Britney is about to lose her kids, say experts

By so openly flouting court orders not to drink or do drugs, Britney is precariously close to losing her children, says an expert quoted by Star Magazine. The attorney contacted by Star says the judge will surely see that she went out the night after his ruling, and he also speculates that Britney could be held in contempt of court which could bring a jail sentence or fine. Please let that happen:

“By going out like this she is really running the risk of losing custody of her kids,” Schweitzer, who has never met Spears, says. “The judge is now going to watch very move she makes. The judge gets the newspaper like everyone else and he will take something like this into consideration until his final ruling is made.”

Schweitzer also says there could be tough consequences if Brit defies the court orders, which also included not drinking 12 hours before seeing the children. “Some of the punishments could include holding her in contempt of court, which could result in a fine, imprisonment or both. Or, the judge give more visitation rights to the other parent, in this case Kevin, or, he can take the children away if he feels Britney is not focusing on the best interest of the children.”

“If I were her lawyer I would tell her to lie low, stay in the house and spend time reading to her sons and doing arts and craft projects with them to enforce learning and bonding,” Schweitzer advised.


I love how the attorney adds that advice at the end that Britney should do arts and crafts with her kids, as if that’s going to happen. Britney did attempt to bond with her two sons yesterday over her favorite activity – shopping and posing for the paparazzi. She took them out with her on Robertson Boulevard, where she knew she would be spotted. Her hair was a mess and she looked tired and dazed. She was uncharacteristically covered up in a long gray cardigan and white shirt. Maybe she did finally get the message, but I doubt it.

Do you think she cares if she loses custody of her boys? She’s consistently shown that she doesn’t want the responsibility and has justified her poor behavior by saying that she’s young and deserves to go out. I think she really wants to have no responsibilities for her children or career, but that doesn’t mean she’s not conflicted about it.

There was a rumor that Britney was going to get a role on an NBC sitcom opposite Matthew Perry. This was reported in Variety and actually seems like it could have been true, as she did a wooden but passable guest spot on Will and Grace last year. NBC has denied those reports, but it sounds like they were considering her and decided against it after her latest debacle:

According to Liz Smith’s Variety column, the pop mess was in the running for the part of “wacky artist” in a potential sitcom going by the title Occasional Wife.

An NBC head honcho reportedly told her, “There’s something about her that just connects with the audience, and they want her to succeed now in spite of her adversity.”

However, a publicist for the network has now confirmed to Access Hollywood that the report is false.

As Variety pointed out, the NBC bigwig made the comment prior to Britney’s former bodyguard’s explosive claims regarding her continued drug-use and general bad-parenting.

[From Entertainmentwise]

Last year there were stories that Britney wanted a television career after her Will and Grace performance. Even with lousy acting skills, the girl could have written her own ticket if only she would have kept her act together. Now she’s about to lose her kids, her career, and just about everything except her freedom. She’s always free to f&%# up more, and that seems to mean more to her than anything.

Thanks to WENN for these pictures taken of Britney out with Jayden Sean Preston (thanks MSat) yesterday. There are also recent candids of her out with one of their pacifiers in her mouth.

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