Regina King on meeting Sam Elliott: ‘He was so charming and even better than I hoped’

Regina King was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. She was wearing a sleeveless white jumpsuit that showed off her impressive arms, which kind of glowed. How is that achieved? Is it exfoliation plus some kind of shiny cream? Jimmy brought up the fact that she’s won so many awards for If Beale Street Could Talk. He asked if she’s afraid of messing in her acceptance speeches and if she prepares anything ahead of time. She said she is afraid but that she doesn’t write her speeches because she feels like that’s jinxing it.

Do you run out of things to say?
I just say a prayer, please just don’t let me flub or say something silly.

Do you plan it out beforehand? Do you write something down?
I think that’s jinxing the whole thing. The only thing about that is there’s always someone that you forget. Or you get names wrong.

Do you think you need to thank anyone whose name you don’t know how to pronounce?
I say call them by their first name.

Most people don’t have this problem.
They call them champagne problems.

Compare this approach to Lady Gaga’s very obvious preparation at the Critics Choice Awards, complete with crying that may have been genuine but which she turned off on a dime when she said that the music wasn’t going to play her off. (Gaga is in another category than Regina, but so far she’s only tied for a Critics Choice Award. I hope that’s the last time she’s accepting for this role.) I’m not shading people who write down their speeches, I would prepare a speech, it’s just that Regina is such a pro she doesn’t need to.

Jimmy asked Regina about people she’d met at the Golden Globes and she said she tries not to fangirl but that she saw Sam Elliott and had to go up to him. She described him as “so wonderful and so charming and even better than I hoped he would be in the moment… And the mustache is real! It’s just like it’s perfect.” She told him she loved Roadhouse!

This is the face she made when she talked about Sam Elliott!

Here’s the video. There’s another segment where she talks about her character’s hairstyles and how she initially wanted an afro but director Barry Jenkins talked her out of it.

This man is 74 years old! I would.

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  1. Cojji says:

    Oh hell yes! His voice mmmmm

    • DesertReal says:

      That might be the face we all make when we talk about Sam Elliott.
      His stature, voice, and silver fox factor is through the motherf***ing roof.

  2. Tiffany says:

    So Regina just confirmed what I always felt I knew about Sam Elliott. Thank you.

    And yes, I think this is her year for any and every award.

  3. R says:

    I love Regina King and I want her to win this Oscar so bad!!! So bad she is just insanely talented and I CAN NOT WAIT to see what she wears on the red carpet. Have I mentioned I love Regina King?

    As for Lady Gaga yuck. That is a person I do not love at all like nails on a chalk board so I am sad her name was mentioned in a post about the fabulous Regina (although I get why) and that lead actress Oscar better be Glenn Close’s and Glenn Close’s alone.

    Lead Actress- Glen Close
    Supporting Actress- Regina King

    Everyone else don’t care.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m rooting for Glenn and Regina too, and I haven’t seen either film yet! I really want to see Beale Street.

  4. Agirlandherdog says:

    That man…

    My husband and I have watched Roadhouse twice in the last week. I mean, when it’s on, you watch it, right? We had the same conversation about how this man does not age. I did not, however, refer to him as that sexy silver fox. Which is how I think of him.

  5. Lightpurple says:

    I would love to meet Sam Elliott too although I would have thought their lives would have crossed paths at some point before this given how they both have worked on the same industry for decades.

    Her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk deserves all the awards and accolades she is getting

  6. Scal says:

    I think at least having a list of names written down is a good idea, but don’t ‘prepare’ anything as it were. That way you’re prepared and the excitement and adrenaline will still shine through.

    Gaga’s speech is clearly rehearsed and it comes off as super fake.

    • lucy2 says:

      Same here – have a general idea what you want to say/who to thank, but don’t prepare a whole speech. That’s only good if you’re accepting a lifetime achievement award or something.

  7. Devon says:

    I would freak if I had the chance to meet her. Have loved her since Boys in the hood!

  8. Onemoretime says:

    I love Regina King , so much of adolescence was spent watching her in different movies and to shows. She is a mainstay in my entertainment choices. Loved, loved her in Southland such a bada$$! If you didn’t get a chance to watch it before it was canceled it’s on Hulu!
    As for Sam, I had to turn in my crush card when he was in the final season of Justified without the mustache. Man does he need it, he’s a zaddy as long as he has the stache!

    • Dee Kay says:

      Southland was fantastic and King was terrific in it. Love her so much.

    • TQB says:

      Yeah, Sam sans stache was not so good. SUCH a bummer, too – although IDK, maybe Olyphant/Goggins/Sam’s mustache would have been too hot for TV?

      • Nicole(the Cdn one) says:

        TBQ – you are right. That would qualify as soft porn and they’d never allow it on TV – even cable!

    • Anna says:

      Oh she was brilliant in Southland! Did she win awards for that? Hope so…I gotta research now

  9. dumbledork says:

    I have always wanted an alarm clock that would wake me up to the sound of Sam Elliot’s or James Earl Jones’ voice. And I’m glad I’m not the only one that has to watch Roadhouse when it’s on tv. Guilty pleasure.

  10. Ae says:

    Sam Elliott is forever-dong.

  11. Martha says:

    Honking for Sam!

  12. brutalethyl says:

    If I met Sam Elliott I wouldn’t care about any awards, fame, success, whatever. I’d be done. I’d probably just die at that man’s feet. He’s pure class, as well as sex on a stick.

  13. tw says:

    Her performance in Beale Street leaves you unable to imagine someone else in the part. The best scenes of the film involved the mother – daughter relationship.

  14. LWT00 says:

    My husband (an actor) worked with Sam Elliot on We Were Soldiers.

    To this day, he glows with praise about the man. To hear my husband tell it, he was the kindest, most generous, hardest-working man on that shoot.

  15. Margo Smith says:

    Oh my god. I love her so much. SO MUCH. So cute about the love for Sam Elliot. Her face?!

  16. Harla says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sam Elliott many times and he is nothing but charming, disarming and utterly wonderful!!

  17. msn says:

    I haven’t seen much of Sam Elliot’s work but in The Ranch on Netflix, he’s superb as Ashton Kutcher’s father -I have a thing for this kind of Americana lol

  18. Ann says:

    I loved her in Jerry Maquire! And I love Sam Elliot too. They both have such amazing voices.