Roseanne Barr finds Natalie Portman ‘really repulsive’ for not supporting Netanyahu

'Roseanne' at Walt Disney Studios - Premiere

Natalie Portman was born in Israel, and she is a dual citizen of Israel and America. She’s always been vocal about her Jewish faith, and she even directed a movie (A Tale of Love and Darkness) in Israel, in Hebrew. Natalie has also been vocal about the politics of Israel, and in recent years, she’s been critical of Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration and policies. She even refused to attend an awards ceremony in Israel last year because Netanyahu would be in attendance, and she didn’t want her presence there to look like an endorsement. All of that is background for this mess: Roseanne Barr thinks Portman is “repulsive” because Portman doesn’t want to cozy up with Netanyahu.

Roseanne Barr criticized Natalie Portman and defended Kevin Hart ahead of her visit to Israel. In an interview published Friday in daily newspaper Israel Hayom, the comedian took on Portman, who last April outraged many upon declining to take part in an award ceremony as the recipient of the Genesis Prize Laureate, explaining she “did not want to appear as endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu, who was to be giving a speech at the ceremony.”

“It was really sickening, I find her repulsive,” said Barr of Portman in the interview. “She was raised in incredible privilege of safety in the Jewish state and knows nothing about anti-Semitism. She’s the darling of the left here, the Jewish left in Hollywood, she is a complete hypocrite who grew up in safety and privilege, like I said before, and knows nothing about what she speaks of.”

Asked about Kevin Hart’s Oscar controversy following backlash over his past homophobic tweets as it related to her own racist tweet that got Roseanne canceled in May, Barr said the comic should be forgiven. “Largely they’re digging up things that people did 15 and 20 years ago, and Kevin Hart, his statements were really old and people grow up and change, and he did say he was sorry over and over,” she continued.

Barr also acknowledged former TV husband John Goodman’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week, where he said he “really missed her this year” while filming The Conners. “That was sweet of him but he should’ve fought harder for me,” she said. “But nobody fights for anybody in Hollywood because it’s you next if you do. It’s very much a culture of fear and mind control and it’s run by people without a lot of ethics.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

What a mess. Is it just me or is Roseanne trying to play “I’m more Jewish than you” with Natalie Portman? Natalie Portman largely grew up in America, and she also lived in a time in France. She experienced anti-Semitism in both countries, and likely still experiences it all the time, especially considering we’re living in Trump’s America, where anti-Semites and neo-Nazis are called “very fine people” by the a–hole in the White House (who is completely supported by Roseanne, incidentally). Roseanne wants to cast herself as the most aggrieved, and she wants to pretend that she was thrown off her show because of some kind of strain of antisemitism, rather than her own history of saying and tweeting racist sh-t.

Natalie Portman out and about in New York City

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36 Responses to “Roseanne Barr finds Natalie Portman ‘really repulsive’ for not supporting Netanyahu”

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  1. Jessica says:

    She needs to have a seat. Not every citizen has to support their leader.

    • Julia says:

      Absolutely. Especially not when they are far-right and implement a policy you may not agree with, like I suspect it is the case for Portman’s views on Netanyahu.

      The amendment to Israeli legislation last summer is very worrying/distressing and I don’t see how or why any Israeli citizen trying to detached themselves from the government’s action could be blamed.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        and Netanyahu is corrupt AF.

        guess what, Ro-Ro? most folks find YOU and your support of a bigoted idiotic wannabe dictator repulsive.

        so, go scratch.

      • Raina says:

        I am Jewish. People should NOT support other leaders blindly, simply due to any commonality.
        Barr is latching on to anyone who she believes serves her purpose. She lost the left, she’s targeting the right.
        Also, she nuts.
        #Roseannesnuts #neverforget

    • pottymouth pup says:

      Barr’s support of Trump & Netanyahu says a lot about her,none of it good. Both men are arrogant & corrupt (they also both had racist fathers). The Netanyahu’s spent a considerable time living in Philly; Bibi graduated from Cheltenham HS and, occasionally, made visits back to the Philly area in the late 70s/80s where he gave some young & impressionable BBG/AZA members first hand experience with his desire for adulation and how douchey he was

  2. Darla says:

    Ugh, Goodman said he really missed her? I can’t stand him anymore and I used to like him.

    As for what Roseann says about Portman, I don’t care about anything Roseann says. She is an awful, terrible person. Her saying bad things about Portman is basically a character reference FOR Natalie.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve been very disappointed with how he’s handled this whole thing. He flat out said he didn’t care when questioned about some of the racist jokes and the idea of working with racist Barr. Good actor, but apparently not a great person.

  3. adastraperaspera says:

    Looks like Roseanne just cashed another check from Putin/Trump. So, until the presidential election, we’ll be hearing her make all kinds of forceful pronouncements against sane people standing up for their beliefs and Democratic candidates trying to right the ship of state. Tune her out.

  4. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    Roseanne is always picking a fight. Who’s she gonna fight next, her mirror?

  5. Maum says:

    Netanyahu is a despicable human being, nothing to do with his religion or where he’s from.

  6. Who ARE These People? says:

    Yeah, you called it, she’s trying to out-Jew her. Gross. Netanyahu is corrupt. As for growing up ‘safe’ in Israel, ha ha ha. Though Barr and people like her have now made life outside Israel far more dangerous for Jews.

    Barr was fired because she is and was racist and she’s insane to try to wriggle out of it this way. As for Goodman not ‘fighting harder’ for her … well, isn’t she the precious one.

    Extremely delusional.

    • Steff says:

      Rosanne has dressed up as Hitler and posed for a picture where she was putting gingerbread men in the oven, mocking the holocaust. She can go away forever and I wouldn’t miss her.

  7. M says:

    Roseanne has tweeted conspiracy theories against George Soros multiple times, including that he was a Nazi collaborator who stole his wealth from other Jews who died in the Holocaust.

    For her to accuse anyone of not being Jewish enough or not having experienced anti-semitism is absolutely insane–she’s the one perpetuating textbook anti-semitism.

  8. Goofpuff says:

    Wow I had no idea Roseanne was Jewish. I mean she seems to always be attacking other Jews so I assumed she was just another anti-Semite white supremacist.

    I find people who support people who clearly have an agenda against them baffling. Like do you hate yourself that much?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      The eternal good question.

      She seems to identify with the extremist right-wing politically, and that would be the same no matter what her religious practices (if she has any) or religious identification. Extremist Jews are worlds apart in their practices from ‘secular’ Jews.

    • Hmmm says:

      She’s was raised mormon. I think her dad might’ve been Jewish.

      She also claimed to have multiple personalities so who really knows…

      • Bettyrose says:

        I suppose I could look this up, but I vaguely remember her having a Jewish wedding with Tom Arnold and he converted for her. That was my first awareness of her being Jewish but I know nothing of her upbringing.

  9. Lizzie says:

    why is anyone anywhere in the world giving roseanne an interview? her relevance ended 20 years ago and despite her many chances she has proven it was for good reason. bye bitch.

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    Bibi is a crook…and pretty fascist….he has turned Israel into the THING they abhorred the most…so of COURSE…Roseanne loves him…and homophobic Kevin Hart…and any other POS that she can cape for…I’m sure she has a tear for R. Kelly too….

    John Goodman is a man who misses the woman who provided him with a constant source of income….I get it…I wish he would stifle it…but I get it…I don’t EXPECT for him to rise above his preference…for moral reasons…

    That would be too much like right…

  11. Nanny to the rescue says:

    Good that Roseanne’s been dethroned – now she’s being more honest about what a hateful woman she is. The mask is off completely.

  12. Suzieq359 says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t realize Roseanne was Jewish until she got fired? I swear all these years I never remember her mentioning it before. I thought she recently converted but apparently she was born into a Jewish family. Seems like she’s using it now as a crutch to push her agenda.

    • Sankay says:

      Roseanne talked about growing up in Utah Jewish incessantly when she became a success. Not hard to find articles about it.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Yeah it certainly wasn’t a secret during the first run of Roseanne, but that was pre-Internet so if you didn’t tune into ET or read People, it was easy not to know much personal info on celebs.

      • Suzieq359 says:

        Guess it missed it. She was often so offensive I must have tuned her out, especially the Tom Arnold years.

    • Desolee says:

      LEarned she was Jewish a minute ago:)

  13. Nan says:

    Literally no one gives a shit what she has to say. It souds like the majority of people didn’t even realize she was jewish, and tbh, the discovery has made sense as to why all those MAGA fans of her show who were so pissed she got canceled suddenly went so quiet.

  14. Onemoretime says:

    If Goodman missed her so much he wouldn’t have done the show without her! He doesn’t miss her as much as he would have missed that ABC paycheck!
    Roseanne go back under your bridge, troll!!

    • Desolee says:

      I mean you can miss someone and also want a paycheck, no? And she can be pretty racist but if not on set maybe he doesn’t see her that way. Personally I can like working with someone even if they did something kind of bad when not at work. She claims she’s not racist and it’s all jokes so he’s turning a blind eye, is my guess

  15. Jan says:

    Natalie could work a day long at it and would not be as repulsive as that pig Roseanne. What is really repulsive is someone who has never practiced a religion, now using that religion for her own means.

  16. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    She has to attack someone’s racial and historical proclivities to garner an interview. Terrific. What’s the next phase of relevant descent.

  17. Jessica says:

    I thought she was cancelled. Waste of space.

  18. hogtowngooner says:

    I’m so tired of people conflating not supporting the Israeli state and Netanyahu with anti-Semitism. Bibi is a corrupt crook at the head of a very problematic snake.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      If I was part of your exhaustion, I simply meant whatever Roseanne’s doing, controversially, to be interviewed. I shouldn’t have even mentioned any specific anything anyway; I mean, we’re talking Roseanne Barr.

  19. Mary says:

    Roseanne who?

  20. Darkladi says:

    Leave Natalie alone or we will dog walk you