Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw: how incredible does this look?

Velvet Buzzsaw photos courtesy Netflix Press
Jake Gyllenhaal was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and it took a very bizarre turn in the opening. Jake revealed that Stephen had shown him his d*ck while they were working together on a skit for the midterm elections edition of Stephen’s show. Stephen was playing Scrooge in a old fashioned nightgown and he wasn’t wearing underwear for some reason. That video of the interview is below and I didn’t fully get what was happening. ET Canada explains that better than I can. It was creepy, it seemed like it really happened and like Jake was uncomfortable and laughing about it. Is Colbert a royal creep like that?

Jake has a lot going on, he was just revealed as the villain Mysterio on the upcoming Spiderman: Far From Home movie, he is in an off Broadway play with Tom Sturridge called Sea Wall / A Life that starts in February, and he has an incredible looking horror movie coming up on Netflix called Velvet Buzzsaw. It costars Renee Russo (love her, how does she look the same as in Thomas Crowne?) and Toni Collette. It’s premiering February first and it’s getting buzz as the next Bird Box. Have you seen the trailer for it? I am so excited!

This looks like one of those rare films that is campy and ridiculous but leans into it while being self aware enough not to get annoying. I can’t wait! Netflix has been bringing it for so long. It’s like the populace is being trained just to sit at home and binge shows but we love it. We’re all getting Stockholm Syndrome from Netflix.

Also Jake and Stephen talked about how it’s hard to have people critique your work, and it was related since Jake plays an art critic in Velvet Buzzsaw. He turned it around on Colbert and asked him what it was like to do monologues every night. I know people don’t have a lot of strong feelings for Jake but I think he’s an incredible actor and that he doesn’t get enough credit. He’s only been nominated for an Oscar once, for Brokeback Mountain. I would like to see him get one in the next few years.

Here’s Jake’s interview where it got weird and here’s a link to the second part.



photos courtesy Netflix press credit: Claudette Barius/Netflix

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  1. Incredulous says:

    Oh hey, another Dan Gilroy* movie, great. Will watch.

    *Mr Rene Russo.

  2. reg says:

    This movie looks amazing, paintings from a dead painter come back to life
    to wreck havoc on sneering Art dealers. I especially like the mechanical
    man with blue eyes.

  3. Rescue Cat says:

    Looks good but the trailer gave away too much.

  4. manta says:

    I’ve seen and thoroughly enjoyed the two previous films by Dan Gilroy. I’m sure this one is good too.
    I think I recognize the brilliant Zawe Ashton in the trailer, so another plus.
    Too bad it won’ t show on the big screen.

  5. tempest prognosticator says:

    This looks deliciously creepy and frightening. I’m in!

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      Me too!! I loved Nightcrawler! And yes, Renee Russo hasn’t aged a day, such incredible beauty!

  6. Lizzie says:

    so ready for this. i love all the main actors. i loved nightcrawler. if nothing else, this will be fun. jake and rene have awesome chemistry – maybe they can win some awards together someday? love nothing more than to see an oscar campaign starring these two.

    he has been robbed continually for awards. he should have scored noms for end of watch, zodiac, nightcrawler and of course he should have won for brokeback mountain…the most egregiously un-awarded movie of all time. think of how young those actors were and the work they did on that movie. it was just so subtle but all 4 of them were totally heartbreaking. the movie should have swept every category. i’d rather walk on my lips than talk bad about rachel weisz but she won over michelle williams for the constant gardener where all of her scenes were FLASHBACKS…GTFO?!

  7. Esmom says:

    I love the cast and the camp factor is delightful but I’m afraid it might be too creepy for me. I only made it through a few episodes of The Haunting of Hill House because it was keeping me awake at night. I’m realizing that maybe horror just isn’t my thing.

  8. Chaine says:

    Looks absolutely terrifying. I won’t be able to watch it!

  9. Lala11_7 says:

    Jake…pound for pound…is one of the BEST actors I have ever seen on screen….he just is….and that cast? MEIN GOTT THAT CAST! I love seeing Toni and her co-star from “Wanderlust” Zawe Ashton working together again…though I ALWAYS think that Zawe looks JUST like Jaye Davidson…from “The Crying Game”…and THAT is pretty much the highest compliment I can pay to another human being….

  10. ds says:

    why do all the curators and art women in films have that same haircut – the fringe bob? ughhhh… and same style…. so annoying. other than that – seems like a fun film. popcorn ready

  11. Anon33 says:

    I bought tickets the day they went on sale to see Sea Wall/A Life in March!!! So excited!!! Am I going to wait outside afterwards?? Maybe!!!

  12. anon says:

    not at all. It looks silly to me

  13. Keira says:

    Won’t be able to watch that, but what a cast! Daveed Diggs, Giovanni Ribisi (?)????

  14. Nanea says:

    Jakey is criminally underrated, and I’m so ready for his Mysterio.
    Renee Russo looks better than in the “Thor” movies – but maybe it was the severe hairstyle.
    And Zawe!
    (We will be seeing her on stage in Pinter’s Betrayal with Hiddles and Charlie Cox, we have tickets to see it a few days before Brexit, as we have no idea how chaotic things will be for EUropeans afterwards…)

  15. themummy says:

    For the first minute and 15 seconds of the trailer I was bored silly and thought it looked dull and like it wasn’t going to have a plot…but then…! Looks awesome!

  16. Cafecito says:

    I saw that late show episode, that was actually the bit they were playing. Colbert showing everything while Xmas caroling and Jake asking him to cover it up.

  17. DiegoInSF says:

    Hey, I have strong feelings for him! Jake and Renee were amazing in Nightcrawler so I’m counting down the days till February 1st. He’s such an incredible actor and is so damn sexy when he has a beard!

  18. Elisa says:

    He is an amazing actor, I’m here for it!

  19. nb says:

    I’ve loved him ever since Donnie Darko (still one of my favorite movies, the kind you can re-watch any time). I agree he’s so underrated. Even in Enemy, which was a really strange movie that I’m still not sure how I feel about, he did such a great job with the dual roles and was totally believable. I hope he starts winning more awards and recognition.

  20. Ye says:

    Colbert is kinda knows for being a super good guy, so this sounded really off.

  21. Anare says:

    Yikes! I would watch that, and then sleep with the light on.