Comfortable and stylish clothing to weather the transition to spring

As I’ve mentioned a few times, you can find great bargains in Amazon clothing but it’s a pain to sort through all their stuff. I spend longer on these clothing posts as it’s harder to find things, but also because I just like looking through clothes. It gives me that soothing feeling like when I’m retail shopping plus I enjoy talking about clothes and fashion. As a programming note we’re going to do a book post on Thursday! Hecate is helping with that as she’s a voracious reader and Kaiser is giving some recommendations too.

I found a lot of these through Buzzfeed’s clothing posts and wanted to link that to give them credit. They do a great job with these Amazon posts and have been a good model for us to follow.

A romantic versatile lace top that comes with an undershirt
I have a lace top similar to this one and it’s one of my favorite pieces. It looks great over jeans or a skirt and can be worn just about anywhere. This top has over 1,600 reviews and an over 4 star rating. It comes in seven different colors and in sizes X-small to X-large. Reviews say that it “fits like a glove,” is “not too tight or loose” and is flattering.

A sweater with cute stripey sleeves
Imagine this sweater layered over a button down top for colder weather or worn alone. It’s adorable with contrasting stitch sleeves and comes in five different colors. Reviewers call it “sporty” looking and say they get compliments on how unique it is. It’s called “soft,” “comfy” and “a great thickness for indoors in the winter. Warm, but not too warm.” Some women say it runs short, but others write that it’s not a problem.

A chunky oversize sweater with a windowpane print
This sweater looks so chic over a cute skirt or leggings and comes in both a turtleneck and round neck. The sizing runs small so be sure to follow the chart. Women who own it say it’s “great quality and made of heavy material” and is thick and warm. It’s also said to “make for a quick and chic outfit when paired with jeans and booties.” It does fall at the waist and may be too short for taller women.

A velvet button down shirt
This velvet button down shirt comes in both traditional shirt and tunic style with so many color options. It’s available in sizes small to XX-Large. It’s the kind of piece you can easily build an outfit around and is long enough to work with tight leggings. Buyers write that the quality is good for the price and that it’s the same shirt “which is sold elsewhere for five times the money.” It’s also “very comfy and dresses up casual outfits or jeans.”

An under $20 midi skirt with pockets that you can wear to the office
This midi skirt comes in sizes small to X-large and in 13 different print and color choices. Women who own it call it “perfect for work,” and write that it “defines your waist.” It also has roomy pockets which one woman calls “fantastic,” “I put my big I phone 6 plus and keys in it and you couldn’t even tell!” Here’s a link to another well reviewed midi skirt in more colors.

Sweatpants you can wear to the gym and the store
As someone who wears athletic wear and sweatpants for a good portion of my day, I couldn’t pass these up. (Also I checked and I haven’t recommended these before!) Honestly I’m wearing a gray and black pair that I got from the store which are almost identical to these, gray with black cuffs and black stripes down the side. These come in sizes X-small to XX-large and there are 36 different stripe and colorblocked versions. They’re said to be “soft,” “comfortable,” “perfect for lounging” or athletic activities like hiking and you can wear them to bed too. Sold.

A stylish print blouse that’s so affordable
I love a bold print blouse! This blouse comes in 29 cute prints that will make you look fashionable. It runs under $22 and has floral, stripe, abstract and even cat prints. Sizes run from 2 to 22 however they do run small and you’ll want to consult the guide. The woman pictured above says you’ll want to order two sizes up. This is said to be solid and not see through so you won’t need an undershirt or cami with it. Reviewers write that they get compliments on the blouse and that they’ve bought several different versions of it. Some say that the sleeves are too short although you could fix that by just rolling them up as pictured.

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Photos credit: Pixabay and Valeria Boltneva via Pexels and Amazon

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  1. tempest prognosticator says:

    I like the sweater with the stripey sleeves.

  2. duchess of hazard says:

    If you can find me cute print shirts that I don’t have to iron, I’d be forever in your debt. I just hate ironing, y’all. Also, I’m going to be living out of my suitcase for a minute and I’d like to not worry about ironing, but still look smart.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      I also hate ironing. I want to get a handheld steamer when I have the money.
      I find that with lighter fabrics (like silk or a thin cotton) you can hang in the bathroom while you have a hot shower. The steam from the shower loosens the wrinkles in fabric.
      You can also dry your clothes on coats hangers so the wrinkles fall out while the clothing dries.
      You probably already know these tips but if not, I hope I’ve helped!

      • duchess of hazard says:

        @MarcelMarcel – bless you my child. I know what I’ll be saving up for now! A hand held steamer. Thank you! May your skin be clear, your hair bouncy, your crops flourish, and your enemies torn asunder.

  3. mela says:

    no offense but these are all FUG

  4. Kitten says:

    PattyBoutik is great–pretty good quality and reasonably-priced. I’d say I have about 10 tops by Patty and they’re all really flattering and have thus far, held up well to multiple washes.

    On another note, I’m not really confident in how socially-conscious (probably not at all) the clothes sold on Amazon are. And I’m talking specifically about the stuff that comes from China and is made with Chinese sizing, which runs a lot smaller than American sizing. For those low prices, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sweatshop-produced, although that’s probably not too different than a lot of stores where the clothes are both cheap in price and in quality.

    That being said, I actually own the white striped lounge pants you featured here and they’re really flattering and comfortable. They’re really thin/light- weight though and definitely best for spring/summer.
    When shopping on Amazon, I always buy size small–sometimes size xs–and it’s fine but definitely read the reviews because a lot of people who would be a size small in Gap or LL Bean or whatever need to size up to M or L when shopping on Amazon.

    • Esmom says:

      Those striped white lounge pants jumped out at me, I love them!

      Good points about the origin of the items, good to keep in mind.

  5. megs283 says:

    Thanks for these. I have the WORST picker when it comes to getting clothes on amazon. I did buy one of the velvet wrap dresses that you posted around Christmas, and it was great.

  6. Avery says:

    I love that sweater and skirt! I am going to order those.

  7. teehee says:

    Noooo! Yall raidin my patty boutik stash XD

    Patty is one of my staples for feminine but not cheap or trashy, which is oddly hard to find.

  8. Lulu says:

    I am loving these posts! Thank you so much! Can you do a shoes one next?

  9. Esmom says:

    I just started working in an office yesterday for the first time since 2001! (I was/am a freelance writer working at home for most of that time between then and now and for the last four years I’ve also worked as a preschool teacher). So my style has been jeans and t-shirts…time to up my game.

    That said, my biggest takeaway fashion-wise from my new workplace is that black leggings/yoga pants are acceptable office wear? I’m not sure I can ever get on board with that. I see some great options here as I look to step up my wardrobe a bit, thank you!

  10. Sparker says:

    Yay, the velvet shirt? I’m wearing the tshirt version under my millennial, woolly cardigan/bathroom right now!!