Alison Brie in Miu Miu at the SAGs: dramatic or just bad?

GLOW was nominated in three categories at the SAG Awards last night, but only won for Stunt Ensemble. It was also up for Ensemble in a Comedy Series, which went to Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and best actress for Alison Brie, which went to Rachel Brosnahan. Mrs. Maisel has been the darling all season, but the Glow cast is having fun you can tell. Unfortunately they were also some of the worst dressed last night, although there was so much questionable fashion it’s hard to decide.


Alison Brie was in a crazy black Miu Miu gown with a giant structured bow cape at the back with silver sequin dots on it. Look at this thing, it looks like bat wings or something. It’s just a plain black column dress with a couple of bows tacked on the waist and a crazy back. She told the People Live team that she was partially sewn into it and she was worried how she would get out at the end of the night. She should have thought of that before she got put into it, but by that point it was probably too late. I downloaded so many photos of this gown as I couldn’t believe how bad it was from just about every angle.



Betty Gilpin was in a deep v-neck silver Krikor gown with a tiered skirt. This could have looked cheap if the tiers were shorter or if there were extra details, but I find it striking, especially compared to some of the other looks. Her hair and makeup are so lovely too.



Kate Nash was probably the worst dressed overall last night, although there were some other contenders. She was in a crazy bright pink full length gown featuring very puffy sleeves, gold, purple and pink lines of beads, and a row of gold embellished hearts down one side. In her red carpet interview she sounded enthusiastic to be there. Maybe this was a nod to the show as it’s so very 80s. I usually like vintage-look fashion and this could have been fun, but it’s just fug. I’m being generous.



Sydelle Noel from GLOW was also on Black Panther, and she was on the left side of the stage at the end of the night when the cast was accepting their award. She’s so tall, and she looked incredible in this orangey chiffon J. Mendel gown. Look at her twirling on the red carpet!



photos credit: WENN

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  1. BasicBitch says:

    Holy Ugly Batman. I love GLOW, but some seriously questionable choices here.

  2. Gell says:

    Alison Brie is a pretty woman, but good god I would never be able to pick her out of a line-up.

  3. Croatian says:

    I actually love Alison’s dress. It’s simple, yet different. Call me strange 🙂

    • leskat says:

      I actually like it too. Not for me, but I think she looks so stunning in it. I would only change the 2 bows on the front, like take them off. I have a love for her different style.

  4. Gina says:

    I LOVE Allison’s choice its bold and cool looking

  5. Lucy2 says:

    It looks like a Halloween costume from the front.

  6. grabbyhands says:

    Did Kate Nash travel back to 1982 and steal someone’s Spring Formal dress out of their closet? Because that’s what this looks like. And it doesn’t fit her. Does her stylist hate her or does she just not have one.

    Betty Gilpin’s gown is okay, but the cut makes her looks weirdly bisected.

  7. S says:

    Oh. Oh my. Betty Gilpen’s dress in that full length pic is like an optical illusion and kind of freaks me out. It’s making it look to me like she’s been badly Photoshopped. I mean, maybe that’s the goal? Her top half looks large and her bottom half small. Her proportions just look all wonky to me, and I think it’s due to the tiering.

    I was full on loathe about Allison Brie’s gown from the front. She looks like she’s wearing puffy wings. But the over the shoulder is dramatic af, and I can see the appeal. I’m just not sure it’s practical to actually wear something to an event where you look ridiculous anytime sees you head on. Seems more like a photoshoot sort of dress.

  8. Jenns says:

    I hate the two bows on the front, but other than that, I love Alison ‘s dress.

    • elimaeby says:

      That was my exact thought. Pick one crazy embellishment. It would have been fine with either as the focus.

  9. eto says:

    Wow, Sydelle is gorgeous!!

  10. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    If Brie walked everywhere backwards, looking over her shoulder, the dress might of worked. Did she do that? I didn’t watch.

  11. MariaTI says:

    I love Kate Nash’s dress! I am an unabashed fan of her music, so may be biased, but it’s quirky but intentionally so. She is such a talent!