Wow, Kristen Stewart looked like ten kinds of hell at the PFW Chanel show

Kristen Stewart joins Tilda Swinton and Tessa Thompson at the Chanel fashion show in Paris

As I was looking through these photos of the celebrity guests for today’s Chanel show, you know what struck me? We are living an era of terrible makeup trends. I know everyone is riding high on spending $200 a day on all of their makeup and cosmetic accessories and everybody believes that they NEED to spend 30 minutes a day with all of the highlighting and contouring and Bratz Doll Realness looks, but really… in ten years, people going to look back on this moment and wonder “what were we thinking?” It’s also notable because even the lower-key makeup trends are so bad. Case in point: Kristen Stewart.

K-Stew has been repping Chanel for years now. It’s a strange collaboration for her, because nothing about her vibe these days is on-brand for Chanel. Still, she dutifully shows up for these collections and shows and, from what I would imagine, she allows the Chanel professionals to dress her and style her. And this is the result – an unflattering ensemble and perhaps the worst makeup job she’s ever had EVER. Kristen has a face for makeup too – she can pull off some really severe or strong looks. But chica looks like a drunk clown here.

Kristen Stewart joins Tilda Swinton and Tessa Thompson at the Chanel fashion show in Paris

Tessa Thompson attended the Chanel show and she got to wear Chanel’s latest accessory trend: the necklace/belt/purse three-in-one. This is crazy and very, very funny.

Kristen Stewart joins Tilda Swinton and Tessa Thompson at the Chanel fashion show in Paris

Tilda Swinton came out for Chanel too:

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  1. Enn says:

    No thank you forever to also wearing my bag as both a necklace and belt.

  2. Vexa says:

    My first thought was that she looks like some kind of 80s/Miami Vice version of the Joker.

    There are some separate bits of her look I actually like. I love her hair, and if she wore the jacket with black jeans, or the gold trousers with boots and a plain tee, they could look kind of cute.

    • hunter says:

      Compared to her former Chanel looks (awkwardly short dresses), I think they finally dressed her for her personality instead of for Chanel’s vision. From that direction l like it.

      Her makeup does look awful though.

  3. Lala11_7 says:

    I basically got a rendition of ALL these outfits in my closet…

    So…I approve!!!!

    And I “get” what Kristen is doing…..and I like it…

    • Karen2 says:

      I get what Kristen is doing too. Just wish there was a little more diversity in her life tho. Professionally & personally.

  4. Cherie says:

    Eh, it’s fashion week. None of these looks translate to daywear though I’d give Tilda’s a shot. The belt bag thing is hilarious and needs to die now before I have to bedazzle an old fanny pack in the name of fashun.

  5. Laura says:

    From what I’ve seen, Kristin is a GREAT fit for Chanel… I’ve loved the majority of her looks.

    • KLO says:

      Yes I agree, I really love love love the things she has worn by Chanel and the photoshoots she has done. This last look just isnt it though :D.

      But yea, she is a great model for Chanel.

    • Mel says:

      I agree. She does have the punk glam vibe they are going for.
      To me, it makes much more sense than J Law and Dior.
      I don’t think “couture”, “high fashion” or “avant-garde” when I see J Law.
      I see her more with an American brand than a French one.

  6. Slowsnow says:

    I strongly disagree, love all three looks and especially appreciate the necklace-belt-purse as women DO NOT HAVE POCKETS as if we did not carry small notebooks, pens, purses, glasses, coins etc. I would love to see more stuff like that rather than the huge bag where one cannot find a single thing.
    Also like the make-up, the strong deep blue with the super snappy red lip. Beautiful.
    Also, I have those DocMarten shoes she is wearing (I have them!) and they are dream but DocMartens are no longer flexible as they were and they sometimes kill my poor toes. Love her for not wearing the torture devices that are super high heels.
    I think she is super inspiring in terms of what a woman can be, this noew version of Kristen S. People here say she needs a bath which I find super offensive and slightly deranged but it’s cool that she has a nice relaxed street style and can up her game when she needs to but while keeping her more gender fluid look.

  7. Milla says:

    Those pants… my eyes… yuck! I get the idea it is some neo punk or pink punk but the colour is dreadful.

  8. tw says:

    OMG, the comments so far. Say no to boozing before noon people. Necklace purse? sounds super comfortable. And Kristin looks insane and about 20 lbs heavier than she is.

  9. Whit says:

    Ya know… my first thought? K-Stew’s shirt looks like the one that Denise makes Theo on the Cosby Show. The one that was gold with black detailing and one sleeve was longer than the other. 🙂

    • Mel M says:

      I am howling!!!! Gordon Gartrell! “You don’t like it?” “Ask me that again!”. “It’s tucked into my socks!” Classic episode. The poor Cosby kids are hilarious in the early years and I still love them.

  10. Patrizio says:

    Tilda’s the Boss! She got the good stuff!

  11. Harryg says:

    I hate the necklace purse. Sorry.

  12. Sparkly says:

    That necklace/purse/belt thing is hideous and looks like a fanny pack with too many straps. I don’t particularly like Tilda’s outfit either, but she looks fabulous in whatever she wears.

  13. Beth says:

    Yikes! They must not let Kristen look in a mirror when they’re doing her hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Her golden pants make me cringe, and how long does it take to remove her hideous makeup?

    That tacky necklace /belt/purse thingy looks like it would be an expensive neck ache causer.

  14. Hmmm says:

    She’s been looking drugged out for a while now.

  15. Darla says:

    Why do you need a ridiculous looking necklace purse when you can just wear a fanny pack (now called a hip pack)?

  16. hezzer19 says:

    Kristen’s outfit looks ridiculous on her but I swear if Tilda Swinton wore it she’d look fabulous.

    As for the bag/belt/necklace? No. Just no.

  17. Aerohead21 says:

    Wow these look so bad. Soo soo bad. Same with R Patz’s look at Dior or whoever he contracts with…just omg…

  18. Anna Lou says:

    Unless she was going in costume as Eddie Izzard, this is not a good look.

  19. Dorf says:

    Girl, this is not your look; this is Vanilla Ice’s look.

  20. paranormalgirl says:

    I love Tilda’s look.

  21. ZoeM says:

    She looks like an 80s bad*ss. I like it

  22. Source says:

    How weird do things have to be when Tilda is the most conservatively and stylishly dressed of the whole bunch?

    The Eddie Izzard/Vanilla Ice/sad clown parallels are accurate.

  23. Anna says:

    OMG. KStew looks simply atrocious. “Drunk clown” perfectly describes the look.

  24. Gobo says:

    Red lips and blue eye shadow? Jesus wept. No.

  25. Anare says:

    Tilda Swinton is so boss. I would wear her look in a heartbeat minus the hat, have never liked that newsboy hat style. But another style of black hat would work too. She’s just so cool. Sigh! Comments on KStew are hilarious. Her look reminds me of Duckie in Pretty in Pink.