Maroon 5 canceled their pre-Super Bowl press conference: good idea or nah?

Maroon 5 performs at at Rock in RIo in Rio de Janeiro

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. I plan on going out to eat, then trying to time it so I can watch the likely trainwreck Halftime set. Super Bowl kickoff is 6:30 pm EST. Meaning… I’ll probably go to bed after the Halftime show?? Yeah. Anyway, as we’ve covered, Maroon 5 is the Halftime act. In Atlanta, one of the blackest cities in America. The NFL hired the whitest band they could find, basically. Maroon 5 and the NFL realized that people were pretty disappointed in this choice, so they’ve got Travis Scott and Big Boi doing “cameos” in the Halftime set. But of course that doesn’t solve the bigger problems. So… it’s a little bit funny that Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 are forgoing the traditional press conference ahead of the Super Bowl. LOL.

Maroon 5 has canceled its news conference to discuss the band’s Super Bowl halftime performance, choosing to not meet with reporters as most acts have done. The NFL announced Tuesday that “the artists will let their show do the talking as they prepare to take the stage this Sunday.”

Maroon 5, with frontman Adam Levine, will be joined by Outkast member Big Boi and Houston rapper Travis Scott at halftime of the game between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots. The NFL says instead of a news conference with the performers, it will use media platforms to show behind-the-scenes footage and content.

While Maroon 5 did not give a reason for its decision, it comes as some entertainers have said social injustice needs to be addressed during the Super Bowl. That has led to some criticism of performers who are holding events in Atlanta. Jermaine Dupri said he was called a “sellout” for hosting a Super Bowl-related event during a meeting with people who had lost family members as result of police brutality. After the meeting, Dupri and the victims’ family members came to a compromise and the music mogul plans to give mothers a platform to speak onstage during his Super Bowl Live event in Atlanta.

[From Page Six]

I have multiple, contradictory opinions on this. For one, do I really need to see Adam Levine stand there and try to answer questions about criminal justice reform? No, I don’t. That sounds painful. And yet… it would be a good exercise for Levine and Maroon 5, to see them attempt to use their white privilege, to see if they’re capable of being allies. I could even argue that if was just about Levine and his personal politics, he might be capable of performing a certain kind of wokeness. But that’s the thing – the NFL doesn’t want that. That’s why they hired Maroon 5 – because they don’t want their musical act to be political. So instead of getting Levine to stand out there and spout the NFL’s talking points, he’s just going to stay quiet. So maybe that is the best choice? I don’t know. The Halftime show is either going to be messy AF or it’s going to be boring AF.

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20 Responses to “Maroon 5 canceled their pre-Super Bowl press conference: good idea or nah?”

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  1. Pandy says:

    Cowards. Unless they play on their knees at some point – cowards.

  2. jan90067 says:

    Feh! They should cancel their appearance. Now THAT would be a better “statement”.

  3. Mia4s says:

    “good idea or nah?”

    If you’re their management? GREAT idea. That press conference was a 100% no win situation and it’s not like any of them would have anything of value to say.What a mess!

  4. Psu doh nihm says:

    I won’t be watching this game.

    Instead, I will be watching a replay of the Saints vs Colts in the 2010 Super Bowl game. I will relive the glory of our win and enjoy it.

    And don’t worry, I will be in good company as most of south Louisiana is “boycotting the bowl” along side me.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Everything about the Super Bowl just feels like one big thud this year (it’s been like that for several years but this one just has something in the air).

    And it is hella rich that the NFL doesn’t want politics when they entire being is just that.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I agree on the “thud”. not sure if it’s the outrage of poor officiating in the AFC and NFC championship games, the ongoing and increasing boycotting of the NFL, the “boringness” of the Pats going…AGAIN…or the lameness of the halftime show.

      this is one of the first years that I can remember that I’m not AT ALL interested in seeing this game.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Politics that promote existing power structures is just business as usual, that’s why. Politics are only charged when it becomes a matter of empowering marginalized peoples.

  6. Pete says:

    Didnt even know they were still together or is this a reunion?

  7. Case says:

    Unless they make a political statement that favors Kaepernick, this whole thing is trash.

    I love that Travis Scott agreed to perform only if the NFL matched his donation to the Dream Corps. That’s a good way to handle this, I think.

  8. Lady D says:

    You could have done something noble, Maroon 5. You chose cash.

  9. Amy Tennant says:

    Thank God for Gladys Knight

  10. minx says:

    That header pic…I thought it was a sweaty Steve Carell.

  11. Kk2 says:

    Lame. I don’t understand why there isn’t a BLM benefit concert being held same time, maybe even also in Atlanta… Beyonce/Jay, Rihanna, cardi b, OutKast, Janelle monae, childish Gambino… Maybe Dixie chicks (not ready to make nice, obviously), Kacey Musgraves even, to diversify the show…. Ok this is mostly my fantasy. But televise that on a different network same time as halftime show! I’m sure there would be interest.

  12. DragonWise says:

    While I’m happy for Travis Scott’s conditions for his appearance, I wish he and Big Boi had passed all together. They inadvertently somewhat legitimize the dumpster fire of Maroon 5 as a half-time choice. Let M5 flounder on their own. If they and their people were truly smart, they wouldn’t touch this gig with someone else’s 10-foot pole! They are going to look even more like a pack of corny, minimally-talented and VERY lucky white dudes than they already do.

  13. Steff says:

    Sort of related but I thoroughly enjoyed the Maroon 5 discussion on who the other band members are besides Adam that was on social media yesterday. No one could name them.
    Maroon 1(Adam, obvs), Maroon 2, Maroon 3, Maroon 4, Maroon 5.

  14. Killjoy says:

    They are not allies because they are doing this show, fullstop. I’m fine with people not “cancelling” M5 for doing this show, but not everyone gets to be an ally.

  15. Meg says:

    remember when justin timberlake was asked last year at the press conference if his son will play football when he’s older and Justin said, ‘no, my son will never play football.’ that did not look good for the NFL so i’m not surprised they cancelled the press conference this year. Justin seemed to be criticizing how unsafe the game is and the health issues players have later in life due to frequent concussions that the league doesn’t seem to care about because the NFL makes so much money off them. its why they turn a blind eye to off the field law breaking like beating up women-they don’t care. they make them money, that’s all they care about.

  16. squirrelyWrath says:

    Am I the only one who just wants to watch and see if they play the Spongebob song?