Jussie Smollett apparently ‘rehearsed’ the staged assault with the Nigerian brothers

Jussie Smollett makes public appearance at the Troubador since his horrific incident

Jussie Smollett is either a very disturbed individual, or he’s a guy who is being worked over by many people all at once. Or both, maybe. People lie about crimes all the time, but it takes a special kind of fantasist to manufacture a hate crime against oneself. According to CBS Chicago, that’s what Jussie was all about:

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, upset after a racist letter sent to the show’s studio didn’t get a “bigger reaction,” is suspected of paying two men to attack him a week later, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the investigation.

“When the letter didn’t get enough attention, he concocted the staged attack,” a source told CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards. Other sources corroborated that information. The blockbuster revelation into at least part of Smollett’s potential motive comes two days after CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported Smollett and two brothers — Ola and Abel Osundairo — staged the attack on Jan. 29 in Streeterville.

De Mar spoke on the phone exclusively with the Osundairo brothers Monday afternoon. In a joint statement, they said: “We are not racist. We are not homophobic and we are not anti-Trump. We were born and raised in Chicago and are American citizens.” Smollett received a letter containing a white powder Jan. 22. The letter was mailed to Chicago’s Cinespace Studios, where the show “Empire” is filmed. The letter prompted a HAZMAT response. CPD says the “white substance” was later determined to be aspirin.

[From CBS Chicago]

Was this really just about Jussie wanting attention? Was it really just about using Trump’s Deplorables as a convenient (terrible, but convenient) boogeyman for what was really just a cry for help from a profoundly disturbed dude? This is like when fire fighters set fires so they can be the heroes and save everybody – Jussie wanted to be seen as the hero of the anti-Trump peeps, I guess? TMZ also says that the Nigerian-born brothers also told cops that they “rehearsed” the attack on Jussie, with Jussie:

Jussie Smollett rehearsed the “attack” against him days before the incident and it was all staged for the camera, this according to what the 2 brothers told cops. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Abel and Ola Osundairo told cops they got in a car with Jussie and scouted a location, settling on the one right outside the actor’s apartment. The brothers said Jussie chose the spot because he believed a camera would have captured the action.

Our sources say the brothers told police Jussie said he wanted to make it a “physical thing,” but not to the point he’d be seriously injured. On the night Jussie says he was attacked, the brothers claim they showed up at the scene but were extremely nervous because, just as they played out the scene, a car drove by and they were worried they’d be ID’d.

Our sources say the brothers performed per the rehearsal — they screamed out they recognized Jussie from “Empire” and then hurled the racist n-word and the homophobic f-word. The brothers told cops they “made contact with Jussie’s face” but it was “weak.” They said they didn’t know how he suffered the bruises but the staged fight was not designed to injure him.

[From TMZ]

Something that doesn’t make sense, just from a “fabricate a threat and stage a physical assault” aspect… Jussie clearly thought that he had picked a location where the attack would be recorded via street camera. So why were the Nigerian guys just hanging out there? And what did Jussie do, just walk up to them and say “let’s do this”? If there had been video evidence, it would have been clear that there were like 10 fishy things about the assault. It’s very weird.

It looks like Empire producers are over it too – after spending the money on added security for Jussie and the rest of the cast, Empire is severely cutting down Jussie’s role in future episodes. He was supposed to have several big scenes in the last episode, which is being shot now, but many of his scenes have been cut and writers are working overtime to rework the season finale.

Sir Ridley Scott Hand and Footprint Ceremony

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  1. aenflex says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him at this point. He has seriously belittled actual victims, past and pending, as has anyone who has done this type of thing. I’m guilty of forming an opinion prematurely and that also bothers me.

    • minime says:

      I don’t think you should feel guilty if your premature opinion was believing a possible victim. Until this information was out there he could as well have been a victim of a hate crime. If it shows to have been fabricated we can take the information and update our opinion. The police did their job and that’s how it should go (apart from the press leaking, that should not be done by a fully trustworthy police service). This case is an exception in the million of cases that are true and are dismissed everyday. Let’s not stop giving possible victims a voice because of these exceptions.

      • Ann Carter says:

        This is absurd.
        There are NO “million cases dismissed daily”
        Statements like these are the reason people like Jussie feel entitled to TRY.
        p.s. I have no doubt he wrote the original letter.

      • SayItLoud says:

        Oh FFS, it is a total fabrication that millions of cases are dismissed daily. If anything, I think people are FAKING things to get attention more frequently.

      • Amy Too says:

        I don’t think minime is saying “millions of cases are dismissed daily,” I think she is saying “there are millions of true cases past/present, and there are true cases being dismissed daily.” At least that’s how I read it, but I can see that it could be interpreted the other way with how it was written.

    • SarSte says:

      In a situation like this, if the worst thing you can say about yourself is that you demonstrated empathy and compassion by believing someone who claimed to be a victim… Well, I’d say that’s a lot better than almost any alternative reaction.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree SarSte. Better to believe and be supportive, unless the evidence shows otherwise. Which seems to be the case here, unfortunately.
        I don’t know what to think about him, but I am very concerned that this has only emboldened bigots, and made it harder for victims.

      • Gail says:

        Absolutely. I believed him unquestioningly, decent people everywhere did.

    • Co says:

      @aenflex, he fooled us all 🙁

      • Carmen says:

        No, not all. Most of us in the black community didn’t believe him from the get-go.

      • C says:

        Yeah, I thought it was a little bit weird 2 men walking at 2AM with bleach and noose 🙄

      • Wow says:

        @carmen yes, it was the black community that was skeptical first. Before all of this came out i had to do the most emotional labor of my life explaining to 2 white coworkers that I wasn’t victim blaming and or dealing with internalized racism as a black woman. I live in this skin and I know how racism is experienced.

        There needs to be an understanding within “woke” circles that the believe all accusers is rejected by the black community because we still live in an age where phantom black people are invented by often, but not always white accusers. We are assumed guilty by accusation and punished twice as hard. As a community we can’t afford to blindly believe, but we can afford to listen AND not make accusations of lying during an investigation.

        Jussie was banking on no one being allowed to question him because he’s black, gay and we live in a time where you catch heat for not believing everything an accuser says.

        Its a fine line between giving victims justice and contributing to judicial racism. Regardless of Race or gender I will listen and not speculate until facts are investigated, but I won’t automatically believe you. Its a nuanced conversation and it can’t boil down to accusations are automatically believed or you are a bad person.

        I see people being okay believing a few false accusations because they are fewer than the real ones, but that mentality really contributes to false accusations and imprisonment of black Americans who have very high false conviction rates. You don’t have to believe, but you do have to listen and allow for proof and people should be able to defend themselves and be listened to.

      • Mina says:

        @Wow thank you for all of that. It was expressed so well.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        I knew it was nonsense when he managed to hold on to his Subway sandwich after a supposed attack.

      • isabelle says:

        @tabitha didn’t he also say he finished the sandwich before contacting police?

      • Caroline says:

        Thanks @wow I caught a lot of heat when I expressed doubts on here right after the incident where so many things seemed just too “packaged” and tbh unlikely in the space and time they were claimed to have taken place. So I just stopped commenting.

        Being supportive of victims and believing them should not have to mean we ignore evidence. It’s like being a parent. TRUST BUT VERIFY.

        I’m sad he felt the need to concoct this story, and the ultimate damage it will likely do to actual victims of such crimes. This was all so unnecessary.

      • Snow Bird says:

        Wow- thanks for summing up the way I feel. Too many time black men are lied on to either cover something up or to fake something. It’s not lost on me he hired two black men to do this.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        I am not sure about that. I would have dropped the sandwich and removed the noose from my neck. Imagine walking down the street holding a sub…with a noose hanging from your neck. Please don’t say it was proof of the attack to leave it around his neck. Something isn’t right here. I did find the following comment extremely funny and yeah, I am laughing at all the drama:

        “Huge commitment to hang on to that Subway sandwich after being beaten, bleached, & having neck roped. He could be Subway’s next spokesperson!”

      • Tuntmore says:

        @wow “As a community we can’t afford to blindly believe, but we can afford to listen AND not make accusations of lying during an investigation.”

        This is honestly the best advice for humanity as a whole.

        I will say, though, that I give much more benefit of the doubt to victims of crimes of pure opportunity (like sexual assault) where the remembered details are hazy. This was presented as a more targeted type of crime where the basic details of the crime itself didn’t fit (location, actions of the perpetrators, etc.).

        We really are all just humans, no matter our skin color or gender or sexual preference — and that goes for the good and the bad. Humans are capable of lying, killing, abusing, and committing all sorts of despicable acts. Recognizing and accepting this is all part of treating humans equally. While this gives us assurance that most of those horrible stories that victims tell are true, it also reminds us that honest behavior is not always a human virtue. Sincere questioning of a person’s story, with no nastiness or hidden agenda behind it, is just investigation.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      I think we have to believe professed victims of hate crimes initially, until there is clear and legitimate reason not to. You needn’t feel guilty for your first response to his story…you responded as a compassionate human.

      As for Smollet’s lying self, if anybody missed his TV interview with Robin Roberts, you should watch it, just to see how each time he answers a question, his eyes slide sideways, to the left—one of the signs a person is lying.

      • Mel M says:

        Ha I look for the left looking all the time because I read it was a sign years ago.

      • Snow Bird says:

        That interviewed sealed the deal for me. I was first skeptical at his concert with the gay Tupac line, but he just looked like he was lying in that GMA interview. Nobody should feel bad for believing him at first, and ya’ll best believe that the leaks from the CPD were taken with a huge grain of salt and weren’t the reason I started doubting Jussie. Jussie’s actions were what made me start doubting him.

  2. tmbg says:

    I think he’s full of crap. Why people think they can get away with these half-baked schemes is beyond me.

    • C says:

      I agree. He called himself “gay Tupac”….I can’t 😒😒

      • Aoife says:

        I rewatched the video of that recently and it was almost unreal given what we now know. What an obnoxious piece of sh!t!

    • Gashes says:

      It’s also bullsh*t to keep trying to say there must be a mental issue. Nope, the only mental issue is his desperate need for attention. Just because people got taken in and just because he’s black does not mean it gets to be explained away so conveniently.

      He lied for attention and money.

      • C says:

        You’re absolutely right about it! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 He did it to promote his album….loser!

      • isabelle says:

        He could be an awful person though? We hack up a lot of things to mental illness because we want to make sense of it. In reality they are egotistical, narcessitic full of themselves, jerks.

      • Aoife says:

        Yes. It is fair to call him out for what he did and what he is. The attempt to fabricate excuses for him because he’s black is incredibly patronising to other black people.

      • oandlomom says:

        It could very well be a mental disorder, a personality disorder like BPD. Some people lie for attention. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-excess/201310/fiddler-the-truth

      • titi says:

        @Gashes-agreed. Best post of the day.

      • Adee says:

        No, there is a double standard here.

        If this was a white straight male, there would be NO question of mental illness, he would automatically be labeled a racist.

        Now that its Jussie Smollett, its a mental illness. No, its hypocritical to call one out and not the other because it suits a specific narrative.

      • frankly says:

        Right? White men never claim mental illness and society never excuses them by attributing their actions to mental illness. Unless they just gunned down a crowd people, of course. Then it’s mental illness 100 percent.

        Stop with that nonsense.

    • Castle Toz says:

      When I was in college, a young woman went missing on campus. Her apartment door left open, keys, wallet still inside. Her family came and gave out flyers, panicked because their daughter was gone. The city went into over-drive to find her spending millions of dollars. Two days later she was wandering around in a marsh with ligature marks and mild dehydration. From the get-go something didn’t smell right about it and national media was on it like a blood-hound on the scent. My kindest, nicest, smartest friends were giving the story a very real side-eye. Turns out they were all right as she had staged her own abduction to get back at a newly minted ex-boyfriend. She even went so far as to buy rope and duct-tape to authenticate it.

      Perhaps this experience jaded me, but the Jussie story felt very similar. Hard to explain when authenticity feels faked, but something didn’t feel right about this case. Many people fantasize about crazy scenarios and schemes all the time, but they don’t act on them. Hopefully everyone gets the help that they need.

      • Claire says:

        OMG I remember that!! She went to University of Wisconsin, didn’t she? That was nuts.

      • Jan says:

        I was at Wisconsin when that happened! And I felt the same way about the Jussie story. It just seemed somewhat made up, but I guess we will see when it all comes out.

      • Caroline says:

        For me it was his claim that the attackers yelled “this is MAGA country!”

        It’s almost like he needed a better script writer.

  3. guestaroo83 says:

    This story gets more bizarre by the moment and literally, all I can think is WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

    There are plenty of real hate crimes against LGBTQ and people of color every day – doing something like this does nothing but distract from the real problems facing those communities. And feed the trolls who always scream about crisis actors or whatever.

    I’m really sad about how this story is playing out. But there are still so many holes in the narrative (which I guess makes sense) and it just makes me shake my head.

    • OriginalLala says:

      it makes no sense – there are so many actual hate crimes againt POC and LGBTQ folks, why fake one?

      If this is in fact a hoax, I am so frigging mad at him. Survivors are barely believed as it is and this just made it harder for them to be believed…..

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        Ego? If true, perhaps he wanted to be the face of the resistance, the one who got on all the talk shows and led the dialogue. His Twitter bio says he wants to save the world.

    • Kitten says:

      The level of selfishness is just…really difficult for me to wrap my head around. He had very prominent people of color sticking their neck out for him and he made them look foolish (not to me, but to the public writ large). It really boggles the mind why he would do this and deep six his career SMDH.

      I believed him and I will continue to believe victims. I’d rather look like a gullible chump for believing a liar than to be the type of person that dismisses someone’s story because it appears sketchy at first glance. That being said, what he did to TRUE victims of hate crimes is unforgivable. It’s like he never took a second to think about how his actions are bigger than just him; he’s affected every victim’s ability to be believed in a society where marginalized people are so often disbelieved. I’m so pissed about this. He is forever cancelled.

      • Darla says:

        Hi Kitten, I am glad to see you.

      • Erinn says:

        I think it’s only admirable that your first instinct is to believe victims – that’s what we should all be striving for. I know when this was originally reported my first thought was “That’s so horrible – but please don’t be making this up”. Which honestly isn’t something I’m proud of. I didn’t immediately think he was lying – but I have that fear at the back of my mind that makes me jump to “this will be used against victims if it’s fake”. I don’t think I’d have had that kind of immediate fear a few years ago – it seems to be a symptom of the current culture, and it’s sad.

        I will believe and support victims, but I think there’s always going to be that nagging fear that someone’s self centered and selfish enough to be faking a story. But at the end of the day – this happens so infrequently that it’s not enough to stop believing victims when they come out with their stories. It’s just such a shame that it’s a highly publicized case that happened to be a fraud.

      • Devon says:

        Yes Kitten- I could not agree more!

      • Harryg says:

        Agree with Kitten.

      • jan90067 says:

        Completely agree with everything you said, Kitten.

        My first reaction was an OMG moment, and totally believed him. I *still* believed him when it came out two brothers were arrested. Now, with their story/police comments out, my OMG moment is HOW could he do this, *even* for attention, and think he’d get away with it!

        I will still give victims the benefit of the doubt, always. One of my big “faults” is that I *am* too trusting, and have trouble believing others could be playing it/me. It always comes to the “why” of it…

        Sigh… I like things to make *sense*, and this just doesn’t.

        I hope that if this is the way it went down, he has consequences, and I also hope he gets the help he needs, because this is just twisted.

    • Wow says:

      I really with THIS had gotten all the national attention.


      Hate crimes happen, many leave a body count. The one that gets the most attention is the one that is obviously not true. Why did all these people lean in so hard so publicly on this? The black community didn’t believe it, we were all asking questions from the start and now all these people giving him all the attention he was craving shot this into the stratosphere as an example of a fake hate crime.

      I’m not saying publicly tear accusers apart, but if a story stinks its free to sit down and wait for some proof. Someone referred to it as a modern day lynching and now people are acting like lynching is a relic of the past because it was associated with a fake.

      We need to listen to all accusers, we don’t need to believe them. Its free to listen and be quiet while investigations go on.

      • Kitten says:

        I remember this story and how quickly it was swept away in the insane news cycle we’re living in. Very relieved to see he got life. But yeah, you make a good (and sad) point about what the public chooses to focus on.

      • Svea says:

        Thanks for this post.

      • Carey says:

        “We need to listen to all accusers, we don’t need to believe them. Its free to listen and be quiet while investigations go on.”

        Yes yes yes

      • osito says:

        @Wow — I agree with you on every level, except for your statement about “The Black community” not believing Jussie. As a member of said community, I believed him. Maybe it’s because I live in a huge college town where it has become all-too-common for Black and Brown students to have bleach dropped on them from the balconies of student housing complexes on one of the most traversed thoroughfares in the city (the attacks are so blatant, and usually carried out in broad daylight and accompanied by racial slurs). Maybe it’s because I’ve had several LGBTQ friends who have been harassed up to the point of physical assault. Maybe it’s because I tend to believe victims because the danger in not believing *most people* who say they have been attacked is greater for anyone else who may be victimized ever. And there’s no small part of me that isn’t waiting for the frothing-at-the-mouth tiki-torch carriers to decide to start acting on their insane fantasies. It would be disingenuous of me to deny that my belief was not informed in some way by my fear.

        I definitely agree with you about literally everything else you said. I just wanted to point out that lots of Us got conned in this, too. It’s infuriating, and it makes me question Jussie Smollet’s sanity, but it’s the reality of the situation.

      • Wow says:

        @Osito i can understand your individual experiences and opinions, but the black community really was skeptical from the start. The facts didn’t add up in anyway. I refuse to blindly believe any accusation. Ill listen, ill stay quiet until i have facts, but I’m older and lots of people my age are just getting out of prison after being proven innocent.

        If it doesn’t add up, it doesn’t add up. Regardless of race, now we have proof it was a hoax so ill voice my opinion. There are entire towns where I live I can’t drive through. Men have screamed at me not to touch them in the hospital I work in. I get it, racism is pervasive…. its still not an excuse to blindly believe anything. Jussie was banking on people not questioning his accusations because of that mentality and today it wasn’t an accusation against a black person that was false, but statistically if you let this slide the 30 to 1 false accusations against black people will continue to slide.

        Consistency in conviction is how change happens.

      • osito says:

        Like I said, I agree with the vast majority of what you said, with the exception of the grand generalization of what our shared community believed/realized/thought. There were lots of people, like me, who believed, for lots of reasons. There were those, like you, who were skeptical. And there were those who straight up denied the possibility based on no actual data, which I found troubling.

        I was listening to a podcast featuring the amazing Tressie McMillan Cottom, who in replying to the interviewer’s confusion about the phrase “Believe Black Women” said something to the effect of: (paraphrase alert!) “No one is asking you to suspend your cognitive function and blindly trust everything that we say all the time. You have a right to question things. But start from a place of respecting our ability to name and describe our experiences, perspectives, and expertise…” She says it so much better, but that’s basically it. Though what you’ve said before: “We need to listen to all accusers, we don’t need to believe them…” is a much more concise way of saying that, and frankly something I needed to hear, so thank you. It’s a clear reminder to stop and think before doing or saying. Personally, I read the first reports about what Jussie said happened, and I went into panic mode. Not a good look, but also a reminder that we’re not quite at the end times yet, and that being wary is not the same thing as being observant.

      • zwella Ingrid says:

        Does the public really CHOOSE to focus on these topics? Wouldn’t you agree that the media largely picks what topics we hear about? …sensational news is always hammered home. At some point the consumer response to know more kicks in, but initially the media essentially chooses our news for us.

      • Wow says:

        @osito its basically the principle of “shhhhh, just listen for a moment”.

        Its also hard to forget the black community is different location to location. Down here in the south where I live where my husband actually has memories of actual lynchings, cross burnings and these extreme examples of overt racism and hate crimes would be more skeptical than say, myself who grew up in California in a black home…. but with the insulation of being upper class. Different experiences with racism have different views. My husband’s first thought was “they do shit like that in large groups not twos.” That was his start of doubt.

        I care about victims, but not every accuser is the victim sometimes the accused is the victim and listening and filing information without emotions and employing critical thinking is key. Hate crimes happen regularly, we need to listen. The problem is that we haven’t been listening to victims. When we have been listening its often with instilled prejudices against certain communities.

        Did I believe every metoo accusation? No, but until there is proof they were either false or exaggerated…. which some came about I will remain quiet. I still don’t believe them, but its inappropriate to cast public doubts without proof. Its not my job, it is actually someones job to prove false or accurate and I’ll wait.

        The less we push opinions as the public and listen and wait the better things would be.

      • Snow Bird says:

        Black folks are more likely to doubt the CPD than to think a black man would set up his own hate crime, but there were definitely some black folks that knew this smelled early on. I just wanna know why he would do this and betray two communities like that.

      • Kitten says:

        @ Zwella Ingrid- Yes I DO think the public does chooses. The media is just the supplier for the demand that’s out there. They only care about what gets clicks because they’re a business, first and foremost. A story about a famous actor on a successful TV show creating an elaborate hoax about a hate crime to generate attention is more salacious and interesting to people than the sad and all-too-common reality of an actual hate crime being committed against a “normie”.

    • isabelle says:

      Look at Charlottesville as an example of a true hate crime and this fool wanted to manipulate that real hate for his benefit. It is grotesque.

  4. Bryn says:

    I didn’t realize the threatening letter was done with cut out magazine letters, that gives it away right there…and there was crushed up aspirin in it?? If all this is true, he needs to be arrested, what a ridiculous situation. I feel like he will never admit any wrongdoing

    • Nanny to the rescue says:

      I thought it was very 70s-detective-movie too, but then somebody explained to me that if done right, that sort of thing is harder to trace than a printed note (not sure if it’s true, but apparently modern printers are programmed to add their details in).
      But the envelope was hand-written and there was additional doodling … wouldn’t at that point be the same if they just wrote it by hand with changed handwriting?

    • Gashes says:

      These are all signs of a hoax. The police knew basically from the start.

      When people lie about crimes being committed, it’s very common for the lie to be big, theatrical, movie-like. Remember Christine Blazey Ford? The reason so many did and still do believe her was that her story didn’t have those theatrical elements. Her story was not the sort women make up in the rare case they make up sexual assault. Jussie’s story sounds exactly like a story someone makes up.

      Sounds like he’s a terrible actor, as well as being an awful person.

  5. LORENA says:

    Wow. This is all so sad and unnecessary. I am still holding out a little hope that this wasn’t Jussie’s doing because I am such a fan and I love him on Empire. If he did this he is seriously disturbed and needs help, he is hurting the cause so badly

    Gosh I really wonder what his coworkers think of this ? I do not believe for a second that he did this because he was going to be written off Empire, it’s obviously on its last leg already. That doesn’t make any sense

    • Spark says:

      Disturbed and needs help? He must be hurting so badly? If J.S was a white dude who staged a hoax against black dudes he would be FLAMED in these comments.

      • LORENA says:

        I am not justifying him at all. I just think you have to be pretty deranged to think you can pull this off and get away with it

      • LORENA says:

        Also I said he was hurting the cause so badly, not him hurting so badly

      • Darla says:

        Let me get out my tiny violin for all of the white guys who were put to death or lynched to death after being lied on by black guys.

        It’d have to be tiny because it never happened. A little historical context is good for the brain, like fish.

      • Kitten says:

        What Darla said.

      • osito says:

        @Spark — The power dynamic there is also hugely different, so the for the outrage to be proportionate there would have to be *more* of it.

      • Snow Bird says:

        There are fools on Twitter who say Jussie should be charged with a hate crime for putting a target on the back of white Trump supporters. Spare me.

    • Mariposa says:

      I think ‘sad and unnecessary’ is putting it extremely mildly! What he did was despicable and criminal. He knowingly gave a false police report, wasted police resources for days, and made it harder for future victims of hate crimes to be believed. What crimes did the police NOT have time to investigate because they were hunting down his fake assailants?

      Going by his tweets, he is a bright guy who damn well should have known better!

  6. CatWomen says:

    I did think it was weird after headlines were claiming they thre acid on and or attacked his face and then he showed up next in the media looking less then one would imagine given the previous headlines. If this is what you think you have to do to have an acting career, you need a new career.

    • broodytrudy says:

      The video description that was published was the deal breaker for me. This is bonkers. What an absolute dbag.

    • SarahLee says:

      That was one red flag, for sure. Then they changed it to “bleach” or “a substance.” But yeah – he looked pretty fine to me for someone to have suffered such a brutal attack.

      I hope he gets the help he needs, because dude is obviously messed up.

    • B n A fan says:

      When he showed up on tv with a scratch on one cheek and a little bump on the next cheek I said to my daughter, I have had bigger cuts and scraped doing house cleaning, falling off ladder, gardening ect and looking more banged up than he did. Then when I saw him dancing at his concert a few days later after him saying how much pain he was in I saw, nah! that helped sealed the side eye I gave this story.

      Then, when he was talking to Robin and crying, wiping his eyes with tissues, I asked my husband if he was punched in the face, would he go on tv crying he said, “hell no.” Anyway, if it proven it was a hoax I hope he apologized for his actions. Right now the deplorables are running with this story saying all the hate they have carried out on people of color are fake

  7. Nanny to the rescue says:

    Is he still shooting scenes for Empire or will they keep what’s been shot already and write him out of the rest?
    Because I can’t imagine he is welcomed on set after this.
    Did his castmates make any statements?

    On the plus side, this was free advertising for Empire. There’s gonna be some folk tuning in for an episode or two just to see who the doofus is.

  8. Darla says:

    So the letter itself was real, or not? It’s so unclear. Not that it matters at this point I guess.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, in this article it’s sort of unclear but I read that those same guys were behind the letter. Apparently the cops found the magazines they cut the letters from in their apartment.

      *face palm*

      • Darla says:

        Oh wow, well that is not going to go well for him then.

      • SarahLee says:

        So he also faked the letter? Why? For attention? Then, like a toddler when he didn’t get the attention he wanted he decided to ratchet it up a notch? Ugh…

    • Mia4s says:

      If (IF) everything is as it now seems to be coming into place I am leaning that no the letter was not real. Particularly as they supposedly took magazines from the brothers’ place (and can match up any missing pages with the cut out letters used). I would theorize he thought the letter would set a lot of sympathy and attention in motion, but the studio wanted to handle things quietly.

      Ironically I think the studio handled the letter correctly. No huge publicity, get security on it. Remember he was the one who refused personal security when the studio offered it after the letter. Threats and crank letters are not uncommon for celebrities and the number of actual dangerous threats is quite small. It needs to be investigated because the consequences can be devastating, but drawing a huge amount of attention to it initially can result in egging the stalker on. When we hear about the arrests of stalkers of Madonna, Taylor Swift, etc. it’s not the first contact and it’s not a surprise to the team. We just haven’t heard about it because publicity is not something you want to give these guys unnecessarily. But if you are a star looking for sympathy and attention….”keeping it quiet” does not really meet your need.

    • LadyT says:

      My understanding is that everything concerning the letter is being handled by the FBI. That’s a federal crime and how it’s done- explains why the CPD spokesperson has not addressed it.

  9. Doodle says:

    I thought I was the expert at getting myself fired, but I have a new mentor in self sabatoge. What a moron.

  10. Shrute’s beet farm says:

    I wonder if the FBI is investigating the suspicious letter as a hoax as well. He may not see jail time for the false report (if he did, in fact, file a false report), but I would imagine the feds wouldn’t go easy on him if he was involved.

    • Nanny to the rescue says:

      I’ve seen this mentioned a few times now and I’m curious: So the letter is actually more problematic than the staged fight? And FBI is involved, not just local PD. Why is that?

      • Darla says:

        Because if it went through the post office, that is federal jurisdiction and brings up all kinds of federal crimes.

      • Co says:

        Also because it was reported to the police as a crime. If it gets proved to be a hoax he will be charged a felony. FBI involved because it’s framed as a hate crime.

      • oandlomom says:

        It’s federal because it involves the mail.

      • Tuntmore says:

        Helpful Hint of the Day: If you really want to receive federal charges, use the U.S. Postal Service in commission of anything that caused public servants to waste resources on a wild goose chase.

        Police departments and federal employees can waste plenty of resources on their own and don’t need anyone’s help, thank you very much.

  11. Esmom says:

    This story has been so unsettling and depressing. As if the right needs more ammunition in their ongoing efforts to discredit victims and dismiss hate crimes. Last night I stumbled into a twitter exchange about how “not enough” of the left is denouncing him. Nothing is ever enough for the MAGAts. I feel like the proverbial arc of justice has been permanently skewed and irreparably damaged.

    • Darla says:

      Esmom, I personally never play that denouncing game. I wish nobody left of center would. IMO the only apology the modern day right in this country is ever due is; FU – stronger apology to follow. 🙂

    • Kitten says:

      I completely get your frustration, Esmom, but you just need to tune them out on this subject entirely.

      My BF and I were listening to the Rise of The Alt Right on audiobook yesterday and the MAGAts need to worry about the hundreds of Nazis that worship and adore Trump, not about one black actor who staged a hate crime. Don’t allow them the opportunity to pretend that they still hold moral high ground.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        Why can’t we worry about both? I don’t know about the hundreds of Nazis that worship Trump but I do believe that Jussie threw in the ‘two white guys wearing MAGA hats’ because he knew that the left would jump on it like sharks to a boogie board. Could it be possible that he did it to not for personal publicity but to make the right look like dangerous criminals? After the wrongs done to the Catholic school boys wearing MAGA hats one would think that we would learn not to jump to conclusions.

      • Kitten says:

        That’s a good question.
        Why CAN’T we worry about both?

        The problem with your question is that in the next breath you claim to not know about the Nazis that support Trump.

        Why is that?

        Why are you so acquainted with the Covington Catholic story (which I strongly disagree with you on) and the story about Jussie Smollet yet you appear unaware of the disturbing rise in hate crimes since Trump was elected?

        Look, what Smollet did was unforgivable, but the Right doesn’t need his help to make them look angry and at times, violent. Watch the videos of any Trump rally if you’re looking for proof.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        I am ‘acquainted’ with the Catholic school boys story because I am Catholic. I am black so I don’t see a ‘disturbing rise’ in hate crimes; I see hate crimes on a daily basis – it may be new to you but not to me. So, again, my question is why isn’t all types of racism worrisome and not just the racism supposedly carried out by the right?

    • Tuntmore says:

      @tabithastevens I don’t think you can equate “demonization of conservatism” with racism. One is hatred against an ideology, the other a systemic oppression of a race. Neither is healthy (living from a place of hate and fear is just plain bad), but the first is at least against something people choose and not who they *are*. And the first hasn’t been ingrained into American society for hundreds of years.

      That being said, I agree that it’s important to not assume that people are capable of certain actions just because they believe an ideology. It’s like the Cold War stereotype of “dirty commies.” When we demonize an ideology, we turn it into an Other and create an Us vs Them mindset. There will never be compromise or collaboration from that mindset.

      I personally think Jussie probably included the MAGA detail because he thought it would get more attention, and he wanted the maximum possible media attention. I don’t think he was truly considering anyone else but himself when he planned and executed this. His ego was his sole agenda.

      The fallout has such far-reaching effects that it almost doesn’t matter what Jussie’s intentions were. This was one lone narcissistic man looking for attention, using whatever ways and means he had to justify his ends. He did what all narcissists do: exploit vulnerabilities. This gives us the chance to look at what those vulnerabilities tell us about ourselves. There are always lessons to be learned.

  12. Becks1 says:

    I’m so confused by this story. So its been confirmed that he staged the whole thing? Or is it just the brothers saying it was staged?

    What a mess.

  13. Birdie says:

    Honestly, nothing makes sense to me. I am very interested in the whole truth. Also, in the snippet it says the brothers were born in Chicago, but you mentioned they were Nigerian born.

  14. minime says:

    Hindsight bias. Pretty dangerous.

    Edit: was answering to a comment that disappeared.

  15. boredblond says:

    ‘Fabricating a threat’..hardly original, that’s how trump became prez.
    And in other political news, Bernie’s doing it again..

  16. Lisa says:

    This is infuriating and sad all at the same time.

  17. lower case lila says:

    IMO it was one big media blunder. As a Chicagoan I was upset when this came out, that it happened in my town. There is so much real crime happening in Chicago not getting covered nationally. This story got all the publicity and social media just ran with it.

  18. Co says:

    A blogger on Medium took a screenshot of an old tweet from Smollett. He’s very, very angry about politics.

    • Kitten says:

      So are most Americans yet we don’t go out and stage a hate crime.

      • Co says:

        No shit Sherlock. Someone was asking about motive.

      • Kitten says:

        Ok, I’ll say it slower this time. Your theory for motive is that he’s “very, very angry about politics” and my point stands: most of us are angry about politics yet most of us don’t fake a hate crime.

        Think harder.

      • Co says:

        Ok Sherlock. Obviously the Chicago Police Dept. needs to hire you 😂

      • Kitten says:

        LOL I’m not the one that offered “angry at politics” as a motive. In fact, I didn’t suggest a motive at all but ya know you do you, detective.

      • Co says:

        Kitten, this is a place where people gossip. I don’t take myself too seriously and I’ll call out people who have a superiority complex. And if your only news source is a gossip blog, I suggest branching out.

      • Kitten says:

        Your snarky replies certainly don’t reveal a person who doesn’t take herself very seriously. Quite the opposite, actually.
        And if you think that I only get my news here then that’s just a really sad (and strange) assumption on your part.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        Jussie hates Trump so maybe he saw an opportunity to bring down the MAGA crowd and elevate himself to saint status.

      • Kitten says:

        Eh. I suspect the MAGA stuff was just a vehicle to get the attention. He had to know that he wasn’t going to get away with this. With how high-profile this case became, there was no way the CPD would just let this one go quietly into the night. It’s why I can’t get away from the idea that something is deeply wrong with him, whether it’s a personality disorder or whatever. I’m not a doctor, but this isn’t the behavior of a rational person.

    • Esmom says:

      I haven’t seen it but if that’s the case he had so many other ways he could channel that anger and become a real activist. This seems less about trying to draw attention to our political sh$%^show than it is about raising his profile for professional gain.

      • zwella Ingrid says:

        He can’t (at this point) be proven to have faked the letter and attack. It’s best to wait for more information. Also, until we have more facts, there is no way we can know if the letter/attack were to advance his career, draw attention to himself, or to vilify MAGA supporters. I don’t think these possible motives are mutually exclusive either.

  19. Mel says:

    I had refrained myself from commenting in the stories about this and its still very unclear to me if its now proven with certainty he faked his attack or not, but for victims everywhere I hope he did not, this will make it so much harder for anyone to come forward who suffered a real attack, not to mention how many will be believed or torn further apart trying to provide definite evidence, and worst of all, any real attack from someone wearing a maga hat will be picked apart by those crazy supporters.

    • Esmom says:

      According to the MAGAts, no one wearing a hat EVER attacks anyone. Any MAGA-related attacks are hoaxes, according to them. I saw a list they are keeping of “fake attacks.” They feel they are being persecuted for supporting Trump…and it’s profoundly disturbing.

      • me46 says:

        That post that linked Andy Ngo’s Twitter page-that guy is a RWer who believes most hate crimes are hoaxes and is a bigot.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        I remember MAGA hat wearers being attacked but please refresh my memory about the same being the attackers. I live near Charlottesville but didn’t realize that the MAGA hats were a huge factor.

      • Kitten says:

        Um seriously? A MAGA nut job attacked a reporter in a rally literally just A WEEK AGO.
        Here’s a map to help you keep track of all the hate, harassment and violence being perpetrated by Trump supporters: https://americasvoice.org/trumphatemap/

  20. Helen says:

    he’s apparently going to get indicted… torpedoed his career and criminal charges also… !!?

    ***why on earth would he do this to himself?***

  21. Talie says:

    I do think he has some kind of mental illness. I mean, he put on such a show in that GMA interview as well…something isn’t right. Empire made the right decision to stop backing him up and instead making moves to get him off camera and hopefully into a psychiatrist’s office.

    • Svea says:

      Extreme narcissism disorder. Probably saw himself as a hero.

      • Sayrah says:


      • Rando says:

        Are you his psych team? Because speculating on the mental health of someone you’ve never met is a pretty bold move. You can make a reference to emotional instability without outright diagnosis with very little information. This is mental health gaslighting.

        May no one speak of your mental health the way you cavalierly speak of others.

      • Bubble bee says:

        If any of us ever stages an elaborate plot to be seen as the victim of a hate crime I think that the public would be well within their rights to speculate on our mental health

      • K-Peace says:

        Exactly. He’s narcissistic and sees himself as a hero and a martyr. His Twitter says “I’m simply here to save the world.” Yikes!

      • LadyT says:

        I cringed at his interview when he cried over what an inspiration he was to little gay boys because he was fighting back. I thought to myself this is not your Oscar speech.

      • Elena says:

        The Dialogue on YouTube has a great analysis of his body language throughout the interview. He was definitely pontificating and it showed.

  22. LT says:

    I have some experienced with a deranged individual planning a crime and it was so poorly thought out that it’s amazing they really thought it would work. It showed me two things: (1) most criminals really aren’t all that bright and (2) if you are in the mental place to be hatching a crazy plan like this, you are not right in the head and what seems logical to you will be lunacy to anyone who is thinking clearly.

  23. HK9 says:

    This is the craziest set of developments. I could not have made this up if I tried. We live in an age where if you fart on the internet the authorities can find that fart, and what time you released said fart and how many people that fart affected. How in the whole heaven and the hell did he expect to do this and not get found out? I don’t understand.

    • Rando says:

      This is the most valuable comment on this page. You expressed your curiosity and explain your position in a light hearted but clear way without implying anything about anyone’s mental health or motives. Thank you for being engaged in a way that further the conversation instead of insulting someone. Thank you for this perspective!

      • squirrelyWrath says:


      • bib says:

        So you think bringing up mental health problems is insulting? Talk about furthering the conversation. Lots of people have mental health problems and brushing this aside as something to be ashamed of is not the way to go imo.

      • Rando says:

        @BIB One can discuss mental health without making an uniformed diagnosis as seen in some of these comments. This site’s comments did the same thing with Kanye. There is harsher criticism of dark skinned men amongst these gossip fans and I’m not enthused about it.

        So much can be covered in discussion without declaring someone has NPD. No one has tried to shut down reasonable discussion about mental stability. Get a clue.

      • bib says:

        The comment you’re refering to wasn’t making a diagnosis. Extreme narcissist disorder is not a diagnosis in se as NPD would be but a description. I suppose you know NPD is rarely diagnosed due to the nature of the disorder but lots of people are able to recognize one if they see one. What’s the difference with a mother telling her son he has a cold before he has seen a doctor? And what has color have to do with this? Nothing.

      • TabithaStevens says:

        Even a psychiatrist wouldn’t diagnose an individual she/he did not treat.

  24. Co says:

    There is more info in the news. That he pinged his location to the Nigerian brothers to meet him for the attack. That there is video of them meeting, disappearing for one minute, then Smollett calmly walking back on camera with a noose around his neck. So if the police knew all this from the beginning and saw the public reaction to this supposed crime, as well as Smollett crying on TV…, explains the leaks

  25. Rando says:

    Regardless of if this happened as told, just a reminder that black people, gay people and especially black gay people face a lot of violence and the veracity of this story doesn’t change that statistic.

    Also, a person with intersectional elements is judged much harsher than any time a cishet white guy lies. The US elected a liar president but everyone is really interested on what the marginalized person may have done.

    • TabithaStevens says:

      All presidents are liars; it is a requirement for the job. Anyhow, what really bothers me about Jussie is that he, being a so-called celebrity, is the last person who would be beaten in the street by MAGA wearing haters. He attempted to steal horrific stories, from real victims who don’t have his money, to elevate his cause. Traitor.

      • anon says:

        defending Trump again?

      • TabithaStevens says:

        Where in my comment did I defend Trump? All presidents lie; it is a qualification for the job.

      • Esmom says:

        TabithaStevens, Wow, you’ve been busy on this thread. You made a false equivalence; all presidents may have lied on occasion but no president, at least in modern history, has been as completely, utterly dishonest as Trump. And your disingenuous remarks indicate that you’re well aware of that.

  26. B n A fan says:

    For the people who says they will always believe victims, yes, if they are true victims. I believe victims, but I listen to the story first. Some people says they are victims but are scam artist, we must be smart and do not believe every sob story. I have a true story about this old man who went to Walgreens trying to buy hundreds of dollars of gift cards. The sales person had a feeling something was wrong. They asked him why was he buying so many. He said he got a call that his son/grandson was in trouble and needed the money now. To make a long story short they tried to get him to understand it’s a scam, he refused to listed. The store called the police to have them explained to him he was being scammed. In the meantime the crook was still on his cell phone telling him to go to another store to get the money. He left, they did not sell the cards but they feared he went to another store. True story, trust but verify.

    • Kitten says:

      Hi B n A fan

      “If they are true victims”.

      The point is that you don’t KNOW initially. You take a leap of faith in solidarity because too many people are not believed. It costs nothing to believe someone–NOTHING. We’re not investigators and our job isn’t to verify initial claims. We’re not public people who are staking our reputations on believing someone.

      My approach is to believe victims then let the investigators do their job.

      And if you choose to not believe a story that seems sketchy to you that is 100% your right. But then you don’t always believe victims, you only believe *some* victims–the ones that you deem to be credible. Personally, that’s not at all how I choose to view situations in which a marginalized person is coming forward with a story of being targeted.
      Because I’m ok being wrong about supporting a liar, I am NOT ok with pre-judging a victim because their story seems too vague/crazy/inconsistent etc. There are plenty of people who have survived violent, seemingly unbelievable attacks who were dismissed because their story didn’t seem credible or there wasn’t enough evidence. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t victimized, it just means that it couldn’t be proven.

      Also, I know I told you about my attack on another thread.
      Afterwards, the detective followed up with me and the restaurant owners but the guy was never found. I only had a physical description and a few stitches in my chin. I didn’t have a name or know where he lived and he had paid cash so no credit card info to be traced. Maybe you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that I was punched in the face by a strange man in a Chinese food restaurant because why would he do that? It’s pretty f*cking weird story as random attacks in restaurants aren’t common in Brookline, Massachusetts.

      But someone not believing me because I don’t have evidence beyond a description of my attacker and because my story seems strange doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

      • B n A fan says:

        Kitten, I understand what you’re saying. I know, you might not believe me. I did believe JS when the story came out, he being beaten up, was sad to hear. However, when I read the story I started seeing holes and they kept getting bigger. I will tell you something about me. I worked with clients who are mentally ill, some chemical abusers, some just plain liars. We at the job could spot a lie quite easily. First, we just get so used to the BS at The job we becam very skeptical we had to be skeptics, just a part of the job. I guess that’s how cops look at stories. I bet they knew right away but had to do their job. On my job, we had to hear the story and very.

        I’m not going to go to your other points because we have different life experiences. I’m not saying you were wrong to believe him until they find him guilty. There are many guilty people who got away with murder, that does not mean they were innocent, just means they had good lawyers.

        JS has lawyered up, who knows he may be found innocent, I just don’t buy his story. We are here giving our opinion and yours is as good as mine.

      • SarahLee says:

        These are good points, Kitten. I do think the pendulum swung wildly toward “always believe the accuser” (I’m not saying “victim” purposely), but the simple fact is we are a nation where due process is supposed to mean something. People like Smollett make a mockery of this and use the “always believe” as a weapon. The same thing happened in the Kavanaugh case. One credible accuser comes forward, and then that ambulance chaser Avenatti messes it all up by throwing far less credible accusers into the mix with very odd stories that actually undercut the original allegation. We cannot always believe the accusers anymore than we can always believe the accused.

      • Kitten says:

        @ B n A Fan-Fair enough. As I said, it is entirely your right to have not trusted his story once the inconsistencies started to crop up and of course, I agree that we’re all allowed to offer our opinion. It’s just hard to think of hate crimes becoming fodder for gossip (I know-ironic of me posting that on a gossip blog) or something to casually dissect for entertainment purposes. I’m not saying you or anyone here is doing that, I’m just worrying about precedent being set. One hoax shouldn’t reflect on the millions of REAL victims out there–but we know that it will.

        To echo what SarahLee said above, if there are people out there who are looking to disbelieve, they will undoubtedly (and unfairly IMO) point to this story as evidence that victims lie. Sigh. So damaging…just unforgivable.

      • B n A fan says:

        @kitten: You’re right, the sad part will be the blow back for others who are telling the truth about hate crimes and will have to hear from the deplorables that their experiences are fake news. I believe he needs to come forward and let us know what happened that night, tell the truth. The majority of people are forgiving and if he has a good explanation he maybe able to salvage something of his career. Hiding behind his lawyers will not help him with public opinions but will help in the courts, so he’s between a rock and a hard place, jmo.

      • Mina says:

        I think the standard should be either believe a victim and show support, or if you have reasons to doubt their story just stay quiet until the investigation shows results.

      • Kitten says:

        @ B n A Fan- He still has his lawyers insisting that he’s innocent and that he’s being smeared so I don’t hold out a ton of hope that he’ll come clean. Just sad all around.

        @Mina-Yeah I think that’s probably right. I think Wow said up-thread that you don’t have to believe them but you should listen to them. I agree with that.

  27. Mina says:

    I’m still waiting for all of this to be some really elaborate publicity stunt for Jussie’s next movie/TV show. I just don’t understand any of this! I hate we are forced to doubt a victim of a hate crime (I hate even more if he actually disrespected and damaged real victims by coming up with this hoax).

  28. me says:

    The reason he isn’t going to be in much of the finale is because he was in hospital and recovering while they were shooting those episodes. Also, the “Nigerian brothers” said they were born and raised in Chicago. Lastly, none of us really know the truth. How do we know the brothers aren’t the ones lying? I want to see proof. I mean what would Jussie’s motive be? He was well-liked before all this, now so many people hate him. Some say he wanted more fame…I don’t know…I guess sex tapes don’t work anymore, so now you have to plan a hate crime on yourself? What the hell?

    • B n A fan says:

      He was in the hospital for a few hours, he said he was not admitted if I’m not mistaken.

      • me says:

        Oh really? See there is so much misinformation out there. It’s hard to know what to believe. I saw on Access Hollywood or some other similar show where they were talking to the cast as they were filming and sending Jussie well wishes while he was healing. He still might have missed tapings for that reason.

      • Snow Bird says:

        I think Jussie or someone from Jussie’s camp cleared up the hospital and broken ribs reports. I want to say he went to the ER but was never admitted like BnA fan said.

    • Sigh... says:

      I *believe* the attack happened shortly after he RETURNED to Chicago and left a club (w/in hours – part of the reason this was dubious fron the start). Plus, he had a singing engagement w/in days after (that’s where he said his lawyer wouldn’t want him talking about the incident and I *believe* the “gay Tupac” came from). He was probably done with his part of filming.

      • me says:

        See I heard on the news that he landed in Chicago, got back to his apartment, and then got hungry so went out to get Subway. The reports are literally all over the place. Either way it is VERY convenient he has his debut album coming out in a few weeks. I highly doubt it will sell well now but who knows.

      • LadyT says:

        His album came out March 2018.

  29. Rando says:

    For a “smart” gossip site, there is a lot of ableism and defensiveness in these comments that halts the conversation.

    • TabithaStevens says:

      I agree.

    • Lorelei says:

      Ableism? Please explain.

      • Mina says:

        I think they are referring to comments about Jussie’s mental illness (of which there’s no evidence of) as a reason behind him allegedly staging something like this? I suppose they have a point, why do they have to assume that it’s a mental illness motivating him to do it?

      • Tuntmore says:

        Because mentally healthy people do stuff like this all the time, right?

        I have bipolar disorder (now very well-managed, thankfully) and have immediate family members with bipolar, depression, narcissistic personality disorder, and similar mental illnesses. I’ve worked in mental health for years, dealing one-on-one with patients. I don’t blindly make assumptions about people, but when you’re intimately familiar with mental illness, you pick up on patterns and signs that others perhaps don’t.

        I feel very comfortable saying that Jussie’s actions were/are narcissistic. That’s not “diagnosing” anyone, it’s not a judgment, it’s just stating the obvious. Quite a few disorders and illnesses can cause narcissistic actions. If he has one, I hope he gets help.

        I’m not sure how it’s “ableist” to talk thoughtfully about actions that are obvious indicators of mental unwellness. Just dismissively blaming everything on vague “craziness,” yes. But discussion and an attempt to understand, that seems very different to me.

      • Mina says:

        Tuntmore, the point is you shouldn’t assume only a mentally ill person would do something like this. If he did it, it could be that or it could be he’s just some greedy asshole eager for attention. It’s unfair and incorrect to link every misguided action as caused by mental illness. And you can be a narcissist without having a personality disorder, but that is really going too deep into speculation.

    • jules says:

      Oh please, people get offended by everything these days. Smollett went on national TV for the biggest act of his life, and now it may be all a hoax. Of course people are going to speculate on why he did it, and his mental state. If you don’t like gossip, why are you reading this blog?

  30. BaeBae says:

    This whole thing is just INSANE. I really hope he isn’t lying, but if he is, he needs help. And he has to pay for his actions. At the same time, this is just ONE instance where a person did something cruel and sick and selfish. I will continue to believe victims first. And I will not discredit victims of hate crimes because things like this actually do happen every day.

    As a sidenote, it’s interesting to see what the Smollett siblings have been posting on Instagram. Of course they’ve been getting flamed in the comment sections since Jussie’s comments are turned off. Everyone is directing hate at the siblings which really is unfair since they shouldn’t be held accountable for their brother’s actions. They’ve always been a solid, hard-working family.

    Here’s Jocqui’s page: https://instagram.com/jocquismollett?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=igr14hc8a35h

    Here’s Jurnee’s:

    • isabelle says:

      He needs jail time as well if he is guilty of it, Make an example of him. This has happened several times int expats few years, on both sides of the political fence. This is just a higher profile fake hate crime. Honestly don’t think he comes off “mental” he may have PD but he seems OK mentally. Although guarantee they will use that excuse to get him off. He may be that awful of a person to have faked it for a political self-righteous cause.

    • Kitten says:

      Man I feel for his siblings SO MUCH. They shouldn’t be dragged for his actions and of COURSE they’re going to stand with their brother. It makes me even angrier at Smollett for putting them in this situation though. Sigh.

      • LadyT says:

        Yes. I didn’t/couldn’t even look at the links. They just love a brother. They are in no way responsible nor do they need to condemn him to prove something.

      • BaeBae says:

        Kitten and LadyT: I feel the same. My heart breaks for them. And they’re such a close family! This whole thing is disastrous.

  31. Pandy says:

    Wow. I can’t believe this is true … still waiting for all the facts but it’s not looking good for Jussie.

  32. Anna says:

    No one knows the true facts. All of this is conjecture until real facts are released. People here turning from support to “jail him”…Please get ahold of yourselves. True, in Chicago we had some questions and I know some folk who had legitimate logistical questions. I agree with @Wow also about the high incidence of the phantom Black person being blamed–it has happened since the inception of this country and continues, white people blaming a Black person is a fact so yes, we wait to find out the true. Listen to the victims and support but also wait for the truth to emerge. I definitely err on the side of always believing victims because if you are Black and of any other marginalized identity or group, there is no advantage to sharing from a legal perspective and often makes you more of a target to do so. We share as witness, we share so that our voices will be heard and no one can say it didn’t happen. This situation, though…I just don’t know. Everyone loses. I wish some people on here weren’t so quick to turn on the torches and call for jail. Let’s see what truth emerges first.

  33. Snap Happy says:

    All the leaks are pretty bad. If he is charged he deserves a fair trial. Why are we getting every detail of the case?

    • TabithaStevens says:

      Why a fair trial? Why not ridicule and hatred, which is exactly what he attempted to generate?

    • Mina says:

      While I agree with you, I have to wonder if we’d be saying the same thing about a fair trial for the alleged attackers in a homophobic, racist hate crime.

      • Snap Happy says:

        I would. I actually think it’s more damaging to a trial. A person could argue they can’t get a fair trial because the jury is already biased to them. I guess they could ask for the trial to be moved to a different location, but in a case like this one it’s national news. I understand the desire for info. I’ve been reading a lot of articles on this because the whole hoax part seems very surreal, but those details should come out during trial.

      • Mina says:

        I think your thinking is solid, Snap Happy. Unfortunately we live in the Times of mob mentality and moral high horses and people love the opportunity to judge others, especially on actions that are widely perceived as wrong. I’m guilty of this myself sometimes but I do try to remember what you just said and will keep doing so.

  34. minx says:

    What a mess.

  35. Mash says:

    yea i always listen to the complete facts or that facts that make sense to me as they come …BEFORE this whole believe victims and whatnot. As a WOC (black woman) Ive seen too many cases of (believe “so called” victim) happen to brothers I know and they are locked up or caring for children who werent theirs or other unfortunate things due to this trial by public and lose circumstancial stuff….

    but its like when you state your stance or remain quiet to get the dets … you are “cancelled” or belittle by the media or group bec you dont want to play into the hive mentality. not cool

    and Jussie is a FULL CHARACTER for this stuff….if this is true… I have waited to say anything because its all so crazy nowadays but shame on him if this is true —omgoodness 🙁

  36. Keaton says:

    I think he’s got some sort of personality disorder. What an astoundingly selfish, frankly immoral thing to do. SMH.

  37. Desolee says:

    Meh I don’t think he’s seriously disturbed. He did a really dumb thing, once, that we know of, miscalculated, and thus got caught. Lots of people make one dumb mistake.
    Not sure why his career would be over either. (I believe u guys I just don’t get it.) Would directors not trust him? Would it be inconvenient to promote because of curiosity about his crime? Viewers would boycott? I thought it was an open secret that Hollywood people aren’t very sincere.

  38. Yes Doubtful says:

    I believed him and he is gross if he truly orchestrated all of this. He only made things worse by giving the right what they’ve been looking for – vindication for not believing female or POC who are real victims.

  39. Che says:

    It’s interesting how people are worked up about Jussie and what he did/didn’t stage. Some people are saying he should do some time for submitting a false police report. I definitely think he is wrong and should have to face some punishment. But from my perspective, I look at his case and wonder why people aren’t more upset about all the other people who made false police reports targeting black people. None of those people have had to face any charges. What about the little girl selling lemonade outside? The college student who fell asleep in her own dorm? The family having a cookout at the park? Hell someone called the cops on one of my movers because he was black. They called the called the cops because they said a black man had a gun. (He didn’t.)

    • Mina says:

      Only because he’s a celebrity, and as such has a wider platform, hence is obliged to be more responsible in the way he uses it. You’re not wrong of course, but we can’t pretend like his case is the same as some average Joe’s.

  40. AG-UK says:

    The brothers lawyer said they had a story to tell I wonder if that was it OR there is more to come. Sad.