Angelina Jolie steps out with Pax, they went shopping on Melrose in LA

Angelina Jolie takes son Pax shopping on Melrose Avenue

Angelina Jolie stepped out this weekend with her son Pax. They went shopping on Melrose Avenue, which is sort of an old-school pap stroll. What I always think is interesting is that Angelina Jolie has a certain image, which is largely self-created. That image is badass action heroine/globe-trotting humanitarian/studio-director. She’s all of those things. But she’s also a woman who has spent most of her life in LA. She grew up there. She presumably spent part of her adolescence shopping on Melrose with her mom. She’s raising her kids partially in LA, and she’s continuing that multigenerational LA life.

Anyway, people were making a big deal last week about how Angelina was probably very upset about Brad Pitt attending Jennifer Aniston’s birthday party, and all of the subsequent PR shenanigans about Brad & Jen 2.0. I honestly doubt Angelina gives a sh-t, just like I never believed she gave a sh-t about Neri Oxman or Charlize Theron or whoever else Brad was trying to date. Again, she dumped him. She’s living her life.

Also: remember when Angelina invented white blouses and trench coats?? LOL. I love her whole outfit here, even if I think that white blouse makes her look a tad preggo. Wouldn’t that be something? She’s not pregnant, of course. She’s just gained a little weight and it looks so good on her.

Angelina Jolie takes son Pax shopping on Melrose Avenue

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Maya says:

    Haters gonna hate so happy that Angelina just lives her life the way she wants to.

    Brad & Jennifer can try and go back to 2005 and play pathetic pr games. Most of the world has moved on.

    She looks amazing, her children looks happy and her career has skyrocketed.

    She has remained silent for 2-3 years and that clearly shows that she is the one who truly has moved on.

    I cannot wait for the media frenzy when she debuts her next amazing partner.

  2. Lisa says:

    Brad went to a party. I don’t think he cares if she is out again shopping. And he is not trying to get back with Jennifer any more than she is trying to get back with him. I’m almost shocked at how going to a B-day party he was invited to bothers so many. Grown exes acting civil. What a shock

  3. lana86 says:

    All her kids are sooo cool!!!!

  4. Inas says:

    That face mama mia

    • Carol says:

      Right? Perfect face. I can’t really tell that she gained any weight except maybe her face filled out a little bit more? Not sure. And I don’t get how she can wear heels out shopping, or at museums. My feet would revolt if I wore heels longer than it takes to walk out my front door and to my car.

  5. Adorable says:

    Ofcourse she doesnt give a sh**t,SHE dumped HIM🤷🏼‍♀️… The weight gain has her looking like she did around 2004-2005.keep living your life Angie.

  6. Char says:

    Angelina is a cool mom.

  7. Everley says:

    She looks great. Meanwhile, have you seen her ex lately? He looks haggard. I’ve never seen him like that before.

  8. minx says:

    Pax is quite handsome.
    Love her coat.

  9. Cidy says:

    Shes doing her, and that looks good on. Brad’s the one that looks extra all the time. Pax is so big! I love that she tries to spend time with the kids one on one. I grew up in a big busy family and it was hard to get just some mom time sometimes.

  10. Cee says:

    She looks happy and beautiful. I think the divorce is coming and I am relieved for the whole family.

  11. Jellybean says:

    Angelina certainly is queen of the pap stroll. I hope the kids really are ok with it.

    • Maya says:

      There are lots of pictures out there where normal people take pictures and sell it.

      Her children are constantly pictured out with friends/family/bodyguards doing stuff without Angelina around.

      And please, Jennifer Garner is the Queen of pap stroll.

      • Sara says:

        Maya, you’re very…invested.

      • Christy says:

        I think it’s weird when people are put out by Maya being invested. It’s her favorite celeb … this is a celebrity blog … let her live. At least she can back up her opinions. We are all reading messages on a celeb blog for heaven’s sake. No one really has the high ground.

      • Maya says:

        @Christy: thank you.

        I will never know why these people don’t go on other threads where people can get pretty heated/opinionated and point fingers there.

        As you mentioned, this is a gossip site and no one has a moral high ground here because we all comment on people we have never met.

    • pria says:


      What’s ‘queen of the pap stroll,’ mean?

      We hardly ever see Angelina or her kids, and certainly not on a regular scheduled basis. Everytime I’ve seen them suddenly appear in a candid, they’re like a foot taller from the last time I saw them.

    • entine says:

      I’ll have to check aaallll the pics of AJ and her children every saturday and sunday at the farmers market, et al… oh wait that’s not her.

    • OriginalCarol says:

      To be fair, she’s usually out and about when team Pitt tried to smear her with some stupid charges or putting on some faux romances. As if to say ” Really?. That’s your game huh. Next!”

      As someone up thread was wondering what kind of fits Pitt will throw if Jolie has another boyfriend? The epic tantrum to end all tantrums. He will be impossible to deal with. CB may have to gonna write 3-4 posts a week on him with his constant bitching.

      • pria says:

        I doubt someone with her gravitas even gets in the muck like that. Says, ‘Uh oh kids, Dad’s dating Charlize, let me take one of you to Kitson!’ I mean does that make any kind of sense to anyone not eyeball deep in Angelina derision or snarky gossip? I mean I could see if she said, ‘Uh oh, Dad’s dating Charlize, let me be seen grabbing Chai tea with Keanu.’ That makes some sense. But mundanely leaving her house with her kids and being followed by paps as has happened since she was 19? Come on.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        I don’t buy coincidences that she popped up as soon as Pitt pulled something stupid trying to get her attention. She’s too savvy to get papped at doing some random stuff. No, she’s doing her things as usual but at the same time she’s letting it be known that it ain’t bother her in the least whatever messages he’s trying to sell, i.e she’s sad and pinning away cause he got a new girlfriend or possibly back together with his boring ex.

    • Coneorcup says:

      Jellybean is right. Angie does like two or three of these types of strolls a week. Clear pictures. Same agencies. They’re appointments. We can like her and still admit she’s a big time pap stroller with the kids.

  12. anp says:

    Angelina keep living a good life with your children. She looks very content and she knows the truth. Question when has BP been seen with any of his children going on three years now.

  13. Nala says:

    God I just love this woman so much.
    I don’t care about drama and shit, and I will forever be on team Angie.
    Maybe it’s the humanitarian in me speaking, but she’s done soooo much important work and even though she’s a big rich Hollywood star, her compassion for the world and her children are so evident!

    She’s been my idol ever since she split from Billy B T. Lol

  14. tempest prognosticator says:

    She looks beautiful as usual. She couldn’t care less about Brad’s social life.

    • pria says:

      She’s stunning. That face. She wears aviators like nobody’s business. They emphasize her beauty, just puts an exclamation mark on it.

  15. Dee says:

    Pax and she look so much alike! That strong jaw and cool beauty. Love her and these awesome kids, rocking it!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I love that she refuses to go into hiding while living in LA. The divorce forces everyone to stay in LA for the most part, so pap shots are inevitable unless they spend countless hours and energy into sneaking around town or stay at home all the time. She looks great. Hopefully she gets this divorce sorted very soon. I’d bet if the whole Jen and Brad 2.0 gets any reaction from her, it’s a little laugh. And also, can you imagine the media frenzy when she goes public with her next partner? I’m sure we’ll hear all about what Brad thinks about it in US Weekly, too.

  17. manda says:

    Her outfit reminds me of when I still had to work in an office everyday. This looks like “running errands during my lunch.” It’s a little professional looking to me. Business casual. As soon as I stopped working in an office, I chucked most of those pieces

  18. whatWHAT? says:

    aw, Pax is so tall and grown up looking. Love how she looks so chic even when she’s not wearing anything of note, just simple, basic pieces that look fab.

  19. Ali says:

    Every time I see her in those sunglasses I remember I want a pair.

    • Zut alors says:

      She really should look into getting an endorsement deal with a sunglass company. Her face is compatible with so many different styles.

  20. truth hurts says:

    I think she looks wonderful and is enjoying her life right now. I really doubt that Jen A will take back a man who talked about their marriage like it was a task and how he was so uninspired and bored. That is pathetic. But she is somewhat pathetic too so. Again he went for PR purposes. He has resorted to this.
    He can’t use Angie and the kids now. They have moved from the narrative that the evil mom won’t let me see my kids, I guess it grew old. There is no hope Angie will go back to him so he has to create a love life somewhere. No one will care if she shows up with an unknown 20 year old so he has to start somewhere. Maybe he thinks that she will bite the line.
    Back to Angie, she told us two years ago that she and the kids, when they moved into Demille, that there was a light they needed and I believe her. I believe she was suffocating with Pitt. Even though she still gets blamed for everything wrong with him she seems to be relieved and freer. They are happy. We will never know how bad things had gotten but from her looks back in 2016 she was unhappy and thinner than she had been in her life. Something was going on..bad. Did anyone notice that her brother had started to be with them everywhere?
    So bye Brad

  21. Carmen says:

    Damn, she looks fabulous. She looks five years younger since she unloaded Pitt.

  22. Valiantly Varnished says:

    One thing that is really noticeablely different about Angie since she and Brad split is how much HEALTHIER she looks. She has always been thin but if you look back she really didn’t start looking super thin until she and Brad got together. Now her face is fuller and she seems like she is in a better place all around. It’s amazing what dropping 185 lbs of dead weight will do for you!

  23. Liz says:


    • pria says:

      It says a lot about the power of forgiveness that Jennifer Aniston was able to overlook both Brad and John Mayer calling her that, I agree. Someone calling one boring, is such an insult.

      • Felicia says:

        “Boring”… you have to wonder what that actually means by celebrity standards. Doesn’t do hard drugs? Won’t participate in threesomes? Turns down invitations to parties thrown by people like Brian Singer?

        From where I’m sitting, she probably smokes a joint from time to time, likes her margueritas, throws bbq’s, brunches and dinner parties, hangs out in 5 star resorts with her friends, likes art, houses and animals. Could never work another day in her life and not care. Can choose the projects she wants to do because she doesn’t need the income. Probably does all sorts of things we never hear about only because she wants to.

        Only in an overly-indulged (male) celebrity setting would that be considered “boring”. For most people who are not over-indulged celebrity males, her life sounds pretty fabulous. And for a stinking rich, connected and ver famous celebrity, relatively down to earth.

        Pitt was at the classic 40 yr old mid-life crisis age and was bored with himself and probably still bores himself because it’s not about your partner being responsible for entertaining you, even though he tried to lay that at the door of his former wife.

        Mayer, who back then, tweeted everything like an Adolescent famewhore. His description of boring back then seemed to be “won’t go out every night clubbing so we can get papped”. Whiny little manchild.

        My question, which is much larger than Aniston, Pitt or Mayer is this:

        Why do we allow what men and particularly ex-partners have to say, to define in any way the woman they are talking about?

  24. Some chick says:

    “Preggo”?! That’s ridiculous. I wish my very definitely not preggo belly was anywhere near that flat.

    I think she looks fantastic. And Pax looks so grown up!

    Melrose is a fab shopping district. The best in LA. I could spend all day there. (Not to mention all my money, haha. I wish I could go on Angie’s AmEx!)