Kensington Palace is very worried about trolls hating on both duchesses

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I kept seeing references to this on my TL yesterday, but I didn’t realize that the “ground zero” point of contention was a Hello Magazine article. Hello got an exclusive, of sorts: Kensington Palace is super-worried that BOTH duchesses are being victimized by online trolls and haters. Both Sidesism: Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan are being equally hated-on, okay? To be fair, the Duchess of Cambridge has received criticism over the years for various things and there are absolutely “haters” dedicated to spreading conspiracies and shade about her every move. But to be fair, the UK media has also been 100% complicit in whitewashing the narratives around Kate, in elevating her and pouring sugar over her every move. Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex has been victimized by racist trolls who take their cues from the same UK media. But sure, both sides.

Staff at Kensington Palace reportedly spend “a lot of hours” managing negative comments online aimed at Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Social media backlash has increased in recent months, ranging from pitting the royal sisters-in-law against each other to “violent threats,” a source tells Hello! magazine.

“The Palace has always monitored comments, but it’s a hugely time consuming thing,” the insider said. “They can block certain words, but some of it is quite serious. Over the course of last year, with hundreds of thousands of comments, there were two or three that were violent threats. You can delete and report and block people and the police have options around particular people. It’s something you have to manage because there’s no other way to control it.”

According to Hello!, “A lot of hours are being spent reviewing old material and moderating comments under posts.”

Although the Duchess of Sussex deleted her social media accounts ahead of her marriage to Prince Harry and Kate has never had personal pages, Kensington Palace shares news about Prince William, Prince Harry and their families – but arguments can get quite heated between Meghan supporters and Kate supporters.

“It follows a Kate vs Meghan narrative and some of the worst stuff is between Kate fans and Meghan fans,” the source told Hello! “Arguments about who looks more appropriate, for example, that turn into personal attacks on other users. It’s creating a supercharged atmosphere and everyone can join in, but what are the consequences of this?”

In response, the news outlet has launched the #HelloToKindness campaign, to combat negative online behavior. Emily Nash, royals reporter at Hello!, adds that the magazine has noticed the abuse on their own social media pages related to stories about Meghan and Kate, both 37. They’ve even had to turn off comments after comments became threatening.

“It seems to me to be particularly sexist,” Nash told CNN. “You have people comparing them in a way that doesn’t really happen with men – ‘she’s walking funny, or her heels are too high, or her legs are too skinny.’”

[From People]

On the Kensington Royal social media – Instagram and Twitter – I’ve seen the comments and back-and-forth in the comments. Sussex-supporters have been pointing out for months that the KP social media clearly favors the Cambridges – the Cambridges get post after post, photo after photo of each one of their events, while it often takes hours for the Sussexes’ activities to even get one photo posted. Now I kind of wonder if KP has been avoiding doing posts about the Sussexes because they know it will be hours of work for them to moderate, delete and block comments from haters, racists and trolls. But… wouldn’t that indicate that far from “both sides,” it’s mostly just anti-Meghan trolls using the same racist dog-whistle cues which they get from the British press?

Cenotaph Remembrance Parade

Kate Middleton visits the Family Action charity center in London

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  1. Melly says:

    Why is this now an issue that they are taking “seriously”? DoS has been getting tons of hate for a year now and KP has basically ignored it.

    • Natalie S says:

      And I don’t know if this is true but someone here said that they delete any criticism of William?

    • SarSte says:

      Because “ignoring it” has been their PR tactic since the dark ages. They are not social media savvy and out of touch with the times – they’ve also never had to deal with racism directed towards a family member (…as opposed to BY family members) in a time where it’s so openly festering. KP staffers are so out of their league right now, it’s not even funny.

    • Himmiefan says:

      And how complicit has KP been in the anti-Meghan narrative?

      KP should disable the comment section and just post news and pictures.

      • CHATNUH says:

        Arent there options for a moderator/administraor of a page to set it so that comments have to be approved before they are allowed to be seen by readers? I’m all for censoring hate-speech.

  2. Red Snapper says:

    Meghan is the better Duchess. Case closed. [dusts off hands and walks away]

    • Zee says:

      They are both pretty mediocre and considering the resources they have access to (and not to mention the tons of free time) the royal family as a whole has failed spectacularly to do anything meaningful that would justify their existence. Neither Meghan nor Kate deserve the praise they get. They don’t work hard, they don’t work at all. Nurses and caretakers who actually contribute to society have to do 12 hour shifts of actual hard work and never receive any of the recognition or money these lazy duchesses get just for looking pretty and shaking hands at a function.

      • Flying fish says:


      • Natalie S says:

        I wouldn’t say they don’t work at all. But no royal deserves the amount of praise they get.

      • minx says:

        They dress up and shake hands, and then live in luxury the rest of the time. I enjoy the fashion chat but the whole “royal ” system is a crock.

      • CHATNUH says:

        @zee…….you do realize, rt, that Meghan has been on the job proper only since she’s been married, rt? And thats how long now…….OMG all of 8 MONTHS!!!!!!!! While Kate has been on the job for how long………EIGHT YE A R S????!!!!!!!!
        So whats with this intellectually dishonest equating of the two:
        “They are both pretty mediocre”/”Neither Meghan nor Kate deserve the praise they get”/”They don’t work hard, they don’t work at all.”

        Long before she became a Duchess Meghan said she didnt want to be a “lady who lunches” but “a woman who works.”

        I’m sure if you were asked right now you could not state the job description of the 21st century Duchess and therefore are in no position to state what constitutes their ‘work.’

      • Flowers says:

        @zee Yes I totally agree with this viewpoint. Well stated! Thank you.

        The whole concept of “royalty” is absurd in theses times. How can any woman marry into a system based on the belief that their family is so lavishly privileged based on the belief that they are appointed by God, and then not expect or understand the criticism? When you set yourself up like that it’s a normal human reaction to give blow-back.

        I do support any method to stop hate speech and threats. They have probably all always received these, hence heavy security and all the secrecy, but maybe now with social media it’s out of control.

    • Kittycat says:

      Kate never wanted to take the job seriously so I’m sure she’s fine with Meghan doing a better job.

      Its William with the issues.

      • KellyBen says:

        The Meghan worship based on fantasy is amazing! She did 30 events last year outside of the tour. While spending 1/2 million on clothes.
        Yeah, hard worker. Sure.

    • BuddyJack says:

      Is it a contest though? Must one win or lose?

      I really feel like the culture and the whole world has turned into a parody of The Hunger Games. Cartoonish leaders who set us up to (metaphorically) kill each other all for their amusement.

      It doesn’t matter who is a “better” duchess, which isnt really a thing and if it were is completely subjective anyway.

      One woman married the eventual king of England, the other woman married his brother. Just 2 women living their lives. Case closed for me (dusts hands off and walks away too.)

      • Original Jenns says:

        If there was a Royal Family Hunger Games (in the spirit of The Windsors), I would totally watch that. I think Anne would win.

      • osito says:

        Ooo, Buddyjack. It’s this on a global scale. Thank you for pointing it out so perfectly!

      • Himmiefan says:

        There was a royal family Hunger Games on The Windors. Poor Freddy Windsor!

      • Pandy says:

        Agree, BuddyJack and agree OJ re Anne being the winner. She’s pretty fierce.

    • Nikki says:

      “Seems to me to be particularly sexist; people compare them in a way they don’t with men.” You still don’t get this, do you?

  3. Rosie says:

    They are probably being diplomatic by saying it’s both Duchesses. I don’t know why they need a comments section, it’s obviously going to attract trolls etc.

    • Erinn says:

      They can turn off comments. They can also set up filters that prevent posts coming up with specific words AND phrases. I don’t understand why people don’t bother to learn about the platforms they’re using!

      • Muffy says:

        The article quoted said they do filter and block keywords. I’m sure it’s easy to figure out what words are blocked and still get your terrible point across on the royal social media pages.

      • Lorelei says:

        Can comments be turned off on Twitter, though? I don’t think so, and that’s where a lot of this nonsense happens.

    • Himmiefan says:

      Exactly. Disable all comments except for maybe when someone dies.

    • Susannah says:

      One of the comments I saw after Prince Phillip’s accident was that it was too bad Meghan wasn’t in the other car. The other one was, maybe he thought Meghan was in that car and was trying to Diana her. Those were on royal accounts! It’s disgusting but they just let the comments stay there for hours.

      • Rosie says:

        Jesus, that shouldn’t even have passed moderation. What are they thinking. They are responsible for everything that appears on their website including comments. If people want to send messages let them send cards.

    • Moonshine says:

      Rosie, I totally agree. The Kate hate isn’t anywhere close to the level of the Meghan hate. Some shocking comments on DM. The people of the UK seem just about ready to turn up to the gates, with pitchforks in both hands. The Meghan hate is staggering.

      • Rosie says:

        Please don’t think the Mail is representative of the UK. An awful lot of people are indifferent to the Royal Family unless they do something outrageous (DOE), cute (George) or get married (Yippee…public holiday!!). The Queen matters but otherwise it’s just the royal fans that follow the rest of them day to day. The Mail online commentators are deranged, I tend not to read there; you can’t wade through a cesspit and then complain about the smell. Diana used to sell magazines and papers. I don’t know if Meghan does but I’m sure she does increase the online traffic from the US.

    • hieronymus says:

      I read recently that people were calling for Kate’s death when she was an undergrad in school. I wouldn’t call that nothing. I’m not doubting that Meghan is being trolled horribly, and in a way that may be inherently worse because it’s steeped in racism. But I think it’s a fantasy to think everyone romantically linked royalty has had only a few bumps until Meghan.

    • PrincessK says:

      I agree with Rosie, they are probably being diplomatic by saying both Duchesses. They just don’t want to come out and call it racism against Meghan for fear of controversy. It is such a shame that the royals can talk about bullying and mental health but are shying away from talking about racism, after Harry bravely did.

  4. Lily says:

    Somebody on Twitter said something very interesting, along the lines of “KP have seen the way people (including some v influential people) on social media have openly defended the Duchess of Sussex whenever these racist and misogynistic articles come out so now they’re starting a KateToo Movement to present Kate as a victim of this too”. But it won’t work because there is clear evidence Meghan and Kate are treated very differently by reporters and press corporations in general so this whole “both duchesses are victims” is weak play by Team Cambridge. Also when is it time to discuss William and Kate’s relationship with the Daily Mail? All of this is really shitty.

    • Erinn says:

      The thing is – both duchesses ARE treated poorly. Unfortunately, Meghan gets it worse. But Kate is certainly not only attracting kind comments. There are a lot of people who like to tear down one woman in order to raise up the other. So I think there’s probably been an increase in Kate hate since Meghan came along as a reaction to all of the crap things people have said about Meghan.

      • Kittycat says:

        Kate has NEVER received the level of hate Meghan has experienced.

        KP grouping them together is just dumb.

      • mynameispearl says:

        People have been saying pretty horrendous things about Kate for years, but as some people think it was ‘deserved’ it was ok. She was a punching bag, and now Meg is too.

        Its crap for them, they have 2 functions as their job role 1) have babies 2) be pretty ladies and promote the royal family via keeping people interested. The charity work, Im sorry but its mostly irrelevant, we just want to see what they’re wearing etc.

        There is a reason Anne makes a million more visits yet the papers dont cover them… the general population dont give a hoot. Anne is boring, William/ Harry/ Sophie : boring.

        As far as keeping people interested in the Royals, Kate and Meghan are doing a grand job.

      • Erinn says:

        I never said she did. I actually LITERALLY said “Meghan gets it worse”. I don’t think grouping them together is completely stupid though. If someone breaks into one house and steals a tv, and then the neighbors have a truck stolen it doesn’t mean that the first bad behavior should be ignored. Both women are treated poorly. Meghan has white supremacists and other racists making it WAY worse. But that’s no excuse to treat Kate poorly just because it’s a lesser attack, either.

      • Mia says:

        Never understand why people will post comments on people they don’t like, can’t stand or supposedly hate. Of course I call people like this “confused admirers”.

      • Tina says:

        @mynameispearl, the general population do give a hoot. They like to meet royals, even Princess Anne. The press does not give a hoot unless you are photogenic and female, which is why they ignore most of William and Harry’s solo engagements and I think is one of the reasons why both couples do so many engagements together.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Erinn, Kate may be treated poorly here, but not by the British press. They have *never* trashed her like they have Meghan.

  5. aquarius64 says:

    The British tabloids have been egging on these trolls. Even DM put up Sam’s latest claim she going to have a 2nd book on Meghan. Sam’s story is no longer on the Fail’s website; I guess they remembered Sam is on Scotland Yard’s fixated persons list. Now the Fail’s latest story is about Meghan’s 500000.00 earrings she wore in Fiji and the club she hung out pre Harry. The tabloids may be slow to print the hit pieces now because they’re afraid if someone acts against Kate and Meghan they’ll claim the stories inspired them at trial. No legal liability but could be bad for business.

    • Susannah says:

      I agree!!
      After Meghan’s friend put up on his Instagram that he ate Meghan’s favorite avocado on toast while he visited, there was that headline the next day in the DM where it stated that “Is Meghan’s favourite food causing drought and murder?” If that isn’t hyperbolic ridiculousness, specifically targeting and bullying Meghan, I don’t know what is!

  6. Emily says:

    Duchess Meghan has literal white supremacists making death threats against her, so I really don’t think the worst stuff is coming from random Kate sugars.

    Meanwhile the nastiest anti-Kate stuff probably comes from people like the ones on the RoyalGossip forum who think she faked her pregnancies. (Not near as bad as what Meghan is running up against, but still kind of nasty.) But they also hate Megan and think her pregnancy is fake, so yeah… I don’t think this is really a Team Kate vs. Team Meghan issue.

    • Erinn says:

      They think she faked her pregnancies too? Good god, people. I don’t understand where this weird obsession has come from? Has it always been around, or did it start with the Beyonce bump thing? I swear I don’t remember this being a thing in the past. Yesterday I saw a “Meghan’s faking her pregnancy” thing, but it was the first one I’ve noticed in regards to her.

      It’d be SO much more work to fake a pregnancy for 9 months than it would to just say “hey I got a surrogate” or “hey, we adopted”. I get that maybe the Royals don’t have that kind of luxury and are expected to have their own children… but STILL. It’d just be such a tedious thing to have to fake when you’re in the public eye.

    • Zee says:

      And Kate and Prince George have to deal with IS terrorists threatening to kidnap and kill them. Is that any better?

      • Lady D says:

        I think they all get those kind of threats, and M&H’s baby will too.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        Harry has been getting these same threats since his tour of Afghanistan. Unfortunately they all get threats from groups such as Isis not just Kate and George.

      • bonobochick says:

        @zee, they all get those threats. We all know what happened to the Princess Royal decades ago. Those type of threats aren’t only directly at House Cambridge.

    • Peg says:

      I didn’t know they claimed Kate faked her pregnancies.
      They are claiming Samantha said Meghan can’t get pregnant, so she is using a surrogate.
      It would be funny if these people were not fruitcakes.
      She is wearing a fake moon bump. Her belly button should be showing, pregnant woman at 6 months can’t squat and get back up without help.
      Where is her weight gain?
      She wants a home birth, so no one would know the surrogate give birth.
      She is fooling Harry, or is he in this with her.
      Their conspiracy theories are endless.

      • Anastasia says:

        OMG that’s just crazy. Nuts. She’s most definitely pregnant. And Kate most definitely had all three of those kids.

        People are insane.

      • mazzie says:

        The Royal Dish people coat their racism by saying that it’s dishing, which doesn’t make them any less racist or tinhats.

    • therealMrsKC says:

      @Emily yeah and Kate has literal terrorists making threats at her and her child. ISIS directly called for her death and the death of her children. BOTH women have received horrific threats.

  7. Beli says:

    Most disappointing is that there are some reporters trying to pretend that articles calling Kate “Waity Katey” pre-marriage (and ignoring her subsequent sainthood bestowed by the press) is anything close to the outright campaign being waged against Meghan now.

  8. Flying fish says:

    The majority of the hate and vile is directed at the DoS not the DoC, so this article is a load of crap.

  9. Sunnee says:

    Soledad O’Brien called out the British media and Keir Simmons did too. He basically said that the British media whipped the racist fans into a Frenzy and then now act all innocent. Hello Mag and their “kindness” campaign is BS. They are complicit with the racism against DoS. Royal Reporters (esp that turd Richard Palmer) are on the defensive.
    Oh it’s hot!

    • Himmiefan says:

      I love how the royal reporters can dish it out but can’t take it.

    • Susannah says:

      My favorite was how two old white guys (the UK reporters debating it) were 100% sure it wasn’t racist, how dare they even suggest such a thing!

    • bonobochick says:

      I am reading that thread now and Richard Palmer is a deflecting fool in it. Folks are still calling him out, especially his following anti-Meghan accounts on twitter.

    • PrincessK says:

      Hello magazine is not complicit. They never write negative stories about anybody, it is their editorial policy. Hello is being very nice to Kate , trying to give her equal coverage with Meghan, even when they know that Meghan on the cover will always outsell Kate.

  10. OriginalLala says:

    I made the mistake of reading GOMI’s Meghan thread – holy racism/classicism/misogyny batman! It gave me a glimpse into the completely messed up world these folks inhabit…read at your peril.

    • Himmiefan says:

      That’s why KP needs to disable comments. The Internet unfortunately attracts freaks and weirdos. If I were a celebrity, I’d have a very limited and controlled presence online.

    • LizB says:

      The Royal Dish is like that. Totally divorced from reality.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      Thanks for the advice. I already avoid Royaldish and other virulently anti- (insert female royal here) websites, but I’ll add GOMI to the list. There are sugars, there are “salts”, and then there are the feral when it comes to the Royal fandom. It sounds like the GOMI site falls into the latter category.

    • PrincessK says:

      I am waiting for legislation to come which will deal with social media online abuse.

  11. Becks1 says:

    Recently (since the wedding) the negative comments are much worse for Meghan than Kate. I take a look at them on most posts and they are awful. There are some bad ones about Kate – usually something like “she’s too skinny” (followed by 50 responses telling that person to eff off) or “nice to see her finally working” and then likewise followed by comments defending her. But even the comments praising Kate are making digs at Meghan – “my favorite duchess!” “she is so lovely, just the perfect duchess,” “so glad she knows how to dress,” stuff like that.

    But then the comments actually about Meghan get pretty bad. Like, until I started reading the comments on their IG and twitter accounts, I didn’t really get it when people talked about the backlash towards Meghan or anything. I believed it, but didn’t understand it. but then I started reading the comments and yeesh. they are BAD. Yes Meghan supporters come out swinging, but the comments from Meghan detractors are awful. I don’t read the Daily Mail beyond what is discussed here and I NEVER see their comments so it was eye opening to me. And its on KP’s own instagram account!!!

    I stopped following one Kate Middleton style account when the comments were always about how much better Kate is than Meghan.

    And yes, the Cambridge fans get SUPER upset at the amount of pictures posted. Last week or the week before – when Harry and Meghan did that day of events – people were really ticked that there were 3 or 4 separate posts for the Sussexes, and Kate did an event that day or the day before that only got one post. But, they did a separate post for each EVENT the Sussexes did, which makes sense to maximize publicity. They did a post for the EVENT That Kate did.

    People were also ticked that KP posted something about Meghan (maybe her patronages? I cant recall) the day after Kate’s birthday. I mean…….

    Anyway – all that to say that yes, there is some negativity towards Kate, but its the kind of negativity that you expect when you are a public figure with social media (and I doubt Kate reads it.) The comments towards Meghan are different.

    • Cee says:

      some people are just stupid, I’m afraid. I’ve replied to a lot of people throwing insults at both duchesses and every one knows I’ve criticized Kate in the past for her lack of work ethic and repeated flashes. But the amount of hate Kate gets in astounding, especially when it’s about her looks or state of her skin. However, the comments about Meghan are WORSE. KP should be worrying more about Meghan rather than Kate. Kate’s position as future QC, and skin colour, will always protect her.

    • bonobochick says:

      IMO things really got ugly with the announcement of Baby Sussex on the way. It feels like Meghan having Harry’s baby just sent some folks on an absolute spiral divorced from reality.

      • Becks1 says:

        YES, I agree. I wonder if these were just people who figured the marriage would end after a year and Meghan would disappear from the royal circle, and now no matter what happens with the marriage, she is a part of the family because of her child.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, we predicted it. These people who are actually nutcases are spinning with rage that Meghan is married to Harry and within a year having a baby. They are choking on their bile because the stupid campaign to destroy the relationship failed.

  12. Cee says:

    I’ve commented on the KP IG feed numerous times asking them to moderate or disable comments. Some people are so violent against both Meghan and Kate it ruins everything and makes me wonder how tight their security must really be. Meghan and Harry really do need their own comms team.

    However, the press has been instrumental in feeding this behaviour. Meghan and Kate can do the exact same thing and one will be vilified while the other will be praised.
    Get them to do more engagements together and see what happens – the press won’t be able to get away with it.

    • PrincessK says:

      I think getting them to do engagements together will be good, and I am sure it will happen. I also think that William needs to publicly and sincerely praise his sister in law, if he can bring himself to do so. I think William is jealous that Harry has such an accomplished wife. I feel sorry for Kate because I think William treats her badly, that is what happens when you appear desperate to marry a man.

  13. Lexa says:

    FWIW, I think both the Sussex watchers and Cambridge watchers complain that the other gets more/better/faster coverage, but KP generally keeps it fair in the amount of coverage—1 IG pose per engagement and 7-ish tweets per engagement. The one thing I’ve always wondered about is if KP has their own event photographer, or if they have to wait for the professional photographers to upload their photos onto their various platforms.

    (I also think that there’s a chance some of the royals, particularly Meghan (someone who once curated her own feed), might want to approve the posts before they go up, but obviously I have no evidence for that.)

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      I’ve also wondered if the delay with the Sussexes’ photos is because Megan and Harry want more of a say in which ones get posted. Think of all the photos of Kate’s extremely animated, sometimes ridiculous, facial expressions at events. Kensington Palace is better at culling the crazy from the enthusiastic, but one or two still slip through on occasion.

      Personally, we’re I Meghan, I’d want to nip that in the bud quickly. Especially since there’s already criticism that she’s fake and uses her acting skills to appear more engaged, kind, etc.

  14. Nic919 says:

    The media can try to say it’s all because of social media trolls but it’s not the trolls who put out the articles about Meghan helping terrorists or causing famine and war by eating avocados. And it’s not the trolls who first put out the Meghan made Kate cry stories either. Yes there are crazy people putting racist comments on the KP social media accounts and saying Kate is the real duchess, but it has been fomented by the media and only a few like Keir Simmons have pointed it out. The non UK media in particular have commented on how poorly Meghan has been treated and the response from the establishment royal reporters has mostly been “oh but Kate was attacked for being a commoner too”. That’s not really a defence either. And it mostly stopped once the engagement was announced. If no mainstream media people were putting out these stories attacking how Meghan touches her belly, then there would be less material for the trolls to work with. They provide fuel to the trolls and refuse to acknowledge it.

    • Sunnee says:

      As someone on twitter pointed out Fans do not have power to provide a platform for Thomas and Samantha to speak. The media and that cur ( glad he’s laid up) Piers Morgan did that. Fans do not write articles and interview “palace insiders” , the media does that. Fans didn’t dig up old friends and interview them about her. That’s all media. They whip up the hate and then say “who me?” . Every celeb has crazy ass fans; Spielberg, Madonna, et al. So it stands to reason that the Meg will have her share of nutbags. But those celebs don’t have media outlets feeding the hate. If you have any sense and can read you know that the British media outlets are racist and misogynistic. A) she’s not white b) she married their preferred royal and c) she’s no shrinking violet. Brit media all drag Meghan so others can pile the hate on her. It’s like American media and their treatment of MO and HRC. Laura Bush and Squints are never dragged. Why? They’re not threatening to men. Men in media ( and some women too) cannot stand a strong, smart, self assured woman. It’s bizarre.

      • Nic919 says:

        The UK royal reporters are trying to gaslight people with this position. Luckily the world is watching and not taking it. Currently a law professor on twitter is destroying Richard Palmer and his bs and it is beautiful to see. Palmer is notoriously trying to blame “female bloggers” for all the trolling and he is being set straight.

      • CHATNUH says:

        Perfectly stated.

    • otaku fairy says:


  15. Valiantly Varnished says:

    This is just dumb and lazy on KP’s part and shows that they have no idea how to manage social media. You can literally disable comments on Instagram posts. They dont have to monitor or filter anything. So this idea that they are working hard to protect “both sides” is utter bs. They are not even doing the bare minimum

  16. Tiffany says:

    Or they can just chose to shut down the comment section for their post for both couples.

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    It sounds like they are manually moderating the comments – there are MANY tools designed to help manage this for you such as Monday, etc.. There is no reason why they continue to manually moderate comments when the tech is there to help with it.

  18. Mego says:

    It seems to me that a very simple solution would be to disable comments everytime they post something so this baffles me.

  19. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “It seems to me to be particularly sexist” — what? The entire royal and peerage system is itself sexist. Women don’t pass titles on to their heirs, but men do. Women can’t inherit peerages, but men can. Older sisters passed over for younger brothers. But they think the people who comment on frivolous stuff like dresses are the *real* sexists? Give me an effing break.

  20. Cerys says:

    Kate has been criticised for many years for waiting around for William, her clothing budget and her lack of work. However, Royal trolling has sunk to new lows with Meghan. The attacks on her are much more personal and have a nasty, prejudicial undercurrent. KP should have been more proactive in monitoring all these comments over the past few months.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      Yes, @Cerys, I wish they’d been on it sooner too. There’s such a stark contrast in the hate thrown around since Meghan joined the firm, but I guess these topics demonstrate how we humans can debate everything. All I know is the racism is depressing and I only follow accounts that monitor comments (it can be done) and I don’t read the comments on the official accounts.

  21. Idsmith says:

    I’m old enough to remember when Fergie and Andrew got married. Long before social media; the public and press were gleeful in their hatred and takedown of this woman. It was inevitable that Kate and Meghan would face the same now worse situation. Racism is absolutely a factor in Meghan’s treatment but quite honestly Kate has been attacked relentlessly in this very comment section for years. I don’t buy the “sideism” angle. Many people seem to think that it’s ok to defend one woman by attacking another and it’s ridiculous. IMO this was escalated by Charles this fall when he was jealous of the positive press around Harry and Meghan’s tour. He started the duchess feud rumours, it’s straight out of his old playbook with Diana. Petty jealous Charles, the stories always end with him being the saviour. Meghan is taking a lot of heat, and it was bound to happen…she stole the internet boyfriend, is American, divorced and black, she can’t win….until she has a baby and some of the press will love her again…for a minute.

  22. V says:

    “There is some negativity towards Kate, but its the kind of negativity that you expect when you are a public figure with social media”

    Some people here are missing the point.
    Erinn and idsmith are right in the comments above that Kate gets tons of abuse too,and that this happens because there’re a lot of people who like to tear down one woman in order to raise up the other.

    Meghan’s fans are up in arms because they feel that Meghan is the only one who is getting abused and,sure,Meghan is currently the one who is getting the worst treatment from the press,with unacceptable racist undertones in some cases that also legitimise the most insane trolls.
    But this campaign is ALSO about how their “stans” behave online.
    Both couples have pretty crazy stans, and the vicious and vile commentary comes from both sides,but Meghan and Harry HAVE an absolutely obsessive fanbase.
    Some people live 24/7 on social media looking for every hint of criticism and attacking in group. I understand reacting to certain things or dealing reasonably with what they feel is undeserved criticism.
    But sending death theats is batshit crazy,and a lot of things don’t require out of control reactions because stans don’t tolerate any critical comment.
    The UFO twitter account had to suspend their activity,and I read that a lot of harmless blogs like Order of the Satorial Splendor are going on hiatus or closing because of the abuse they are getting from stans. This behavior isn’t sane at all.
    It’s evident that these people live vicariously through them,and it’s like they have to defend the honor of the person they stan in order to feel close to them. So everything becomes a pretext to put down the “other” to raise up “their” favorite duchess.
    Sometimes I’ve looked at the threads under KP tweets and I was speechless. Probably it’s nothing compared to what is going on under Instagram posts.
    So yes,Kate is part of this conversation too. It’s not normal to insult her when the tweet is simply about the announcement of her next engagement. What’s the point in treating another woman like a dumbass because she’s sharing the balcony with the queen?
    Because yes,apparently the queen is ashamed of Kate’s stupidity,so during Remembrance Day she chose to give Meghan ,who is insanely smart and high-skilled diplomat ,the delicate task of dealing with the wife of the German president.. Because in her stans’ minds this is exactly what was really happening. I felt secondhand embarrassment.
    And in the end it’s a vicious circle because sites like the daily mail publish click bait feeding into these stan wars. They perfectly know their target.

    • bonobochick says:

      This is a lot …. that basically diminishes / negates the hate that Meghan gets online and from the media

      • Thank you, agreed. It’s nothing but dismissive of the attacks on Meghan in order for Kate to be the “real” victim, thus lifting up one to down the other and then complain about others doing it…The hypocrisy and blind refusal to see is, interesting.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I agree. It’s like when someone says “black lives matter” and then someone else has to chime in with “blue lives matter, too.”

    • Arunkma says:

      @V, couldn’t agree more.

    • Bohemian Angel says:

      Wow, unbelievable!

    • Becks1 says:

      Since you quoted me, I’ll respond. NO ONE here has said that Kate doesn’t get hateful comments on social media. But if you follow the actual comments to the official accounts, there is a distinct difference between the negativity directed towards Kate and the negativity directed towards Meghan. I’m not sure what to do if you can’t see that. Are some Meghan “stans” over the top? of course. And some Kate fans are as well, and its become a problem because the two sides just feed into each other and it gets ugly fast.

      but if you look at the GENERAL tone of the comments – there is no “both sides” here. There just isn’t.

  23. Well-Wisher says:

    The observations of “Both Siderism” by Kaiser are spot on. Whilst criticism of Kate after her marriage was based on the fact that she was a commoner: all be it a upper middle class commoner based on her parents wealth: there is another level of vitriol and ugliness towards Meghan.
    The trolls from the tabloids are clear about what they want to achieve – that is – a divorce. To hell with Harry’s feelings. They will point to imaginary flaws like good work ethic and/or broken imaginary protocol(s) as an excuse whereas it is really to bully Megan to accept mediocrity as a criteria standard on the assumption that they(as consumers) get to have approval of the relationship.

    Further from the truth she has decide whether to listen/accept these vile people.

    Note: mistaken assumption

    • bonobochick says:


      Thank you. I don’t think anyone is saying Kate hasn’t received online hate. I think the issue is the level and manner of vitriol aimed at Meghan is a lot more insidious and just plain ugly. Plus the media is feeding into the social media hate with nasty articles and exacerbating things then playing coy about their behavior.

      It’s disingenuous to equate the hate as equal in level and tone, which Is the point I think Kaiser was making… not that Kate hasn’t received hate, which seems to be what some folks are saying is being done. And those defending the hate Kate has received seem to be doing so by dismissing the degree hate Meghan has received, which also kind of proves another point Kaiser made.

      Kate has received sexist and elitist hate.

      Meghan has received sexist, racist, elitist, and xenophobic hate.

  24. Moonshine says:

    I’ve been wondering about this as a quick review on the DM shows tens of thousands of anti-Meghan comments. The vitriol again Meghan is staggering and no wonder the Palace is monitoring this stuff. Her coat-flick-to-show-baby-bump article is a recent example.

    • Nic919 says:

      And yet Rebecca English of the Daily Mail retweeted the kindness campaign as if her paper doesn’t have despicable comments posted for every royal article they have out there. The hypocrisy of the media is astounding.

      • bonobochick says:

        I saw that. I laughed at my desk.

        I also see some folks are holding up a mirror for her to look at herself.

  25. Scylla74 says:

    I share your feelings and observations.

    For me royalty per se should be done with. But what plays out here is a war against women in the microcosm of royalty. Instead of questioning the system we get bread and circus in a way that really does not further us as a society or human beings.

  26. Lorelei says:

    @Kristen: Kate does get a lot of flack here on CB for her work ethic, clothes, etc. but it is NOTHING like the vicious, vile, obscene comments about Meghan that can be found on Twitter, the DM, Instagram, etc. CB would immediately delete the vast majority of comments that stay up on other sites.

    The criticism of Kate here is really very tame, if “sausage curls” and love of buttons are some of the worst things that are said about her. I can’t even type some of the vitriol I’ve seen spewed about Meghan.

  27. grumpy says:

    The problem with some random unelected family getting to lord it over everyone else in the 21st century is that people might express their dissatsifaction.