Jessica Simpson is “sad & mad”, bad blood between Nick Lachey & Joe Simpson

People Magazine has a story up about how Jessica Simpson is “sad, mad and confused” following her split with Tony Romo. It’s not an interview with Jessica, the quotes are only from a “Simpson family friend” and a “source”. Considering it’s People, I’d say this is the sanctioned version of how Jessica is feeling. The “family friend” is probably Joe Simpson, for all I know.

Anyway, it turns out that Jessica was really “blindsided” by Tony, and she is now just laying low with her family. They also make a big deal about this whole idea that Jessica was just trying to be what she thought Tony wanted her to be – “the perfect mold of the perfect football girlfriend”. Yuck. This whole idea of girlfriend-perfection supposedly played on Jessica’s insecurities, which I tend to believe. People makes her sound just utterly devastated, so I do feel for my poor little dumb kitten. However, the “source” does get in a juicy body slam against Nick Lachey, saying that there is too much “bad blood” between Nick and Joe for Jessica and Nick to ever try to reconcile, which totally shoots US Weekly’s cover out of the water. And now I’m thinking People’s source really is Joe Simpson.

While Tony Romo is reveling in his renewed membership to the Singles-R-Us Club, Jessica Simpson is having a hard time coming to grips with being dumped a day before her 29th birthday.

“Jessica was really blindsided,” says a Simpson family friend. “She’s sad, mad, and confused. Her emotions are all over the place.”

Another source close to Simpson tells PEOPLE that “it’s been difficult lately” for the pair, who first started dating in November, 2007.

“Dating her comes along with her celebrity and press – that’s not easy for anyone,” says Simpson’s family friend. “But she and Tony seemingly had it figured out. They rolled with the punches and focused on each other. They just lost sight of that at the end.”

Since the sudden split, Simpson has been laying low. “She is holding up okay,” says the Simpson source. “She is with her family. They are – as always – very supportive of her.”

The one thing the family will not support: The thought of Simpson reconciling with her ex-husband Nick Lachey, who recently split from his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. “It won’t happen,” says a source. “They have no respect for him. Jessica has no respect for him. There is way too much bad blood between Nick and Joe for Jessica to even think about it.”

The Simpson clan, however, was upset to see Romo go. “Everyone really liked him,” says the Simpson family friend. Adds another source close to the Simpsons: “He wanted this perfect mold of the perfect football girlfriend. People don’t realize that Jessica has been worn down by Hollywood. She has insecurities and inner demons that she struggles with. She’s not some upbeat blond cheerleader that people want her to be.”

But Simpson is, if nothing else, strong. “She’s gone through heartache before,” says a source. “She wants someone who is on the same page that she is. If she has to move on for that, she will.”

[From People]

Don’t they make Jessica just sound miserable? If it was someone else, someone a bit smarter, I would think that this version was being put out to garner some sympathy, play the victim. But I totally by that Jessica is probably more devastated than this sanctioned version. Maybe Jessica, for her next dating escapade, should go for someone totally outside of the trappings of celebrity. No singers, no actors, no athletes. Just a nice church-going businessman or someone like that. You know who might be nice for her? Some young, upstart Texas politician. I could totally see Jessica as a political wife.

Jessica Simpson is shown performing on 3/8/09. Credit:


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  1. jane says:

    I feel bad for her. The only reason she’s famous anymore is for her disaterous relationships and tanking career. Its got to suck knowing people out there are just waiting for you to fail.

  2. Kimble says:

    I’ll bet Romo will hook up with some little known “model” and be married or be an expectant father within a year or 18 months.

    He was just not that into Jessica …

  3. bros says:

    maybe her dad should stop meddling constantly and leave her alone to live a normal life on her considerable savings. I have no doubt this is a chick who is done with the song and dance routine and the schilling of her products and fashion lines and would just be happy somewhere outside of LA with a couple of kids and a dog and a lawn and a husband who cared about family and not his own hollywood or nfl career. joe needs to lay off his cashcow kids and let them live normal lives now.

  4. Nebraska says:

    I think it is true that Jessica was trying to change herself to suit Tony Romeo and that lead to him disrespecting her. He always had a pained constipated expression when in her company. Once she gets to know herself better (and to do that she needs to get the hell away from her meddling father) she will choose a loving decent hot nerd.

  5. kai says:

    Didn’t you just pair her with Prince Harry? LOL I can see the conservative wife thing though.

  6. Nev says:

    How about being your self! Men hate fake women. All though for Jessica being her self may kill a man’s brain cell, kind of like hanging out with Patric from the Spongebob Square pants cartoon lol.
    I don’t feel sorry for Jessica at all. I’m glad Tony dumped her and I hope there is no chance of her getting back with Nick. She should find some out side of Hollywood. That’s what’s wrong with so many of these women, they want a Hollywood A list man and that does not make a good partner most the time.
    That whole Simpson famliy is so disgusting and I don’t see how any man would put up with them.

  7. suzette says:

    she should stop dating famous douchebags

  8. Debbie says:

    I feel sorry for her too…:(

  9. luna says:

    Why is her camp talking to People? That is Lindsay Lohan-esque. Unless a couple was married or had children to tie them together, sanctioning quotes like these to a reputable magazine comes off as unnecessary and attention-seeking.

    Also unnecessary is the shot at Nick. Yeah, there was the expected talk of their reconciliation, but Nick himself has not come out and said anything about her or getting back together. It’s also notable that the source said the two wouldn’t get back together because of the bad blood between Joe and Nick. If that didn’t shed light onto how big a part Joe plays on Jessica’s love life…

  10. j. ferber says:

    I agree with Nev that most Hollywood “A list” guys don’t make good partners. Jessica does need to get away from famous men, but unfortunately, being paired with a famous man is what keeps Jessica in the gossip headlines nowadays.

  11. luna says:

    Also, people are making it out to seem that it was after her divorce that she started only becoming known for her love life and the men she was connected to. I was of the prime viewing age when she first came on MTV, and she has ALWAYS made her money off of her relationships.

    She used to be able to sing, back when she had more control and didn’t try too hard, but with Britney and Christina dominating she would’ve faded into the background had they not publicized the hell out of her virginity and her relationship to Nick, who was more famous at the time. That’s all she had to separate herself from them.

    Her career has always depended on a man, so without one (or at least a famous one), she will fall into obscurity with her and Papa Joe all the while fighting tooth and nail for her not to.

    She irritates me and I do think that she should just STFU most of the times, but in that sense I do genuinely feel sorry for her. Your worth shouldn’t come from anybody but yourself.

  12. maritza says:

    Everyone deserves a second chance, Nick and Jessica should give it a try.

  13. Neelyo says:

    Compare her with Mandy Moore. They both started around the same time as teen pop stars, supposed ‘threats’ to Britney and/or Christina. Both Mandy and Jessica have acted in films, both have continued to have singing careers and both have had serious relationships in the public eye. I don’t feel anything but scorn for Jessica Simpson and I respect Mandy Moore.

  14. smith says:

    I don’t really follow either of these people but I will share that Tony Romo always looks pretty full of himself and awful (that chin) in photos.

    He makes me want to call him “prick-face.”

  15. girlygirl says:

    How in the world did Joe Simpson have so much influence on Jess? Ashley turned out pretty good, I don’t see Joe meddling in her life.

    One other thing, Jessica makes a killing on her shoe line. It is not like she is some poor girl wondering the world lonely with out a man. She has several business ventures that have, and do make her lots of money.

    Maybe it is time for her to spend some time alone, away from her father influence.

    I hope she finds herself instead of definds herself by the men in her life. I wish her the best of luck.

  16. westindya says:

    sorry, my foot. she needs to go get a job and learn to do for herself and stop latching on to people like a kitten. ugh. plus was no catch. puhleeze.

  17. Aspen says:

    I agree with westindya.

    She is a grown-ass woman. She still has money. She still has name recognition. She is still beautiful.

    I don’t think her voice is in decline. I just think her confidence is rock bottom and she needs to get off the stage until she’s ready to perform again…which requires self-confidence.

    She needs to find something she’s good at and do it. She needs to give something to someone else that isn’t about making them love her.

    Self-esteem is not a psychological condition. It’s a condition that one can live in ONLY after they’ve impressed themselves in some way. Like respect, self-esteem is EARNED. Whatever it is that Jessica finds respectable and noble out in the world…she needs to go out and contribute to it.

    That is how people learn to “love themselves.” That is how people find balance in life. That is how people find a purpose to fill. That is how people find the ground with their OWN frickin’ feet and get out of using relationships for that stability. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how people grow up.

    Whatever it is for Jessica, I hope she finds it because she seems like a nice girl. Obviously, she is not getting this kind of need met in her career as a singer.

    These child celebrities have very few opportunities to grow up with any awareness of reality…hence, the needy narcissistic crap. It’s really frickin’ sad, too.

  18. CeeJay says:

    She’ll survive.

  19. JustV says:

    I feel a little bad for her, not because of the end of her relationship, but more so because she’s turned ‘daddy’s little girl’ into a psychological syndrome. It’s one thing for him to help guide her career when she’s fairly young, but it’s another for him to continue to be in full control of not only her singing career, but business ventures and personal life. The measure of her father’s love shouldn’t be by how much money he’s made her, but by him allowing her to stand on her own two feet in her social and professional life. If he doesn’t think that she’s wise/mature enough to do so, he should be figuring out how to get her (emotionally/mentally) where she needs to be, not determining who she should latch onto next or disparaging previous/current loves.

  20. Moore says:

    I feel bad for her not because she got dumped but because she feels the need to change herself for the man she’s dating. That’s why its not working. She should learn to be herself before getting into another relationship.

  21. Prissa says:

    Is Jessica Simpson the new Jennifer Anniston??????

  22. Sylvia says:

    From what I was reading this relationship was not working out for a long time so it was no surprise that he finally broke it off. Now breaking up the day before your birthday that’s very very bad. Just makes him look like an asshole.

    I am not defending Bimbo Jessica. Never like her. If what she did to her husband is true then she is getting what she deserves.

    What she needs to do is grow up and stay the hell away from her freaky father and learn to be on her own. Instead of being Poor Little Ole Me.

  23. Annie says:

    I admit to having only skimmed the comments.

    And I gotta say, to those who think she has a good voice, have you heard her live?

    I used to think she was this powerful powerhouse voice…and then I listened to her open for Rascal Flatts (OMFGLOVETHEM) and she was AWFUL. Absolutely, 100% aw-fucking-ful.

    And the person who brought up Mandy Moore. 100% correct. I’m with ya, Mandy has my respect, Jessica…my pity.

  24. wizzle says:

    seems like she always gets dumped. she seems annoying and needy. i’m sure she is a nice girl but maybe she should concentrate on herself instead of finding a man and then things will go better.

  25. gg says:

    Another one that needs to get in line behind Misha Barton for that total makeover.

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    she at least writes her own songs doesn’t she?

    the public can be so hard on these ladies. downright cruel, in fact. I’m not one to speak since i’m always trash talking, but come on, she just had a break up. give a girl a break, we’re not all perfect :/.

  27. Aussie says:

    When she was with Nick they were a powerhouse and everybody was interested in them. Separate, nobody gives a hoot about either of them. Whatever…

  28. Enonymous says:

    What happened between Jessica and Nick Lachey that everyone in her family hates him?

  29. Tazina says:

    I don’t think Nick is interested in hooking up with Jessica anyway. In fact that’s probably the last thing he wants. I don’t think this comment was even said…that’s water under the bridge now and just added to give sensationalism to the story. Maybe if Jessica was a little less obviously needy in relationships, she would have more success….and stay away from those sports stars! They are not a good bet.

  30. Dirty Martini says:

    I am so getting this one. ANd I’m so feeling it on so many levels. I have a really good friend who is just like Jessica.

    Blonde. Quasi Cute. Dumb dumb dumb with just a touch of genius. (Face it: Jessica can sign beautifully when she works at it). No self esteem.

    All this works for a defined period of time. But not for a liftime.

    No one wants a lifetime partner who is dumb and has no self esteem….no matter how pretty they sing the Star Spangled Banner, and no matter how cute their legs look in cut off denim shorts

    THere is no cure for dumb and low self esteem. And no one–I repeat this for emphasis because it is important — no one with a modicum of intelligence or normalcy wants to commit to such low standards on a lifetime matter of importance.

    I do love me so Jessica. Fun girl. Sweet girl. Sing to me sweetie. But marry forever?

    No way Jose. Or Jessica. Or Joe. whatever.

  31. t says:

    Blindsided?! They were dating less than two years and this is the third time he’s broken up with her. She really saw no signs?

    I guess she was too busy emotionally undressing about him every chance she got in song, interviews, and on stage, to notice that he was breaking up with an average of every seven months.

  32. Ggirl says:

    Joe the fame whore probably only wants someone with a high profile to date Jessica so she can benefit as well. Joe Simpson is a shameless user and obviously has no integrity if he is willing to sacrifice Jessica over and over again for his own benefit. By the way, if it hadn’t been for Nick Lachey and Newlyweds, Jessica would have been a small blip on the radar screen. I have read that Joe openly pushed his daughter’s ‘virginity’ as a selling point to music execs. He is a pig! Jess is really stupid if she doesn’t ditch her old man.

  33. fizXgirl314 says:

    i really do wish people would take it easy with the excessive tanning

  34. ScottyInAtlanticCanada says:

    omg! Nic must be cringing at the implied story of that pathetic US cover story…the strength it takes to be a gentleman & bite one’s tongue & say nothing in the face of such unadulterated bullshit…lol…like he had EVER entertained the notion of getting back with that gold digging talentless, childish, neurotic bimbo…as far as Joe baby, he would do well to remember he & his oldest wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for Nic & his fame netting them the MTV gig, Jessica merely being an accessory who certainly parlayed her 15 mins into some incredible lucre…omg no wonder that Simpson father is so reviled with his alternative universe bullshit view on things…also, wouldn’t it be too funny if it came out Chestica was trying to headfuck Tony into thinking Meyer would ever lower himself to touch base with her, never mind rekindle her convenience as a mattress only to have it backfire on her with Tony longing for the right time to get out of such a ridiculously toxic & draining relationship…the games people play & how they get burned…

  35. Tia says:

    She is a complete loser. Take your ‘real women eat meat’ shirt and STFU and go away. Men don’t want to marry you idiot.

  36. Ana says:

    She wouldn’t be a good political wife. You want someone smart, she would be embarrassing.

  37. Fiestarter says:

    WTF did Nick Lachey do that was so bad to Jessica? Wasn’t she the one who was unfaithful and sought the divorce from Nick? There is obviously something a bit off about her if she takes EVERY break-up, except for her marriage, so flipping hard. Romo has tried to get rid of her for a while now. Papa Joe basically forced him to take her back around the time of her sister’s wedding. Jessica Simpson needs to be single for a bit and deal with some obvious issues she has regarding relationships and the way that she handles them. She strikes me as clingy and neurotic x’s 10. Maybe she should stop trying so hard and just let relationships happen on their own accord and not forced by her or her family.