Rita Ora believes that she’s the victim of the fashion industry’s sizeism too

Rita Ora and Giuseppe Zanotti Shoe Collection Launch held at Saks Fifth Avenue

I read a lot of British gossip and British media sites, so I know that Rita Ora is a legit celebrity across the pond. In the UK, she’s a well-known pop star with a lot of hits, and she’s known for being fashionable and for dating some prominent people (she’s currently dating Andrew Garfield). But Rita Ora is barely a thing here in America. She’s tried to become a thing over here and we mostly don’t care. She had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her part in the Fifty Shades franchise. She’s had roles in reality shows. She’s worked with some pop stars we do care about. And that’s about it.

The one thing we absolutely know about Rita Ora is that she wears a lot of high-end fashion and she loves to go on pap strolls. There are always tons of street-style and red-carpet photos of her, almost like that’s her real job: wearing clothes and being seen. And now we also know that this Fashion Girl is trying to convince people that fashion designers to “dress” her because of her “body type.” Ah, yes, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a woman who fits into 90% of all designer sample sizes telling me that she also struggles to find clothes that fit.

Rita Ora has become a high-fashion fixture — and now she has her very own shoe collection with famed footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti to prove it! But in a new interview, she admits that it wasn’t always easy getting certain designers to dress her body type, revealing she’s encountered “complications” with the red carpet dressing process.

“There were complications, yes, because you have to adapt to your body,” Ora tells PEOPLE at the launch of her Giuseppe Zanotti collection on Thursday. “I feel like I’ve never looked at it as a personal attack towards me because this is who I am and this is always who I am going to be and I’ve never changed for anybody. I think consistency is key. I don’t take clothes not fitting me personally, I just find something that fits and I wear the s—t out of it. I feel like that’s what it takes to be a trailblazer and trendsetter.”

She says one thing that made it easier for her to rock her own red carpet vibe is the rapid pace of the changing fashion landscape. “You don’t really know where fashion is going next, so I think with that door being left open, it gives us, myself and a good friend of mine, Ashley Graham, and even artists like Bebe Rexha, and all my friends hope to feel like there’s no rules,” Ora says. “I think that’s what makes this [time] so exciting.”

[From People]

Who is even buying this? Rita is what? Maybe a size 4, at most? She literally gets paid to wear certain clothes on her pap strolls. Designers give her tons of free stuff – sample sized free sh-t – because they know she’ll get pap’d in it constantly and it’s free advertising. That’s Rita’s whole business model. So why is she trying to pretend like she also struggles to find clothes in HER size? It’s patronizing. And it feels like she’s just trying to jump on any bandwagon.

Rita Ora shows off her stunning style in New York

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  1. Caitlin Bruce says:

    Her and Andrew aren’t dating anymore, they haven’t seen each other since she was papped leaving his house on the 27th of December (they haven’t been in same country since) I’m guessing since he keeps his private life pretty private these days that once paps found out where he lived that was it for him and not worth it. I think it was only a hookup situation that maybe spilled into something a bit more.

  2. tw says:

    I’ve still never heard her sing or seen her perform in anything. I don’t understand her fame.

    • Caitlin Bruce says:

      She’s actually not a bad singer, her album that she just released is a pretty good bland pop album. She’s just so extra all the time, it’s irritating

  3. maggi says:

    oh sweet mother of pearl, is she kidding?!????
    My Scandinavian genes kicked in prematurely and with a vengeance – 6’1 in grade 8, size 12 shoes while all my very best friends were Rita Ora-sized.
    and this wee little thing is complaining about limited choices….?
    its enough to make me want to put my hair in a pony and break out the tackle drills of my football past.
    My very favourite cowboy friend Bert says there’s a ‘hitch in my git-along’ so I did learn to own it at some point but this gal gets on my last nerve

  4. alyssa calloway says:

    I feel like it’s probably easy not to “take clothes not fitting you personally” when the industry actually designs things for people around her size. She might have problems with individual pieces from time to time, but it seems like she’s not having an overall problem.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    She sure knows how to hustle. She’s supposed to be a singer, tried acting and basically just shows up where there are cameras for whatever reason. Amazing. I remember when she had the nerve to try and throw shade at Duchess Meghan.

  6. Moneypenny says:

    Honestly, I believe she does not fit into a lot of the sample sizes. She’s slim, but she has thighs. She’s shaped a lot like me–I’m tall and slim, but the thighs mean I wear a bigger size than it looks like I do. She says she wears a size 28 jean–that’s not a size 4.

    Not disagreeing that she’s being an opportunist though.

    • Slowsnow says:

      I’m with you. She has a small waist which makes her look slimmer but she has thighs (from a high fashion point of view obvs) an butt. All things that are not supposed to happen (again, when it comes to fashion).
      However I also think that she only speaks about this now that curvy and thicc are a thing.

    • Renee says:

      She’s definitely not sample size.

    • Alyse says:

      Yeah, she looks similar body shape to me (small waist, def has an ass/thighs): UK/AU 8-10 on top, 10-12 on bottom (which is a US 4-6 on top, 6-8 on bottom).

  7. me says:

    It’s hypocritical because has she ever had a model or dancer (male or female) in one of her music videos that was a “bigger size”? I doubt it. If you want to “represent” then REPRESENT.

    • Renee says:

      Rita Ora, the new host and judge of the revamped America’s Next Top Model believes that every woman feels body doubts. “That’s why I asked a plus sized model [Ashley Graham] to be a judge on ANTM with me. Because people need to see these norms on the TV and in the media. The more you stick together the more you create power. It’s so important for me.”

  8. Rosie says:

    She always looks a mess and makes everything she wears look cheap, so if I was a designer I’d do anything to stop her wearing my clothes.

  9. Lucy says:

    This makes no sense. If there’s someone in the music industry who has access to 90% of designer clothes, it’s her.

  10. Dani says:

    Oh good lord. Cry me a river. She’s at MOST with all her hips and thighs a size 6 at best. Call me when someone over a size 14 has this view and I’ll sympathize. Her hustle is hard but is wasted since she’s not getting anywhere with it, GZ hasn’t been ‘in’ since 2012.

  11. Gigi La Moore says:

    I don’t have a problem with what she said. She doesn’t even sound like she’s complaining either, just speaking of her own personal experience. Since when do you have to be a large person to have your experience matter? Some of these comments… Shaking my head.

    • Renee says:

      I also don’t have a problem w anything she said. She’s not jumping on the backwagon, in the clip the reporter asked her a direct question bc that was the day after the Bebe Rexha thing. She wasn’t crying & complaining, just talking about her experience. And she’s hardly “a size 4 at the most”. Check out recent pics of her singing at the recent Victoria Secret Fashion show, her thighs are the same size as Bebe’s and no one is telling Bebe to shut up and cry me a river. Rita just dresses better and like she said, she finds something that fits well and wears the sh-t out of it.

  12. Steph says:

    She is one of the most insecure celebs I’ve ever seen. She photoshops her insta pics 2 sizes smaller most times.
    Check out the insta celebface to see the changes.