Dua Lipa looked like a movie star in silver Versace at the Grammys

61st Annual Grammy Awards

Dua Lipa seemed to think the Grammys were a lot more serious than they actually are? Like, she really got dressed up and looked like a princess/starlet. She wore this figure-hugging Atelier Versace and tons of diamonds. She took home two Grammys too – one for Dance/Electronic and one for Best New Artist. It feels like she’s been around for several years, but the Grammys always do that – they give Best New Artist to some musical act that’s been around longer than just a year. Anyway, I’m happy for Dua, and I think she’s beautiful. I was sort of fine with her Grammy wins and her look?

61st Annual Grammy Awards

H.E.R. wore a Coach suit for the red carpet – this is a great look! I noticed that she wore her sunglasses throughout her performance too? What’s up with that?

61st Annual Grammy Awards

Shawn Mendes is so pretty. Please just enjoy looking at him.

61st Annual Grammy Awards

People always talk about Post Malone like he’s permanently stoned and permanently unwashed. Is he? He might be. But I also think this kid is pretty talented, quite honestly, and there’s something sort of sweet about him. I genuinely enjoyed his vibe, from his Millennial pink studded suit to his performance with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Post got snubbed though – he was nominated for several Grammys and he lost all of them.

Grammy Awards 2019 Arrivals

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  1. Babadook says:

    Post Malone is such a cutie – but (at risk of sounding ancient here) I wish he’d cool it with the face tattoos.

    • Chaine says:

      Haha, you nailed it. He looks like a giant four year old playing dress up, all so pleased with himself in that outfit. All he’s missing is a cowboy hat.

    • Erinn says:

      I have a soft spot for him for the most part. He’s pretty talented – he’s into a LOT of different genres, too. He’s kind of a goof, I guess. He DOES look like he needs a shower at times, but whatever.

      I remember hearing an interview with him where he said that he would wear a full, pressed, suit to school. I think it’s hilarious and kind of sweet – he clearly LOVES fashion. Not everyone is going to love his taste in it, but it’s nice to see when male performers are super into the clothes aspect of it all. A lot of them seem to put no thought into it, and just show up in whatever they’re given while we expect a lot from women. It’s nice when the guys show up in a look they love.

  2. Earthbound Misfit says:

    I don’t know who Dua Lipa is, so of course my first thought was, “Which Kardashian is she now?”

    • Sandra says:

      She could definitely pass as a Kardashian!

    • hnmmom says:

      I thought the same! The more I look at these pictures, the more convinced I am she is actually a Kardashian.

    • Usedtobe says:

      OMG same!

    • Starkiller says:

      She’s quite well-known and popular in Europe. Far more than…whoever the rest of these people are, never heard of any of them.

    • Cranberry says:

      She was stunning. Yes she looks similar to the “model” Kardashian, whatever her K-name is. They have the same hair cut. But Dua is far more lovely. Her lips and eyes are fuller as is the rest of her body and her voice too for that matter. She’s the perfected version of what’s-her-name Kardashian. Imo.

      Oh, and her nails were BOSS!

  3. Jerusha says:

    Shelby Lynne-a real talent-won best new artist in 2001. Her first album, the first of many great albums, came out in 1989.

  4. BaeBae says:

    I’m assuming you don’t listen to H.E.R.’s music… she always wears sunglasses, it’s her shtick to never show her eyes. For the longest time she didn’t show her face. This has been going on for years. Talented girl though!

  5. Lucy says:

    I must say I really like all of them. Shawn is so dreamy, damn. And I’m so happy for H.E.R.!!

  6. Trillion says:

    I really loved Dua’s performance with St. Vincent. Original and daring. When Dua said something about “women stepped it up this year”, I was a little bummed. It was the GRAMMY’s that stepped it up. Loved seeing all the bad ass women performers! (except JLo, who was not the right choice for Motown and was obviously lip syncing. She is gorgeous and a very good dancer, but that was an “off” moment for me)

    • Case says:

      I caught that too and felt the same way.

    • a reader says:

      That was shade from Dua and I am here for it!

      Last year when people were complaining about the lack of female nominees in the big categories the president of NARAS made a really crappy comment about how women needed to step it up if they wanted to be nominated. It was very sexist and caught some blowback.

      • Alyse says:

        This – she was responding to the Grammy’s making shady comments about women needing to step it up the previous year

  7. tealily says:

    I really wish Margo Price would have won Best New Artist! She’s a phenomenal talent!

    • a reader says:

      I decided going into last night’s ceremony that I’d be ok with HER, Margo, or Dua winning. All three are talented in their own unique way and I just adore them all. I got to see Margo live last November. She was one of several great roots country artists who performed at a Beto ORourke rally in my town. So not only is she talented, she’s on the right side of history.

  8. BANANIE says:

    I think Dua Lipa has a very unique, beautiful voice, but I think her dress is super basic.

    • Erinn says:

      It’s a very safe dress. There’s nothing about it that isn’t pretty – it’s actually really beautiful. But she’s SO pretty – I think she could have pulled off something a lot more fun or edgy and still looked amazing.

  9. Lizzie says:

    i’ve never seen a guy with a camel toe before

  10. PhillyGal says:

    Dua = one of the best dressed in my opinion.

  11. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    Shawn Mendes. Yes. Please. Omg he’s beyond beautiful.

  12. J ferber says:

    It annoys me terribly that Shawn Mendes says his greatest fear is people thinking he’s gay. Relax, bro. And it’s offensive to gay people, as if that’s the worst thing you can be.

  13. jay says:

    Shawn Mendes looks like every dork I went to high school with. I do not get the appeal.

  14. KT says:

    Sooooo in love with H.E.R.’s suit😍

  15. Marty says:

    Post Malone literally said it was harder for him to be a successful rapper because he’s white. Keep it!

    • Tanesha86 says:

      Exactly! He’s peak white mediocrity to me and I don’t understand how folks can’t see it.

  16. mar says:

    Post Malone is awesome but his outfit is not

  17. sammich says:

    Dua looks beautiful and I LOVED how she shaded the Grammys a couple of times by mentioning that “women stepped it up” thing. Her performance with St. Vincent was awesome and hot as hell.

    I believe H.E.R. usually hides her eyes/face (in her videos as well) because she wants people to focus on the music and not her looks.