Natalie Portman in a Dior jumpsuit at the VF Oscar party: cute or twee?

Natalie Portman, Benjamin Millepied

Here are some photos from the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party, which definitely felt like it was slightly more subdued this year. Maybe it was all of the shocking winners at the end of the Oscars – Olivia Colman, Green Book – or maybe it was a lack of big, scandalous names in attendance. The party photos are being spread out among a half dozen posts here. First up: Natalie Portman, who attended the VF party with her husband Benjamin. I believe they’re still LA-based now, having left Paris several years ago. Natalie’s jumpsuit is Dior, and while I enjoy the fact that she’s wearing a jumpsuit – comfort! – this one isn’t great.

Natalie Portman

Here’s Shailene Woodley, also in Dior, with Isidora Goreshter. I’m always shocked when Shailene turns up at an industry party – shouldn’t she be sitting in a treehouse, making tampons out of woodland mushrooms?

Isidora Goreshter, Shailene Woodley

Olivia Colman changed out of her Prada Oscar gown into this Stella McCartney. It’s like “out of frying pan and into the fire” with Olivia’s fashion. She’s not a fashion girl, at all. It’s charming.

2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals

Mindy Kaling & BJ Novak attended the VF party together, as they did last year. This year they didn’t seem to pose together very much though. Hm.

Vanity Fair Oscars Party

Vanity Fair Oscars Party

Brie Larson in Celine. Another basic/boring dress, right?

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  1. SM says:

    Brie seems like such a beautiful woman to me but her style is so off it is like someone tries to fight the hot in her. Her stylist, her hair ppl. Just meh all the way

    • perplexed says:

      She reminds me of Maura Tierney, who is pretty, but whose looks nobody seemed inclined to comment on much for some reason.

  2. Bishg says:

    What is up with Mindy and BJ?!

    • ByTheSea says:

      If he’s the baby’s father and hasn’t claimed him, he’s a douche.

      • Kitten says:

        I mean, yes it’s strange if he’s the father and hasn’t said as much but if he is, Mindy ALSO hasn’t said as much. In that case, maybe it’s an agreed-upon thing?

        But most likely, he isn’t the dad.

    • Muffy says:

      They were all over insta together and they posed inside the party in the photo booth. I can’t figure out if they are friends, or fwb, or he’s the father of her kid.

    • Esmom says:

      I saw quit e a few photos of them posing together. Vanity Fair also did a portrait of her and he was in the background, lol. I get a friends vibe between them but who knows.

  3. Erinn says:

    I’m just scrolling through and pause “Isn’t that Sveltlana?” I love that she was there – Isidora is a pretty woman, and I love the color her hair is here.

    I kind of want Mindy and BJ to just give it up, and I know it’s unfair of me. I think they work together well, and they’re obviously great friends. Not sure how great they’d be as a couple at this point but a small part of me just wants it to happen still.

  4. AnnaKist says:

    Meh, I’m not a fashion girl by any stretch of the imagination, but even I know NP’s outfit has been done to death. And that Stella McCartney monstrosity? Come on, my Year 10 needlework project looked more stylish than that, and that was #%{&@ years ago, when I was 15… Look, I don’t like picking on anyone’s appearance or choice of apparel; people should wear whatever they want to wear, but… these are celebrities! They want the attention, otherwise they’d have stayed home in their slippers and dressing gowns, with a tray of wine and cheese, so…

    • Alexandria says:

      But you’re not picking on their natural features. I think it’s fine to critique fashion, fitting, styling or makeup but I refrain from commenting about natural features like nose, eyes, torso etc.

  5. Ash says:

    Brie has lost alot of weight…looking like a bobble head.

    • Mia4s says:

      She really does look very thin. She is under a lot of stress right now so I hope that’s why. But the styling is so “blah”. Hoping for some good looks on the Captain Marvel red carpet.

    • Lizzie says:

      she’s been training for like 2 years to be in a super hero movie. i follow her Instagram and she’s like – really cut right now.

    • Kitten says:

      She is very very thin. Between the weight loss and the platinum hair I barely recognize her.

    • Grant says:

      I’m just confused as to why she’s so thin. She’s been lifting weights and moving cars to train for Captain Marvel. I understand that women don’t build muscle the same way men do but her physique looks like that of someone who doesn’t eat and doesn’t exercise, not someone who has been doing intense weight training six days a week.

      • isabelle says:

        yeah women do build differently than men for sure no matter how many cars you pull. Also women often don’t eat like men who lift weights. Men eat high calories, when trying to gain muscle. Higher calories equals actual muscle gain. This works for women as well. When you do weights you have to eat more calories if not you just lean out and get the suburban mom Pilate wiry thin body.

  6. Enn says:

    How on earth did Olivia make it through the party without people constantly stepping on her tails and choking her???

  7. Lucy2 says:

    I like Natalie’s look, and Brie’s too.
    Shailene ‘s was too sheer and all granny panties.
    That Stella McCartney is a mess.
    I saw several photos of Mandy and BJ posing together.

  8. Mia4s says:

    You’re right that Portman and her husband were based in Paris for a hot minute, but they’ve lived in Los Angeles for several years now. I still have a good laugh over the long puff piece Deadline wrote when she left her manager she’d been with since she was a child because she was “moving to Paris for her husband’s job at the Ballet, to write and direct and be a wife and mother and still star in some Hollywood films but Eurpeon films too and she’s like Depp and she’s so sophisticated now and leaving Hollywood behind…”….and they were back living in Los Angeles before anyone knew they were gone. It was pretentious as hell and in hindsight? Hilarious!

    • Caitlin Bruce says:

      I remember that too. There was something so prentenious and smug about Natalie back then I mean she really tried to pass off the dancing in black swan as all her own work. And tried to say the LA scene was lame and Paris is so much better, then she came back and basically said the same thing about Paris. Saying that, I’ve warmed to her a lot the last few years.

      • Mia4s says:

        I think she’s grown up a bit. Experienced some disappointment. That mellows most people.

        I’ve been fascinated by this shared fantasy that some young actresses seem to share about after some career success getting married and moving to Europe for the sophisticated life or whatever….and how rarely it seems to be permanent. It’s almost like…Europe is a real place with problems and ups and downs and smart and stupid and not their personal fantasy land. Who knew! 🙄

      • Anne Call says:

        I saw her on the streets of Paris once and then more recently in a restaurant in Santa Barbara with her 2nd baby. She may have a place in Montecito.

    • SamC says:

      Didn’t her husband get fired from the job they moved to Paris for in the first place? Was a short tenure IIRC.

      • Mia4s says:

        The details on his departure were always a bit confusing. I think it’s clear things really did not work out as they were supposed to. I’m really not sure what he does now.

      • Fleur says:

        It was a VERY short tenure, especially because the last director of the Paris Opera Ballet who proceeded him had been there for ages. That job is a HUGE freaking Deal in the ballet world–Nureyev helmed it once–so i think there were major questions regarding his qualifications for the job once he was announced. That said, there were rumors he left the post because he couldn’t stand how racist the casting directors were, and I totally believe him and the claim. I believe he wanted to make the cast more multi cultural and got a lot of push back.

        I don’t have a problem with Natalie’s outfit, she’s at a place in her career where she doesn’t have anything she needs to prove, plus she wasn’t a nominee. That said, I hate her hair. It looks dull and unhealthy. I can’t believe anyone got paid to style it. For years ,I’ve wished she’d go darker and let it be curly but she seems to have a thing for straight hair.

  9. Becks1 says:

    I actually like Natalie’s look a lot. Simple but cute. Shailene is just a mess.

    Olivia Coleman….its not good. Its not bad, but not good. but she’s so adorable that I don’t care lol.

  10. Lizzie says:

    i swear natalie portman has worn that jumpsuit before.

  11. Mgsota says:

    I was surprised when I saw the photos of Mindy. I follow her on her Instagram and thought she looked like she has gained quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time. She looks beautiful and I know she’s curvy but I was surprised.

    • Kitten says:

      She seems to yo-yo quite a bit. Also, those heavy sequins make even the tiniest woman look bulkier. She’s beautiful regardless.

  12. Nancypants says:

    I think Natalie looks like a slightly younger Demi Moore in these photos and isn’t Demi about 55 years old?
    I always thought N.P. was very cute and I understand the aging process but she looks like Demi.

  13. Lindy says:

    I really like NP’s jumpsuit look, actually. If I were that tiny I would love to wear jumpsuits!

  14. Jb says:

    I rolled my eyes when I saw BJ and Mindy..gurrrrl he will never love you like that!!! LET HIM GOOOOOO. He constantly rides her coattails and is a Fuc& boy through and through. Sure when Oscar season is over back to insta model gfs. Sooooo gross and sad

  15. tealily says:

    Aw, I think Olivia Colman looks really lovely here! I loved her green dress too, though.

  16. Other Renee says:

    Love the jumpsuit so much.

  17. Steff says:

    “Making tampons out of woodland mushrooms”

    I know right? I thought she was a READER! 😂

  18. Paisley says:

    I adore the jumpsuit! Nothing new or unusual but the style is classic.

  19. Sara says:

    Natalie Potman is beautiful.

  20. Rice says:

    True confession: I like the look of jumpsuits, but I’ve got this irrational fear of wearing them because I’ve got the bladder of a child and the logistics of removing the suit in time really bothers me.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      Ha ha. I always hate the idea of what germs would attack my clothing when I’d have to remove a jumpsuit to go to the bathroom. So, I’m with you there. Although, I do love this on Natalie. I think the cut and structure is fabulous. Shailene, Olivia and Mindy are pretty much on my pass list of whatever they wear looks fine, as noted it’s charming that Olivia isn’t a fashion person. Mindy I just adore. Shailene went to Standing Rock and got arrested, so she’s wonderful. Although, Mark Ruffalo went too and he’s a Bernie stan and I hope she’s not, but I don’t cancel them for it.

  21. Themummy says:

    That’s some interesting body language between Natalie Portman and her husband.

  22. JustBitchy says:

    Natalie needs to leave her face alone. Way too much change for her age

    Mindy oh Mindy is probably pissed her pics couldn’t be airbrushes the way she like them. Own your body!

  23. Naddie says:

    Olivia Colman made me chance my idea about short hair, she looks amazing with it, so much better than long/mid hair.

  24. Sparkly says:

    Woodland mushrooms had me rolling.