Has Kat Von D’s antivax stance and anti-Semitism affected her makeup sales?

Last week when I was reporting on Reese’s Witherspoon’s 19 year-old daughter, Ava Phillippe, being a wiz at makeup, I mentioned reddit’s makeup addiction. I went over there to get inspired by looks I won’t be able to recreate even with the same products. I wish I had that level of skill with makeup. There was a thread about Kat Von D’s makeup line asking whether her antivax stance and antisemitism has affected her brand. We used to see Kat Von D makeup all over the place and it’s definitely not getting as much exposure lately. You may remember that last summer there was a call to boycott her makeup after she came out against vaccinating her baby, before he was born. People also remembered the fact that Kat was accused of anti-Semitism by a former employee. She also gave one of her lipsticks a questionable German name that has connections to Nazi concentration camps, although it’s difficult to prove that was her intent.

The commenters at MUA said that while we know about Kat’s awful personal views as she’s made them public, it’s not like she got enough publicity to affect sales. The verdict was that the parent company is likely focusing on their other brands, like Fenty beauty, which could be due to Kat’s garbage statements. However her brand may have been going that way regardless. Here’s some of that thread with more at the source.

There’s another comment that Kat’s glimmerize lipsticks had to be pulled from shelves due to a bad formula but I couldn’t verify this at all. The commenter claimed to have a friend who worked at Sephora who told her this story.

I have some Kat Von D products purchased before we knew about her and I’m going to keep using them, like her tattoo eyeliner, but will replace it with NYX liner or Stila eyeliner once it runs out. I guess makeup just goes in and out of fashion. Kat’s makeup can’t be hurting that badly. She just posted that her powder is number one at Sephora. Plus, to be fair to her where she doesn’t necessarily deserve it, she did just have a baby.


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    how is a pram ‘vegan’ ?

    serious question

    • Sassbr says:

      I’m guessing leather and silk alternatives.

      • Eliza says:

        I know someone who just bought a leather stroller and I asked myself why leather for a stroller? I didn’t know it was even a thing. But apparently it is.

        So I guess there are non vegan strollers out there.

    • Esmom says:

      No leather parts, I’m guessing.

    • josephine says:

      No leather used in its construction I would imagine. Not sure what else could include an animal product on a pram but I’m not that knowledgeable about such things. The all black is unfortunate looking in my opinion, and it seems like all that black would attract a lot of heat in the summer. But to each their own.

    • Karolina says:

      No leather or other animal-based materials 🙂

      • JBones says:

        She’s all for protecting animals, but has no problem tormenting human beings with anti Semitic and anti vax stances: idiocy.

      • Milla says:

        Protecting animals my foot. She knows it sells, but i want people to be decent humans which includes people and animals.
        I go to Sephora and skip her make up with pride. Why support someone so stupid and evil?

  2. Char says:

    Costa Rica was free of measles for decades until a French couple of tourists and their un-vaccined child showed up and brought the disease back. Anti vaccine people aren’t just dumb, they are criminals who threaten the life of vaccinated people.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      That story made me so angry. They should face charges, get fines and not be allowed to travel anymore. There needs to be a real and harsh penalty for not vaccinating without a real medical reason and becoming a public health hazard.

      • CheckThatPrivilege says:

        I wish Costa Rica would throw the book at them, and France, too, for being a menace to public health. Why do anti-vaxxers’ rights supercede our rights to not be exposed to easily preventable diseases? Oh, yeah, legislators everywhere pander for votes and money, and the hell with science and the public good.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Wow, that’s horrible. I think we’ll start seeing similar things here in Australia. We’ve already seen at least 3 measles outbreaks in at least two states, and a couple of cases of polio were also reported. About 4 years ago, we had a measles outbreak at the school where I work. Twenty-eight children were either already absent, or sent home because of measles. Two pregnant teachers and two with already-ompromised immune systems did job-swaps with other local schools. It is now very difficult to enrol an unvaccinated child in a state school, and many day-care centres and pre-schools will not accept unvaccinated children. A parent has to show proof that the child being enrolled is vaccinated
      I’ve had the debates with my son’s on-off partne about this. She point-blank refuses to vaccinate their two-year old. My son was with her on this Until he was born, but now wants his son vaccinated. It makes no difference to her. She reads all the faux science on Facebook, written or cobbled together from rubbish articles lifted off the internet by rabid anti-vaxxers. It’s maddening and dangerous. Luckily, the baby has never been sick a day in his life, is as healthy as a horse, is smart, active and eats very healthy food. But you don’t know what’s around the corner. The irony is that his mother drinks lots of alcohol, smokes (both kinds), takes medication for depression and anxiety, and likes her recreational drugs, but doesn’t believe in giving children chemicals. Except for the paracetamol… If they told her there was a course of vaccines so she’d never get breast cancer, for example, she’d be on that like a seagull on a chip.

      • Lady D says:

        It’s your son’s child too, right? Why can’t he pick Junior up and take him for a vaccination and an ice cream cone himself? It seems to me he has the same rights to his baby as she does, or no?

      • AnnaKist says:

        Thanks, Lady D. I agree wholeheartedly. Howeve, they’re “off” at th moment, and she is refusing to let him see the boy. He currently has an application before the Family Court for joint custody. He wanted to avoid the court route, and until recently, believed they could have amicable arrangements. As I said, they’re currently “off”. Next month, they could be “on” again. It’s exhausting, and very disruptive for the little boy. They both need their arses kicked.

    • Prettykrazee says:

      Anti Vaccine are so selfish! Those people knew there was a measles outbreak at his school and decided yeah let’s travel abroad anyway! They are the worst.

      • Mac says:

        Unfortunately, anti-vaxx is no longer just a position, it is an identity, which makes it incredibly hard to change minds once something is internalized to that level.

    • Wilady says:

      Am unvaccinated individual with measles just came through Portland airport, hitting up a trampoline park and pizza place loaded with kids and babies, as well, before making their way up to Washington. It’s horrifying.

      Infants under 18 months haven’t gotten their vaccine yet, and to infect those that WANTED to get vaccinated but weren’t of age yet is just terrible.

  3. Tanguerita says:

    hope it has and continues to do so. Well-deserved.

  4. OriginalLala says:

    she should stay at home with her un-vaccinated child, we don’t need more of them running around infecting people with measles.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes. JFC. And I hope her products tank for good.

      • Wow says:

        Sephora’s birthday gift was some of her stuff and I refused it. Stop giving these murderers a platform.

        Also, most adults need boosters around 28 to 35 on most things. Make sure YOU get vaccinated with your children or just for the children and elderly existing near you.

      • Mac says:

        I hate to say it, but I love her make up. The Alchemy line is amazing. Although I did not know she was anti-vaxx until I read this. She is not a celebrity that interests me beyond her make up so I rarely click on posts about her.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I don’t think her kid is old enough for vaccinations yet, but she better hope that no unvaccinated kids who are carriers get anywhere near her kid.

      and F*CK this woman and her antisemitism.

  5. Jane says:

    I’m just wondering…there are mounds of her makeup in the TJ Maxx stores near me (Chicago). Is it local or is it all over the US?

    • Sassbr says:

      Companies sell excess stock to TJ Max, Marshall’s, etc. All that make up you ever see at a bargain store like that was just unsold somewhere else. Sometimes it’s expired-I wouldn’t purchase coverup there, but I don’t see the harm in lipsticks, though I once bought a lipstick queen brand gloss at TJ once and the formulation was very goopy, so possibly old or affected by temperature.

      • Jane says:

        Thanks, Sassbr. I’ve been a TJMaxx/Mashalls shopper for a couple decades now and love the fact excess stock goes there. I’m just wondering specifically if many of the stores across the US are carrying vast amounts of HER overstock. It could tell us that her makeup line is just not selling well in Sephora and it has to go to TJM and M.

      • Prettykrazee says:

        I use the Beauty Keeper App whenever I buy makeup in store. It tracks lot numbers for beauty products. Let’s you know when the product was made and it’s shelf life. It really helps. I definitely recommend using it whether you are buying from Sephora/Ulta or TJ Maxx like stores.

    • Lizzie says:

      no – tx maxx is FLOODED with her products all around me. like – no joke last weekend i saw a STACK of at least 50 light and shade palettes, all colors of lipsticks, including at least 15 shades of lolita, which was usually sold out for a few years!

      • Jane says:

        Thanks for the input on this, Lizzie. I see the Light and Shade palettes here as well.

      • Erinn says:

        Lizzie I’ve seen a ton of them at Winners in Nova Scotia is too. I really hope she’s been taking a hit. I glanced at one of the light and shade ones the other day and my husband nudges me “isn’t she the woman who’s antivax” and I put it back down because I’d previously said I refuse to buy her product.

    • sassbr says:

      Alot I’m willing to bet because I’m in NJ and a majority of the makeup overstock is Kat Von D, Urban Decay, and Benefit.

    • Angel says:

      There is tons and tons of her stuff in TJ Maxx stores in the Dallas, TX area. I stopped buying her makeup awhile ago, I can’t get over her views enough to support giving her my money.

  6. hnmmom says:

    My daughter had her birthday party at Sephora with a group make up lesson. I told the store beforehand absolutely no Kat von D products were to be used or recommended to the girls. This antivax junk (love the person on Twitter who said they should be renamed Pro-Plague) is serious. I refuse to support anyone who could be so stupid.

  7. AnnaKist says:

    Gosh, how adorable is that little baby?! His mum, on the other hand…

  8. Ai says:

    I will never buy any of her products due to her anti-vaccination stance or any other celebrities selling stuff that thinks the same.

    • Annabel says:

      Same. I was browsing around Sephora the other day, saw her name, and the first thing that came to mind was “psychotic anti-vaxxer who’s putting everyone else’s kids in danger,” which I believe is a classic case of what marketers refer to as “brand damage.”

  9. BaronSamedi says:

    Her stance on vaccination is incredibly bad and if people want to avoid buying her products because of that I understand. Personally I feel like the the anti-vaxxers are finally starting to get enough pushback that something official is going to be done about it in the long-term – so I’ll keep buying the stuff from her I like.

    We only just got our first Sephora’s that carry her line over here and the quality speaks for itself. The new Lolita capsule collection eyeshadows are incredible.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      so her anti-Semitism doesn’t bother you and won’t prevent you from putting money in her bigoted pockets?

      • Bailie says:

        Unfortunately, whatWHAT? many people are selfish and don’t care much about anything, but themselves.
        So, yes BaronSamedi and people like that will mostly likely keep buying Kat’s products, because you know…there is a shortage of make-up in the world and heck with values and integrity, right??

      • BaronSamedi says:

        No, I just 1. don’t live in the US and honestly from the outside your country has a lot more pressing problems than a make-up creator spouting idiotic health-crap.

        2. I think the only reason the anti-vaxx movement is so prevalent in the US is the lack of education and boycotting this idiots make-up doesn’t change that at all.

        I DO have values and integrity, I just take the freedom to choose the issues I will boycott a company over.

        As for her anti-semitism: I’m not about to believe a half sentence by some commenter on some forum? Boycott her all you like but please don’t think attacking me on some internet forum is going to get you any woke points.

      • Bailie says:

        BaronSemedi :
        I don’t live in the USA either and yes USA has many problems just like a lot of other countries in the world.
        What does that has to do with anything?
        So you think that Americans who are not vaccinated can’t get on a plane and visit your country and potentially cause an epidemic? Wow!
        Famous people have followers and some will literally follow whatever they say, so famous people have a platform and must be aware of the consequences.
        Anti-Semitism is a serious problem around the world and ignoring it is not helpful…history tends to repeat itself.
        As a European, I’m especially aware of what devastation anti-Semitism has caused on the European continent and the rest of the planet.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yes, you have the freedom to choose what issues you boycott a company over, and clearly anti-Semitism isn’t one of them. that’s apparently A-OK with you.

        and, regarding her anti-Semitism, you don’t have to take my word or anybody else’s word for it. take KVD’s word for it. google her name and anti-Semitism, and you’ll find evidence of it (outside of half a sentence by a commenter on a gossip forum).

    • ASHBY says:

      I can’t stand these anti vaccination people. It’s so dangerous.
      Yes, modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers, but it has saved countless lives around the world and vaccines are a huge part of it.
      I wonder, if Kat is at all concerned with all the crap in her make up line and I don’t even want to mention the tattoos she is covered in.
      There is NO WAY I would support with my hard earned dollars such a person as Kat seems to be.
      I don’t only vote at election time, I also vote with my DOLLAR every time I make a purchase!!!
      There is more than plenty of make up out there and I’m making careful decisions at age 28, because it does make a difference.
      I can’t even go into the anti-Semitism thing, it’s just horrible, but stupid and careless people will buy her stuff no problem.

    • Lady D says:

      …”in the long-term” Meanwhile in the short-term, people and children with compromised immune systems will continue to suffer and die. Please don’t support these idiots.

    • ASHBY says:

      I can’t stand these anti vaccination people. It’s so dangerous.
      Yes, modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers, but it has saved countless lives around the world and vaccines are a huge part of it.
      I wonder, if Kat is at all concerned with all the crap in her make up line and I don’t even want to mention the tattoos she is covered in.
      There is NO WAY I would support with my hard earned dollars such a person as Kat seems to be.
      I don’t only vote at election time, I also vote with my DOLLAR every time I make a purchase!!!
      There is more than plenty of make up out there and I’m making careful decisions at age 28, because it does make a difference.

  10. duchess of hazard says:

    VACCINATE YO’ KIDS, OR STAY AT HOME! (that is, if your kids can be vaccinated ordinarily, I know that some people can’t get vaccinations due to certain conditions). But if you can, PLEASE vaccinate your kids!

    • gemcat says:

      I was (and I am so very sorry) anti-vaccination with my first, as I took and trusted the advice of in-law family members and in effect risked the life of my child and countless others for years. I feel horrible about it, and as soon as I read up on it I remedied it by vaccinating the hell out of both that child and myself (myself for travel and top-up reasons). My ex would still wait with getting any possible future kids vaccinated “for the first few years”..crazy stuff
      Once we were outside of the regular vaccine-schedule it was really hard getting the vaccinations ‘running at needed intervals’ when requested, but really that was on me so, fair enough!

      • Lindy says:

        Gemcat, kudos to you for doing the research and revising your opinion. I feel like that’s so rare among the anti-vaxxers I know. Just curious how you came to your new views? What was it that caused you to start questioning and go searching for more info?

      • gemcat says:

        Lindy..thanks lovely. I think it was distancing myself from, and seeing that the people around me at the time, were very wrong about many things.

        Also, I had a serious health issue that was cured by one of the other “evils” of modern medicine.. you know penicillin 😉 So an openness to question my previous ‘reality’ perhaps, and that not everything can be cured by a healthy diet or bone broth or whatnot, ha!

        And I read or heard somewhere about the anti-vaxxer myths (years and years ago, before this blew up in the media to the level it has today -now the mind boggles that people still don’t just go out and find the facts for themselves, it’s so readily available and discussed) and was all, oh shit, I should probably educate myself on this properly. I mean it is my responsibility to do that both as a mother and as a fellow human.

        Finally, I had a friend who worked with developing tetanus vaccines at a local research facility and had a few chats with her and she talked me through benefits of combination vaccines, which was really helpful too.

    • windyriver says:

      Coincidentally, this article came out today, about unexpected additional benefits of various vaccines:


      Specifically with respect to measles, “For decades, scientists have observed an extraordinarily positive side effect among children who received the measles vaccine: deaths from measles plummeted…and so did deaths from unrelated diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea.”

      There’s similar comments about additional observed benefits of other vaccines, and some theories about why this occurs.

  11. Lisa says:

    I hope so because her anti vaccine stance is dangerous.

  12. JadedBrit says:

    Anti-vaxxers are as great a threat to the planet as climate change deniers. When this woman’s – who relies on other people’s herd immunity: see dictionary definition of ‘hypocrite’ – offspring troops around infecting those parts of the population with a suppressed immune response (cancer, AIDS etc) with the most preventable of diseases, I’m sure she’ll still fine someone else to blame. Anti-vaxxers always do.
    I’m not going to even start on the antisemitism.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Totally agree with you here. I think everyone has ignored the obvious problems with her for years. I swear, reality TV stars are going to be the death of us!

  13. Elena says:

    A child can’t consent to the risks of preventable conditions. Vaccinate unless your kids are allergic, please! Protect our immunocompromised population that can’t vaccinate.

  14. nemo says:

    her powder is #1? selling more that Laura Mercier’s? wow. that’s a surprise, because there isn’t much of a buzz regarding her make-up products anymore (thanks to KVD being a racist idiot).

  15. Audrey says:

    I like that her products are vegan and cruelty free.

    • Wow says:

      Well, supporting a view that endangers public health and has already claimed human lives through the ignorance of anti vaccination efforts seems pretty cool. You wouldn’t support any other murderer, why support her just because her products are vegan? They definitely aren’t cruelty free, human lives lost by anti vaxxers should could as cruelty.

      • Audrey says:

        I’m not supporting her, but I do like that her products are vegan. I think I bought one item of hers a few years ago, though. I think more products should be vegan and animal testing should go away for good.

      • Chubcucumber says:

        Long time vegan here. I consider anti-vaxxers to be non-vegan.
        Veganism as a philosophy is about reducing harm to living creatures, not about just not eating animals. Using an egg based vaccine is a WAY more significant harm reduction to living creatures than not vaxxing. Sure it would be nice to not harm anybody at all but that’s not always an option and when a choice has to be made the vegan should weigh ALL the potential harm and decide accordingly. Babies + immune compromised people > eggs.
        I think von D is not very bright. And she isn’t doing the rest of us vegans any favors.

      • Andrea says:

        I use her products a lot and love that they are cruelty free and vegan. I am pro vaccine but won’t not use her products because of it. I simply adore her products more than anyone else’s and will not boycott them.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        what about her anti-Semitism, Andrea? does that bother you enough to boycott her products?

      • Lady D says:

        Susan Sarandon level of vacuous cluelessness.

  16. Mama says:

    I know I have told Sephora employees more than once that I’m not interested in her products and why (when they were suggested). I hope it has hurt her bottom line – but – I doubt it.

  17. Cait says:

    Well those are certainly the reasons I don’t buy her stuff. I hope it’s the same for many.

  18. Lady Keller says:

    I spit out my coffee when I saw her caption about a vegan stroller. Is this a thing now?

    I love how concerned she is that no animals were injured in making her pram but she will happily risk letting her baby get measles or rubella and risk passing those on to immune suppressed people who don’t have the option of getting vaccines.

  19. Who ARE These People? says:

    Either one of her stances should be sufficiently appalling to lead consumers to shun her products. Anti-Semitism is also not good. Remember when she was with Nazi fancier Jesse James?

    • DS9 says:

      I still love Sandra Bullock but I will never believe she was completely unaware she was sleeping with a racist

      • Lady D says:

        I worked with a woman who’s husband gently informed her he was gay and was going to explore his other side for the rest of his life. They had been married 23 years and had 5 daughters. It completely blindsided her. Her daughters took care of her for almost a year before she could pull her act together. She loved him with all her heart and didn’t have a clue. I felt so bad for her.

  20. Shelley says:

    I wouldn’t support her line.

  21. Lindy says:

    I never used her stuff (I love love love Urban Decay for all things eye makeup related) but I’ve definitely been making more of an effort over the last few years to purchase more consciously, and do a little research about a company, product, or manufacturer before I make a purchase. I’m not a huge makeup person, so when I want to splurge I don’t want my money supporting people like anti vaxxers.

    Question for you CBers… My next effort is around reducing single use plastics. Lush is my go to for shampoo and lotion and conditioner. Does anyone know of good makeup brands working on sustainable packaging?

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Not a direct answer but I am saving empty dispenser bottles to make my own products. But this raises the question of the ingredients coming in their own packaging so it’s back to your original question.

      • Lindy says:

        That’s a good place to start for sure! I feel a little intimidated about making my own stuff. I’m not very crafty. But I would love to look into that and maybe give myself one item to try and make and experiment until I feel more confident.

        Another issue with this is economic privilege. Most of the companies I know (like lush) that are going sustainable are too expensive for most people.

    • Prettykrazee says:

      Tarte new brand Sugar Rush uses recycled packaging. MAC has their recycle program where you can turn in 6 empties for a free lipstick. Aveda, Tata Harper, Kiel’s, Alba Botanica brands all use recycled packaging as well. I would love it more brands used recycled materials in their packaging.

    • Eden75 says:

      I would love to use Lush products, they smell fabulous, but every single thing from that store that I have tested gives me massive hives that last for a few days.

      I am a huge fan of Urban Decay as well (the wet/dry foundation in particular) and the Tarte lines. I have taken the packaging for both back to Sephora when I am restocking and they take them. I didn’t ask if they recycled honestly, because when I live, they do and where I work (and shop most of the time) I just assumed they did. Better ask next time I’m in.

      As for Kat von D stuff, I use none of it. I am too old for most of the stuff in the line. I’d look like a middle aged mom playing dress up as Mrs. Munster, which to be honest, would be correct.

      • Glor says:

        Yes Eden75….Lush are sadly wedded to lashing sodium laurel sulphate into their shampoos and soaps and shower gels. They are very defensive about it.
        It’s long been a major irritation (haha) and they could do quite some good by abandoning the stuff, and promoting a ‘less (bubbles/foam) is more’vibe. So weird and out of step with their responsible consumer vibe. As it is, in the face of SLS complaints, they essentially say ‘Sod you’ to a large number of potential customers.
        *sorry, thread; a bit of a tangent

  22. Kaylove says:

    Wouldn’t touch anything from her line. Ever.

  23. DS9 says:

    I’m sure part of it is the anti vax/anti semitic stuff but it’s incredibly easy to boycott a company that isn’t doing anything new lately.

    The last release I remember is the Alchemist palette or whatever it was that wasn’t even that good.

    None of the influencers I follow are using her products though to be fair, I don’t follow the bigger names.

    • Wow says:

      Her lock it line and tattoo liner are some of the best. Customers who rebuy products are most cosmetics companies bread and butter. Prior to her spewing communicable stupid all over her vast reach of influence I would purchase 6 liners a year from her at $20 a pop and 4 lock it foundations and powders at $40 and $30 each. She is one of the few brands with an expanded shade range dark enough for me with actual human under tones. So someone like myself who rebuys the same staple products like myself is going to be a consumer it hurts to lose. She used to get around $400 a year from me. Because of her anti semitism and anti vaxxer propaganda now she gets nothing even though I have to use products that don’t work as well for me personally.

      Lack of innovation hurts, but not as much as losing her base of customers rebuying her staple products. Thats usually considered guaranteed money to a brand and how they fund everything else. She doesn’t operate at the low cost of say kylie cosmetics or Jeffrey star because of her heavy retail presence.

  24. TaniaOG says:

    I 100% will NEVER EVER support an anti vaxxer.

  25. Beatrix says:

    I, for one, stopped buying her products due to the her racism and ignorant views on vaccinations. I loved her long lasting lipstick and honestly haven’t been able to find a new one of comparable quality, which is a damn shame. I think I’ll try Stila’s. Also, Fenty’s PRO FILTR powder is amazing, I highly recommend.

    It seems clear to me that her management and makeup manufacturer asked her to shut it since she’s been glaringly silent on her regressive views for some time now. Good. Hope it affected her bottom line, but mostly, I’m upset that people like this can still make money.

  26. Dirtyvern says:

    I used to love her makeup but resolved not buy any more after her stupid anti vaxx comments. My distaste grew when I read an interview with that troll she’s with where he said he stopped talking to his daughter because she betrayed him by sleeping with his band mates when she was THIRTEEN years old. Yeah, you’re the victim there, buddy. I have the question the intelligence of anyone who has a kid with someone like that.. and don’t even get me started on the damn name.

    • wildflower says:

      I’m so glad you brought this up! I read that about him on another post here and looked it up because it seemed unbelievable, but it is sadly true. That poor girl. KVD is just gross in every way and I don’t care how high quality her damn makeup is, I have self respect and we have to take a stand somewhere. I’m not buying anything she sells. And her pram looks like the one in Rosemary’s Baby.

  27. Ann says:

    Last year (I think?) Taylor Swift tweeted or instagramed or somethinged Kat in praise of one of her make up products and the Swifties were not having it. I was pleasantly surprised by their reaction. I’ve never liked this woman. She got with Jesse James, which is enough evidence for me that she’s terrible. I hope her make up line fails and she gets relegated to F-list status where she belongs.

    • Andrea says:

      I dated some pretty bad boys, one has been to jail several times for stalking myself and other exes. Does that mean I am guilty by association?

      • Snowflake says:

        You are assumed to be like who you spend time with. If you didn’t have anything in common, you wouldn’t hang out together. For example if a girl sees a guy who does cocaine, she probably does cocaine. Non drug users don’t usually hang out w drug users. It does give me pause as to why Sandra dated him for so long. I’m sure he didn’t keep his views hideen Well, maybe he did. But still, the racist people I know are pretty open w it. In your case, a stalker doesn’t mean you’re a stalker. Stalkers keep their crazy hidden, not so much white supremacists. Jmo

  28. MaryBeary says:

    I stopped buying her stuff when her stupid anti-vax and anti-Semantic comments came out. I do miss her tattoo eyeliner though, it was great. I refuse to give her any of my money.

  29. Taya says:

    I’ve never bought anything from her line (although at one time I did want to try her contour palette) so it’s not hard to continue avoiding the product. I find it surprising that her powder is the number one at Sephora though.

    The CEO of Drunk Elephant is also problematic with regards to her skincare philosophy and how she interacts with people on Instagram, so even though I like that brand, I won’t be repurchasing.

  30. Rebecca says:

    I noticed when I moved back to Washington State the anti vaccination people here have really had a negative effect on the school children. There are Measles outbreaks here all the time that start in children who are not vaccinated. They’ve had to shut down schools several times because of it.

    There is also a new polio like enterovirus emerging here. No one knows what it is yet. I wonder if it’s a mutated form of the polio virus caused by the significant amount of parents who are not vaccinating their children. This new Enterovirus is killing and crippeling children and slowly spreading from the West Coast Eastward. Further, the Measles part of the MMR vaccine is becoming ineffective for many people. Some doctors in Seattle and the surrounding areas are recommending adults and older children get vaccinated again for Measles.

    Unless we enact a Federal Law that everyone must vaccinate their children, this is our future. Everyone must be vaccinated in order for the vaccines to work properly.

  31. Lynnie says:

    I think her anti-vax and anti-Semitic stance did hurt sales along with the fact she hasn’t released anything new, good, or exciting in a while. All sorts of her stuff has either been half off or on sale weeks after it arrives + budget beauty has been the new wave for a while. There are plenty of affordable cruelty free and vegan brands out there now that kat von disease can’t even use it as her main USP anymore.

    Im not sure how long the pushback will last though because memories are fickle, and the beauty community forgave Jeffree Star after Shane did that stupid puff piece on him so we’ll see.

    Does anyone know if there’s something similar to her Lolita blush + highlighter palette that comes in the pink packaging and was half off this Christmas. That’s the only thing that looked interesting from her brand, but I’m not trying to support her.

  32. JBones says:

    Pro Plaguers just bought multiple billboard spots across Toronto, Canada. Anti Vax propaganda is so dangerous and it’s spreading rapidly across the globe. What could be more frightening than losing a child to a preventable disease? What are the anti vaxxers so afraid of? Is it a control thing?

    In contrast, there is a” Light for Riley” campaign in Australia that was started by a family who lost their newborn son to whooping cough. It’s heartbreaking. I don’t understand how a parent could knowingly put their child at risk by refusing vaccinations. I can not support people or products who preach this BS.

  33. Taya says:

    I remember being vaccinated was a requirement for California schools when I was younger, is it not for other states?

    • Rebecca says:

      Nope. They just passed a law in Washington State this year and it only prevents a parent from opting out of vaccinating their children for personal and philosophical reasons, not religious reasons. I guess they finally got tired of the measles outbreaks.

      There is an article in the Washington Post entitled “Measles outbreak in Pacific Northwest about half of US cases” from March 3, 2019. Most of the anti-vaxxers really do live here. I have no idea why.

  34. DSW says:

    Her husband is a total trash bag too. One of his band members sexually assaulted her when she was 13 or 14, and he reacted to it by abandoning her for her “betrayal”. In his mind, the band mate and his young daughter were having a consensual relationship, so he was angry at both of them.

    • DSW says:

      I just realized my comment was sort of messed up. Kat Von D’s husband has a daughter that he abandoned after she was assaulted by one of his band mates. That’s what I meant to say.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah he is a trash bag for saying that shit.

  35. Originaluna says:

    Everytime I read anti-vaxx bull from Kat or others, I just know, KNOW that if she had to come to my dear continent, Africa, for a single visit, she would get all the meds and vaccinations in the world, for her and her child.
    In my country it is not even a question. I have never heard anyone debating not getting their kids Vaccinated. I mean, we compare our polio vaccine’s scars on our right arms, as casual conversation!
    Also, this reminds me of a post I saw recently saying: My child isn’t vaccinated, and there’s a measles outbreak in my town. How can I keep my child safe from the disease?
    And that.. was a perfect karmic question. I hate how stupid people are.

  36. Littlefishmom says:

    She turned out to be not at all how I thought she was. Over this chick for years. I could care less about her personal choices about vaccination. She’s a liar and a racist. No thanks.

  37. HeyThere! says:

    Ugh antivaxers drive me insane. Did you ever notice they all talking about ‘the research’ they have done???? Aka google searches for one sided, false information that they type in! Ahhh!!! It literally makes zero sense. Maybe they need to see videos of these terrible deadly diseases to remind them that this shot won’t kill their kid???

    My husband works with a guy that refuses to vaccinate his kids and they have to drive 2.5 HOURS to a pediatrician that agrees with them. My babies pedi made us sign paperwork that we have to vaccinate on his schedule or they won’t approve us as patients, unless there is a medical reason. If the parent refuses to vaccinate, he won’t accept them. I also know a lady, not my friend, that openly told me she has her pedi lie and do religious exemption even though they aren’t religious. So she was telling me, willingly because I didn’t ask, that her doctor lies for her. Her literal doctor helped her lie to the school system. She was bragging about this!! I was floored and she never said what the name of the doctor was but I wanted to report, honestly.

  38. Melanie says:

    As a makeup junkie, I can testify it has affected her sales. I’m part of a couple private makeup forums, with thousands of people on each. Her reputation is in the toilet, and longtime fans have stopped purchasing. It’s readily apparent on IG. There are theads a mile long ripping her to no end. IG really set the tone and informed many who weren’t aware of her past. Then add the antivax on top of her Nazi sympathy, she’s not doing well LOL.

    Sephora is her outlet and there have been sales galore on her products over the past year. Then she started releasing new products, not full collections, just a couple here and there, and we can tell the writing is on the wall. They’re not selling and they’re trying to push out anything already produced. Even the last liner gimmick she tried failed. Basically, you paid for her product development 😂 She wanted you to buy her unnamed liner and then give the company feedback on what to change. It was in generic packaging. Oh we laughed!

    She’s not officially done and has her ride-or-die stans, but she is a joke to the wider makeup community. Her new vegan shoe line will drop very soon. It will be interesting to see how it does.

  39. Amelie says:

    I will forever blame Jenny McCarthy for peddling the anti-vaxx nonsense she did for years, insisting it caused her son’s autism. She didn’t start it, but she was one of the first well-known celebrities who wouldn’t shut up about it. I really do think it gained so much traction because of her.

  40. mara says:

    Speaking for my household, my daughter and I no longer purchase KVD cosmetics. Ever.
    We used to both love the line, but once her anti-vax & Nazi sympathizer views became known, we threw it all out and will never again purchase her line of costmetics.

  41. Veronica S. says:

    I would think the declining quality of the products is the bigger issue, IMO. The relaunch of the lipstick line wasn’t well received a few years back, and the eyeshadow palettes have mediocre reviews at times. Her personality and problematic views are just icing on the cake otherwise.

  42. A says:

    Here’s what I know–the people who are informed enough about makeup to be regulars on MakeupAddiction and SkincareAddition etc on Reddit are not going to be buying her products after her comments. They’re the sort of folks who have the awareness to know there are alternatives to KvD’s makeup, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to find any alternatives for vegan/cruelty free make up to check those places out because there are definitely other lines out there that are amazing and work just as well if not better.

    But it takes a while for that awareness to trickle down to everyone else. If her stuff is getting sold in TJMaxx/Marshalls etc, then I don’t think that the people buying it from those places are all that aware of her opinions, or really care all that much to really affect her sales right now. The people who are who shop there wouldn’t be buying her things anyway. But if KvD’s bottom line is hurting over at Sephora/Ulta etc, then it won’t be very long before it starts being obvious at TJMaxx’s, and that’s when I think we’ll know for sure if her comments are affecting her makeup line.