Nikki Bella’s family tries to set her up, has your family done that?

A few weeks ago I covered a story which was frankly unbelievable to me, that Nina Dobrev’s mom regularly gives her new baby clothes as some kind of twisted hint that she wants grandchildren. Not that it would make it any less offensive, but Nina is not married, engaged or in a relationship. That’s also the case for Nikki Bella, 35, but her family is similarly pressuring her to couple up have kids. This is probably just a bunch of staged events for their E! reality show, but Nikki’s mom tried to set her up with someone and her brother told her to flirt because her clock was “ticking.” Nikki of course last dated John Cena but they broke up for the last time early last year. So she’s single now. Here’s what happened on the show:

During Sunday’s episode of Total Bellas, the 35-year-old reality star took a trip in New York City with her twin sister Brie Bella and their brother JJ Garcia.

When they visited a park, Garcia, 29, tried to convince Nikki to flirt with someone but she refused. In response, Garcia teased her that she’s “ticking.”

Then, Nikki revealed during a confessional, “I just find it so annoying; from JJ and other people who bring up the fact that, like, ‘Hey, your clock is ticking!’ “

“I get my age, I get that I’m single,” she added. “I am damn proud that right now I’m doing things for me.”

Later on in the episode, Nikki’s mother, Kathy Colace, tried to take her daughter’s romantic life into her own hands. She found a model named Andre in a bar and eventually invited him to their family dinner without even asking Nikki beforehand.

Colace’s husband, John Laurinaitis, criticized her decision, but Colace explained that her goal was to help Nikki “move on” from her called-off engagement.

Nikki later bemoaned the setup to her sister. “My family should know that the last thing that I want to do right now is be forced to meet someone and date them,” she said. “It’s like, let me do me. Let me love me for right now.”

[From People]

For those of you who are single and have a-hole family pressuring you to couple up like this I’m sorry. I’m lucky my family never pressured me to get a boyfriend or have kids and that my mom never told me she wanted a grandchild before she had one. Again this is likely all a setup for Total Bellas, but there’s also probably a grain of truth to it. There are two grandchildren in that family that I could find. Nikki’s twin sister, Brie, has a one year-old daughter, Birdie, and her brother, JJ, has a two year-old, Vivienne. They probably want Nikki to have a kid so she’s not the carefree single one anymore. A lot of married people are like that!



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  1. lana86 says:

    Yep that’s rude lol, but her clock IS ticking, and her mom is probably worried that she will regret not having kids. Like, I can understand the mom. Because I know many women who are “carefree” and even child free at 35 then suddenly at 40 they become obsessed with eko and donors and such. Some of them do not realize before hand how stressful it is, and how much money.
    Of course I would never comment to anyone on their choices. But I’m not their mom, I don’t care.

    • VintageFanatic says:

      Better to regret not having a child than to jump into marriage and kids out of fear, which is what Nikki’s family seems to be encouraging. Should these “carefree” women you know be working on getting pregnant “just in case”? Most people understand exactly what they are doing when they make the CF choice, and while that burst of desperation absolutely can happen in one’s early-mid 40s, often it is just hormones – not a genuine desire for children. And for many, it passes (things I know from being in several communities of CF women, because I need support for my choices that I don’t get from my family).

      • lana86 says:

        “Better to regret not having a child than to jump into marriage and kids out of fear, ” – I don’t know what’s better. Marriage can fall apart, but a child is still yours. But again, I’m not persuading anyone to have a child. Please be child free, whatever. Planet is overpopulated lol. Just saying that I mildly understand her mother in this situation- she’s worried that her daughter might miss out and face bitter regrets later in life.

    • meh says:

      Can it with the ticking clock bull. Patriarchal nonsense.

  2. LT says:

    My grandfather was one of nine children of a very loud Russian family. I only met two of his siblings, including his younger sister Ann, who was an ER nurse in the Bronx. When one of their other siblings died, her funeral service was at the Russian Orthodox Church, the church where my grandfather and his siblings were raised. One of the volunteers at the service had a son about my age who, my aunt found out, worked for the same company as I did, though he worked in NYC and I lived in Texas. My aunt Ann calls me and asks me if I know the guy. “Uh, Ann, there are 25,000 people who work for my company. I don’t know him.” She then tells me that she gave him my number and my photo. “My picture? You gave him my picture? What picture?” In her thick NY accent, she says, “oh, I gave him your high school pictcha! You looked beyootiful! You looked like a movie stah!”

    Needless to say, he never called me.

  3. Victoria says:

    Omg there’s more to life than having kids and being married. This bugs my family does this to me

  4. Enn says:

    I’m sure it’s a work for the show, but it’s still rude as hell. I’m married and people constantly ask me about kids. Don’t have them, don’t want them, wish they’d stop asking me about them. Everyone is on their own path.

    • Steff says:

      It’s a storyline created by E!. The Bellas are the Kardashians of wrestling.

    • Original Jenns says:

      If it is for the show, it’s despicable to give people who actually do this stuff more ammunition. Show it for what it is, make her family learn a lesson about not doing this so maybe real people might get the hint.

  5. Beer&Crumpets says:

    My mom would never have pulled any of that shit- neither would my mother’s mother. I’d never do it to my daughter, either, and I don’t understand why anyone would. My child is not a brood sow. She can have children or not as she pleases.

  6. Yup, Me says:

    My mother used to be always low key on the lookout and telling me about guys she’d met. It didn’t bother me. Especially after I learned that being set up can lead to a really successful relationship- sometimes, others can see things that we can’t.

    However, considering the fact that this woman JUST got out of a high profile relationship that ended because her partner didn’t want the same things as her, it doesn’t make much sense for her family to be rushing her into something else just so she can have kids. She needs some recentering “me” time.

  7. AnnaKist says:

    Nope. My father died when I ws 5. My little sister and I spent a few years in an orphanage until our mother remarried a paedophile. By that time my older sister had married, and my older brother was granted patriarchal rights. They didn’t care enough to even try matchmaking, but were very quick to mete out the punishment for my perceived sins. Apparently, I was not a ‘’good’’ girl. If only they’d kniwn how good I actually was. Never mind. I married a man who adored me, and we ya 20 fab years until he died. Judging by most of the partners my children have had, I’m now of the belief that I should have made some appropriate introductions…

  8. anniefannie says:

    Most of my family showed huge restraint. I was a late starter ( married at 45, pregnant 2 months later, miracle!) but prior I was seated next to my sisters MIL at Thanksgiving. She was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and the moment I sat down she said “ better get going, the herds getting thin!”
    My whole family low key laughed/cauphed thru out the rest of the dinner.

  9. Joro says:

    The way her family planned it out was not cool but I feel like it was all for the show.

    It’s cool that her family want to help find a date but putting her on the spot is not the way to do it. I wouldn’t my family to something like that to me.

  10. paranormalgirl says:

    I don’t have a mom, dad, brothers or sisters, but the family I created tried to steer me AWAY from marriage and children. I didn’t listen and am very happy,

    • elimaeby says:

      Getting into anyone’s romantic or reproductive decisions, no matter your opinion, is rude and intrusive. I would not handle that well. Thank God my dad and half-sister (my only living family) leave well enough alone with me.

  11. Case says:

    My family has always been very respectful of my dating situation. They know I’m private and don’t really like talking about such things.

  12. GreenQueen says:

    Colace… what an unfortunate last name.

    My mom tried to set me up with her yoga friend’s son. All because her yoga friend thought I was pretty and she wants attractive grandchildren. That’s literally what she told my mom. I noped so hard out of that! I am not a baby farm y’all!!

  13. Clare says:

    Eh, I don’t understand why people with babies think everyone should be obsessed with babies – my brother just had a kid (great for them!) and he sends me daily messages along the lines of ‘you need to come see her during this phase’ ‘she’s so cute you’re missing out’ etc – like my number one priority should be to make a trans Atlantic trip to meet a 2 month old baby…I mean I’m glad he’s obsessed with his baby, but….I’ve never really been a baby person and I’m not that interested. Yes I’m officially a baddy.

  14. CuriousCole says:

    I am hoping Henry Cejudo’s crush declaration/online flirting with Nikki goes somewhere, it’s cute watching their back and forth. He’d be a fun rebound for her, and he’s not a control freak like Cena.