbage.

      And I believe his site has been taken down. Which, is not a good sign.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I just can’t believe he thought he could take on NINTENDO and win. You know, only the biggest and most successful gaming company who is notoriously tight-fisted with its console and title patenting because they’re the power behind the brand.

  12. Jay says:

    I don’t know bruh, what should we do, bruh? Bruh, I haven’t a clue. What, bruh? Bruh, I said I haven’t a clue, bruh. Bruuuuhhh…

  13. goofpuff says:

    That Kanye stuff really needed to be said. Kuddos to him for that and being brave enough to say it even if it all this was meant to give him some social media viral time. It still is worth saying.

    and yes I love the Draaaayyke…lol

  14. Kayleigh says:

    This is a man who has nothing to lose.

  15. DesertReal says:


  16. Rae says:

    I refuse to find this funny after the language he used during the Nintendo/dropshipping console business. But I really want to.