Kendall Jenner: ‘I’ve cried endlessly for days because of things people have said to me’

The Duchess of Sussex attends an engagement with the Association of Commonwealth Universities

Kendall Jenner covers the March issue of Allure, to promote…her Proactiv endorsement, I think. Allure does these kinds of cover interviews all the time, where they get celebrities to label-drop all of the skincare and makeup products they use, sort of like high-level magazine sponcon. That’s what Kendall’s Q&A feels like, sponcon. Kendall became the latest face of Proactiv this year, after a lot of drama about how she had been “bullied” about her “acne.” Maybe I completely blanked on all of that, but to my recollection, Kendall stepped out once with some zits, a few people on Twitter were like “whoa, you get zits?” and BAM, now Kendall has a multi-million-dollar contract with Proactiv. Anyway, I’m bored of Kendall already, but if you want to read the full piece, go here. Some highlights:

The manicure she wants to try next: “So there’s one that’s like cow print. I know that sounds really weird but it’s actually really cool. So we’ll see if that happens any time soon.

What she’s learned from her makeup artist Mary Phillips: “I die for Mary! She is a genius at contouring and making your face look alive and fresh and glowy. We actually collabed on this highlighter trick. We combine a creamy highlighter with the powder highlighter on top just to make me extra highlighter-y, we’re glowing over here. I think that skin is half the battle when it comes to doing makeup, maybe this relates to me having skin issues occasionally. Like, if your skin isn’t on point then it doesn’t really matter what eye you have, you know what I mean?

Her skincare routine: “I always wash my face in the morning and at night. I have an obsession with keeping my face clean and feeling clean. I use ProactivMD which is basically a face wash, and then an acne fighting advanced retinoid, which is new for them and something that’s never been sold over the counter before, and then a moisturizer with some SPF in it.

Her biggest skincare worry: “I’ve always struggled with a bit of acne since I was around 14. It killed a lot of self-esteem and I had to really work past that. It started clearing up for me probably when I was 17 [when] I was modeling a lot, then it all kind of came back when I was about 21 again — really bad, and that’s not a nice feeling. I get really easily stressed out, but there’s obviously a lot of factors to it. It’s a fact that, as women, our bodies change, so that includes hormonally and everything, so for me, I might just be in that cycle. I’ve had an ongoing battle with it, so it’s a constant thing for me, but I’m in a good place right now, which is awesome.

People commenting about her skin online: “I mean, it’s something that I look at myself in the mirror every day and see. Like, I don’t want it there, but you have to deal with what you have right in front of you, and I had to deal with it, and it was probably a once in a lifetime thing for me to go to the Golden Globes (in 2018). I don’t know if I’ll ever go again, ’cause that’s not usually my event to go to, you know? And so I went and I was super excited about it, and I’m not gonna let something so little (and big) as acne stop me. I was feeling good about myself, and then when people say mean things I’m like, “I know I have a zit. I know I’m breaking out. You guys don’t have to keep pointing it out. I obviously see that, but let me live.”

She’s cried: “I have cried endlessly for days because of things people have said to me, and I’ve had to become stronger through it. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I am not superhuman. I definitely feel, and the things people say online are very hurtful. You also just have to live your life and not pay attention to it. I think it can get pretty unhealthy if you really are deep in it and paying attention to it all the time. I think that that’s what can really mess you up.”

[From Allure]

There’s also a lengthy section in the piece where she talks about her panic attacks and how she’s learned to deal with them, by meditating and self-caring and working less. It reminded me of the issue Kendall had last year, when she basically sneered at regular ol’ working models for taking whatever runway work they could get. I’m not saying that Kendall doesn’t feel the things she feels – she seems particularly sensitive about her skin, and I believe that she was having panic attacks. But it also feels like… Kendall needs to get out of her own head? Or out of her own ass, whichever works. She chose to go to the Golden Globes last year and she’s basically still upset that everyone didn’t kiss her ass and tell her that she looked perfect. That’s it. That’s her big struggle.

Photo and cover courtesy of Allure.

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58 Responses to “Kendall Jenner: ‘I’ve cried endlessly for days because of things people have said to me’”

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  1. Jen says:

    She may be the most vapid Kardashian/Jenner and that’s saying something.

  2. Emily says:

    She is so dull. Zero personality.

    • Amy Too says:

      She literally said that she loves her makeup artist bc she makes her face “look alive.” Apparently even Kendall thinks she generally looks like a dead-eyed, empty shell, woman-robot.

  3. Erinn says:

    I feel bad for her.

    Honestly, I think she’s being an idiot, but no wonder she expects people to kiss her ass. Look at how she was raised. Look at her siblings. I mean, Brody seems to have grown up a lot in comparison to how he used to be, but he was incredibly entitled back when he was her age. The sisters are incredibly entitled. So of course she’s going to have it in her head that people will adore her because everyone in that family blows smoke up eachother’s butts.

    Girl needs to keep focusing on some self care, and really really make time for a therapist. I honestly think they need to make it mandatory for any children who are growing up in the spotlight to have therapy.

    • Lolly says:

      It’s hard to feel bad for her when there’s a dozen stories of her being incredibly rude to fans/workers.

      She is just incredibly dull and vapid, and with her plastic surgery I don’t find her attractive. She reminds me too much of Catelyn and Kris now (post surgeries).

    • Mika says:

      Maybe focus less on self-care and more on doing things for other people? A good volunteer job could really give her some much needed perspective.

  4. Vexa says:

    I’m gonna say something else that might make her cry – she’s almost offensively dull and that’s a really bad photo of her

    • ByTheSea says:

      Are her eyebrows blue in that top photo?

      • MsGnomer says:

        The answer to that question is literally why I clicked this. Is this person a trend setter? Will start watching for this eyebrow fashion at the juice bar on the corner. Good grief.

    • Lory says:

      Almost? I for some unknown reason decided to torture myself by reading what she said in the interview (ok fine, I’m procrastinating) and feel like I’ve gotten duller by proxy. Girl, just be happy you’re the daughter of the evil one who makes sure you have a career and money.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Hiya, Vexa. If her name hadn’t been in the heading, I wouldn’t have known who she was. Why is her face so different? And, sorry, but no amount of genius Makeup by Mary is going to make her look “alive”. She’s as interesting as yesterday’s porridge.

  5. Brunswickstoval says:

    Every problem this family has they create for themselves. I wish they would go away

  6. Tw says:

    She inherited the head up her own ass gene for Katelyn.

  7. Beth says:

    There were times when I cried a little too easily and a little too much, but thats life and it it was part of my anxiety attacks. Kendall must know she’s not the only one in the world who cries so much.
    Eh, I’ll pass on the cow print manicure

  8. MCV says:

    She’s honestly the worst of all the nepotism models. At least Gigi, Bella or Kaia are good either on the runway or on editorials but she’s bad in everything.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Personally Hailey Baldwin takes the gold medal on that note. Nothing about her is modelesque at all.

      • MCV says:

        I forgot her so… that says everything haha

      • Cindy says:

        Hailey’s terrible, but at least I’ve heard several industry insiders (Joan Smalls, Pat McGrath, and someone else I forgot) say she’s a pleasure to work with, while all models hate Kendall lol.

  9. mycomment says:

    if being criticized because of your endless self-promotion and staggering need for that attention, there’s an easy solution.
    unplug, go home and stfu.

    • Lory says:

      How dare you come at her with logic and common sense?!

      • mycomment says:

        i just can’t with this noxious family. and she’s clearly spending all of her time online checking out what people are saying about her. i hope she reads this post.

  10. Lightpurple says:

    What’s with the purple eyebrows and greasy hair?

  11. Alissa says:

    honestly, from someone who was on prescribed acne medication for 6 years, I’m not really here for her “I was bullied about my acne” business. she’s been bullied for plenty of other things aside from acne, maybe she should focus on that.

  12. OriginalLala says:

    I mean, this is the same person who teased a huge “brave and difficult” announcement for days, and it was about Proactiv. Also the same person who “solved” the world’s racial problems with a Pepsi ad. A person who made fun of models who have to, you know, model for a living, and who also continuously keeps being called out for being really rude to waitstaff….sounds like a delightful person!

    • Swack says:

      I happen to see a Proactive commercial with her in it. She has like a 5 second (at most) spot in it. What I don’t appreciate is that her and others promote products that they don’t even use. I want the receipts that she uses it and not just her word for it.

      • Lady D says:

        Ditto. I want the receipts from every actress and actor out there promoting a product. Prove to me that you actually use them, then I might buy.

  13. Holly says:

    I think she is so pretty; I know she’s had plastic surgery but I love her face. Gorgeous. But holy hell, this girl is not very bright. It’s painful to imagine pulling conversation from her. I’m not a makeup person so the “we collabed on a highlighter technique” anecdote was unintentionally hysterical because her brain was really working it out and proud of her accomplishment. I hope she gets her cow manicure; sounds like she’s had a rough life and needs some pampering. Lol

  14. Miss M says:

    “panic attacks and how she’s learned to deal with them, by meditating and self-caring and working less.”
    I am sorry but when comes to this family I dont believe a word they say. It seems she took a page from Gisele’s book describing her panick attacks and what she did to overcome them.

    And her make up artist is not a genius. She is a magician to make Kendull look alive.

  15. NotHeidisGirl says:

    Good Lord… She should be grateful PMK bought her a career because otherwise…I don’t know who would want to employ her.

  16. Cindy says:

    Was her genius makeup artist the one who decided to paint her eyebrows blue? Because that looks mindblowingly stupid.

  17. mycomment says:

    I bet she’s pissed that kylie got the forbes cover with the lie that she’s a self-made millionaire.

  18. Janey says:

    first of all, you can’t cry endlessly for days. You just cry for days. I think its biologically impossible to cry endlessly.
    second of all, collabed. WTF? can’t people be bothered to say collaborated anymore?
    third of all, extra highlighter-y… *bangs head on desk*

    as for the actual content of this… I can’t even.

  19. Cee says:

    “We actually collabed on this highlighter trick. We combine a creamy highlighter with the powder highlighter on top just to make me extra highlighter-y” – Welcome to Makeup 101, Kendall! You didn’t collab on anything, your MUA showed you a very basic trick.

    • jay says:

      In Kardashian/Jenner world, when a professional makeup artist teaches you something it means you invented it.

  20. Lara says:

    I used to think she was pretty :( She really over tweaked her face.

  21. sommolierlady says:

    She looks like Ali Lohan in some of these photos. Anyone seen Lohan lately? Are they the same person? Didn’t bother to read the article, she’s dumb as a cork.

  22. Mar says:

    She’s so…hypocritical? Is that the word? She’s being all “be proud of yourself and comfortable in your skin, acne and all, don’t let it stop you!” and then let’s a magazine photoshop the crap outta her face. What?

  23. Harryg says:

    Well, I’ve been furious for day and weeks and months and years because your idiotic vapid greedy sociopathic family is constantly at my face. I open a website to check my email and there they are, every freaking time, parading their mountain-sized asses and lips and pulled faces. Stop being a celebrity if you can’t handle it. But you started it so deal with it.

    • clairej says:

      Yes! Before I could handle them, thought they were painful but tried to forget about them. But now I feel like my blood boils and I even felt sad that good awesome people like Luke Perry die and nothing happens to this insipid, repulsive family. I try to read Daily Mail and every second article is this hideous family. I am not evil or wishing ill, but god they are truly awfful. Kendall probably cries for days knowing she is so far out of her depth and pretty rubbish.

  24. Steff says:

    That cover is… something. She’s not photogenic and made herself even more so by messing with her face. I’d feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a vapid douchbag.

  25. Mia says:

    just look at your bank account statement, that should cheer you up.

  26. Enn says:

    I’m so sick of her. Of all the K-Js she’s the most inescapable for me because of Ben Simmons. They were at the local Bed Bath and Beyond last weekend. The Sixers are cursed!

    Tonight the Cavs are here and I’m sure she’ll conveniently skip the game.

  27. LondonLozza says:

    I’m sure it hurt your feelings nobody told you were pretty and you had spots at a celebrity filed gala.

    Now go do some charity work in a third world country, where child labor, FMG, disease, starvation and a lack of tampons or clean water are rife, with no cameras following your spotty arse and then come back and tell me how f*cking awful your millionaire lifestyle and existence is.

    Ahh this vapid cow has just really got to me today.

  28. Reeta Skeeter says:

    These people live in such a small delusional bubble that they really think they have problems….and I say this as someone who has acne (and yes it does suck) but life give you a mixed bag in all areas from looks, relationships, money, career and so on, and your going to get some crap with some gold, and some people mostly get crap! She just comes across as vacuous and naval gazing – she’s never had any real experience of the world. If she did, she might feel grateful.

  29. Jag says:

    Her eyebrows are blue and not smoothed. The blue can be fun, but I hope the “wild eyebrow” look doesn’t catch on.

    As for what she said, this whole thing confuses me because I remember her mentioning using Proactiv a long time ago, and I thought that she had a sponsorship back then – before she became a model. Also, it didn’t help her enough, so she had some kind of laser treatment or something like that at her dermatologist’s office, which did help. She couldn’t praise it enough.

    So her having a big Proactiv sponsorship now is just strange.

  30. Original Jens says:

    Can you imagine how stressed you’d be, Kendall, if you HAD to take as many jobs as you could to make sure you had a home and food and lights????

  31. mia says:

    “But it also feels like… Kendall needs to get out of her own head? Or out of her own ass, whichever works.” OMG THIS!!! If you watch the show, it definitely seems like a majority of her “issues” could be resolved simply by doing one or the other.