Beyonce will give away ‘free tickets for life’ if her fans try to go vegan

Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland attend the Dundas brand opening in LA

Beyonce is either entirely vegan or mostly vegan. With her money, she has private chefs and food delivery services which guarantee that she can eat well, eat healthy, eat “clean,” and eat almost entirely vegan. She’s been doing that for years now, although I don’t remember hearing her talk about it for a while. She started another conversation about veganism this week when she used the offered the Beyhive a chance to win free Beyonce tickets for life… if they gave veganism a go. Who do you love more, Beyonce or BACON?

Beyoncé said she is offering free lifetime tickets to any of her or Jay-Z’s shows. There’s only one catch — she wants you to go vegan first. The singer shared the news of the contest in an Instagram post promoting The Greenprint Project, which encourages people to adopt a plant-based diet to reduce their environmental footprint. The project is linked to a recently-published book by Beyoncé’s trainer, Marco Borges, for which the she and Jay-Z wrote the introduction. By sharing their “Greenprint,” fans are encouraged to commit to adding at least some plant-based meals into their diets. The site provides a drop-down menu of Greenprint options, including:

All plants. All the time.
Plant based for breakfast
Plant based at work
Two plant-based meals a day
Meatless Mondays
Plant-based on weekdays

Beyoncé said her Greenprints are “plant based for breakfast” and “meatless Mondays.” Once a user selects their Greenprint, a graphic is presented featuring their choice to share on social media. To enter the contest, all fans have to do is enter their name and email on the site. The winner will receive a ticket to one concert per Beyoncé or Jay-Z tour for “life,” though the site specifies it’s actually for a maximum of 30 years. A winner will be selected at random on May 22.

[From CBS News]

“…Though the site specifies it’s actually for a maximum of 30 years…” So not only does the Queen B want us to give up prime rib and bacon, she can’t even guarantee that she’ll still be touring in 2049?!? The hive is shook. If I have to give up pork chops and fried chicken for life, Beyonce’s ass better still be singing “Halo” in 2050. Also: what kind of proof do people have to provide that they’re really giving veganism a shot? Because we’re ALL vegan as long as the Beygency’s private detectives don’t find our T-bone steak supply and our cache of cheese.

Beyonce and Jay Z enjoy a meal at Hotel Pitrizza during Beyonce's Birthday trip

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  1. NeatIdea says:

    I hope these people will be seeing a nutritionist if they plan to stick with it long term. I went vegan in 2015 and now have a whole host of health issues and deficiencies. Finally broke down and started adding in eggs and fish last summer. Along with about a dozen different supplements. I ate a very healthy, plant-based diet.

    • Idiotsgalore says:

      Well anyone can be a nutritionist. A licensed & registered dietitian is who people should consult. I studied nutrition in college. We do not like the term nutritionist lol not being petty. There’s just a difference.

      • NeatIdea says:

        Thanks! I did not know this.

      • claire says:

        +100. In Canada, dietitian is a protected title and it’s a regulated profession – education and training is pretty rigourous. I notice a lot of people calling themselves Holistic Nutritionists and similar titles but they are not regulated, training and education varies, ….. When you’re dealing with an RD or Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, you can rest assured they are held accountable.

    • MousyB says:

      Out of curiosity, what did your doctor say went wrong/what werent you getting enough of on a vegan plant based diet? There have been a lot of prominent vegans that have been going back to fish/eggs lately and they all have different reasons (most of which started out on a mostly fruit/high carb low fat, etc. which have been found to lead to many health issues).

      Not trying to dismiss your particular experience, just curious! 🙂

      • NeatIdea says:

        I definitely ate a balanced plant-based diet. None of the high fruit, hclf diets ect. I did not see a *dietician because I could not afford it. My primary Dr ran a whole bunch of tests and I was deficient in B12, D, Iron, low adrenal function and hormones. She recommended I start eating more protein. So we both came to the conclusion that eggs and fish would be ok since I cannot stomach chicken, beef, pork and dairy. I also take a whole bunch of vitamins (based on my deficiencies), mental health supplements (St. Johns, Gaba, Turmeric, omega and primrose oil, Sam-e) because my mental health took a nose dive and I developed severe PMDD. I have made huge improvements since last summer. Not sure if it’s adding in the eggs and fish, or supplements, or combination of the two. I’m a mom of two with a deployed husband. I was desperate to try anything at that point to get my health back. I will go see a dietician when I can afford it and if possible, I’d like to go back to vegan.

      • NeatIdea says:

        There are two women on youtube I’ve started watching recently. Lilykoi Hawaii and Pick up Limes, who is a Canadian dietician. Both provide a wealth of plant-based nutrition information. When I say I followed a balanced vegan diet, I meant I did not restrict any food groups like fat, carbs ect. Obviously, I need to further balance it so that I do not get deficiencies again. I know it can be done properly, that’s why I believe anyone making such a drastic diet change, needs to see a dietician. Do proper blood work and supplement as needed.

    • Wow says:

      Stuff like diets is individual body. I’m thinking that its ethnic/cultural evolution based also. I’m a vegan, have been for decades. I am also from an Asian ethnicity that has practiced religious vegetarianism for probably a thousand years. My husband is Filipino and comes from a very very meat heavy culture and he is prone to deficiency when he practices food group restriction.

      I’m not aware if there is science on it, but I’m of the thought process that dietary needs and what will benefit a body or not has a lot more to do with what several generations before us ate.

      All that said, most people could taper down on the meat and dairy consumption pretty significantly and that would make a good dent in some environmental issues that are a now or suffer problem.

      • Kk2 says:

        No there is no science behind that. But it could be relevant in that someone from a vegetarian culture would likely have been expose to a wider array of vegetable based protein options. My husband’s Indian vegetarian relatives probably eat a healthier diet than the average American who goes vegetarian after years on Western diet, just because they are used to lots of different grains and lentils. But vegetarianism and veganism are really different and Indian vegetarians eat plenty of dairy- milk based drinks, yogurt, paneer. So I think they’d still have some potential problems going vegan. But maybe not as much as someone mainly eating pasta and fruit/veg.

        I think reducing meat is a good goal For a lot of reasons. I wonder if I can enter just for doing meatless Monday. That seems worth it!

      • Amy says:

        Actually, a prominent doctor (MD) at GW Hospital is of that belief: eat the foods generations before you ate, because your genetics adapted to those foods. For me, that means all the root vegetables and some chicken and beef. Not complaining!

      • Malachite says:

        Completely agree. Look at how genetics play a role in the ability to digest lactose. A person from Scandinavia or with Scandinavian genes is less likely to be unable to digest dairy than somebody with East Asian genetics. What our ancestors ate for many generations affects our genetics. In Scandanavia, produce was scarce and a lot of agriculture focused on keeping animals for dairy so genetics changed over time to be able to tolerate dairy without ill effects.

      • Good GRrrrrl says:

        I eat a variety of non-processed food,sparse meat when craved. I’m 50yo, do some exercise daily and am the same size as post puberty, nothing’s changed. When I was a 20 something boozer/smoker I was sometimes too skinny or bloated, but the sober clean me (30yrs +) is steady.

    • Florida says:

      First of all, I support people’s choices to eat however they please. But I do get annoyed at vegans trying to push their choices on others. Veganism ISN’T for everyone, and that’s ok, just like eating meat isn’t for everyone.

      I have heard lots of these stories. Perhaps veganism isn’t as healthy as people think? Either way, to each their own, I will respect them as long as they respect that I make different dietary choices. I just get tired of hearing that meat eaters are monsters and murderers and people pushing for mandatory veganism for the world. Please stop!

      • Elisa says:

        Word. And I’m a vegetarian myself. I used to work for a private practice until 2015, and the 4 doctors there all strongly advised against a vegan diet because the overwhelming majority of vegan patients had health issues. If you want to go vegan, go ahead. But inform yourself on the side-effects as well.

      • Kendra says:

        I don’t know why people don’t start being vegetarian and if that’s been going well for years move to veganism. It’s odd to me being vegan is so trendy when it’s not diet you should try if you have not done proper research.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      I checked this out yesterday and they ask you to describe your diet (to share on social media) – they don’t specifically say that you must go vegan to win nor is the drop down from what you share limited to vegan. Beyonce’s response herself is not vegan or even 100% plant based all the time, nor is Jay-Z’s

  2. Idiotsgalore says:

    I’ll go vegan but I’d rather Bey send me some money for groceries & a meal plan 😂 do you know how many veggies I need to buy/eat to stay full?

    • Audrey says:

      Beans are vegan, cheap and very filling!

      • Idiotsgalore says:

        Yes but beans are technically considered carbs. But I do stock up on my beans! Yum!!

      • Florida says:

        I love beans, but I usually throw a bunch of salt pork in there with them. So I guess I’m doing it wrong! 😂

      • pottymouth pup says:

        but produce, especially fresh produce, is really expensive. My diet is primarily plant-based and, despite having a kitchen pantry stocked with basic non-perishables, my weekly produce bill always astounds me

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Since I’m part no hive, since I’m a consumer who enjoys Beyonce’s music, I must say this feels very cult-like. Beyonce is starting to become a religion and while I think it’s noble to always encourage anyone to eat healthier, we must never try to shove our beliefs, much less our eating habits down anyone’s throat.

    • eto says:

      Eh it seems harmless to me. I think the point is to try going vegan for at least a week so as long as people don’t just try to eat lettuce for 7 days straight, shouldn’t be any health issues.

    • Elisa says:

      @Melissa: I get your point.
      I side-eye people who preach about protecting the environment, going vegan etc. and then wear leather clothes, drive big SUVs and live in houses with AC etc. That’s a very selective approach. 🙂

  4. Loopy says:

    Will some sort of test be given before the ticket is handed over?lol

    • MousyB says:

      Right?? How will they confirm this? L.O.L Probs to them though, we should all eat less meat/dairy if we are able to.

    • Tiffany says:

      No. You will have to sign up for a vegan food service and have some food delivered.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Front row, absolutely.

    Mezzanine, *flips bacon on skillet*

  6. PhillyGal says:

    I choose BACON! (Although I really try hard to buy meat that comes from ethically raised animals.)

    • Spikey says:

      Ethically-raised? Are they ethically-killed too? If you want to eat meat fine, but please don’t sugar-coat killing animals for food, they don’t want to die.

      • PhillyGal says:

        Yes, ethically killed as well. Don’t attack me, please. I have tried being vegan and I had health problems as well. Just doing my best, and I don’t need your sarcasm or judgement.

      • Spikey says:

        in a way that relates to moral principles
        in a morally good or correct manner.
        in a way that avoids activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment.

        There is no way to ethically butcher an animal for food.

      • eto says:

        And what about the brown people picking our produce for slave wages in shit conditions?

      • Florida says:

        Phillygal, unfortunately there is a large contingent of vegans that aren’t content to live their lives as they see fit. They must also attempt to guilt and shame others into making the same choices as they do, or else those others are “bad”. I am unsure what this type of behavior does for the person, but it must be something great, because there’s so much of it occurring nowadays. Just keep on doing your best, it’s all anyone can do!

      • jay says:

        People like this are the pro-lifers of the food community.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        Vegans like Spikey are the reason people not only hate vegans but are also the reason so many people are turned off & avoid even checking out many plant-based alternatives/restaurants, etc. And, yes, as noted above, they are just like the angry religious fundamentalists who not only fail miserably to convert people, they give religion & people of faith a bad name.

      • Ari says:

        Spikey, thank you for speaking the truth. It’s crazy how meat eaters delude themselves into thinking that animals can be killed “ethically.” If you are going to eat meat – and I get that some people simply will – at least be honest with yourself about how it got on your plate.

  7. me says:

    Lifetime tickets? Do Beyonce and Jay-Z plan on NEVER retiring? Well good for them I guess?

  8. Ann says:

    I support veganism but it’s too difficult for me. I was vegan for almost a year many years ago and you really do feel better, but it’s a bitch eating out and vegan cheese isn’t the same. Maybe this will work for some people? Or at least educate people on why going vegan is extremely beneficial to the environment. I really like the hashtag, it pulls focus away from the diet aspect and makes it about the social cause.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      when’s the last time you tried a nut-based vegan cheese? they’ve improved A LOT over the years. I can’t stand daiya or even the go veggie vegan cheeses but quite a few of the Miyoko’s cheeses are really good and her butter is awesome. I actually just did my first attempt making a recipe for melty oil-free cheddar from Miyoko Schinner’s recipe book and will be having my friends (vegan and omnivore alike) taste test it next week. Right now it’s a consistency of those spreadable cheeses, I’m hoping it firms up a little so I can shred it.

      The group Bey & Jay are working with focuses on plant based foods as opposed to veganism, and are positing a gentle increase the amount of plant-based meals in your diet.

  9. Happy_fat_mamma says:

    Spoiler alert: I am posting to brag.

    I want to brag, because I was eating a plant-based diet way before it was cool, even before Beyonce was a solo artist and back when even my closest friends put me down for it and said it was a phase. Now I fully believe that people have different dietary needs that depend on many factors… but I gotta say…

    According to the Greenprint Project website: “By eating 50 plant-based meals I could have the environmental impact equivalent to 76 trees absorbing harmful gases from the air in a month.” .. I have been eating more than 50 plant-based meals per month for 22 years. .So 22 years times 12 months in a year, times 76 trees would mean that…

    I have had the environmental impact equivalent of over 20,000 trees.

    Eat it haters!

    Thank-you Queen Bey!

  10. mycomment says:

    and how, exactly, are they going to ensure that person eats vegan. do they have to send in a monthly stool sample

  11. Skipper says:

    I am vegan. Have been since 1967. I admire her compassion for the animals.
    I’ll pass on the tickets. Just not interested.

    • pandabird says:

      I don’t know if it’s compassion for the animals. She seems to wears a lot of animals; minks, fur, leather, snakeskin etc…

  12. Alyse says:

    Beyonce goes through fazes of eating vegan foods since she bacame partners in 22 days nutrition, currently she says she is going to eat plant based breakfasts and meatless mondays. I’m vegan so i’m all for encouraging people to go meat and dairy free, i’m just cynical because this is more about marketing and a business decision but maybe motive doesn’t matter if the end goal means there’s less animals suffering.

  13. PhillyGal says:

    Spikey – There are LOADS of things that are bad for the environment that everyone owns/uses. When you give up your car, air conditioner, etc, etc, then you can spew. Otherwise, shut it.

    • Florida says:

      Exactly. Nobody is perfect and we are all doing the best we can. I get so tired of everyone trying to preach to everyone else. And then so many of the preachers then turn right around and say stuff like “live and let live” and “all choices are valid” (that type of thing). It’s so ridiculous! Why can’t we just let people do what’s best for them?! Why?!

      • NYCTYPE says:

        Because, we are hurting the planet and damaging our health.
        I don’t think eating vegan is for everybody, but would it be wrong to have a steak very second month instead of every week, for example?
        Maybe eating meat every second day and not everyday?
        Or eating cheese as a treat and not as a food group and rather eat more veggies, raw nuts, avocados, low glycemic fruit…

      • Florida says:

        It would be wrong if the person is bullied, harassed, badgered and shamed into it. I personally don’t eat steak at all. There was mad cow here in FL that never made the national news, and it was in a cow destined for consumption. Then all of a sudden a lot of ground beef was “recalled for e.coli”. So I don’t eat beef. I try to use meat more as a seasoning instead of a main dish. But it depends.

        However I can’t disagree with people eating a more moderate diet. I just think it’s up to them to make that decision for themselves.

      • JANE says:

        @ Florida,
        I live in Calgary, Canada, it’s beef and oil country here.
        Most of the time I hide that I’m vegan, because I get a lot of jokes and looks, like I’m committing some crime, because I’m not eating meat and dairy.
        I never discuss my lifestyle choices with anybody, besides my husband and my small group of friends.
        I can’t even tell you how difficult it is to attend events as a vegan, I always eat before I leave my house, so I don’t bother or burden people with my dietary choices.
        I don’t think eating vegan is for everybody, but it would not be a bad idea, if many people would consider their choices a bit more, including food.
        Like bacon, enjoy it, just not everyday, love pork chops, go for it, but not 3 times a week, want a juicy steak, maybe indulge once a month, can’t live without cheese, sure have some at the end of the long week.
        People don’t have to deprive themselves of something they enjoy, but there is no need in overindulgence of meat, dairy, pot, alcohol, glass of nice wine on Friday night with dinner instead of 4.
        Moderation is a very good thing.

      • Barcelona says:

        Florida, I don’t understand why are you so defensive?
        Beyonce is offering a challenge, people can take it or leave it, it’s up to them.
        She is not going to anybody’s house and ripping out a chicken wing out of their mouth.
        It’s a choice.
        I personally believe that it is better for us and the Earth to eat less meat and dairy,
        I don’t have money to put solar panels on my house or replace my little Honda with a TESLA, but I care about my health and the environment, so I eat vegan, I recycle and compost, I car pull to work and back, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and personal products, I don’t use plastic, so I use bio-bags for garbage and compost, have recycled paper products and buy only things that I need, so I don’t leave much carbon foot print behind.
        Could I do better, sure, but I don’t profess to be perfect, I’m just doing my best and most importantly I care to do my best.

      • Florida says:

        Barcelona, I fail to see how I’m being “defensive”? If you and anyone else aren’t the type of person I’m referring to, then it isn’t relevant to you? No need to try and tell me what I’m being. Also I hope you aren’t insinuating that anyone that isn’t doing what you are doing, isn’t doing “their best”. Thank you.

        All I am saying is that people know what’s best for them and the amount of meat they do, or do not eat, has nothing to do with them being “good” or “moral”, people. I don’t try and push my lifestyle on anyone. I don’t tell vegans that they need to eat more meat, or meat at all. Their choices are their own to make and I respect that. I’m just saying that it gets tiresome to be lectured about how everyone that eats meat is an evil murderer or whatever. Let people make their own choices. If anyone wants to do Beyoncé’s challenge, good for them! Honestly. Again, I support people’s right to eat, live, do, dress, love, however they want. I have eaten vegan food, I don’t always eat meat, but food choices don’t make you any better or worse than anyone else. That’s all I’m saying.

  14. Barce says:

    I have been eating a very healthy vegan diet for 29 years and I love it!
    My meals are so tasty, creative, varied and interesting, plus I save a lot of money, beans and lentils are cheaper than meat in my area.
    But I don’t think it’s for everybody.
    I wish people would be a bit more thoughtful about their lifestyles and the impact it has on their health and the environment.
    Instead of going vegan, maybe just eat 80 % less of animal products and make it organic.
    Read labels, eat a lot of avocados and raw nuts for good fats, beans and lentils for protein.
    Use cheese as a treat once in a while, and not as a food group, dramatically increase your veggie intake and think of high sugar fruit as an occasional indulgence.
    I think most people would be feeling better, if they would decrease animal based foods.
    Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t over eat meat/dairy either!

  15. pandabird says:

    Wait, is this the same Beyonce that wears fur, leather, snakeskin, minks, etc? The same Beyonce that wore fur to a vegan restaurant? Oooookaaaaaay.

  16. Akasha says:

    Technically speaking when you eat plants , you are killing a living thing. When you eat fruit or seeds, you are killing offsprings. Fruit is a plant’s way of ensuring its survival . It’s not a “free” gift.
    For a long time man thought animals had no feelings or intelligence, now we know better.
    But what about plants? How do we know plants don’t feel? Studies are beginning to prove that plants actually communicate and “feel”.
    So unless you grow every seed you take from fruits and watch where you step to not crush ants ….etc. …etc… can not live a life free of killing.
    Whatever the diet, the important thing is to choose wisely, read labels and respect food.

  17. Lisbon says:

    I think that our health and our planet would be grateful, if we would decrease the amount of animal products we consume.
    Does it mean that everyone should be eating vegan, certainly not, but just decreasing the consumption by 75 % would be amazing.
    My cousin was a big meat eater, lives in Florida and he used to think that eating a lot of meat equaled wealth, meat/potatoes/small salad guy.
    His doctor highly recommended a big change in his diet due to some health problems over 2 years ago.
    Now he eats a small chicken breast for his Saturday lunch and wild sockeye salmon on Sunday for lunch, no more dairy, eggs and no meat or anything animal related Monday to Friday.
    Was taken off several medications by his doctor…there you go, change is possible.

  18. Gippy says:

    I could never go vegan. But we’re trying to eat healthier. We buy our meat locally from the Amish and our eggs free range only. They taste better and we feel better doing it knowing the animals lived good lives – I often see the animals in the field as I drive by on the highway! We do try to do some meatless meals normally, but since we’re 20 days in of Whole30 we haven’t since there’s no beans. However since I’m severely deficient in certain vitamins and iron, I would have a hard time going completely vegan, heck vegetarian is hard!

    • LoveBug says:

      @ Gippy :
      We used to eat meat and eggs everyday, certified organic from a local farmer that we know well, just a 15 minute drive from us. I’m lucky to be upper middle class to afford organic meat.
      Unfortunately not everybody can.
      We decided to go healthier over 6 years ago, so we ate organic meat and eggs every second day and now for over 3 years only every third day.
      I learned to make delicious vegan meals, everything from lentil meat loaf, roasted red pepper hummus, wild rice mushroom risotto, I’m so creative now a days, we even have friends that wanted my vegan dishes as Christmas presents.
      I have many flaws, a work in progress for sure, but a good quality of mine is that I’m open minded and love to learn new things.
      I love food and I’m trying to not only learn new languages, but new dishes and many are vegan or vegetarian.
      We treat dairy and meat in our house as a treat and I think we all feel better not to be so stuck in the meat – potato world.

  19. Valerie says:

    As someone who eats mostly vegan (say 90%), I really don’t see why anyone feels the need to proselytize. Let people eat what they want. A lot of my friends still eat meat; hell, they even eat grains. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for 10 years, and it’s not a big deal. No one has to do what I do, and I certainly wouldn’t demand it of a perfect stranger.

    If they’re interested in it, then we’ll talk. But my aim is never to convert.