Awesome, let’s debate whether the 25th amendment is ‘constitutional’

US Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on World Wide Threats

I know it’s difficult to keep this sh-t straight, but do you remember Andrew McCabe? He was the Deputy FBI Director – and one-time acting FBI Director – who authorized the investigation headed up by Robert Mueller. McCabe authorized the investigation just after Donald Trump fired James Comey, and after Trump admitted in an interview that he fired Comey because of the Russia stuff. That alone is obstruction of justice, but whatever, words don’t mean anything anymore. Anyway, Trump hated McCabe from the start, and Trump would often criticize and mock McCabe and accuse McCabe’s wife of all sorts of Democratic conspiracies. Just days before McCabe was set to retire last year, Jeff Sessions fired him, denying him some of his retirement benefits. McCabe is still pissed about it. McCabe sat down with 60 Minutes, in an interview which will air this Sunday. CBS already previewed the interview extensively:

At one point in the interview, McCabe confirms some various stories which came out last year, like Rod Rosenstein offering to wear a wire in the Oval Office, and how Justice officials were so concerned about Trump’s rotten, treasonous behavior that there were high-level discussions about invoking the 25th amendment. The 25th amendment conversation apparently happened at the DoJ just after Comey’s firing. McCabe said: “There were meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment.” It seems so quaint, the idea that people in government might care about the state of the country so much that they would exercise their constitutional authority to remove a petty fascist dictator.

Because we live in the dumbest moment in history, Donald Trump used his Twitter feed last night to argue that… the 25th amendment is unconstitutional. The 25th amendment is quite literally IN the Constitution.

Trump loves to sh-tpost late at night as he’s eating cheezeburgers and watching Fox News. He’s not really saying this, he’s quoting Alan Dershowitz, because Dershowitz was on one of the Fox News shows, making the argument that… the 25th amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America is “unconstitutional.”

Trump speaks to the media as he departs for Camp David.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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35 Responses to “Awesome, let’s debate whether the 25th amendment is ‘constitutional’”

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  1. Tootsie McJingle says:

    I’m just exhausted with this crap. Emotionally, physically tired. Can we please sack the rotten pumpkin and move on??

    • CheckThatPrivilege says:

      Amen. This is so corrosive to our individual and collective well-being. I will celebrate the day we’re rid of Trump, his family, and his cronies.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Last night my boyfriend and I were day dreaming about the day Trump leaves office. Even if he gets 8 years, eventually he will leave. I’ll dance and sing when he walks out of the White House for the last time. I hope I’m alive to see it happen. It will be a glorious day.

      • Jo says:

        See, I’ve been wondering if he’s waiting till a second term to try to get rid of term limits.

    • Harryg says:

      I’m really exhausted too. It’s like Bandersnatch, a nightmare that goes on and on and on…
      Trump should have been removed the first day, everyone knows this.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes and the longer it goes on the more his corrupt and treasonous behavior is normalized. My teen son, who really likes to question and debate everything, just said “if he really was a criminal he would be removed by now.”

      The fact that some people are accepting this presidency as in any way shape or form as normal has me constantly feeling queasy and in despair.

    • Mac says:

      I am sick and tired of former Trump officials sitting on information that is absolutely critical to our democracy and national security until they hit the trail for their book tour. McCabe should have disclosed everything the second he was fired. Yeah, I get it, dude needs to make a living, but its not there aren’t a million lobbying jobs he could get in DC.

      • jwoolman says:

        Mac— You’re assuming that McCabe didn’t immediately sit down and tell Mueller and possibly people in Congress everything he knew. Just because he didn’t publicize it doesn’t mean he kept it all to himself. Remember that Mueller doesn’t leak anything.

        The Democrats can have McCabe testify under oath in open sessions now. That was not possible when the Republicans were in control of the House and hence of the committees. The chair is from the majority party, and the Republican chairs were refusing to call witnesses or issue subpoenas and they could vote anything down in committee. Now the chairs are Democrats and they also have the majority of seats on the committees.

        The Republicans bought themselves about a month of time for some key committees by simply not assigning their seats. This especially affected the intelligence committee. Chair Adam Schiff could not provide Mueller with certified transcripts of witness testimonies (needed for legal action) for Mueller to pursue perjury charges until the Republicans officially joined the committee.

  2. jwoolman says:

    When McCabe was fired, I saw an amazing influx of trolls in various forums repeating the Trumpy accusations. They eventually left and the regular non-Trumpy posters emerged. It was the usual hit and run, obviously.

  3. Jan90067 says:

    The projection never stops. And the self-realisation NEVER begins! Can you imagine if McCabe had been able to stop Fat Nixon right after firing Comey??? Sigh….I am soooooo exhausted with all of this, and none of us can afford to be. We must stay vigilant.

    I am going to try and not watch more than 1/2 hr of news a day for the weekend to recharge. I hope the world doesn’t blow up before I come back here on Monday!

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, I have been stepping away from the news, too. I started embroidery again and actually finished a novel this week although I have to say I wasn’t ever able to fully immerse myself in it. Trump has even affected my ability to enjoy normal pastimes. Ugh. Take care.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    I was on Twitter as all that was happening last night. Truly one of the most surreal things I have ever seen. Several of my colleagues have submitted or will be submitting complaints to the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers on Dershowitz’s fitness to maintain an active license after such a mind-boggling ridiculous statement. It’s easy to do, anyone can file a complaint on the Board’s website.

    And this insane statement is based on the premise that Democrats (again, it was REPUBLICANS in DOJ) can’t get over losing an election. The people who are still living in 2016 are Trump and the idiots who support him.

  5. Snappyfish says:

    It is still astounding to me that anyone still supports the Fraud in the Oval. He is obtuse about all things constitutional. It’s is beyond criminal that the GOP & Democrats haven’t banded together to save this Republic. I left Facebook because it was too hard to see people that I considered friends show their bigoted racist leanings that the Circus Peanut’s election encouraged them to bring out into the light. The fact he has been “considering” a “National Emergency” for 6 weeks shows his stunning stupidity. If it can wait 6 weeks it isn’t an emergency. If the American taxpayers are funding your wall then the Mexicans are not. Also stating the new trade agreement as “essentially paying for it” shows you know nothing, absolutely nothing, about business. Oh & if it’s in the Constitution it’s constitutional you moron!

    Please Mueller don’t let me down.

  6. jammypants says:

    What concerns me was McCabe wanted the VP in on the impeachment concerns. If anything I think Pence needs to be taken down with Trump.

    • Becks1 says:

      Why, though? I can’t stand Pence, and I’m sure he had knowledge of “the Russia stuff,” but I am not sure that in itself rises to the level of the 25th Amendment.

      ETA and to add, I do think as we learn more we will find out more about what Pence did or did not know and when, and he may end up resigning before Trump a la Spiro Agnew – but as it stands now, the 25th for Trump makes more sense than for Pence.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Pence was brought on by Manafort

      • Becks1 says:

        @Lightpurple – yes, but I think the 25th amendment for both Trump and Pence would just be too far a reach and McCabe knew it. I want Pence gone as much as the next person, but in terms of the 25th, I think there is a better case for removing Trump by himself.

        I mean its not going to happen at this point, but we can dream, right?

    • Lightpurple says:

      No, McCabe did not want Pence in on Impeachment. He wanted him in on invocation of the 25th Amendment. They are two very different parts of the Constitution with different avenues and reasons for removing a President. Impeachment incurs only in the House. The 25th Amendment invocation begins in the Executive branch. A majority of the Cabinet, with the VP counting as a member, must notify Congress that the President is unfit to serve. The President then can prove to Congress whether he is or isn’t fit. It can and has been invoked voluntarily, usually for presidential colonoscopies.

    • jan90067 says:

      Pence is a Manafort hire. There is NO WAY he isn’t in this loop of perverting justice. He and most of the cabinet/Senate need to be fumigated out of office and dumped in jail!

  7. Eric says:

    “An unconstitutional power-grab”

    EZ…it’s in the Constitution

    Please read it. Then declare a national emergency, then fly off to MAGA-LAGO and golf off a few of your 324 lbs, you fat ass.

    • jan90067 says:

      He IS coming on the news (after this commercial) to declare just that. And yesterday the flight log was filed for him to fly to MAL today. Sure, Fat Nixon… SUCH a “National Emergency” that you can haul your fat, lying ass down to Florida and go straight from your simulator-golf game to waddle around from cart to course and play golf all weekend.

      I almost feel as if the anger/hatred I feel for that pocked, diseased, POS cheeto will consume me at times! (Breathe…breathe…. Ok.. will shut off the news now and try and meditate!)

  8. Becks1 says:

    Trump is exactly who the 25th Amendment was written for – he’s not loyal to the constitution or the country, he does not seem to be mentally “well”, he is openly committing crimes like obstruction of justice while in office, and who knows what is going on with his businesses.

    This is not the first we’ve heard of the 25th Amendment being discussed re:Trump, and I don’t think it will be the last.

    • Esmom says:

      It’s true but I wonder about it still being discussed as I’m not sure it would ever be approved my Congress.

    • lucy2 says:

      Definitely – he is truly unfit for office, and they all KNOW IT, but won’t do anything. They are all cowards and traitors, and history will remember them as such.

  9. LivePlantsCleanAir says:

    Alphabet soup…..I don’t even understand what point he’s making anymore. I don’t understand how he is still in a place of such power. Then again, in BC, Canada we’re being made fools of by our governments, too. We own a pipeline now (federal). And we’re paying wa-a-ay too much for our electric power (provincial). and our cell phones (federal). and our gas (both federal and provincial). How about (provincial) car insurance…our insurance corporation is a ‘dumpster fire’ costing us millions, a big part of which is lawyer fees because they keep denying obvious claims. No wonder Vancouver is one of the top 3 most expensive cities in the world.
    The rich can keep getting richer because we cannot afford to defend ourselves, whether in the U.S. or Canada. We need to get back to the ‘greater good’ as opposed to ‘what’s good for me is good enough…for me’.

  10. msannethr0pe says:

    ok side note. McCabe is a snack, right? He looks like he wouldve fit right in on Mad Men.

  11. Cindy says:

    At this point what most pisses me off is thinking of all the moronic Trump supporters who will very adamantly and very confidently use this argument in the future just because they heard it from him, never for a second questioning how something in the consitution can be unconstitutional.

  12. Dara says:

    If I were McCabe, I’d be salty about being fired too. After 20 years of distinguished service, he was 24 hours away from voluntarily retirement – and thus full pension. But for Trump that wasn’t good enough, he had to make sure his integrity was in question too. Most reports I’ve seen have characterized McCabe’s firing as politically motivated – but it should not be overlooked that McCabe spent ten years of his career investigating Eurasian (ie Russian) organized crime in the NY field office. And he is not the only one with that sort of experience Trump has targeted. Trump is doing his best to purge anyone in a position of authority that has expert knowledge in how and where Putin and his cronies hide their money.

  13. Anastasia says:

    If the 25th Amendment isn’t constitutional, then the 2nd Amendment isn’t constitutional. Just say that, and watch them back up in reverse.