Chris Brown arrested on charges of assault, suspicion of rape in Paris

Paris Fashion Week Menswear - Yohji Yamamoto - Arrivals

Chris Brown has been in Paris for a few days to attend Paris Fashion Week and sit front row at several of the menswear collections. Just the fact that Chris Brown gets invited to – or is allowed inside – these events bothers me. Why, Yohji Yamamoto organizers? So, he’s been in Paris for a few days with his entourage. And because he’s Chris Brown, he and some members of his entourage were arrested for assault and suspicion of rape.

US singer Chris Brown has been arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape, French police say. A 24-year-old woman alleges that the star assaulted her in a hotel suite in the city earlier this month. She reportedly told police that the pair met at a nightclub in central Paris, close to the Champs-Elysées, before they returned to the hotel.

The singer, 29, is yet to comment on the allegation. French police are investigating the woman’s complaint. Two other men, identified by French media as Brown’s bodyguard and a friend, have also been arrested.

This isn’t the singer’s first encounter with the law – he has a number of previous, high-profile convictions for violence. He received five years probation and a community service order for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, in his car in 2009.

[From BBC]

I believe this woman. I believe that Chris Brown is exactly the kind of man who beats the sh-t out of his girlfriend and leaves her limp, beaten body by the side of the road. I believe he’s exactly the kind of man who abuses, stalks and harasses his ex-girlfriend to the point where she doesn’t feel safe being alone with him for any matter of time. And I believe he’s exactly the kind of person who picks up a woman at a bar and he and members of his entourage sexually assault her in a hotel. There’s a through-line, you know? His violent contempt for women is the through-line.

Paris Fashion Week Menswear - Yohji Yamamoto - Arrivals

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  1. AnnaKist says:

    What a shock. Not. Maggot.

    • Slowsnow says:

      Yeah. I am still here mouth ajar with surprise, staring at my computer. NOT.

    • Otaku fairy... says:

      Yep. He’s violently abused two girlfriends (that we know of) and publicly mocked a suicidal victim of misogynistic abuse online. He’s not going to change.

  2. Léna says:

    Ugh, can we throw him away somewhere ?

  3. cannibell says:

    An Ugly American in the White House and an Ugly American at Fashion Week. Way to represent, Mr. Brown…..

    • Starkiller says:

      And some classy, cultured, prestigious Europeans invited this ugly American to sit front row at their classy, cultured, prestigious fashion presentations.

      • cannibell says:

        No accounting for taste, is there? {signs}

      • FlyLikeABird says:

        Lot of coded words over here, i see. While i do believe he is physically violent, he is not a rapist. But he’s black so y’all will believe any horrible thing about him. When he is released and it is proven that the allegations were false, will you guys apologize to him? Nah you will maintain this little narrative that if he is capable of beating a woman, we can make any crime stick: pedophilia, cannibalism… and y’all are sooo woke. Smh. get the f*ck back to sleep.

      • Tuntmore says:

        @ Flylikeabird – No, he’s a violent, abusive misogynist, so we’ll believe that he is absolutely capable of rape.

        Stop accusing people of racism where none exists. You’re simply part of the problem that helps ensure that men don’t get held accountable for their violent actions.

    • cannibell says:

      {sighs} The Copy Desk regrets the error.

  4. Erinn says:

    Whaaaaaat, Chris? No, he’d never do anything awful to a woman.

    Maybe things will finally catch up to him now that he’s pulling this abusive sh-t in another country.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      That’s my fondest hope…that the French judicial system will do with him what the American judicial system has not.
      LOCK. HIM. UP.

  5. Valois says:

    I read theshaderoomm’s post on him yesterday and I was absolutely shocked to see the comments being full of women defending him (she’s lying, Chris brown doesn’t have to force himself on a woman, she’s trying to blackmail him, Rihanna was asking for it and so on). I have no idea why this piece of trash evokes this kind of loyalty

    • Bettyrose says:

      That’s why a guy like him continuously gets away with it, right? But what, literally what, does a woman get out of lying? Humiliation? Threats? Total disruption of her life? Where is the motivation to make up this kind of story?

    • BlueSky says:

      It is ingrained in some women to protect the man at all cost. It’s sad and disturbing that some women have been conditioned to be like this. It’s why I get angry at the ones who say “well why did she wait to come forward?” I always wanna say “Because of a$$holes like you who treat them like sh@t”

    • Emilia says:

      Twitter is also full of people defending this POS. It doesn’t matter what he does his delusional fans will always support him.

    • jay says:

      The man’s perspective is engrained in our culture to be the default, neutral, or “normal” position. Men are usually believed, defended, etc. first and foremost. Their experiences are typically not doubted. The female perspective, however, is very much marked as the outlier experience; the abnormal, non-neutral position in direct conflict with the “objective” standard. Thus, she is automatically relegated to disbelief and condemnation. People are emotionally desperate for a return to “normalcy”, can’t handle imbalance or discomfort, and will thus vociferously fight for the male story.

      • MrsPanda says:

        That’s so true, ”hysterical women” need to calm down 🙁 I’m really surprised Chris Brown hasn’t killed someone by now, that guy is really dangerous.

    • Milla says:

      Thats what brought R Kelly back to the charts. That’s what made Ronaldo more money. That kind of thinking from women is something no one can understand.
      This guy beat up his gf and still he is a celebrity. Now he raped a girl and still he gets to be celebrated. It is bloody nightmare.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    First, R..Kelly, now Chris Brown. Is 2019 the year payment comes due for music’s notorious sexual predators? Drake best watch himself.

  7. Mia4s says:

    Gee it’s almost like he’s a violent a**hole with no respect for women. Who would have thought! 🤔

    Please let this stick. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  8. Lucy says:

    Lock. Him. UP.

  9. EJW says:

    Is he still in custody?

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    Everything that’s written in the article above…

    I co-sign on.

  11. serena says:

    Surprise, surprise, said nobody.

  12. Tzu says:

    Maybe France will be able to do what the U.S. has not been able/willing to do, which is to give him more than a slap on the wrist.

  13. smcollins says:

    No! Way! You mean the guy who beat and almost choked the life out of Rihanna and has had multiple assault charges brought against him is violent & dangerous? Now he’s gone international. Maybe the French will do what our legal system has failed to do. Please let the time be up for this POS.

  14. RBC says:

    The man will be found dead from an overdose before he spends any time in prison. Chris has looked(and acted) like a person abusing drugs for a few years now.

  15. TheBees says:

    I hope that this young lady gets some justice. More information would be nice here. I can’t stand this creep for a long list of reasons but the investigator is me want to know more before I ( what is it called when you cancel someone who is already canceled?)

  16. Slowsnow says:

    Why do men hate us? 😢
    Sorry. Moment of weakness. But sometimes it is hard.
    I asked my husband if he ever had an impulsion like this and he was appaled poor guy, but I can’t understand this. Cannot wrap my head around this.
    So glad Rihanna is the amazing woman she is and hopefully all the women he assaulted will come out of this, strong.

    • Katie Keen says:

      How is Rihanna strong? She accepted him, and defended him, and now he’s been able to keep hurting other people.

      • Slowsnow says:

        I dunno. She went to Oprah and talked about everything in detail. I guess knowing someone who is powerful and also a friend of lots of your friends will do that to you. I am half aware of the fact that she did “forgive” him but she also publicly talked about what he did to her.
        What I mean is that Rihanna is very comfortable with her body and went on to make super good albums and having an inclusive make-up line.
        I don’t find it all that useful to bash someone who did what a lot of women do to survive and wrap their heads around something awful that happened to her.
        A lot of women who go through what she did have severe depression and never have a healthy sexual life again. They have PTSD.

      • lucy2 says:

        I had a hard time with her at first because I didn’t understand how she could go back to him or defend him, I didn’t understand what abuse victims go through and how hard it can be to break away. After listening to so many more people talk about it over the years, I get it now, and really respect how she’s been able to move on and achieve so much success. I can’t imagine going through what she did, and SO publicly.

      • me says:

        Thats BS. She cooperated with the police didn’t she?

        People expect all victims of domestic violence to be these heroic women, the police detective of their own abuse, the judge and jury of their own abuse— all while being physically beat down by someone close to them. F that noise. We were just trying to survive. There’s a reason why we get recommended to engage with trauma therapists after escaping domestic violence.

        Keep in mind, you are usually beat and tried to leave like 7 times before you actually get out. You don’t know the strength that takes until you’ve lived it

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        Plus she was young then and probably knew some things about Chris Brown mentally that the public didn’t. Those things combined with love probably clouded her judgment about whether or not she should cut him out of her life, or wait for him to get help.

    • Kim says:

      I have no idea what went on but I will say – if a man that you just met invites you to his hotel suite – JUST SAY NO.

  17. Notyouraveragehousewife says:

    I first read about this on The Shaderoom’s Instagram and I was so disappointed by the comments. Women *WOMEN* were saying things like “Rape me, daddy!” “Beat me, daddy!” towards Chris Brown! How they don’t believe he did this and even if he did they will always support him and go back to his hotel room with his entourage if given the chance. Women were also blaming the victim! What the eff is happening?!?!?!?!?!

  18. diana says:

    What an exceptionally surprising and unexpected turn of events.

  19. Aerohead21 says:

    And yet he keeps coming back. Push this through line HARD. #metoo #timesup

    • me says:

      His money and fame do the talking. If he was just some regular dude he’d have been behind bars a long time ago.

  20. Chaine says:

    How does he get visas to visit other countries with his record? I think any nation would want to keep out a proposed visitor with a history of assaulting other people…

  21. TheOriginalMia says:

    I hope the woman is okay. Throw the book at him, France.

  22. Snowflake says:

    He is such a POS. I can visualize her coming back w him, thinking she’s going to hook up w him. But then his boys want a turn. Lowlife

    Guys, I’m thinking about getting a breast lift. What are your thoughts on that?

  23. Katie Keen says:

    People will still stick by him and listen to his music. Nothing will change.

    “I’d let Chris Brown beat me!”

  24. dee says:

    He’s the new R. Kelly (in terms of rabid fans willing to defend to no end). He is “fine” and “Rihanna forgave him” and anyone who says otherwise is trying to bring another black man down *massive eye roll*

    The latest conspiracy? Chris Brown just got his MASTERS DEGREE, so OBVIOUSLY he is being framed!!! They are just trying to bring all our black men down! Racism!!!

    As a victims advocate for assault victims, I see that kind of defense FAR too often. Not surprised at all.

    • Detriotgirl says:

      I think he just bought the masters of his music, not that he got a masters degree. I can’t recall him ever going to school. This whole “he bought his masters and now he controls his music” thing is pretty much the same line people used to say about Cosby… “he was about to buy a major network!”, except that Chris actually did buy his masters.

      That said, Chris is a disgusting person and looks completely strung out on drugs these days. Yet somehow he has the support of pretty much everyone over on the shaderoom. I truly believe that there would need to be a live feed of Chris murdering a man before any of his hardcore fans would even begin to question him. It’s sad.

  25. PhillyGal says:

    Disgusting pig. And there are still women defending him and idolizing him. I do not get it.

  26. Jess says:

    He’s awful and the fact that he still gets welcomed into events is disgusting. Of course, I say the same thing about Johnny Depp.

    • me says:

      I saw him in a video at the Kardashian Christmas party. I’m like wow they still mess with him? Gross.

  27. Lithe says:

    He will never learn, will he?

    I hope his victim gets the justice and support she needs.

  28. Harryg says:

    He’s so repulsive. Also, his music has always been total crap, he sounds like a twelve-year-old.

    • me says:

      I bet the sales of his music will go up this week…same thing happened to R.Kelly a week or so ago. People are so messed up.

  29. Rebecca says:

    Remember those pictures of him when he also choked a woman who looked terrified as another woman tried to pull him off?Then he says it’s just horseplay.
    So it’s
    -another beating with harrasment then restraining order
    Somewhere in there he also kicked a fan in the head. Obviously, he has a pattern of being abusive to women. Yet, people keep defending him. Do they not realize that they make it easier for all abusers to act this way when they defend a serial abuser, especially a famous one; or, do they just not care? Why do so many people suck?

    • me says:

      Hopefully karma has finally come for him. The sad part is this monster has a daughter he doesn’t deserve to have. So many good people desperately want a child and can’t, but this piece of sh*t easily gets a darling daughter.

    • me says:

      anyone who works with this guy is an enabler. he should be black listed

  30. Helen says:

    as a teen, he spoke about how his mother experiencing domestic violence traumatized him. knowing this and seeing how the pattern is clearly repeating itself, why the f*** doesn’t he get help??!!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Don’t forget, some of his own violence was directed at his mother. When he was in rehab, he threw a rock through her car window.

      He doesn’t get help because he doesn’t think he needs help because he doesn’t face consequences. His money shields him from consequence.

  31. Michael says:

    I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it…….NOT!!!!!!!

  32. Vegan says:

    He clearly needs help. Also can young women please stop going back to hotels with these d-bags who are known to be d-bags … clearly girls go back to their hotels for .. sex? What else do you go back to a stranger’s place for when he’s just picked you up at a club… midnight tea? And then it’s hard to draw the line for what is consensual and what is assault… for authorities anyway. The trouble is because these guys are famous girls still hang around them. I know one known offender who is a very famous man and there are heaps of women hanging out with him, going and older every day who know he is accused of over a dozen cases of sexual assault and they still go back to his place with him, are still his friends and this is in a “conscious” community. … all because he has money and is very very famous

    • me says:

      drugs or booze, not necessarily sex

    • me says:

      I always wondered that too. How can you just go back to a man’s hotel room/apartment/ house who you don’t even know? He could be ANYTHING. I just don’t get it. Us women need to be responsible for ourselves. Don’t trust anyone, especially some guy you just met. Most of those types of guys want to take you back to their place for sex, consent is not something they care about. Be smart !

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She could have been going back there to party, because after parties are frequently thrown in hotel rooms.

      Can we please not victim blame?

      • me says:

        Yeah she probably went back to drink, maybe blow some coke and party…NONE of those things make it OK to hit or rape her.

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        Exactly. Plus, people can change their minds right before or during an encounter. Consent isn’t always a simple matter of ‘if you don’t want to have sex, don’t go here or there with a man. ‘

      • Vegan says:

        It’s not victim blaming … it’s a grown woman who can make better choices than going back to a stranger’s hotel whether it be for booze, drugs or sex …. those things by the way usually are not mutually exclusive. He is a world famous star with a prior conviction for violence. I can smell bad news on a guy from a mile away, so can most women I know who don’t have an agenda where they are fully aware of the power and the money involved and go for it anyway. His behavior is completely unacceptable , at the same time she walked into a lion’s den expecting what exactly , to be treated with respect he hadn’t even shown his former famous superstar girlfriend? To him she was just another easy lay from a bar and that’s what he treated her like …. and honestly you paint yourself this way when you meet a random guy at a club and go back to his house in a few hours.

      • Trashaddict says:

        It’s really a fantasy, right? These guys have enough charm to sing on stage and get recording contracts, they seem so nice at first (classic abuse pattern) and she thinks, those other people just don’t get him, but I understand him, he’ll be fine with me, he’s lashing out because of hurt but my love will cure him. After the beating, the guy is contrite, he sends flowers, he gives attention, he fills up the love bank until he wallops you again.

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree with Tiffany. I’ve been to parties with groups of girlfriends in hotel rooms. It doesn’t mean I automatically have given my permission to the men there to have sex with me. If I’m with a group of friends and a famous person asks us to come to an afterparty at a hotel, I might go just to see what it’s like to party with a famous person and their entourage.

  33. me says:

    cocaine and a violent temper just dont mix. why isnt this guy in prison? he’s going to kill someone someday

  34. Dttimes2 says:

    And hes been released and called the girl a bitch and says shes lying because OF COURSE hes gettung away…

  35. HeyThere! says:

    He got released. Free to comeback to America except WE DON’T WANT HIM!!!!!

    The more he gets away with this, the more brazen he’s going to be!! LOCK HIM UP AND MISPLACE THE KEY!!!

  36. Sakura says:

    Another day, another Chris Brown assault charge.