Amazon home improvement and security to give you peace of mind

I started this post thinking I would include recommendations for stuff to make small improvements around the house, and then I realized how important home security is. I’ve included recommendations for several products that help give me peace of mind, including fake security cameras, a real security system, and outlet timers. As a single mom, they do help me feel like my house is secure and I don’t worry as much.

A 30 pack of velvety ivory hangers
These slim velvet hangers will help save space and make your closets look organized and neat. Buyers write that they’re a great deal and that these hangers helped them streamline. Others warn that the black versions shed.

A versatile LED desk lamp with a USB port
I have a desk lamp similar to this one and I like how bright it is. Mine doesn’t have a USB port and it’s not as versatile so now I’m thinking of foisting it off on my son and getting this one. People call it bright, worth the money and praise how adjustable it is and how many settings it has, including 5 modes and 7 brightness settings.

An incredible cleaner for your ceramic stovetop
This is one of those products I didn’t realize I needed until I read the reviews. My stovetop is always gunky. I’ve watched YouTube videos on cleaning it, tried several different things including baking soda and have resigned myself to just wiping it down with a sponge and having it look sort of nasty all the time. This ceramic stovetop cleaner is the #73 best seller in all of Amazon tools and home improvement. It includes 10 ounces of their cooktop cleaner, a scrubber and scraper. The before and after pictures are impressive and people write that you need very little product to achieve a clean and shiny stovetop. Some people warn to go easy with the scraper though.

An outlet timer to save energy and turn on lamps at preset times
I have a digital outlet timer and a mechanical outlet timer like this one. The mechanical one is far easier to program and use. I use it for turning on lamps when I’m away but it’s also useful for timing Christmas lights, and timing energy usage. Most reviewers love them although some say you get what you pay for at just $6 a unit.

A fake TV to give you peace of mind when you’re away
I have this fake TV! It projects random colored lights onto a wall to make it look like you’re home when you’re not. I use it with an outlet timer like the one above, but it also comes with a 12 hour setting so you don’t have to worry about setting it when you’re away. One landlord writes that it’s so convincing they were asked about new tenants that hadn’t moved in yet.

Fake security cameras that blink like they’re real
Years ago I installed four of these fake cameras around my house. They use batteries that make them blink, they have little cables and they look convincing. One day, I came home to my rug at the back door pushed to the side and a plant taken off its base. Someone was clearly looking for a key. The thing is, I hadn’t even locked the door. The intruder probably didn’t go in the house, because nothing was out of place. I think they were scared off by one of these cameras pointed at the back door. That incident scared the crap out of me. After that I put signs on the doors that say “Smile you’re on camera” and got a security system. If you’re looking for real security cameras this two camera pack from Zmodo is just $60.

An easy-to-install affordable security system with no contract
I use Simplisafe, I bought it on my own after the incident I described above, and it does give peace of mind. A few days after I activated it, I set it off. I had turned my phone off to take a nap, went outside to water a plant, and accidentally set off the alarm. I deactivated it but not in time. I didn’t answer the phone when they called and the cops came to my house! I haven’t made that mistake again. It costs $15 a month after you buy the supplies and is more if you want them to store all your camera footage. I can also monitor my house with the app. I have door alarms, motion detectors and of course a keypad to turn it off or to away or home mode. This no-contract home security system by Ring Alarm is also very highly rated.

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  1. CFY says:

    I just bought that lamp for my home office! I like the different light moods as well as having the option for both USB and wireless charging.

  2. Lizzie says:

    we have simpli safe and love it. i totally recommend it to anyone…my only pro tip is not to use attempt to put up the sensors with the sticky piece that comes on the devices, buy 3m heavy duty tabs rated for the heaviest weight, follow the directions (denatured alcohol swab) and use those instead. otherwise – if you have freshly painted walls – they fall off and the alarm goes off and the sensor breaks. simpli safe is awesome and will replace but – you can save yourself the trouble.

  3. launicaangelina says:

    I love Ring and will be expanding our security system with additional Ring products.

    • Kelly Ryan says:

      We have ring as well. Very happy with the service and products. Ten dollars per month. We have one camera which faces our driveway, street and entry way. Suspicious activity is posted on ring neighborhood.

  4. tealily says:

    Dude, thanks for that stovetop tip. Mine’s a mess and NOTHING works!

  5. lucy2 says:

    I know a bunch of people with Ring, they all really like it so far.
    The house I bought had an ADT system so I’ve continued that. It’s great, but pricier, and I added some cameras to the exterior. They were easy to set up and use, and I got a good deal on them. It records any motion, and I can check a live feed and intercom to the door from anywhere.

  6. ClaireB says:

    I just bought those hangers. I’ve been considering reorganizing my closet/wardrobe and hanging more instead of folding. I guess that was a sign to give it a try!

  7. raincoaster says:

    If constant surveillance by a corporation makes you feel secure, sure.