Jimmy Kimmel: Barbra Streisand wanted us to switch seats & not mention it


Jimmy Kimmel appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and they swapped hosting stories, which was kind of fun. I had no idea Kimmel has had his show for 16 years. During his segment, Andy did a bit called “Jimmy Kim-On” (like Come On!) in which Cohen tried to get the dish on some of Kimmel’s high maintenance guests. During Kim-On, we learned that Kimmel’s show is as ‘live’ as Ellen DeGeneres’ (as in, it’s pre-recorded and edited) so last-minute guest cancellations don’t bother him. We also learned why we will never see Barbra Streisand on his couch, because he won’t trade seats with her so the camera can get her good side.

Cohen: If a guest wants you to swap around your set so the camera gets their best side, do you refuse? I’ve had to switch seats for Mariah Carey four times.

Kimmel: I’ve had a guest ask for that and I said no.

Cohen: Really? Was it Streisand?

Kimmel: Yes

Cohen: It was Streisand. And you didn’t do it. And then, did she come on the show?

Kimmel: No. It was the condition. But the condition was that we couldn’t talk about that we’d switched around and I was like, ‘I just don’t see how that would work.’

I get Kimmel’s question about how to make a swap work without discussing it, but other hosts have done it successfully. When James Cordon got Barbra to agree to a Carpool Karaoke, she did it in the driver’s seat. He set up the bit with a parking boot on his car (from unpaid tickets), so he called Barbra to give him a ride. It worked seamlessly. Jimmy Fallon also pulled it off when she appeared on The Tonight Show in 2014. He made a sweeping gesture of saying that because it was her first appearance on the show in 50 years, he felt she should take his seat. Granted, Fallon is a known for being a kissass, so nobody batted an eye when he gave up his seat like that. But when Barbra returned in 2016, he solved the problem by having her on with a guest she knew (Alec Baldwin) to her right so she spent the interview facing Alec and talking.

I’d find it funny if Barbra came out and made a joke about “gimme your chair, I don’t film from that side.” She clones her dogs, for crying out loud, it’s not like she’s hiding that she controls her environment. On the other hand, it’s Barbra Streisand, give her whatever the hell she wants.

The way to get Barbra on Kimmel is to have her be the next one to prank him in the middle of the night. He sleeps on the right side of the bed so it would work: Babs, a microphone, belting out Memories to a frightened Kimmel. BOOM – everyone’s happy.




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  1. Cidy says:

    Wait is this a thing? Did I miss something? Does she really only like being photographed on one side?

  2. Franklymydear... says:

    I don’t get it. I will never understand the Cult of Streisand. She sounds like a spoiled weirdo. Good for Kimmel.

    • JenjamTx says:

      Agree! Get over yourself Babs.

    • Raina says:

      She has an amazing voice. That’s it. Being born with a talent doesn’t give you the right to be such a bitch.
      Don’t let your talent get in the way of your personality.
      Life is temporary; karma isn’t.

  3. Cantgoogleme says:

    Lol remember the time she got Oprah’s producers to spray paint her microphone white to match her outfit?

    I remember it because Oprah and she were clashing badly- Oprah called her out on it and babs was like “I monochromatic sets”

    She’s a diva but I kind of love it

  4. Nanny to the rescue says:

    I have one better side too, heh. Not exactly sure why, because straight on my face looks symmetrical, but from a side, it makes a huge difference.

    That being said, I don’t fuss about it. It’s just something I’ve noticed on photos.

  5. Birdie says:

    Watch her appearance on Ellen, she sat in Ellen‘s seat as well. It is ridiculous. She looks bad from both sides anyway.

  6. Lizzie says:

    if were a streisand level diva – i would do the same!!! straight up. she has a mall in her house and being on kimmel doesn’t do anything for her. why wouldn’t she insist on her terms? is she weird? yes. is she’s spoiled? totally. is she wrong to only want to show her best side? no.

  7. Leah says:

    Going to date myself but i remember when she went on Rosie for the first time and Rosie changed her whole set around for like a week to prep for her. It was mentioned then but it also had Rosie crying all over her for how amazing she is and how big of a fan Rosie and (I think?) her mother were so it was a dream come true for her.

    • Jenns says:

      I remember that interview. I was really happy for Rosie because she adored Barbara and it was really nice watching her dream come true of meeting her. I also remembered when Rosie asked Barbara what her favorite snacks were. Rosie later said she was so nervous that she just blurted out any question, lol.

      Anyway, I can’t hate on Barbara for her demands of changing the set around. She is a legend, and no matter how ridiculous, I respect that level of diva.

  8. smcollins says:

    Over-the-top controlling but I expect nothing less from Babs. I recall reading the same thing (on this site, too, I think) that Ariana Grande is the same way, at least as far as only being photographed from her left side. Give her time, though, I’m sure she’ll graduate to Babs & Mariah’s level of “only my good side” demands 😉

  9. Jerusha says:

    Barbra loves dogs and hates trumpkins. She trolls him relentlessly. All good.

    • wildflower says:

      She doesn’t love dogs enough that she cares about all the ones that suffered so she could get clones made of her own deceased pup.

      • Jag says:

        Actually, she said that she was so heartbroken to lose her dog that it’s why she had the clones made. And then she adopted a puppy named Sadie, which she gave to her manager’s assistant after the 3 surviving clones puppies were given to her. (She had 5 puppies, so gave 2 of them to good homes.)

  10. Tallia says:

    If I could walk into a room with the left side of my face forward, I would.

    Just sayin’ LOL

  11. Amelie says:

    I don’t really understand people who insist they have a “good side.” Okay maybe you have a scar you’d rather not have featured or a port wine stain or maybe you are like The Phantom of the Opera. But Barbara’s face looks the same from both angles so it’s all in her head that the left side is somehow superior to her right side.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I can’t imagine being that concerned and controlling about something like that, especially her age.

    • Moco says:

      Seriously. She’s in her 70’s. How many months worth of her life has she wasted double checking the camera angles and thinking about which way her head is turned. Get over yourself.

  13. Chica says:

    Beyoncé is Babs 2.0.

    • Pandy says:

      I was thinking of that foolish Grande woman … nowhere near Streisand (or Beyonce) level to demand that silliness … which it is!

  14. Laura says:

    Okay, this was hilarious. And you’re right; he’s had the show for 16 years?!? Where does the time go?

  15. Snowflake says:

    I can understand it. I have a sizeable nose and I hate getting my picture taken from the side. I hate getting my picture taken period. My face is not symmetrical. One eye is bigger than another. Got hit in face in corner of my eye by accident, i didn’t go to the Dr, now one eye doesn’t open as much. Guess i damaged some nerves. People love to comment to me about my nose so I am insecure about it so I’m sure Barbara is too. Cut her some slack ya’ll.

    • HelloIsThereAnybodyOutThere says:

      Man, what kind of jerk comments to someone about the size of their nose? Sorry you have to deal with that; people are just rude.

  16. launicaangelina says:

    I have a good side. I have round cheeks, so they can overwhelm my face from certain angles. I’m not over the top like Babs, but if I have a chance to pick a spot in a group photo, I will tell the others to wait so the camera catches my good side. I know it’s silly, but it works for me.

  17. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    I don’t have a good side that I know of. I find both sides of my sides equally appalling. My demand to Kimmel is that he interview me with a nice breathable mask on – one that doesn’t make me sweat. And a Mimi-type assistant to hold my water straw up to my mask mouth so I don’t dehydrate.

  18. ladytron2000 says:

    Babs should be more concerned with updating her look than the angle she’s shot at.

    The hair? The nails? The DK threads? Ghastly!