Margot Robbie in bejeweled Chanel at the BAFTAs: gorgeous or overworked?

The EE British Academy Film Awards 2019 held at the Royal Albert Hall

Margot Robbie is beloved in the British press. I mean, she’s well-liked everywhere and she gets good press here in America too, but the British press really seems to treat her like one of their own for some reason, possibly because she married an Englishman? Maybe that’s it. So Margot is their honorary Brit, and they give her a rock star reception whenever she does anything in England. She’s nominated this year at the BAFTAs for Mary Queen of Scots (she plays QEI) in the supporting category. So she decided to really go all out and wear this bejeweled Chanel gown with full “wings” or something. I would be interested in seeing this gown without the stiff tulle nonsense – I suspect it would have been an interesting dress without it. As it is, I just hate this.

EE British Academy Film Awards (Baftas)

The EE British Academy Film Awards 2019 held at the Royal Albert Hall

Viola Davis in Armani. This reminds me so much of the iconic ‘80s dress Julia Roberts wore in Mystic Pizza. Either you get that sartorial reference or you don’t. To me… I just think Viola could do better, but I don’t hate this. I’m actually impressed that the BAFTAs gave her a nomination for Widows, because she was GREAT in that movie.

EE British Academy Film Awards (Baftas)

I heard a rumor that Adam Driver and his wife were quietly divorcing. Either that wasn’t true or they’re sticking together for the awards season.

The EE British Academy Film Awards 2019 held at the Royal Albert Hall

I love Claire Foy and I think she’s a lovely woman, but her style has been driving me crazy for months. This Oscar de la Renta is just such a snooze at THIS event, where she really could have blown it out. It looks like she just wrapped a curtain around her body and decided “f–k it, this is good enough.” The curtain is a pretty color and that’s the only nice thing I’ll say.

The EE British Academy Film Awards 2019 held at the Royal Albert Hall

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  1. Mac says:

    I think Viola Davis is an amazing actress, but I have to say something shallow, she is smoking hot! She is proof that middle age women are sexy as hell.

  2. Maya says:

    I love it and she looks stunning. So does Viola.

  3. Other Renee says:

    Viola yes yes yes. The others no no no.

  4. xdanix says:

    Well, Margot’s FACE looks amazing. But that’s the norm with her, I guess, and I can’t say the same for the rest of her look. HATE the dress, and I’m not a big fan of her hair either. She is SO lovely, she deserves better from her styling team.

    Adam Driver’s wife looks really, really lovely.

  5. liriel says:

    I don’t know, I think Margot looked better before. It sounds crazy but I think she looked prettiest in SQ as Harley Quinn. Maybe I have weak memory. Anyway, I know she tried but I hate the result. I’m very surprised but I believed that Kate looked best.

  6. Karen2 says:

    Claire’s frock is 100 times better than Margot’s hilarious monstrosity. imo.

  7. minx says:

    Margot’s dress looks like it’s exploding. So cheesy.
    And I agree about Claire Foy, WTF? So boring. Try harder, Claire.

    • Carol says:

      Although that dress Margot is wearing is a bit crazy, I still think someone else could have carried it better. Nicole Kidman? Kristen Stewart? Margot just can not carry dresses that some true fashionistas could.

      Having said that, she reminds of that dinosaur in Jurassic Park that spits.

  8. Millennial says:

    I need more tea on that Adam Driver rumor. It was a strong rumor.

    • Victoria says:

      Me too! And I think he is hawt 😻😻

    • bluerun1 says:

      I dunno. I feel like that rumors been around since like 2017. Kinda started (or, I guess, really gained traction) when his wife wasn’t around at red carpet events/promotional things with him and he was spotted without his ring. Whatever happened during that time… they’ve had a kid and she’s back at events with him. But, who knows. He keeps his private life locked down.

    • Mia4s says:

      Meh. I still haven’t seen a source for this rumour that was remotely credible. It seemed to start because she didn’t do red carpets with him (in which case half of Hollywood is about to divorce) and that her name came off the website for his charity. Which could mean trouble…or could mean they did indeed just have a kid and she feels she’s too busy to continue in a role with the charity. I’m neutral on him in general (not my cup of tea, but he’s talented) but I mostly hope it’s a false rumour because of the weirdly gleeful way some fans online were treating it. FFS….he’s not going to get divorced and marry Daisy Ridley. Piss off you Twihard wannabes. 🙄

      • Patrick Jones says:

        You sound like you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, or you’re a member of Adam Driver’s PR team or a family member of Joanne Tucker.

    • Gell says:

      The tl;dr – they were separated in 2017. They walked it back because the news was getting out, and she had just had a baby.
      Apparently both of them play the field quite a bit, there are some really funny pictures of Olga Kurylenko staring longingly at him on the red carpet (they supposedly hooked up during TMwKDQ and there were rumours in Cannes).
      Joanne is known for being really rude to smalltime donors at aitaf events so while she might look nice here, there’s nothing that can fix what’s on the inside.

      Loving the subtle shade, Kaiser 👌

  9. Annie says:

    I just don’t think Claire Foy wants to be a fashion darling. She strikes me as the kind of person who is happy just wearing something nice enough and appropriate, without having to be original or fashion forward. She seems very private and focused on her work and I imagine she’s ambivalent about the whole red carpet thing, but since her work is so good she keeps getting nominated and has to show up.

  10. Mar says:

    Claire’s dress is a few gold tassels away from a Gone With the Wind revival…

  11. Polly says:

    I’m not a fan of any of these looks. I think the brits love Margot because she was in an Aussie soap that was popular over there. She’s stunning and I like that she takes fashion risks but this one was a fail.

  12. cheche says:

    Margo’s dress – go with either the tulle sleeves OR the tulle bottom, not both!

  13. Beach Dreams says:

    It seems like Margot never gets it quite right with the styling. I like her makeup though, the blue eyeliner adds a fun pop of color to the look. And did anyone see Michelle Yeoh’s fantastic dress?

  14. A Fan says:

    Definitely not my personal style, but it’s unique and interesting. Each time I look at it, I like it more. It looks good on her, too.

    [*It’s the 80s eye make-up I can do without.*]

  15. Charfromdarock says:

    Margot is gorgeous as per usual but that dress looks like she was wearing leftover tulle from figure skating costumes.

  16. Bella Bella says:

    Viola’s dress is stunning and so is she. That woman is amazing.

  17. Meg says:

    I like claire foys dress but i agree not glamorous enough for this event-she shouldve worn it elsewhere

  18. Lindy says:

    I actually love Claire Foy’s dress.I think the detailing–the delicate fringe plus the slit and strapless top–make the dress. The color is gorgeous on her, too!

  19. Ariel says:

    Absolutely. But I believe Daisy’s dress was short.

  20. RedWeatherTiger says:

    I think Margot just does these things to bug us.

    It works.

  21. sealit says:

    Mystic Pizza, nice. And spot on.

  22. Anare says:

    Margot’s gown would be fab without the tulle just a column dress. I kind of like Claire Foys gown. It’s elegant in its simplicity and might have moved nicely when she walked.

  23. Caitlin Bruce says:

    I love Claire but I find that dress super unflattering. I was surprised how thin she was during breathe promo but maybe that was because she was in the process of seperating with her husband. She looks more curvy now but sadly that dress isn’t hitting the right spots. I don’t think the short and dark hair suit her. It’s too harsh, she suits blonde. Love Margots dress, it’s dramatic and fun and she’s always stunning. Viola could look sexy in a paper bag.

  24. Svea says:

    Hope Claire Foy gets a better stylist for the Oscars. Agree about her 100%. Have been following her career for years and ahe deserves so much better.

  25. Patrick Jones says:

    The stuff about treating donors badly is absolutely 100% true. Joanne made people cry at the 10th anniversary of AITAF.

  26. Olivia says:

    Not a great dress dress on robbie, just very ageing & the hair and makeup very dated.

  27. Nibbi says:

    Margot Robbie starts to remind me of A. Jolie in that her face is so stunning and symmetrically perfect and eye-catching. No one can touch AJ, of course, but damn, Margot’s just stunningly beautiful. The dress is lame and overwrought… she ought to go simpler, because a dress like this is just distracting.