Pet supplies and accessories are an excuse to post our pet photos

This is an Amazon affiliate post with pet stuff! I am not currently a pet owner, but I have owned several cats and my mom has the sweetest miniature schnauzer whom I pet sit and have be trained to also spoil. I want a dog, I have toyed with the idea, but technically I’m not allowed to have one in my rental house even though I know my landlord wouldn’t kick me out. Kaiser has a panther kitten who bugs her for affection constantly and Hecate fosters dogs with a local dog rescue and volunteers with the ASPCALA cat adoptions. She has beautiful Jindo rescues named President Truman and Dorothy Gale. Anyway here are some cool pet things I found. More photos of our pets are below!

A widdle silicone dog paw washer!
We always wipe Sassy’s paws when she comes in wet and muddy, but it doesn’t do the trick and she still tracks dirt around the house. This is a quick and easy way to get dog’s feet clean. The little cup can be filled with water and has silicone bristles to dislodge dirt and mud. Many dog owners say their dogs actually tolerate this and don’t mind at all. After you wet and clean the dog’s paws, you just wipe them off. This dog paw washer comes in small and large sizes to accommodate all breeds. It’s recommended to order up if your dog is between sizes and also to only fill the receptacle halfway with water or it will spill.

Nutritious mid-priced dog food for small and toy breeds
Pet owners write that their dog loves this kibble, gets excited for it and that it has the “same higher quality real ingredients like the even higher priced brands, but a more affordable price tag!” They also say it has no fillers and lasts longer than other brands and that it makes their dog’s coat “shiny and healthy” and that she doesn’t have flaky skin like with other brands of food.

Biodegradable lavender-scented dog poop bags
These are the #1 best seller in dog waste bags. People write that they “genuinely cover smell almost completely, no sickly sweet stench, durable, cheap, and biodegradable,” that they’re durable and “will not leak or tear” and that they’re “much thicker than the ones you buy at the store.” They also say that the smell is not perfumey or overpowering.

A two way camera to communicate with your dog
In no way am I recommending a $330 two way pet camera . I just want to talk about the fact that this is a thing that exists and that people like it. There are games, there’s an even more expensive version that gives treats (only their brand so you have to buy those), and your pet can watch and interact with you. There are also two-way audio and one-way camera devices from other manufacturers so your pet can hear you and you can see them and give treats. However if you just want to see your pet, there are much more affordable camera options.

A soft litter mat to avoid tracking
I looked for good litter on amazon and there’s nothing that people love, but they do appreciate this soft litter mat that cats like and which helps avoid tracking. This is number one in cat litter mats. Reviewers say it’s well worth it and you can just shake it outside to clean it.

A top entry cat litter box
Another highly rated product for cats is this top entry cat litter box. It’s only $28 and there’s a $2 coupon to make it even more affordable. Users say their cat took to it quickly, that they seem to like the privacy, and that the design keeps litter from tracking around the house.

A harness that dogs and their people love
Dog owners love this harness and say that it’s great for strong dogs and dogs who pull. It’s also said to be comfortable for dogs once you adjust it properly, and to help train them to pull less. They come in different sizes for different breeds and are said to work well with small dogs too. One dachshund owner said that it was easier to figure out what size her dog needed than with other harnesses.

Hecate recently fostered puppies! This video gives me the feels. One of the puppies is still available for adoption and his details are below.

Scott, one of the pups Hecate fostered, is still looking for a forever home! The Dove Project is based in Los Angeles.

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Happy ❤️ Love Your Pet Day 🥰! Lovely Scott is still searching for his forever home. His sister Kristen has been adopted, but not him 😭 He would do well with an active family because he has a lot of energy! 🤸🏻‍♀️ Fill out an application today! We have so many brave dog meat trade survivors still waiting to find their forever homes. Apply on our website 🕊 🐕 🐾 🕊 ✨ #rescuedogs #enddogmeattrade #jindo #doveproject #rescued #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #koreanmeatdog #korea #dogmeat #jindosofinstagram #adoption #losangeles #california #happy #donate #savethedogs #nonprofit #stopthedogmeattrade #fortheloveofdogs #charity #love #instagood #photooftheday #cute #beautiful #dog #brindle

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We are still looking for a loving foster for Teddy! @karebear1805 has been making great progress with him, follow her to see his progress! ⭐️FOSTER NEEDED!⭐️ We are looking for a foster for our sweet, gentle boy Teddy! 🐻 He is a young dog who is here IN LA. Teddy is working through some fear and anxiety issues and will need extra love and support from his foster. We will help support you along the way. He is very gentle and great with other dogs and would prefer being with a doggy friend. If you or someone you know is interested in fostering please tag them here or have them apply via our website! 🕊 🐕 🐾 🕊 ✨ #rescuedogs #enddogmeattrade #jindo #doveproject #rescued #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #koreanmeatdog #korea #dogmeat #jindosofinstagram #adoption #losangeles #california #happy #donate #savethedogs #nonprofit #stopthedogmeattrade #fortheloveofdogs #charity #love #instagood #photooftheday #cute #beautiful #dog

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    this is maybe my favorite Celebitchy post ever! I love that you guys are also animal people 🙂

  2. lucy2 says:

    Kaiser your cat is gorgeous! I’ve had black cats all my life, love them.

    Mine do not seem to want privacy in the litterbox. In fact the one seems to prefer using it when I’m in there and he can stare at me. He’s a bit off.

    • Lightpurple says:

      My cat seems to think it is a team activity too. Or a competition as to who can finish and get to the sink faster.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes! Mine also has to be first up and down the stairs. I now take two steps and wait, because I know he’ll come running from wherever he is to race me.

    • Kaiser says:

      thanks, he’s just a little rat-faced panther kitten but I love him. He’s great company and he’s quite a talker & biter.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      My cat stares at me from her litter box too. And then follows me into the bathroom and stares at me while I do my business. It’s… disquieting.

    • Nicole(the Cdn one) says:

      Love my house panthers! We have two black (our alpha girl who is 7 and our permanent kitten – he’s six and still acts like he’s 6 months old – both adult rescues) and a tuxedo we rescued as a stray a year ago who our vet says is about 4. All very chatty and affectionate and bathroom stalkers!

    • Lizzie says:

      my cat loves to jump into the litterbox as it is being cleaned and make intense eye contact as she shits. it is a power move.

      • lucy2 says:

        LOL. Mine also tries to “help” me scoop, which is a disaster.

        Nicole, I have an all black and a tuxedo too! House panthers are awesome. Mine is a very smart and sweet girl. The tuxedo boy is a bit of a dolt, but sweet as can be. I adopted them as babies just over a year ago.

      • Nicole(the Cdn one) says:

        Lucy2 – so funny. Our girl is so smart and so sweet when she deals with humans (even when our nephews annoy her) and both our boys are dolt-adjacent. Lovely and loving with us, but sometimes I shake my head at them. That’s why our girl runs the roost even though she is the smallest of them. We call her the benevolent dictator.

    • Dazed and confused says:

      My younger cat likes to go and hang out with the older one while he goes. I’ve explained to her that is rude – but she does it all the time. He’s very patient with her.

      She also supervises my scooping like Lucy2’s cat. She’s very possessive about the pan.

  3. Other Renee says:

    Hecate, I officially love you so much. Thank you for all you do on behalf of animals in need. Bless you

    I have two rescue dogs that were born in a shelter when their pregnant mother was dumped there right before she gave birth. They were all rescued by Wagging Dog Rescue and fostered by a wonderful family in Los Angeles and we adopted two of the puppies once they were weaned. All the rest including the Mama found loving homes as well. Blessings to anyone working in animal rescue.

  4. Dazed and confused says:

    I literally just finished vacuuming up a ton of litter my 2 cats have tracked everywhere and was wishing I had something that worked! Thanks!

    Love these pictures! I can look at cats and dogs all day!

  5. Erinn says:

    UGH all the sweet babies. I just followed the celebitchy insta page based mainly on that pupper. I love Schnauzers.

    The last post about Luke Bryan gave me all of the feels. That little dog named Twiggy that’s in a NY shelter had me almost in tears. I showed my husband, trying to convince him we neeeeeeded her. I hope she’s found an amazing home, or will be soon. Just the photo of her face tilted upwards, SMILING with her eyes closed. We have a pointer who is so anxious though, who I don’t fully trust with our cats as it is. I can’t imagine bringing in another dog ( and going through the work of bringing it to Canada in this case ). But god she just looked like such a beautiful soul.

    We have those poop bags for Juno, they’re great. I need to order the litter mat at some point though. One cat hates to cover up the litter and the kitten gets so disgusted with her that she runs in after her and covers it up haha. But she’s so enthusiastic that she kicks it everywhere. I’m kind of considering the upright litter box, but both cats are pretty large so I’m not sure how great it’d be. We had to have a low box for our old cat who passed this summer, so I do have more freedom with what kind of box I can get now. That mat should help a bunch, though.

  6. Esmom says:

    Aw, what a great post. Love all your pets and gosh I hope Scott is adopted soon. He’s a cutie.

    My cat is going through a finicky phase with canned food right now. It’s happened before and the vet said it’s not uncommon. The trick is finding a brand she’ll like!

  7. Kitten says:

    Kaiser-You haven’t gotten a new pup since your beloved bear-dog passed away? Your black kitty is beautiful 🙂

    I absolutely LOVE the puppy photos, Hecate! If we didn’t rent we would LOVE to foster both cats and dogs. I can’t believe that cute puppy is still available 🙁

    This is probably a dumb question but if we click on the link, do you guys get credit? My cats need a new litter mat so I plan on buying the one you linked to here.

    My BF’s sister has a pet cam that she loves. She has a bulldog and a frenchie and they do pretty well with the camera that shoots treats out at them. I honestly cannot imagine that thing going over well with my cats. My boy kitty is scared of everything and would probably run away…

  8. HelloSunshine says:

    Can we start a petition to have a weekly pet post?? Not only did I love this but it made my toddler chill out and so happy for two minutes because he loves dogs and cats!

    And OMG a schnauzer! They’re one of my favorite kinds of dogs and I had one growing up. I’m hoping to convince my husband we need one when the kids are older lol

  9. Scal says:

    We need a new leash for our dog- (pref out about 4-5 feet) does anyone have any recommendations? We picked one up from petsmart, but the handle is already fraying. 🙁

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Super strong. I have scotties and a Berner and they all have this leash.

    • C-Shell says:

      That leash DOES look super strong! I was going to recommend Lupine collars and leashes for strength and good looks, but they are pricier than that, for comparison. They have a lifetime guarantee against failure due to chewing dogs.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        The lifetime guarantee with Lupine is amazing. And they keep up their end of the bargain. My scotts have lupine harnesses and have chewed through several (husband and spawn need to put the harnesses up high when taking them off the pups.)

  10. Lizzie says:

    love these fur babies! and i am buying that pet foot washer. give the inventor THE NOBEL PRIZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  11. Harryg says:

    This is a goooood day!!!

  12. Natalia says:

    LOVE the poo bags, been using them a while. Great $ deal, and they are strong. I find the lavender scent a little strong but it’s not a big deal. Might check out the kitty litter box (the privacy one). Looks really great.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      My cat kept falling into the top loader litter box. She’s kind of a spaz and a bush cat (doesn’t actually like the height thing). But my friend’s cat does really well with the top entry box.

  13. ChillyWilly says:

    Awwww! Love the pics of y’alls fur babies! I wish I had the room to foster. I have 3 cats. Including an all white 9 month old kitten that could be the Salt to Kaiser ‘s Pep! He has one blue eye and one green eye so we named him Bowie after the Thin White Duke himself.
    I actually have that litter mat above and it really does a good job.
    So my kitten loooves this toy:
    Very well made. He is rough on your and this thing can take it. I l l that he can play by himself when I am busy. Da Bird is another great toy.
    Much love to everyone who is kind to animals. 💕

    • Dazed and confused says:

      Good to know! I am looking at getting one. Does anyone know if I buy the largest size using the affiliate link, will @Celebitchy still get a portion?

    • ravynrobyn says:

      Thanks, ChillyWilly! We adopted 2 shelter cats almost 3 months ago (“Tigger” a female is 10 & “Little” is a male who is NOT little, is 8). I think they’d both love this! Do you think it would work ok on a shag carpet (runs and hides)? 🐾🐾

  14. Natalia says:

    If anyone here has a southwest design (fabric) dog collar, please let me know where you found it/them. Have had trouble finding designs. Thanks!
    PS I prefer a Martingale for one of my dogs who likes to slip out of his collar.

  15. Sportlady20 says:

    Love this post, animals are the best. That little schnauzer is adorable. Kaiser’s kitty is so cute, all my animals are black including my last kitty, I’ve just got a puppy now.
    Hectare, it’s so awesome that you’re a foster, I’ve adopted all my animals from shelters. Your personal puppy is really cute as well, if I was closer I’d consider the puppy I’m looking to adopt another. This was a fun post.

  16. Dina says:

    CUTE!!! I definitely need something to help with my cat tracking her litter everywhere. I’m constantly vacuuming.

  17. Christin says:

    Really enjoy this post and the comments. Anything about pets just makes the day better.

    I plan to check out the litter mat and the top-entry box. The expensive self-cleaning ones are something I’ve considered, but never seemed to get comfortable with the mixed reviews. I’ve landed on a litter brand (the one K. Heigl promotes) that seems to cut down on dust in general, so if I could get the container and mat situation better, I think we’d be in good shape.

  18. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Such a great post. Love all these little faces… and the mat for the litter box. It’s gruesome stepping on little granules.

  19. launicaangelina says:

    Squeeeeee love the cutie fur babies in this post! 😍

  20. Janey says:

    thank you. I’m back at work recovering from a migraine and this made me very happy. It also made me want to go home to my own rescue pupper but I’ll see her at lunchtime. Thank you for all the great work you do with fostering Hecate. If Scott was in the UK I would be going to get him RIGHT NOW.