Duchess Meghan wrote affirmations on bananas for Bristol sex workers

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit Bristol

Very few royal people actually take on “controversial” work, work that would involve sex crimes, harassment, social justice, racial inequality or (gasp) prostitution. The Duchess of Cornwall is one of the few royal figures who is really involved in some of the more “touchy” subjects like rape treatment. Enter the Duchess of Sussex – last Friday, Meghan and Harry visited One25, a Bristol charity which offers support and resources for prostitutes and homeless women. When Meghan learned about the care packages being given to these women, she decided to write messages of hope on the bananas:

While visiting Bristol’s One25 — a charity that provides support and resources for women who feel trapped in street sex work, addiction, homelessness and other issues — the Duchess of Sussex had the idea of sharing messages with the women. Instead of writing the notes on paper, she decided to write them on bananas. While helping volunteers put together care packages with food, Meghan took inspiration from a school cafeteria worker in the U.S. who wrote motivational messages to children.

“I saw this project this woman had started somewhere in the States on a school lunch program,” Meghan told reporters. “On each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation, to make the kids feel really, like, empowered. It was the most incredible idea – this small gesture.” She grabbed a marker, and said, “I am in charge of the banana messaging,” and began to write words of encouragement on the bananas. Some of the messages included, “You are special,” “You are strong,” “You are brave” and “You are loved.” With each one, she drew a small heart.

“That really touched me — and I’m not even a royalist,” One25 CEO Anna Smith told reporters. “She had clearly listened and heard what we are all about — that we don’t judge, we simply offer the service and unconditional love. She totally got it.”

The food will be delivered directly to women by One 25’s “Yellow Van,” which supports around 150 women living on Bristol’s streets. The truck stocks food, blankets, first aid, safety alarms, condoms and a safe space to talk. The charity is hoping that the royal visit will help raise more awareness and funding to further help the women of Bristol.

[From CBS News]

It’s a small thing, but it speaks to Meghan’s positivity, and her ability to brush up against more controversial subjects. Keep in mind, she hasn’t even been a duchess for a full year. Give her two years, and she’ll be an even stronger activist on more controversial subjects. Anyway, because everything is awful, the British papers got a prostitute on the record about what SHE thought of Meghan’s message. The sex worker was not impressed – she called the banana messages “really stupid” and said “People out here struggle to eat and sleep and she gifts us some words on a piece of fruit. She has the means to help us more than that. It’s offensive, you know.” She’s entitled to her opinion, of course, but it’s gross to see every single British outlet pick up her comments. Meghan can’t even breathe without everyone running to the papers to insult her.


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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit One25 in Bristol – a charity that helps women break free from street sex work, addiction and other life-controlling issues, through practical and emotional support. While helping volunteers pack food parcels for some of Bristol’s street sex-workers, The Duchess asked if she could write empowering messages on the bananas to the women – a simple gesture and a way to incorporate positivity and kindness for those needing a self esteem boost. HRH learned of this idea from an act of kindness by a school cafeteria worker in the US who wrote messages for children, and The Duchess wanted to do the same for others in need. The food parcels, and The Duchess’s messages, will be delivered directly to vulnerable women on the streets by One 25’s ‘Yellow Van’ – part of their outreach programme. #royalvisitbristol

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  1. Becks1 says:

    She has received so much criticism for this – I’m surprised. No, she’s not going to change the world by writing messages on bananas. But she was just trying to share a bit of positivity in an unexpected way. I thought it was a nice touch.

    I did see that some of the criticism wasn’t because people thought the idea was dumb – some people were actually saying that a royal duchess should not be associated with a charity that helps sex workers – I think it may have been Piers Morgan actually. Or Richard Palmer – or someone commenting on their twitter. But there was a whole line of comments about how it wasn’t appropriate. That appalled me more than the negativity about the banana messages.

    • Coz' says:

      Sometimes I really really hate people.

      • Auntie says:

        She receieved criticism for having Avocados for lunch, ITS the same old same old hate, bash-her agenda from the UK media. They dont fool me one bit.
        Some of the UK media has a agenda. ITS so obvious.

    • Rebecca says:

      Piers Morgan apparently went off about the banana messages this morning on GMB, although it wouldn’t surprise me if he or Palmer slagged DoS on Twitter as well. And I agree that the criticism of their involvement with that charity is far more appalling than bashing her for writing the messages on the fruit.

      • Jan90067 says:

        I had a back and forth with Palmer a while back. I slammed him for what I felt was his constant (and rather thinly veiled) racist tones on everything Meghan. Finally, I just tweeted: l’m done with your racist ass!” And blocked him. How he can be allowed to cover the royals is beyond me. If I was part of the BRF, I’d ban him. Call the editor and tell them he won’t be given any interviews, opportunities, etc. If they still wanted him to write, it’d be from the “outside” of the event.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        I find Piers Morgan’s continued presence as a media figure inappropriate and offensive. Unlike a kind note on a banana.

      • otaku fairy says:

        Piers Morgan makes me stabby. I’m so, so tired of these privileged middle-aged and elderly men- and young men too- who build their careers off of flaunting their insensitivity, profiting off of people’s willingness to turn a blind eye towards or even egg on their misogynistic bs because they target girls who aren’t exactly good girls, and tired of their punching down across the board.

      • Mel says:

        I don’t understand why piers morgan still has a platform to speak out of! That man should have gone to jail, that he didnt after the whole Leveson inquiry is ridiculous. He should have at least been canceled out after that! But noooo, he has morning shows and columns in papers, and reality tv shows etc. He is a vile person and I dont watch or read anything with him but when I read things he says in other sites it drives me crazy. His career should have been OVER. Like Sienna Miller once said, he got away with it. Ugh.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jan90067 I couldn’t agree more about Richard Palmer. I don’t understand how he still has a job. I get that he probably puts the standard “all tweets are my own opinions” or whatnot disclaimer in his profile, but it shouldn’t matter. He represents the newspaper he is employed by especially when he is tweeting about the BRF, and he should have been fired ages ago. He is so rude and unprofessional on that Twitter feed. I cannot stand the man; I think he’s worse than Piers tbh.

      • jay says:

        Why are so many old white guys chiming in on women’s issues at all?

      • Tina says:

        @jay: CONTROL. They can’t bear not to have a say, even when it’s nothing to do with them. The vast majority of white men literally cannot understand the concept that they should shut up, that what they have to say is sometimes (most of the time) not relevant.

    • galant says:

      It’s not a charity that “helps” sex workers. A charity that helps sex workers would work towards decrim. This is one that tries to get them out of sex work.

      Sex work is work.

      • Malificent says:

        I agree that sex work is work and should be decriminalized. However, not every sex worker is in that line of work purely by choice. Sex workers can be victims of human trafficking, supporting a drug habit, or find that it is their only viable means to support themselves or their families.

        Decriminalization is one step, but doesn’t eliminate the root causes of why some people are in sex work involuntarily.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Galant

        To each their own….. however, it’s difficult not to view sex work as *mostly* exploitative. I encourage that charity to keep working as hard as they can to end any exploitation where possible.

        As to the general point, Meghan should have left her messages off those bananas. I have absolutely no doubt that she meant well, but the subject of sexual exploitation, enslavement, etc is a little serious for her light hearted, California style positive messages.

        Just send the bananas. If you want to offer more than that, then make time to actually meet the women and pass on any personal messages personally.

        Having said all that, that prostitutes comment was just downright ungrateful. I can imagine her complaining in the next breathe about how nobody cares for their suffering…..well, it’ll be nice if you appreciated the help that IS available to you and not discourage other possible participants by criticizing the people who are actually engaging.

      • Mac says:

        As part of a board I served on in my city, I did a van ride with an organization that provides food, necessities, etc., to sex workers who work on the street. Sex work is absolutely the work of last resort for these women and men. They are driven to sex work by addition, abusive relationships, and a lack stable housing. Decriminalization does nothing to create better opportunities for them.

      • BB says:

        @bella and malificant the reason there are woman being forced to be there and the reason there is explotation in the sex industry is BECAUSE it’s illegal. If it was legal, the vast majority of issues would no longer exist. Trust me, I live in Nevada.

      • Mac says:

        @BB Many of the women and men in Las Vegas’ “legal” sex work have been trafficked into it. Nevada’s legislature has passed a number of bills in recent years to increase the penalties for trafficking and to increase funding to fight it. Making prostitution legal just means pimps and Johns will stop getting arrested.

      • Anatha. A says:

        Sex work is absolutely legal in Germany with health insurance and taxes and legal framework to make it a transaction that is as safe as possible. With controls by public health services and police and customs to make sure that everything is hygienic, safe, that no money laundering is in place and that taxes are paid. Doesn’t help the fact that more than 80% of the prostitutes in Germany are victims of human trafficking. Especially all the women that work in the streets are forced to work there. Either by the human traffickers or by their addictions. None of them do it, because they think it is a great job. There are some prostitutes working in high class establishments or are self-employed that do it for fun or because they want a fast way to get more money, as they are housewifes or students. They are the minority though.

      • Katie Keen says:

        So sick of this “sex work is work” crap. Who came up with that phrase? Who benefits? Men.

        I’m a feminist who has no desire to be a part of the feminist movement because of this. I do not support throwing women away to dirty men, nor do I support the commodification of the human body.

        What I do support? Helping women get out of prostitution, not encouraging them, nor punishing them either. 90% of sex workers want out of that business. It’s on you for helping keep them there.

      • A says:

        All the people yelling about decriminalization would do well to remember that the people this benefits the most are sex workers themselves.

        Criminalizing sex work puts sex workers in prison. This includes victims of sex trafficking (Cyntoia Brown, for example), who often don’t come forward as a result of these laws. Criminalizing sex work does nothing to mitigate sex work or trafficking itself, it only serves to cause more harm to the exact people you want to protect because it makes it more difficult for them to seek help when they need it.

        Add to this the fact that sex workers are routinely subjected to abuse from police departments and criminal justice system itself, and the idea that they’ll be better protected by the same people and systems that overwhelmingly harm them in the first place is sort of laughable.

        This isn’t about “free love” or “my body my choice.” This is about looking at the reality. People go into sex work. Your opinions on the line of work aside, our focus should always be on reducing harm. Decriminalization has been shown as the best way to go about that.

      • otaku fairy says:

        @Katie Keen: If you don’t want to be part of the feminist movement just because some within it are treating the women you’ve been brainwashed to look down on better than you think we should, and think your ‘belief’ that women shouldn’t use sex and their bodies for profit in the first place is more important than changing the ways it’s acceptable for them to be treated, you’re interested in respectability politics- not equality. Know who benefits from that? Men. Know who invented those standards of morality and respectability and worked hardest to enforce them at women’s expense? Also men. Connect the dots.

        I also think it’s time do away with this idea in the 21st century that a woman having sex is giving herself to, throwing herself to, being passed around, or otherwise transferring ownership of herself to men- whether we’re talking about sex workers, women who choose to partake in hook-up culture, women who decide to sext, girlfriends, or wives. Men are also the ones who came up with the idea that being on sexual terms with a woman in any way means you own her.

      • Mac says:

        @otaku fairy We can be sex positive and recognize that decriminalization does nothing to address the underlying causes that drive women and men to sex work as a last resort. The charity is providing them with food because they do not make enough money to meet their basic needs.

        Decriminalization does not shield sex workers from the criminal justice system. Loitering, trespassing, urinating in public, public intoxication, etc. are used by law enforcement with both good and bad intentions to get women and men off the streets.

    • Swack says:

      You never know when a little gesture like that will make a difference in a person’s life. No kindness is too small.

    • Missy S. says:

      Don’t be surprised. Meghan receives criticism for everything she does. The awesome thing is that she just keeps going. I know a lot of people are hoping to break her, but I pray she grows stronger and more powerful.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Ugh. That’s just so typical of the brainwashing and head games that are always directed at women when it comes to sexual purity and whorephobia. It’s not just misogynists trying to control what women do with their own bodies and blame women for male behavior, it’s about controlling what women work towards socially and politically too. Under patriarchy, attempts are always being made to make us care more about showing that we’re ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ and fearfully distancing ourselves from loose women than we care about equality- about how ALL women are treated. It’s about socializing us to be desensitized- to be the kind of girl who’s more likely to support sex workers being treated as less than instead of being the kind of girl who’d do something to prevent it.
      Not surprised at all that people are playing Respectability Politics with Meghan on this by trying to mansplain to her why she should be more worried about her reputation than about kindness toward sex workers. Good for her, even if the gesture was imperfect.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I don’t get it either – sometimes its the smallest of things that make a big difference to people who are in difficult/vulnerable situations. Sometimes having your pain acknowledged goes a long way and messages like this can and do work – kindness and positivity don’t cost anything.

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        I used to work for a non-profit that touted the Starfish* poem. In my youth I thought it was soooo cheesy and meaningless and as I get older I am embarrassed by my dismissiveness of it. Sometimes it is the little things and only the little thing that matter and make a difference.

        *superfast summary: girl walking along beach with hundreds of beached starfish, starts throwing them back in the ocean, man comes along and mocks her, “you’ll never make a difference, there are too many of them.” Girl gets sad for a moment, then picks up a starfish and hurls it into the ocean and says to the man, “I made a difference to that one.”

    • Milla says:

      The women, sexworkers, did not like it. That is all that matters. Maybe personal notes on a paper, but not on bananas. That’s the bottom line.

      • Natalie S says:

        One person did not like it. One person did like it.

      • MA says:

        1 sex worker did not like it. 3 did. All their perspectives are valued, but people are focusing solely on the 1. That’s the bottom line.

      • galant says:

        MA, d you agree it would be harder to come out and publicly say how condescending this was, as opposed to saying “sure it was great”?

      • Becks1 says:

        Except some DID like it. The CEO of the charity seemed to like it, and at least one other worker said it was nice.

      • Natalie S says:

        @galant. I wouldn’t start with the assumption that people are lying. One of the people who supported the gesture was a sex worker who didn’t want to give their name.

      • MA says:

        galant, So you’re saying that instead of taking them at their word, you’re going to condescendingly impose your own worldview and feelings on a marginalized community? You’re saying that instead of taking the option of saying something noncommittal and neutral, they’re faking when they said things like this:

        One25 CEO Anna Smith tells BAZAAR.com it was a moment she will never forget. “That really touched me—and I’m not even a royalist,” Smith says. “She was just watching the food being packed up and suddenly decided she wanted to write these beautiful messages on every banana they had there. She had clearly listened and heard what we are all about—that we don’t judge, we simply offer the service and unconditional love. She totally got it.”

        A volunteer and former sex worker at the organization who asked to remain anonymous told reporters of the gesture, “It sounds really cheesy, but little things like that when you are out—especially tonight, we can see the cold weather—just to get that little thing … Meghan took her time out to write that one. It’s lush.”

        One charity volunteer called Sam, who is a former sex worker, said: “I can imagine being on the van, and [ hearing] ‘Meghan wrote this thing, and what?’ I think they might not eat it. I think that banana would be at home until it is rotten. Because I would do the same.”

        Sincerely, have you considered listening to the voices of marginalized people instead of looking at the situation from your worldview?

      • Galant says:

        I didn’t say or imply the women are lying. At all. Just that it would take some courage to speak up against it.

      • Natalie S says:

        They could have stayed neutral but you can see from the quotes in @MA’s post that they were enthusiastic about it.

      • Princessk says:

        What exactly is wrong with a banana? It’s just that British humour is very smutty and too many people have filthy minds.

    • Auntie says:

      It’s some UK media with a driven agenda. Notice how They Never let her have a outing w positive press. ITS always something,the UK media has to complain about when it comes to Meghan, yet certain others do very little and look either, uninterested, or miserable while doing it very little, yet the same press praises them to the heights.

      Meghan had Avocados for lunch, they ripped her to shreds.
      Meghan wrote,assistated with a book Hub Kitichen, some in the UK media tried to rip that to shreds.
      The UK media has an agenda always has had agenda when it came to Meghan. Their agenda was written in their media files, as soon as they got engaged or before.

  2. Enn says:

    It’s a sweet thought that probably really resonates with children, but I imagine grown women fending for themselves on the street could see a Sharpie message on a banana as patronizing.

    The tone towards the woman interviewed is
    not cool. We can’t lift other women up by using “hooker” in a derogatory fashion and implying that she’s just out to smear Meghan. She’s entitled to her opinion.

    • LORENA says:


      • Mac says:

        I think it was a spontaneous gesture, but it comes across as incredibly out of touch. Sex workers who work the streets are struggling to survive day-to-day. A message on a banana isn’t going to fix the circumstances that drove them to the street.

      • Roux says:

        I completely agree. For those women, the words on the bananas are meaningless and empty. The do more to serve Meghan and her self-esteem than they do to serve those women. I don’t think that’s how it was intended but still, Meghan received praise (and criticism) but unlimitedly goes back to living her exceedingly privileged life and those women remain unknown and suffering.

    • Aoife says:

      I agree. I think it’s good that she is supporting sex workers but I think I would also find it patronizing to receive a cutesey message on a banana.

      • galant says:

        Again, this charity may support women in need, but it does not support sex workers; it treats their work like a problem to be solved. Decriminalising sex work and making it safe is helpful to sex workers. Treating their profession like an issue to be solved isn’t.

        And these aren’t high-end escorts, they’re women on the street, so yes they’ll probably find a message written on sharpie on a piece of fruit to be wildly condescending.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Yes, I see exactly what Meghan was intending with her messages.I had to think how I would feel if a gorgeous ,wealthy ,happily married woman of royalty wrote me a note on a banana.Meg meant well,but it would probably feel she was being a bit patronizing or condescending even though she didn’t mean it that way.

      • Princessk says:

        I think it is also a cultural thing. British people are not really so into these kind of empowering messages maybe the younger generation but not the types on DM

      • Princessk says:

        If I got a message on a banana from Meghan, l would find a way to seal and preserve that banana skin forever.

    • Arunkma says:

      @Enn completely agree.

    • lana86 says:

      +1, it’s really heavy handed and cheesy from Meghan. It’s kind of saying “ I’m so amazing, that my banana messages for these women are gonna fix their self-esteem!! Never mind their actual needs, I’m helping them be positive!!”
      Meghan is sweet but …

      • Lunde says:

        I applaud Meghan for getting involved with this organization – but I think the messages come across a little … erm Goopy for the want of a better word. It’s rather patronizing (not to mention Hollywood thinking) to think that these women who are forced into sex work and not even managing to feed themselves just need some positive thinking and motivational messages.

        I think she missed an opportunity to talk about the real issues.

      • gm says:

        Agree banana messages silly however would say it is good that she shows up to support this charity helping sex workers. Besides Camilla do any of the other royals have controversial charities?

      • Heather says:

        Their actual needs are being covered for the moment, however long it takes them to eat the provided meal As for the banana, I suppose some might find it patronizing, but I remember when I was having a super rough day, I stopped to get coffee and the barista wrote on my label “Rainbows mean someone out there loves you.” It was a stupid message, but you know what? It did make me smile for a bit.

        My point: they’re still getting the food. Meghan’s message on the bananas isn’t taking anything away from them. And the message might be the one positive thing they’ve heard about themselves in a while.

      • LadyT says:

        >>> And the message might be the one positive thing they’ve heard about themselves in a while.
        But it was totally anonymous and random, not “about themselves.” I’m not sure how a You are Strong message is meaningful just sent out with no personal connection whatsoever.
        I do like Meghan but not this gesture, primarily since her recipients didn’t care for it. I can see why.

    • Lexa says:

      This is why I’m so torn about it. She obviously meant well and internalized what she was hearing at the visit, but I’m not sure the idea translated well from school kids to women in really tough situations. That said, I hope those messages found the women who needed them most.

    • Clare says:

      Frankly, I can see that she meant well and its sweet – but it is also incredibly patronizing. And, if nothing else, the reactions of the recipients (be they positive or negative) should be what matters MOST. If the banana messages made the recipient feel offended, than that matters. That’s important.

      Please, please can we not discount her opinion/feelings because of her line of work?

    • MP says:

      This! Thank you. Yes to spreading positivity but these are *not* children – it is extremely patronizing to send a sex worker a banana with a message that says “You are loved”. From a member of a royal family dressed in designer clothes. Very out of touch.
      If this was Meghan’s idea, someone next to her should have dissuaded her. If this was someone else’s idea, they should be fired.

      • Abigail says:

        Actually, some of the women (and men) on the street ARE underage and preteen. They may look as though they are older, but they are, in fact, young. I have no problem with messages delivered to the people. Ev-er-y-thing this woman does is vilified! Everything! I wish some in the UK would give it a break (hello Palmer and Piers)!! (We have our few trolls in North America who are loud and proud as well). Let her live and do charitable work. My heavens. Some royals don’t bother with spontaneous kind gestures at all. They simply do what their handlers have tested to be safe and queenly (I am not mentioning names). There are all sorts of charities out there and they need people with popularity to shine a light for them. Kudos to Meghan and Harry for at least getting off their backsides and doing just that – shining their lights for lesser known causes (I would bet this charity wasn’t recommended by so-called PR people and courtiers).

    • Tangie says:

      I agree. Good concept but wrong audience.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That was my thought when I read the original article–Meghan herself even said she got the idea from a woman working with children. As for the demeaning of women in the sex trade, that’s a separate issue. And good for Meghan for being associated with this organization. Everyone deserves respect and help, no matter their circumstances.

    • minx says:

      Agree. Well-intentioned but patronizing.

    • MA says:

      Here’s the thing–you “imagine” that because you’ve never been in this position. A lot of these sex workers are underage, groomed into this work. We’re all opining from our incredibly privileged positions instead of listening to the voices of those who have actually been there. One sex worker (no idea if she’s similarly vulnerable or voluntarily in the business) criticized it, and she has a valid perspective to offer. Several other sex workers, directly working for or served by this particular charity (which serves the most vulnerable population of sex workers), praised it and were touched. These comments here from privileged people, while well-intentioned, actually remove agency from sex workers. They don’t need to be told how to feel, and most of us can’t imagine being in their position of being so vulnerable and degraded by society that being told “I’m valued” can have a positive impact on our day. But that’s what several of these workers and the founder of this charity actually said it did. Why aren’t we listening to them too?

    • Malak says:

      Patronizing. Yes, that’s he perfect word for it. “You are loved.” ??? Loved by who?
      Look at dimwit’s face. He didn’t look like he liked it.

  3. Wha1ever says:

    Affermations on banana’s for…sex workers? 🤭 This is just screaming out for a sexual innuendo joke.

    • Natalie S says:

      Not really. It’s somewhat dehumanizing towards the sex workers to immediately sexualize anything in relation to them.

      • Missy says:

        Thank you! It’s not Meghan’s fault that people have filthy minds. It amazes me how everyone is now an expert on what sex workers feel. The women who work for the charity had a lot of appreciation and admiration for Meghan. Sex workers are real people with real feelings. They also need kind words and encouragement.

    • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

      My mind went to sex jokes right away.

    • mycomment says:

      this is so ridiculous and not in a funny way.. a note on a banana? seriously? jfc.. how about a note card..
      whoever thought of this should be demoted.

      • Polly says:

        I agree that a note on a card would have been better than a trite message on a banana.

        She meant well, and good on them for visiting this charity, but imo the banana thing was weird and patronising. For everyone defending the idea, would you feel the same if it had been goop or the other duchess writing positive affirmations on fruit?

    • PhillyGal says:

      Wha1ever – I’m glad I’m not the only one who had that thought. I’m not thrilled it was my first reaction, but it was …

    • Teaspilled says:

      100% this. People can pretend that bananas aren’t sexual but let’s see. You learn to put a condom on a banana, it’s in many cultural references (think Old School) , and dumb men break them up to eat to keep up appearances. Yes it’s still a fruit but this is the most tone deaf idea I’ve seen and Brits notice irony and taking the piss pretty quickly and this is both of those things. I doubt it was Meghan’s idea and if anything it comes off as someone else’s plan to make her look bad.

    • MA says:

      Seriously? So was the charity at fault for even serving the bananas? Should they never give out any food that’s ever had sexual connotations? No eggplants, peaches, nectarines, cucumbers, etc. then. This is ridiculous. Hope none of you give out bananas to your kids, since apparently it’s akin to giving out dildos.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        The charity can give out food but please don’t have minor members of royalty write silly stuff on it.

      • Natalie S says:

        @TabithaStevens. Senior royals.

      • PhillyGal says:

        MA – Just “wow”.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        Junior Royal in training. At best.

      • Olenna says:

        @TabithaStevens, you do realize most of us commenting here are mature adults, right?

      • Malak says:

        If a country even needs a monarchy, the only members that count/matter are, in this case, E II, Charles, William and George. The rest are minor. This ‘firm’ is way too big now. I look forward to Australia having a referendum and, I hope, the majority will vote for NOT having a foreign head of state. In other words, cut them out. Ridiculous!

    • Elisa says:

      Same. I saw the pics on the DM over the weekend and had to look twice. While I think Meghan meant well, choosing bananas for writing the messages was unfortunate.

    • Princessk says:

      Only people with dirty minds.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s always the same commenters finding something negative about whatever Meghan does all the time. They will never view anything she does as positive. So there’s no point arguing. They can continue hating.

    • Malak says:

      Yes, totally asking for it.

  4. LORENA says:

    Meghan had good intentions but idk this kinda makes her seem out of touch

    • Diana says:

      I agree. Great intentions but as mentioned upthread can come across patronizing to grown women.

      • Abigail says:

        So, I suppose we should have told Diana that “touching” or shaking the hands of people with AIDS is patronizing as well. I can hear it now (out of some of the critics of today), “They aren’t animals at a petting zoo…” My, my, my how it is so easy to criticize those who are attempting to impart a little kindness. The charity isn’t solving world hunger and Meghan and Harry aren’t rescuing trafficked people but they ARE doing something and moreover, they didn’t have to!! Meghan could have gone to a splashy opening event of something else. I like that her patronages are a little varied. It shows a smidge of caring. So I pray that this woman doesn’t read all of the media negativity and has her child or children in peace. Where was all of this vitriol when the other royal women were pregnant? Oh, that’s right, they were delicate and not to be criticized. OK, I get it. Wonder what the difference is with this woman… hmm…

      • R says:

        @abigail it isn’t even remotely the same thing. When Diana touched AIDS patients there was this irrational fear of it being spread by contact, no one would listen to doctors and experts about how it was caught Diana and the First Lady Barbara Bush did was show the doctors were telling the truth.

        I truly think that Megan’s heart was in the right place and she wanted to do something kind and show compassion. However, the first thing I thought when I saw what she wrote was , seriously these people need help and use send cheesey, patronizing self-help platitudes? Again clearly her heart was in the right place but this did feel out of touch.

        And of course the charity’s leader was touched because Megan clearly cared and wanted to do something kind but what matters is what those who received it felt and based on the article above it wasn’t well received.

        However, lets not compare Megan to Diana- one DIana’s legacy and image has been very much exaggerated since her death and there is no way for either of her children’s wives to live up to the legend and it is unfair to ask them too because the legend isnt’ reality.

      • Tina says:

        @R, I generally agree, but there was a huge difference between Diana shaking hands with a grown man with AIDS in 1987 and Barbara Bush cuddling a baby with AIDS in 1989. Diana was extremely flawed, but this was one thing she did that was extremely brave and worthy of all the hype she received.

      • Malak says:

        @Abigail – What’s the difference with this woman? I would say she doesn’t follow the rules. The house/firm has rules. Follow the rules!

    • MA says:

      According to the charity’s founder:

      “That really touched me—and I’m not even a royalist,” Smith says. “She was just watching the food being packed up and suddenly decided she wanted to write these beautiful messages on every banana they had there. She had clearly listened and heard what we are all about—that we don’t judge, we simply offer the service and unconditional love. She totally got it.”

      Doesn’t sound out of touch to me.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Did the woman interviewed….not think she can eat the banana after reading it.

    • HelloIsThereAnybodyOutThere says:

      I don’t know that I would want to eat a piece of fruit that had been written on with a sharpie. I know she wrote on the peel and bananas have thicker peels than most fruit, but I have contamination anxiety and would be worried about it leaking through. That’s one reason why people buy organic bananas, because some chemicals can leak through the peel. I’m assuming women living on the streets probably deal with a lot worse when it comes to their food, unfortunately, but it does seem a bit condescending and out of touch to write on someone else’s food. I think she meant well and it would be great to work with charities that support women in difficult situations, but this was probably not the best. And yes, as immature as it is, bananas and sex workers in the same sentence is rife for dirty jokes and innuendos and takes away from the seriousness of the message. Though honestly, it speaks well of Meghan that her mind DIDN’T automatically go there; she’ll have to learn over time how to navigate this.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah, sharpies are pretty smelly. I have no opinion on the gesture itself but I don’t want to eat anything that has permanent ink stink on it.

  6. Eliza says:

    I think the idea works better for the original audience – children. Grown woman might find it patronizing. But some might find it comforting. Her heart was in the right place.

    As for doing more? Well, yeah, that argument is for every charity a royal visits. They don’t provide money; they provide press coverage and local interest which the charity’s hope turn into donations.

    • sa says:

      For me the “some might find it comforting” part is key. Those who find it patronizing can roll their eyes and forget about it. But if even a few women are comforted or feel seen, then I view it as a success.

    • Amy Too says:

      Some sex worker are children, or at least teenagers, though. It might have been comforting to teenage sex workers but patronizing to grown women.

  7. Pantherise says:

    If this was for children it would be fine and it’s something they’d probably appreciate & enjoy. However for these women who are working in a dire situation I think a letter or personal visit would have been better & proved more useful. If you’re writing words of encouragement for adults do it on something they can keep & not something that will rot after 24hrs. Writing on a banana seems rather playful & almost patronizing for an adult. Not to mention the sexual innuendos linked with bananas so the fact that she chose to write on a banana at this particularly event seems strange & unfortunate.

    • Snappyfish says:

      When I was in elementary school my lunch would often include a banana with a note or a cute face drawn upon it.

  8. CooCooCatchoo says:

    They’re going to pick this woman apart no matter what she does. I think it was a lovely gesture, and its something I’ve done throughout the years of packing lunches for my husband and kids.
    She’s donated her own clothes to an organization that helps women who need to build a work wardrobe. She given time and funds to countless other charities in the year that she’s been a royal. I can’t understand why she’s criticized at every turn.

  9. Blahblahblah says:

    I thought the gesture was nice. Sure, it won’t change anything but it was still nice. I like reading daily affirmations. I’m so sick of people/press acting like every little she does is a crime against humanity.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      ” I’m so sick of people/press acting like every little she does is a crime against humanity.”

      I agree, Blahblahblah!! It’s really reached peak levels of insanity now. She gets absolutely no benefit of the doubt, unlike other married ins (or born royals) have received. And, she gets absolutely no break – not even when pregnant. Can you imagine the uproar if pregnant Kate (or Sophie or Diana, etc.) had received the criticisms and levels of vitriol that Meghan gets every.single.day, with the insane tabloid articles and narratives continuing even in between engagements? Her hair, her choice of clothing labels, her fit of clothes, her nail polish color, touching her own body, her lunch choices, charitable gestures, closing her own door, being blamed for Harry’s baldness, the way she crosses her legs, and on and on. It’s infuriating. And then to have people claim she is being treated the same as other new royals? Ummm…okay.

  10. Missy says:

    I don’t think Meghan and Harry care anymore about public opinion. They knew this visit would be controversial, and I applaud them for supporting a charity that many people find taboo. The One25 charity received a lot of media attention and donations because of Meghan, and the workers were pleased with her generosity.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Thank you. This charity wouldn’t receive any attention if it were not for Meghan. I believe the same for the Hub. Remember people saying the Hubb had connections to terrorists? Meghan is going to keep it moving and I am for it.

    • MA says:

      Plus, those complaining the most and loudest are the media. As we saw with the ACU visit, they’re outnumbered. Just anecdotal I’ve seen viral tweets in the tens and hundreds of thousands, by non-royal watchers and younger people, praising the gesture. At best, she did something kind. At worst, it was trite and eye-roll inducing. Haven’t seen backlash like this since Prince Philip endangered 3 people including a child

  11. Erinn says:

    “but it’s gross to see every single British outlet pick up her comments”

    I mean… no, not really. Whether you agree with her or not – she’s exactly the kind of person to interview here. She’s someone who lives that life. She’s the person that Meghan is trying to reach AND she happens to find it patronizing. I think it’s incredibly short sighted to write her off just because she doesn’t like what Meghan did. It’s crazy to block someone who is the subject of the initiative from the press just because they don’t happen to think that this gesture was helpful. I mean, why SHOULDN’T we listen to what she has to say? And why should we use derogatory terms like ‘hooker’ to somehow undercut what she’s saying.

    Look, I think it was a kind gesture and that she had good intentions, but I do see where the woman was coming from. It IS patronizing. Having a very well off woman who married a prince writing positive messages on your bananas really isn’t doing a lot in the scheme of things. It might being a smile to some people’s faces, but that’s about it – and apparently some people found it patronizing, so there’s that too. But while it was a kind gesture, it’s also kind of out of touch.

    • Becks1 says:

      I can see how the gesture could be patronizing – but I think that’s true about a lot of the royals efforts and initiatives. A lot of the “royal work” doesn’t do a lot in the scheme of things.

      I think Kaiser’s point about it being gross for every British outlet to pick up the comments – presumably not every sex worker in Bristol found these messages to be patronizing. So it does come off that someone found a sex worker that didn’t like them, and is blasting her comments everywhere. and it also just goes to the overall campaign against Meghan. Meghan did something – and the press is going to attack her for it and use this woman as proof of why Meghan’s actions were so tone-deaf and awful. Patronizing? Maybe. But if this is the worst thing Meghan does in her life as a royal, she’s doing okay.

      She wrote messages on bananas that were being packed as part of lunches for the women. Is it changing the world? No. It was something simple that she did that was a nice gesture. It wasn’t meant to be a whole lot more than that.

      I just think some people are reading way too much into this.


      • Erinn says:

        I mean, I get that. But I also do tend to think that the Meghan loving sites would be ignoring the bad if they had a quote from someone who loved the messages, you know? I think it’s a problem across the board. A variety of reactions would be the best way to showcase this whole thing, but I think there’s bias everywhere when it comes to celebrities that are loved or hated.

        But this woman isn’t responsible for the campaign against Meghan. This woman shouldn’t have to censor what she has to say just because OTHER people are being cruel to the DoS. I’m sure this woman has faced a good deal of cruelty as well, and when the initiative is about helping someone in HER position, I don’t see how she shouldn’t be able to speak her mind on it. While I’m sure some outlets ran with it with glee… it’s still a valid point.

        I mean, honestly, I think she had the best intentions in mind. But I don’t think it should be made out to be like people are just picking on Meghan because of this. I don’t think that the patronizing aspect of it should just be swept under the rug because we like Meghan and we don’t like that people are mean to her. I think at the end of the day there should be at least some thought of “how would I feel if [person I dislike] did this” when jumping to support. Because I think there’d be an awful lot of negative comments if Kate or William or whoever did this as well. I don’t think it’s ONLY a Meghan thing, but it also doesn’t negate the fact that she’s been treated unfairly. I think those two facts need to exist separately to be really fair about it – Meghan is treated unfairly, but Meghan also did something that came off as patronizing for some of the people it was aimed at.

      • Becks1 says:


      • Shilohray says:

        @Erinn Your point about whether our opinion would change if it had been someone else is spot on! If Kate had done this she’d be accused of being childish & out of touch. Kate can’t even have a conversation with another parent about the struggles of parenting without people accusing her of being disconnected even though this is an area she has expertise in as a mother of 3 children. But Meghan writing on a banana is treated as meaningful & helpful?

      • Natalie S says:

        @Erinn. They do have a quote from someone who is a sexworker in Bristol and liked the gesture. One against, one for. Both are entitled to their opinions and should be respected. But they’re leading with the person who didn’t like it.

    • Arunkma says:

      @Erinn, always appreciate your comments. The woman interviewed is exactly who we SHOULD be listening to. Of course the tabloids have their own nasty agenda against Meghan, but that should not mean we have to agree with everything she does without criticism (esp. when the criticism comes from a very valid source).

      • Lady D says:

        We should be listening to both points of view. That’s how journalism works. Present both sides, and allow the reader to make their own conclusions. Biased and one-sided coverage is how the US ended up with Trump.

      • Tina says:

        @Lady D, I would argue the opposite. Pretending that Trump’s side (lies) had equal validity with Hillary Clinton’s side (truth) is entirely the media’s fault, and how the US ended up with Trump.

    • Elena says:

      I agree, and while I think Meghan’s intent was good, it took the focus off of the women and the story became about her writing on the bananas instead.

      • Princessk says:

        The story will always be about Meghan she sells newspapers but people do now know that the charity exists.

    • Peg says:

      There is another story about a former sex worker, who now volunteers at the center, who said when you’re out there on freezing night, anything that can lift your spirits is a help.

    • MA says:

      Are you ignoring the fact that the sex workers and volunteers actually associated with that particular charity, serving a particular demographic of sex workers, praised her efforts? They were incredibly touched. It seems like the media is singling out the comments of another sex worker unaffiliated with any of this. I’ve mostly only seen sex workers praise Meghan and Harry for highlighting these issues. The very few I’ve seen criticize this are those who enter this line of work voluntarily, and who are more in control of their fates, unlike the more vulnerable workers just trying to get by. My guess is this anonymous one is more like the latter and therefore coming from a different perspective.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m sure there were a lot of people who were touched by the gesture. But also – what are the workers supposed to say even if they didn’t think much of it “Thanks a lot Meghan, but get out of here?” I’m sure they’re happy about any help compared to no help. They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them – they know that the charities rely on donations and public awareness, so even if they don’t ACTUALLY think it’s wonderful they’re going to go out there and be diplomatic and say it was amazing and thoughtful. And like I said – I don’t doubt that her intentions were good. But at the end of the day, I think a lot of people would feel bad saying it came off as patronizing towards them … they don’t want to rock the boat, they don’t want to sound ungrateful. That’s just something else to keep in mind. It’s a lot easier to make a positive, agreeable statement over something negative even if it’s got some truth to it.

      • MA says:


        I understand that they can’t criticize Meghan, but surely the charity wouldn’t want to actually offend or harm the vulnerable people they are servicing? They could’ve been neutral or demurred in a diplomatic way instead of perpetuating a potentially harmful exercise. Instead, they actively, enthusiastically praised what she did. I encourage you to carefully read their actual comments. At some point, we have to reconsider our narrow, privileged perspectives and take the voices of marginalized people seriously.

        One25 CEO Anna Smith tells BAZAAR.com it was a moment she will never forget. “That really touched me—and I’m not even a royalist,” Smith says. “She was just watching the food being packed up and suddenly decided she wanted to write these beautiful messages on every banana they had there. She had clearly listened and heard what we are all about—that we don’t judge, we simply offer the service and unconditional love. She totally got it.”

        A volunteer and former sex worker at the organization who asked to remain anonymous told reporters of the gesture, “It sounds really cheesy, but little things like that when you are out—especially tonight, we can see the cold weather—just to get that little thing … Meghan took her time out to write that one. It’s lush.”

        One charity volunteer called Sam, who is a former sex worker, said: “I can imagine being on the van, and [ hearing] ‘Meghan wrote this thing, and what?’ I think they might not eat it. I think that banana would be at home until it is rotten. Because I would do the same.”

    • Shan says:

      Just wanted to say, Erinn, your comments are always really well thought out, and not just a knee-jerk response based on preferences. I really appreciate them!

  12. Junebug says:

    I think it’s a nice gesture.

    Meghan’s going to be slated no matter what she does. She just needs to keep being herself and shining her light. The haters will hate themselves out soon enough. What a world we live in.

    • Himmiefan says:

      Absolutely. She did the right thing, which was spontaneous and heart-felt. Keep on keeping on. Just like with the bansna bread.

      She and Harry really are the best when they’re together. Combining their super-hero powers, I guess.

  13. Natalie S says:

    They’re entitled to their opinion. Not everyone is going to like something. One person disliked the gesture. Another person who is also a sex worker in Bristol was positive about this: “It’s so cold right now, it’s a struggle to raise money to get a bed for the night, so any food and bedding is a big help. I think it’s great Meghan is supporting them. It is really sweet.”

    Piers and any other critic who can afford to donate, unless these people are donating, why make this a controversy while sitting on the sidelines and not doing anything? Awareness has been raised. Be positive and helpful, otherwise what are you doing? Do they actually care about these people or are they just using this to take more shots at Meghan?

    This also raises a suggestion about Foundation funds. It would be great if in visiting these charities,the Cambridges and Sussexes were also able to donate. Don’t just ask others to give, chip in as well. I think it would be a motivating factor in getting other people to donate money.

  14. Vanessa says:

    I think Meghan was just trying to be nice and offer words of inspiration to people in a dark place i understand this woman is suffering but my god she acts like Meghan is the one responsible for her situation. She has so much venom spew at Meghan for just doing something she thought was a kind gestures. The nastiness spew at Meghan is just overboard the lengths in which the British media will go to write negative articles about her is ridiculously they literally went to go find a sex workers to talk crap about Megan. I have a feeling if Kate or Camilla did this there would countless articles about how wonderfully and amazing this Is .

    • R says:

      I don’t think so- sorry but Kate said something about how hard parenting can be and even mentioned she had help and she was ripped apart as out of touch and patronizing on this site. I can’t see her getting half the positive comments that Megan is getting.

      And there are still people who can’t let go of the affair no way they would give Cmailla a break.

      Megan did something out of kindness and sometimes when you do that it isn’t received the way it was intended that doesn’t mean Megan is horrible or patronizing it means her gesture wasn’t necessarily received as it was intended- it happens.

  15. Scal says:

    To me it shows she actually studied up and read One25’s mission statement and came up with something that she thought backed up that mission “We work non-judgementally and with unconditional love to build a relationship with each woman. ”

    Sure it might be slightly cheesy and a little naive but I’d rather someone showing an actual interest that a more cynical response.

  16. HK9 says:

    Sex workers are human, who not only deserve respect but kindness as well and if she’s managed to highlight that so be it.

  17. Swack says:

    I don’t get the idea that it is patronizing. If this had been done by any other person would it be considered patronizing? If it had not been put out there for the world to see, would it be patronizing? I think (and my opinion only and you can diss me all you want) it’s more about Meghan than the message on the banana.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      +1 and I agree that if any other royal had done this we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now

      • Natalie S says:

        If one of the Princes had done it and said Diana used to do it for them, can you imagine the praise they would get? It’s a meal with a message from a Duchess who is trying to raise awareness for their cause. Where is the controversy?

      • Erinn says:

        You honestly don’t think there’d be a “Oh here comes Katie Keen trying to save the world one banana at a time. She doesn’t even CAAAARE” chorus?

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Erinn No if Kate had done this the press here in the UK would have been praising her for lifting the spirits of those less fortunate and how much she is showing she cares and isn’t she like Diana. BELIEVE ME… She would not be getting attacked like Meghan is over this!

      • Natalie S says:

        Apparently donations have increased so that would be the response to Kate doing it. We’d have a conversation about at least she’s working and how she can’t win.

        Many of the points that are being raised in support of Meghan would also be made for Kate. Piers would be called many rude names.

      • Becks1 says:

        Ditto @BohemianAngel.

        WE here on the CB comments section may have had a field day with Kate doing this, but the press wouldn’t.

        As it is, all Kate has to do is show up and accept flowers from a small child and the press and social media go crazy over how amazing she is with children. And if something Kate says or does could be perceived poorly – the British press doesn’t usually go out and find someone who was the beneficiary of the charity she was visiting to say what they really thought of the gesture. Maybe every single sex worker in Bristol thought this was a stupid, empty, patronizing gesture. Okay. We can talk about that.

        But let’s not act like the reaction from the PRESS would have been the same had this been Kate. (and no, we aren’t the press, lol.)

        (and before someone brings it up – the reason the slight backlash in the media to her comment about “all mothers struggle” was notable was because usually the press bends over backwards to praise her after an engagement).

  18. eto says:

    At my job, we do a charity thing where we make lunches for those in need at Christmas and put them in brown paper bags. We know they’re for adults but we draw stuff like snowmen on the bags and put messages like Meghan’s on them.

    I think it’s a nice personal touch, but it’s not for everyone. Some people will find it patronizing and some will appreciate that someone took the time to try and brighten their day. What can you do?

    • MA says:

      And either way, banana peels and brown bags are meant to be thrown away. It’s a 3 second moment for people receiving the food, some might like it, some might roll their eyes. Either way, the intention can’t be mistaken.

  19. Beer&Crumpets says:

    Please, she’s damned if she does and damned if she don’t. She may as well follow her internal compass and do what she thinks is right because she’s going to get shit on in any case. I’m not one for sentiment, but a nice message on my banana wouldnt piss me off. It’s like when people wish me “merry Christmas” even though I’m not a Christian. I say “thank you, same to you” because I’m not an asshole. It sounds like the new duchess was trying to be nice and supportive, and I give people who mean well the benefit of the doubt.

    It will never happen, but I can’t help but hope that one day the duchess will have had it with this bullshit and tell the press to go piss up a rope.

  20. Arunkma says:

    The situation with Meghan is complex. There are those who criticise anything she does, and there are those who praise anything she does. Truth is that there are valid reasons to praise as well as criticise her. In this instance, I think she was trying to do a nice thing but I can see how it would read as patronising to people. I don’t like the way the interviewed sex worker’s opinion was dismissed. I think it’s a very valid opinion. However, the tabloids and the likes of Piers Morgan (ewwww) picking this up is OBVIOUSLY because of the agenda against Meghan, not because they care about the cause. So the valid criticism tends to get lost in this kind of mess.
    I think she looks nice in that lovely dress, and I like that she is bringing attention to this particular organisation. I’m meh about the banana gesture.

    • MA says:

      The part that frustrates me is that people wholly unaffiliated with sex work, and who have never given a though or dime to charities like this, are faux-outrages on their behalf. This sex worker’s opinion is valid. But as a counterpoint to this 1 opinion, there were other quotes from the founder (a former sex worker herself), and 1-2 other sex workers who were incredibly touched by the gesture. So the media at large runs with this 1 person they found who didn’t like the gesture, versus the several who did. Instead of being offended on behalf of all sex workers, especially the most vulnerable ones that this charity tries to serve, and trying to imagine how they must feel, a situation that most of us couldn’t possibly comprehend–why can’t we listen to their actual voices?

      • Natalie S says:

        Faux outrage is right. How condescending for people on the sidelines to think they know better than the people involved. One person did not like it. Other people did.

      • otaku fairy says:

        We’re also talking about a group of women who get weaponized by misogynists on both sides as an anti-woman slur every day. When people want to control, bully, harass, abuse, smear, or silence women and girls, some variation of ‘wh*re’ or prostitute is often the go-to. That, in and of itself, is dehumanizing. So that makes mocking Meghan’s gesture feel kind of privileged and out of touch as well.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Otaku Fairy,

        I agree with most of your comments, however, since when is the word “Prostitute” a non-pc word? I think the act in itself is what is de-humanizing (just my own personal opinion), so whatever euphemism or terminology you employ could be considered insulting/dehumanizing – because the act itself IS.

        For me, the focus should be on finding permanent ways to ensure that women/people are not put in the position where they feel that this is their only viable option in life. Whether by offering them meaningful alternative options or targeted educational opportunities…..basically, practical ways out.

        The rest is semantics, frankly.

      • otaku fairy says:

        You kind of partially answered the question. We don’t live in an equal world that’s progressed enough where people acknowledge that consensual sex can only be ok for them under certain circumstances, without looking at people who do it outside of those circumstances as sub-human. People who aren’t cis, straight, white, and male face the brunt of the consequences of people being socialized to dehumanize based on sexual morality. There’s a little more to it though. Here are two articles that go into it:


        Were you just asking about referring to sex workers as prostitutes, or were you also asking about referring to women and girls who aren’t sex workers as prostitutes? That one opens up another problematic can of worms.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Arunkma

      While I agree with your comment for the most part, I have to say that the negative comment rubbed me up the wrong way. Not because it was targeted at Meghan….(I agree she made a mistake), but because I just don’t think it was necessary or smart of the beneficiary of a charitable gesture to be biting the hand….so to speak.

      It reminds me of a particular period a few years ago when I used to work in London Bridge and there was a small group of homeless men scattered around the area who would beg for money (nothing wrong with that, in my view), but would turn abusive if you didn’t hand over a sum that they thought was befitting, considering you worked in “The City”. I remember on more than one occassion, I would happily hand over what I had or thought was convenient and they would rather aggressively ask for more. (I remember this happened to a number of people I know as well, not just me). If you didn’t comply, they would then pour out a torrent of abuse as you hurriedly tried to escape.

      Well guess what? After this happened a few times, I completely stopped giving anything at all, unless I was giving something “meaningful” – Ie a big note (no coins involved).

      I believe very much in giving as much as you can…..both formally to charities and more spontaneously when the opportunity arises. But that is a lot harder to do when you know that your gift horse/gesture will be inspected thoroughly for faults and shortcomings.

      It’s just not smart in the long run, is what I’m saying.

  21. Leyton says:

    Let’s not forget that some of these workers are indeed children (underaged). I read a few stories on their website and many started when they were in their teens. So no, I don’t think this is childish or more appropriate for children.

    We all could use kind words and it doesn’t matter where or what we put it on. I was going through some things a good two years back and a coworker put a rice crispy treat on my desk with a little message on it. I cried so hard over this because I needed that kindness in that moment.

    Her heart was in a good place and some might appreciate that.

    I think the issue here is that people don’t think these women deserve kind words. She could have put it on a post it and people would complain.

    • MA says:

      100%. And this isn’t meant for sex workers who are choosing to voluntarily do this work. This is for the most vulnerable, at-risk people who live on the streets and likely don’t hear a kind word every day.

    • galant says:

      Ugh are you kidding?

      People who think this is condescending clearly think these women deserve kind words and much, much more. They deserve not to be treated like children, and they deserve not to be condescended to.

  22. Goofpuff says:

    The banana argument is crazy.

    Some people when they are very down and having a very horrible time find surprise messages like this comforting. They feel less alone and less suicidal.

    Some people are so angry at the world for their horrible situation that they find the message patronizing because they want more help than that.

    Both points are valid but attacking people who are trying to help in different ways just encourages people not to help. People start helping others in a small way and then slowly increase their help/donations.

    If we attack people who are trying, we make them not will to help. So stop attacking people who are genuinely trying and then in the same breath complain about people not helping enough.

  23. Eyfalia says:

    Remember: “Many little people, in many little places, taking many little steps, can change the face of the world.”

  24. Jessica says:

    If Meghan shook an AIDs patient’s hand in the 80’s people would say it was patronizing and wouldn’t change anything.

    • MA says:

      No one claimed that Diana tried to cure AIDS with her gesture, it was a powerful yet simple gesture that humanized victims and showed that she respected them. Meghan makes a tiny gesture, meant solely to offer a kind word to people who are degraded in society and nothing more, yet people are criticizing Meghan for not solving the problem of sex worker exploitation and poverty.

      • Birdy says:

        But there is a significant difference in looking someone in the eye, holding their hand and showing respect / dignity to them rather than writing cutesy messages on fruit that will go to someone you will never meet nor do you know their experiences and trauma. At least face to face you have the opportunity to have an interaction that is real and gauge their response and ensure that you don’t offend.

    • R says:

      I am sorry this isn’t comparable and I find the attempt to beyond offensive.

      Do not make light of what was going on in the AIDS crisis! And it was a note on a bananana she didn’t meet any of the people she was tryign to help, she didn’t go hand stuff out and I am not saying she needed to, I think she tried to make a nice gesture but it isn’t the same.

      Honestly so sickened you’d make light of the AIDS crisis and what the not touching patients was.

      I get wanting to defend Megan but this was a horrifying way to do it.

  25. Rova says:

    Since when did the writers on this site start dismissing the opinions of vulnerable people who are actually out there living it with ‘she’s entitled to her opinion, of course’ … But Meghan is so amazing and can do no wrong. The sex worker is right, a woman in Meghan’s position can help so much more than writing a dumb message on a banana. It’s embarrassing and patronizing.

    • Eyfalia says:

      She ALSO wrote messages on bananas. What else she does or did was not reported. I don’t think Meghan and Harry visited that charity and discussed written messages on bananas.

    • Jessica says:

      Another woman appreciated it so why is she being dismissed.

      • otaku fairy says:

        Of course the sex worker who appreciated it is being ignored- her opinion doesn’t fit the narrative. That’s step 2 in How to Progressify your Hate: When bitch eating crackers does something that was done out of positivity/ not malice, only highlight the voices of the people saying she could have done more. Forget about the ones who appreciate it. I actually think both opinions are valid, and neither should be put down for it, but look at which one is being picked up by more outlets- and by whom.

      • Natalie S says:

        @Rova. Was the sex worker in Bristol who liked it blatantly foolish and ignorant? You need to respect her opinion even if you disagree with it.

    • Rova says:

      @NatalieS I’m not disrespecting the opinion of the woman who said she liked it. I’m disrespecting the notion of giving sex workers and homeless women a banana with ‘You’re brave’ on it, rather than actually doing something substantial. A small gesture of goodwill is great, but this small gesture of goodwill falls very short. I’m sure if you polled all the women going through hell daily who received those bananas, the majority would say she could have done more, even if they ‘liked’ the banana as a novelty. That’s all it is, a novelty, empty air from a billionaire Royal

      • Jessica says:

        It’s not her job to fix complex societal issues in one visit. Once she visits more she can do more but keep being mad.

      • Natalie S says:

        The reason Meghan and Harry are there is part of doing more for this charity by highlighting it to the general public. Are you looking for them to launch a full-fledged program to fully fund all of the charity’s initiatives? How does this gesture contradict or hurt trying to help people? And at what point did Meghan say that this is the most she could do? So how is she blatantly foolish and ignorant?

        It’s standard for the royals to raise awareness in order to increase donations to charities and that’s what Meghan and Harry did. Her gesture didn’t take anything away from anybody and she never represented it as a full solution. So what is she being foolish and ignorant about?

    • MA says:

      The founder and CEO of the charity, a former sex worker herself, praised the gesture. Kaiser posted her comments above. Another sex worker at the charity praised it. A reporter there said that everyone in the room was touched. Proper reporting would be to show the 1 negative opinion counterbalanced by the 2-3 positive ones.

      I actually think that if Meghan had tried to do something “substantial,” it would’ve been worse. She has no expertise in this area, and I have issues when Royals try to be be leaders in areas they have no idea about (see their conservation charity in Africa with no or few actual Africans involved or Kate spearheading mental health campaigns when she’s said that she has no mental health issues because she had a happy childhood. Side note: not trying to drag Kate into this mess, and she’s well-intentioned but this was 1 of the best examples I could think of). It’s better that she offered support and publicity for this charity that does offer comprehensive services in a judgment-free environment.

  26. M. says:

    No good deed goes unpunished. Meghan should continue doing what she feels is best. The people who want to hate will continue to hate. The people who are appreciative will continue to be appreciative. I don’t know any public figure who is loved by everyone in the world. It’s pointless to try to please people.

  27. Millennial says:

    Well, I probably wouldn’t have written on the bananas, it’s amazing DoS is willing to tackle these issues. She has a bit of learning curve, and it would be great to see her engage with this issue more and possibly work towards decriminalization. I hope she’s not scared off by all the criticism.

  28. Other Renee says:

    It’s unbelievable that Bananagate is causing such a fuss. Like it’s a national crisis on par with Brexit. 🙄

    Poor Meghan. She just can’t catch a break. If only she hadn’t announced her pregnancy during Eugenie’s wedding. Maybe there wouldn’t be quite as much nastiness written about her in the press. I feel like this incident opened the floodgates and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

    • Eyfalia says:

      No, it was not the timing, it was the fact of being pregnant, which caused this. Many people where hoping that she is infertile because then Harry would separate from and divorce her. So now they have a woman of mixed race plus a child which is 1/4 black and 0,5 Royal and a black MIL in the BRF. Obviously the world has come to an end. *rolleyes*

    • Natalie S says:

      There are people who will begrudge her any of the space she occupies so she would have been criticized no matter when she announced. The press tried to turn helping the women at the Hub into a controversy. They want Meghan to doubt her own instincts and fade into the background. That’s the basis of the royal protocol stories and the obsession with Harry being 6th in line.

      • Peg says:

        I LOL, when the police chief said Meghan and Harry are the A-list in the Royals, and he had to put on extra policemen for them, even with nine inches of snow on the ground.
        Someone pointed out that Harry and Meghan are covered overseas, more than any other Royal.
        It’s funny they’re always saying Harry is 6 th in line, but still are crazy that he gets more public support than the heirs.

    • Peg says:

      She did not announce her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding.
      You don’t just say to the Queen at a wedding, “by the way I’m pregnant”. You call the Queen’s secretary and make an appointment and tell her in person.

      • Other Renee says:

        Peg, she may have told the Queen previously about the pregnancy, but it became public knowledge at Eugenie’s wedding and this perceived as stealing her thunder. It was unfortunate timing and resulted in a huge backlash for Meghan.

      • Beli says:

        It became public knowledge *after* Eugenie’s wedding (how many days should have been reserved for that?) and right before they started an intensive public tour and following weeks upon weeks of speculation and ‘bump watch’.

        They wouldn’t have been able to hide it for the whole tour, so rather than announce it during, they got it out if the way beforehand. Eugenie’s wedding had been over for a couple of days and they didn’t announce it beforehand, which would have meant the news completely dominated the wedding stories.

        When do you think they should have announced?

      • Lady D says:

        I think the above poster was right when she said that Meghan was never supposed to get pregnant. They wanted her barren in the hope Harry would eventually leave her and do the right thing for crown and country.

      • Tina says:

        @Lady D, what?!? I can easily believe that of the tabloids, but not of the royals. The Queen and Charles have bent over backwards to welcome her into the family.

      • Lady D says:

        Sorry, I should have been clearer, Tina. I meant the tabs, not the royals. The Queen and Charles appear to have no problem with her at all.

      • Tina says:

        Thanks, LadyD. I was confused!

  29. magnolia says:

    Royals are meant to draw attention to worthy causes in a way that befits the BRF. This is a worthy cause. Writing affirmations on a banana to uplift exploited women is tacky and pointless virtue signaling. This is a miss.

    • Lady D says:

      ….or writing messages of affirmation on a banana just might prevent someone from offing themselves. You don’t know when a message of kindness will make the difference literally between life and death. I do, and I bet there are hundreds on here who could mention the little act of kindness that literally saved them or gave them the epiphany they needed to survive.
      Meg’s actions hurt no-one and they might have actually helped someone. Why begrudge someone a little act of kindness?

      • TabithaStevens says:

        ‘….or writing messages of affirmation on a banana just might prevent someone from offing themselves.’ OMG. Somebody send me a banana so I won’t beat up my manager.

      • Lady D says:

        Joke away, but I sincerely hope you are never in such a position.

      • Nic919 says:

        When your Meghan hate blinds you to all gestures that might actually help one person maybe you should take a hard look in a mirror. No one said she was a saint or saving the world, but if that message helps one person have a better day then it is worth it. People posting on here like they actually know what it’s like to live on the streets and being critical about a kind gesture are simply being jerks. Has anyone actually had a conversation with a homeless person themselves? Do they know the daily aggressions they face? Is anyone who is complaining about this actually going to donate to their local food bank? Doubtful.

  30. maggi says:

    Ahimsa, the practice of kindness, compassion and nonviolence to all living creatures through one’s words, thoughts and actions, is a core principle of yoga and one I see in action here.
    This is what love looks like and I cheer her on with all I’ve got.

  31. Fanny says:

    The purpose of charity work is to help people. The purpose is not for royals to get good publicity and secure their modern image by associating with something “controversial”.

    The most important thing should be whether or not people in need are being helped, not whether a princess was given proper obeisance for giving a banana to a peasant.

    I don’t think it’s Meghan’s fault. It is difficult to come up with good photo ops that will promote the charity and I’m sure she didn’t come up with the idea all by herself. (Just like she doesn’t come up with the good ideas all by herself.) It’s particularly unfortunate that bananas are associated with teen education, so it did give a condescending vibe to the whole thing.

    The event was just a little bit of a misfire that didn’t really address the needs of the people being served.

    • CHATNUH says:

      How prim and proper this sounds. LMAO Just like those hypocrites who are the first to shout: “Its not protocol!” for everything Meghan does. (rolls eyes) And, btw, she HAS “come up with good ideas all by herself.” The fact that none of us knows which of the ideas executed so far has been “all hers” doesnt mean that she is incapable of coming up with good ideas all by herself. JHC!!

      Repeat after me: The Duchess of Sussex is not responsible for the actions or reactions of others to the fact that she exists and WILL HAVE HER BEING in the world, both as a Duchess (and all that that entails); as well as a woman, wife and mother.

      So buckle up! Its gonna be a loooooong ride with loooooooots of opportunities for more prim and proper “virtue signalling.” (rolls eyes)

    • Smices says:

      The event was a hit actually. Awareness of the charity was raised and fundraising took off. The actual people working the charity, including former sex workers, were impressed and touched by the gesture.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Actually as Smices said, it was very successful. The media blew this one moment into something that was supposedly so awful but the visit and the aftermath of it have been positive. These kinds of posts always amuse me because it’s clear the posters in question dislike Meghan, but they also feel the need to twist the narrative into something false. Just admit you don’t like her and move on. I’ve been seeing this a lot on sites like GFY too.

  32. MellyMel says:

    Who knew being kind was so controversial? People really suck sometimes…

  33. Case says:

    I thought it was a small, kind gesture. Not sure why it was taken as anything else.

    • Peg says:

      Meghan did, it that’s why it’s a problem.
      I think the media with it classism and racism thought if they find fault with everything Meghan does, she would stay in Kensington palace, curl up in a ball, then they would run with she can’t handle the pressure of royal duties.

    • Vanessa says:

      It’s because it’s Meghan everything she does is seen as controversial her present is just controversial to some people no more what I honestly don’t see the big deal about this . She though she was doing something that was good and it now turn into a whole conversation about her being out of touch and patronizing to grown woman I guess own children are allowed to be told that they matter and are loved . Sometimes a little bit of words of courage matters to people maybe her message will reach someone in desperate need . I agree with the poster that say that the hate campaign with Meghan has be rampant since she and Harry announced she pregnant I’ve been saying that for a while now it’s like people convicted themselves she was unable to have children .

      • MA says:

        This is an Obama’s tan suit moment. Years later, we’ll all look back in bewilderment and wonder how people were whipped into a frenzy about bananas, nail polish, and belly rubbing.

  34. ojulia123 says:

    I don’t think the royal family does autographs, so can you imagine what one of those bananas is worth? For goodness sake, SELL THE BANANA if you need cash!!

  35. Florida says:

    I think her heart was in the right place. And it was a nice thing to do. But I can also understand why some may have an issue with it. I just wish that everyone would try and respect that she’s doing her best and that she’s doing what she thinks may be helpful to others. Nobody’s perfect and at least she cares. Oh and her dress was absolutely beautiful. I don’t usually like her outfits, but that one was stunning!

  36. 10KTurtle says:

    I know Meghan meant well and had good intentions, but I can see the woman’s point- Meghan organized a cookbook that sold thousands of copies worldwide and raised money for the Hub Community Kitchen that really made an impact for those families, and the sex workers get… inspirational bananas? “She has the means to help us more than that.” –Well, she’s not wrong. I would not be surprised if Meghan is back home brainstorming right now, though…

    • Natalie S says:

      Yes, I don’t want to downplay the importance of awareness leading to actual funding. It would be great if they linked their awareness visits to actual fundraising. Charles is very focused on fundraising.

      • Smices says:

        Except that the charity’s fundraising has skyrocketed in the wake of their visit. So people got fed, awareness and funds got raised and a kind word was provided for someone who might have been in need of one that evening. All a win.

      • Natalie S says:

        @Smices. That’s fantastic! That’s really awesome because it’s such a good and vital cause.

        Thanks for letting me know.

  37. A says:

    What’s telling is that the moment all of the reaction to Meghan’s gesture was positive. From the people involved in the charity, to the reporters, to the many people who connected with writing messages on fruit in lunches to people. Then the media and people with agenda against Meghan worked on reframing it. Just like they tried to reframe the Community Kitchen. Meghan wrote on bananas that are part of meals distributes to feed sex workers, but also to build trust with the charitable organization. In that context I find the messages perfectly appropriate.

    • Fanny says:

      What matters is the people being served, and if they felt it was condescending and unhelpful then it’s not possible to declare it a great success just because the press thought it was cute.

      Meghan herself said the idea was inspired by messages to children, and it sounds like an adult woman in need objected to being treated like a child.

      It’s not a huge deal. All it means is that the teams involved should reconsider their strategy next time and try to do something more substantive with their next visit.

      • MA says:

        But there were several sex workers or former sex workers involved who appreciated the gesture and who were immediately interviewed. The media is choosing to focus on 1 detractor they found after the fact. While all of their opinions are valid, why are people focusing only on the 1? We should listen to all their voices to get an understanding of a perspective most of us would couldn’t possibly imagine

      • CHATNUH says:

        “……..All it means is that the teams involved should reconsider their strategy next time and try to do something more substantive with their next visit.”


        Try visiting One25’s website and twitter RIGHT NOW to see how they can hardly handle the AVALANCHE of well-wishers from ALL OVER THE WORLD, wanting to donate in the wake of the royal visit and lauding Meghan’s SPONTANEOUS inspirational input.

        The trouble with keyboard experts and assorted other warriors is that they know jacksh!t!

      • Royalwatcher says:

        MA and CHATNUH – you two are on fire today. I’m loving it.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Correct. On the day of the visit, the reaction to Meghan’s act was overwhelmingly positive across the board. Of course the media would try to twist it into something as negative as possible. I recall some of the royal reporters tried to do the same with the cookbook project when it was initially announced…and then there’s the infamous ‘terrorist hub’ article that came from Camilla Tominey several months later.

    • Tina says:

      Despite all of the negative tabloid coverage, ordinary people here like Meghan. She and Harry draw huge crowds. Young people like her. The press are shooting themselves in the foot.

  38. Peg says:

    The CEO, said their charity is not one that get a lot of publicity, but she is glad they chose it.
    The aim of a charity to raised money, and they were getting more donations with the visit, so if a banana bring in donations, so be it, the ones bitching about it, are not donating, just doing what they’re good at, nothing.

    • aquarius64 says:

      The charity services a group that is looked down on, just like the women at the Hubb. Royal work should only support military, hospitals, garden societies. Meghan is blending traditional and non traditional causes in her royal work.

      • Mia says:

        @aquarius64, ALL the royals are doing this, mental issues, bullying, women issues, farming, architecture. With your way of thinking, Prince Charles shouldn’t have started the Prince Trust. Meghan keeping being a hard working and f*** what people think.

      • Natalie S says:

        @Mia. I think @aquarius64 was just stating what Meghan’s detractors think but she actually supports Meghan blending traditional and non traditional causes.

  39. Guest says:

    Oh please. You would think that with the whole me-too movement the crazies wouldn’t trash her over this but who am I kidding. Most sex workers arent there by choice and if there is a charity that is there to support those workers trying to get out of it then good for them. Piers morgan and that whole faction on twitter are pathetic. That expose on some of the people that go above and beyond on their hate on meghan really kicked up a Hornets nest.

  40. Jinny says:

    Years ago I was reliant on charities for food. There were often ‘hopeful, uplifting’ messages in the boxes. I didn’t find them hopeful or uplifting. My situation sucked, and it was going to be years before there was any hope of things getting better, so the messages were just horribly depressing, and yes, deeply patronising and tone-deaf. Every time I found one it would really upset me and make me more anxious and ashamed about going back.

    Also this is an unfortunate charity to choose to support. Decriminalisation and destigmatisation is what’s actually needed.

    • Lady D says:

      I’m sorry messages meant to be uplifting added to your trauma. I really am. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention of the volunteer who did it, they were maybe misguided, but their heart was in the right place.

      • galant says:

        Lady D, “their heart was in the right place” is not a great answer. It leads to many empty gestures instead of help.

  41. Nicole says:

    I can remember being in a treatment facility and having Chiquita bananas with messages on the label. They were actively fought for, as opposed to an apple with no message, and it was very soothing when our emotions were frayed. It’s easy to think that it’s condescending, but honestly sometimes a small gesture helps.

  42. styla says:

    Hold up. Meghan can solve all the socio-economic issues surrounding the sex trade? Who knew. Cant believe she chooses to write on a banana instead. Sheesh. Unbelievable.

  43. Nuzzy says:

    Is it dead yet? Have we destroyed the spontaneous kind gesture by analyzing it into meaningless, or even better malicious self-conceit? AHHH! IT MOVED! KILL IT! KILL IT! Spray it with symbolism! Crush it for not being relevant to every individual! Stab it for not solving anything!

    Failing that, let’s call her fat and criticize her clothes. Heaven forbid we help make anything better – it’s just too risky.

  44. Jessica says:

    Meghan Derangement Syndrome has peaked and it hasn’t even been a year. I’m sure once she gives birth it’ll go into overdrive.

  45. MA says:

    All this speculation about how these women MIGHT feel and faux outrage on their behalf. Why don’t we look at how they ACTUALLY felt:

    The CEO, a former sex worker herself, praised it. Did people not read what Kaiser wrote above?

    One charity volunteer called Sam, who is a former sex worker, said: “I can imagine being on the van, and [ hearing] ‘Meghan wrote this thing, and what?’ I think they might not eat it. I think that banana would be at home until it is rotten. Because I would do the same.”

    A volunteer and former sex worker at the organization who asked to remain anonymous told reporters of the gesture, “It sounds really cheesy, but little things like that when you are out—especially tonight, we can see the cold weather—just to get that little thing … Meghan took her time out to write that one. It’s lush.”

  46. RoyalBlue says:

    Where I am from prostitution is legal. However pimping and sex trafficking are illegal. In other words, it’s perfectly fine if you have voluntarily made this decision to earn your living. I see it being patronizing because someone is telling another person earning an honest living that they should get out of the dumps and start believing in yourself. Remember we are talking about legal sex workers here not cases where it is illegal.

    I do think Meghan meant well and don’t chide her on it as her heart is always in the right place. I can also see it from the sex workers point of view too.

    • Smices says:

      But it’s illegal in the UK. It’s women and often teenage girls, addicts and women in severe economic conditions, forced to do this. One of the agencies said they use bananas because often the women don’t have teeth and can’t chew. So by and large these aren’t empowered women upset that someone looked down in their career choice.

  47. Zazu says:

    If anything, I wish that the messages had been less like Instagram platitudes and affirmations. They seem less meaningful because they are so overused. How about a few inspirational quotes that could be written or brought on paper beforehand?
    Something in the vein of Theodore Roosevelt “believe you can and you’re halfway there”, or Ephesians 3 ” you are loved beyond measure” or so many other quotes and poems etc. Maybe those examples are as overused as the “you are special” affirmations but you get where I’m going with that.
    I think the risk is in coming across more about superficial Hollywood positivity and new agey stuff, which then undermines the seriousness of some of the changes she’s trying to make.

  48. Summer says:

    A message on a banana? Are you kidding me?! Markle should NEVER have been put in this position, it’s in poor taste for everyone involved. Her staff needs a good shake down.

    • Abigail says:

      I distinctly remember reading articles that Diana, Princess of Wales, should “never have been put in that position” wrt her comforting AIDS patients and her last effort of clearing old landmines. Those two small efforts are remembered today with fondness for Diana getting out there and doing her part to publicize AIDS and old landmines.

      Oh Lord, can’t we let Meghan live? I think the overwhelming attention to the charity (and monetary donations) was bolstered BECAUSE she did something a little extra that commanded even more attention on the charity. I think we will see more interesting personal efforts from her that give much needed publicity and monies to her patronages.

      • Summer says:

        I’m not going to endure the vulgarity of explaining to you why this is much different than holding someone’s hand. If she had a competent staff, this could have been avoided. I’m not criticizing Meghan, she had no choice.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        I will bet you lunch that writing on the banana was Meghan’s idea. She does not put a lot of thought into her actions and unfortunately she gets hit for it.

  49. Katebush says:

    I agree with Zazu the quotes are cheesy and trite. ‘You are special’ with a little love heart.. I think it would have been a nice idea for school children but for sex workers it just seen pretty condescending and out of touch.

    I thought Prince Harry’s face in the photos spoke volumes.

    • Vanessa says:

      maybe seeing a message that says you’re special will resonate with one these woman it maybe cheesy to you but it might make a lot of difference to someone out there. The need to demonized Meghan at every turn is getting out hand you guys are acting like she committed a horrible crime all she did was write a few nice words on bananas peels if what Meghan did was so outrageous if it was against some imaginary protocols did you really think Harry wouldn’t have told Meghan not to write messages on bananas peel . So it’s obviously ok she didn’t break any rules her aides her husband the organization though it ok and a was good idea . The only people who have problem with it piers Morgan and some people on here who turn this whole thing into basically watergate and being completely negative towards a kind gesture. Apparently Meghan is only supposed to show up sit in back don’t asks question don’t have compassion for others apparently when you’re a royal you can’t show a ounce of compassion or give words of encouragement to others .

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Vanessa, they’ll be showing up at Kensington Palace with pitchforks soon asking for her head, how dare she commit such a crime writing nice things on bananas, the cheek of her!!!
        This is getting waaaay out of hand, I just can’t anymore. PEOPLE!!!

  50. Faye G says:

    I don’t get all the hate she’s getting for writing notes. All she did was try to add a tiny touch of human kindness to possibly brighten someone’s day. She’s not presuming the notes will solve everyone’s problems. If people don’t like them, how about ignoring them instead whining to the press.

    I’m just glad to see her out there bringing attention to these issues. Meghan seems to actually care, and she’s been a duchess less than a year. While heavily pregnant and facing constant racism. Compared to do-nothing Kate who received lavish praise for barely any work in her first year. And I thought the US had race problems.

  51. Sara C. says:

    @Summer Giving credit where it’s due: this was Meghan’s idea, not her staff’s. I think it’s made clear in the article excerpted above, but other write-ups describe her as seeing the care packages, then saying, “hang on, I have an idea – does anyone have a sharpie marker?”

  52. Auntie says:

    Go Meghan. Love her.

    Keep working, keep giving your time to charities.
    Meghan has been wonderful.
    Laugh at the haters.
    Meghan is joy and love when she appears. She is working, she and Harry look as happy as can be and a little one is on the way.

    She is so Lovely.

  53. A says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of kitschy messages like this (the whole thing where women leave positive post-it notes in washroom mirrors and such always made me cringe), mostly because it feels sort of generic and throwaway. But this kind of illustrates how Meghan is considerate in the little ways that people often overlook. She’s the sort of friend who’d probably go shopping and get you something small that she saw and knew you’d like, even though it’s a random Tuesday and not a special occasion. Those little bits of spontaneity are kind of nice and they remind me of the stuff people say about the Duchess of Cornwall.

    The messages itself are a bit ‘meh’ but I’m a cynic and an ahole so my opinion in this matter doesn’t count for anything, lmao.

  54. lubbylou says:

    Can’t help wondering what the reaction would have been on here if Kate had done this.

    • Vanessa says:

      How do you think the British media would have reaction if Kate did This bet she would have been meet with praises and celebrations for being so kind to the less fortunate and disadvantaged.

  55. Greta from Munich says:

    When she did what she did, I knew what was coming. I didn’t read most of the (negative) comments and logged off asap.

    Those notes (on whatever fruit) were just a kind gesture. Not more and not less. No more further discussion necessary. Period!

    Piers Morgan is an a**h***. No more further discussion necessary. Period.

    To the street lady blabbing about how stupid a kind gesture is…. good luck.

  56. aquarius64 says:

    The woman who criticized Meghan now has a target figuratively on her. It’s just a matter of time the tabloids are going to identify her and out her.

  57. Janet says:

    Totally and completely tone deaf. This however is common from Hollywood. Here you go you poor thing while I live in a mansion with walls and spend thousands on clothing. But I can write on a banana for you.

  58. Katie says:

    Wow, look at the number of comments! I think Meghan and her team are more social media savvy than many Brits give her credit for. She made a sweet, innocent gesture during her visit to a relatively unknown charity for a publicly under-recognized demographic by utilising a common double entendre. Now, many people across the world know about women trapped on the Bristol streets and the organization One25 whose mission is to help those women get out: https://one25.org.uk/about-us/. For those critics of Meghan, what are you doing to help others?

  59. Guest says:

    So are we mad on the behalf of sex workers now? I really hope everyone that has a problem with what Meghan did put there money where their mouth is. Oh who am I kidding? Not one person who has criticized Meghan will do anything but sit on their computer and moan and groan. At least Meghan brought attention to this charity.

    As for piers morgan, he has a problem. It’s nice to see some in the media call him out.

    • Clare says:

      Whats wrong with being mad ‘on behalf of sex workers’? Reality check – they are human beings, just like you and I, and their feelings are JUST as valid as yours and mine.

      But yeah F Piers Morgan.

  60. CairinaCat says:

    So I guess Meghan should stay the hell away from all fruit.
    Because of bananas she is mocking and furthering the illegal sex and human trafficking trade
    Also through avacados is the reason drug cartels and drug wars exist

    My God can you imagine what will happen if she eats a peach or strawberry

  61. becoo says:

    I just…wouldn’t want ink on my food. I know you’d be peeling the thing, but still.

  62. SDuff says:

    If you had a daughter, would you be ok with her being a sex worker?

  63. Patty says:

    I guess I just don’t understand why any adult would think it was a good idea to write on a piece of fruit|food. Like, I legit don’t get it. I could see maybe a kid doing this, but an actual adult? When I first heard about this: I rolled my eyes, I thought it was really stupid, and I laughed. Meaningful, is a handwritten note or actually talking to someone. Leaving a note on a banana? Not so much. I think this was a mishap by the Duchess.

    • Linda says:

      Some of the posters here will soon accuse you of being racist because you criticized Meghan.

  64. Carol says:

    A message on a banana is if anything acknowledges one’s existence. That they are not forgotten. Now more folks are aware of that charity and the people stand by it. Before this? Those are the forgotten shameful folks. The duchess can keep doing this by simply raising the awareness of these issues and the people behind them. Good for her.

  65. Waitwhat says:

    If I’m a sex worker, putting strangers’ genitals in my body, debasing myself for a buck so I can make money to eat (buy the drugs I’m addicted to, shelter my children), a flip note from a multi millionaire on a piece of fruit is unwelcome.

  66. Fernanda says:

    I really think Meghan should take a back seat and follow Harry’s lead. She needs to learn the RF way of doing things. This was a backfire! It became more about her and the bananas. I feel embarrassed for her and Harry just stood there really not knowing what to do. It appeared awkward for him.

  67. Fernanda says:

    I really think Meghan should take a back seat and follow Harry’s lead. She needs to learn the RF way of doing things. This was a backfire! It became more about her and the bananas. I feel embarrassed for her and Harry juststtod there really not knowing what to do. It appeared awkward for him.

    • CHATNUH says:

      See above

    • Leyton says:

      Hardly. It’s the media’s fault it’s about her and the bananas. Everything Meghan does gets blown out of proportion.

      Do you know how many articles I’ve seen about her not wearing stockings and nail polish color?

      She could sneeze and land a minimal of 3 front covers.

      • Olenna says:

        Fernanda, you and the media are not the princess trainers and protocol police. But, if I’m wrong, I think you left your job unfinished with the other duchess. I believe this one (Meghan) already has better handle on her decorum and what’s expected of her as a working royal, and she’s only been at it less than a year.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She’s doing the job she’s supposed to be doing, the way she’s supposed to be doing it. People have gotten so used to Kate doing next to nothing for 7 years, they don’t know what to do with a working royal like Meghan.

      BTW it looks like the Together cookbook won a Special Commendation from the Andre Simon award.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Nota Exactly this!

      • Lancer says:

        If it’s Meghan’s job to insult the disadvantaged, that needs to be recalibrated. Meghan shouldn’t be patronizing to people who don’t have the advantages in life she does.

  68. Nikki says:

    I guess a banana is too sexually suggestive for a lot of people, especially when the topic is sex workers! It seems a lot of fuss just because she wrote some kindly-intentioned words, but I think many Brits don’t exactly wear their hearts on their sleeve.

  69. Ravine says:

    It’s nice that she wanted to connect with the sex workers who weren’t there. She could have just praised the charity, but she went further than that and tried to express kindness toward the sex workers as well. But yes, the medium may have overshadowed the message in this case…

  70. Sally says:

    “The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan
    In this case bananas – a phallic symbol – which were gifted to sex workers. Do I have to say more?

  71. Lancer says:

    This is something Goop could easily do and everyone would agree how condescending and out of touch she is. And it should be no different for anyone else. I really want to like Meghan but this demonstrates a clear lack of consideration which is really apparent in the video where she refers to a program “someone in the states” did for “school children” and then she goes on to insist she is in charge of banana messaging, likely too self-focused to have a genuine, concerned thought that: A) These packages aren’t for young kids in school, they are for people entrenched in complicated, potentially dangerous life circumstances and B) The obvs problematic gesture of writing messages on bananas for sex workers.