“Why does the ‘Dark Phoenix’ trailer have such budget effects?” links

The trailer for Dark Phoenix is… not good. The effects look so budget, and Jennifer Lawrence looks embarrassed. Michael Fassbender looks shockingly hot though. Are you buying Sophie Turner as Jean Grey? [Pajiba]
Taylor Kinney got shady about Lady Gaga on social media. [Dlisted]
Poor Gladys Knight, good lord. [LaineyGossip]
Can green cards be canceled though? [Starcasm]
Gemma Chan looks amazing on the Harpers Bazaar Singapore cover. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Stevie Nicks’ Rolling Stone interview is wild. [Jezebel]
Gigi Hadid looks boring & bored in Prada. [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]
Decades of James Van der Beek. [Seriously OMG]

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  1. deezee says:

    Jean Grey not Jane Gray
    And I thought the trailer looked alright, better than I was expecting. In general, I think many of the X-Men movies have been a mess (sadly).

  2. Veronica S. says:

    Somebody in the SFX department just does not give a sh-t. Which is a shame – Phoenix is literally one of the best arcs in X-men.

    At least we know why Lawrence did it – her character gets killed. She’s free!

  3. Amy Tennant says:

    And she’s been Jean Grey for at least one movie now already. I have to admit I think the second generation of X-Men movies has been better than the first. Although my favorite character hasn’t been in them.

    • Eliza says:

      The franchise has been able to pull some great actors and that’s why the reboot has been great.

      But Sophie is not a strong actress, they resting on her GOT recognition to get people in, so it will be difficult to pull a decent movie centered around her bad acting. Maybe that’s why they bought in Jessica?

      • Nancy says:

        Thank you for that. A lot of ppl around these parts think she can walk on water. I never could stand to watch her on GoT. She always has the same pained expression on her face and spits out her whispering threats or whatever she’s doing. I’m an Ayra Stark fan all the way. I wish Sophie/Sansa would go off in the wilderness with Joe Jonas and give an unknown actress the chance to be known!

      • arr says:

        I have nothing against Sophie on a personal level. She seems like a nice enough girl and I’ve enjoyed watching her and GoT other child actors come of age on our screens; HOWEVER, there are many other young actresses who would’ve been a nuch better fit for young Jean Grey.

        I remember when her casting was announce in 2015 (how has it been 4 years) and I thought “ok, she is a statuesque 18-year-old girl who can pull off red hair and is one of the youngest actors on one of the most hyped shows on TV. I can see why they picked her for teen Jean.” But then I saw the movie and was disappointed. She just lacked the fire that Jean, even as a teenager, should posses.

      • kim says:

        found it interesting that sophie has barely any dialogue in the trailer. She couldn’t hold an american accent well in the other movie, and my guess is that’s the case for this movie too. Shame, because it’s distracting, and takes you out of the movie experience. She isn’t the greatest actress ever, but there still is a place for her, just none that includes accents. I would like to see her do a comedy, something lighter to round her out.

  4. Joro says:

    This whole reboot feels very old and misplaced in the new era of comic book movies. It’s like a leftover from the late oughts. Which is weird because the reboot started off kind-off fresh and different.

    Anyway, the Mystique make-up looks horrible. As does the special effects.

    I love when Sophie Turner channels her inner bad girl. Her acting seems much stronger in that archetype.

  5. Erinn says:

    The effects are a mixed bag. The eye color change looked cheesy as hell – like leftover Twilight effects or something. I think overall it’ll look bigger on a big screen? But I also don’t think she’s a particularly great actress, so meh. I’ve kind of lost interest in X-Men in general.

  6. Marty says:

    I’ll care when they put Rogue back in the movies.

    • DS9 says:

      I will forever be salty that we haven’t gotten a proper X-Men movie with proper focus on the characters who should have dominated the stories.

      Too much Mystique, a Storm with no bite or gravitas, a weak beast, that 10% Apocalypse and now the Anakin Skywalker version of Jean Gray.

      • Veronica says:

        There is literally nothing more infuriating than the fact that they gave Kitty’s role in “Days of Future Past” to Wolverine. I get that Hugh Jackman is the selling point of that franchise, but goddamn. Women can’t even get the damn roles that belonged to them in the comics!

  7. FF says:

    I’m going to skip this entirely.

    It’s already a throwback reboot; this franchise still has Bryan Singer’s fingerprints all over it and he’s probably taking home a cut of the gross; and they have no galactic world-building to speak of when addressing the ramifications of this character’s arc and they’ve had her 20 years.

    I’ll go watch Captain Marvel. At the bare minimum it’s at least done the work to connect to a larger universe of characters.

    I’ve gone right off the Marvel mutant properties thanks to these movies. Nevermind that they passed over Saoirse Ronan for this (which in retrospect is a dear blessing). Pass.

  8. Lucy says:

    Apparently Luke Perry had a stroke. Very sad. Hopefully he’ll recover.

    • Nancy says:

      I know. I just read that. They said it was a massive stroke. Prayers up.

      • Veronica says:

        A bad stroke unfortunately portends a long recovery. I hope for his sake they mitigate what damage they can and he has a good support system. :-/

  9. Mia4s says:

    It’s likely the special effects are bad because they’re scrambling to finish them. They’ve done a ton of reshoots, re-edits, etc., up until fairy recently. And in the end it doesn’t matter because once the Fox sale to Disney goes through they are going to reboot the whole damn thing.

  10. Dhavynia says:

    Michael Fassbender does look hot

  11. Derpy says:

    God damn fassbender looks good

  12. under23cover says:

    I have a hunch albino alien Chastain is an avatar of Mystique (she faked her death)

  13. AmunetMaat says:

    Sooo they much rather do another Dark Phoenix than a Storm movie with a dark skinned skin actress? Pass on this one.

  14. Reece says:

    Looks like the Captain Marvel posters.
    Yeah it’s all Disney now but still.