Anna Wintour praises Kim Kardashian’s ‘minimal, covered’ style transformation

Kim Kardashian bursts out of her top after sushi at Sugarfish

A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian stepped out in a NSFW vintage Mugler gown which was ridiculous, hideous and inappropriate. It wasn’t that she was “spilling out” of the dress, it’s that she looked completely obscene and uncomfortable. We didn’t even cover those photos, because GROSS. But it served as another reminder that Kim Kardashian does not know what she’s doing sartorially. Remember, she started out as a “stylist” back in the day. That’s the thing about it too – go back and look at photos of Kim circa 2007-2010, all the pre-Kanye stuff. She looks so much prettier and more comfortable. Nowadays she looks like an overinflated blow-up dolls in sh-tty couture. But the high priestess of fashion, Anna “Nuclear” Wintour thinks Kim’s style transformation is worthy of praise. O RLY? Wintour praised Kim during this week’s episode of Go Ask Anna (for

Anna on Kim’s style: “Kim of all of them I feel has possibly changed the most… I personally admire the way she has become a little bit more minimal in the way that she’s dressing and a little bit more covered.”

She admires the way the KarJenners built their empire: “You have to admire how they have created an empire obviously through their personalities and creative genius of their mother [Kris Jenner]. And how they live the way they do, I can’t possibly understand or fathom living so much in the public eye. But obviously it works.”

Anna thinks Kendall Jenner is very successful: “So obviously the Kardashian that we’ve had the most experience with at Vogue is Kendall. People thought that she wouldn’t last and I give her a lot of credit for persevering in her successful modeling career.” Jenner’s ambition and drive reminds Wintour of iconic ’90s supermodel Linda Evangelista. “I see Kendall very much in the same way. Linda was happy being a model. I think maybe some of the other girls that came up at that time wanted other careers, whereas Linda loved being a model. [Kendall]’s very open and very direct in the way she talks about how she just wants to be a model, that she enjoys being a model, that she has worked hard at it. And I hope that she continues and keeps up the pace.”

[From People]

Re: Kendall just wanting to model… I legitimately think that Kendall has nothing else to offer. Literally, all she can do is stand around and look dead-eyed. But I understand Anna’s point, it’s interesting that there are a few current models out there who just want to model and they don’t secretly want to be actresses, writers or Leo’s girlfriend.

As for what Anna says about Kim… Anna is just talking out of her ass. Kim looks like ten kinds of hell on most red carpets these days. The “minimalism” Anna is praising is mostly because Kanye prefers when Kim wears black, white or silver, and when she wears really high-end stuff… which rarely fits her, because that stuff was not made for short women with hourglass figures like Kim. Kim would look a million times better if she stopped allowing Kanye to style her and wore some styles that suited her figure.

2018 FN Achievement Awards

AmfAR 2019 New York Gala - Arrivals

The Kardashian clan enjoy family dinner at Nobu but there is no sign of Khloe!

Photos courtesy of WENN and Backgrid.

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31 Responses to “Anna Wintour praises Kim Kardashian’s ‘minimal, covered’ style transformation”

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    More minimal AND more covered? Isn’t that contradictory?

    • Rhys says:

      Oh, yeah, and a woman must cover herself up or she ain’t good, right?
      Tired of this body shaming.

    • SK says:

      She means minimal in the sense of decoration, colour and pattern. When fashion people say minimal they mean it’s not too busy, clean lines, not too much decoration, etc. Think a Calvin Klein gown compared to a Marchesa.

  2. boredblond says:

    Somehow the words ‘covered’ and ‘kardashian’ just don’t go together.

  3. Lisa says:

    Kim needs to stop letting Kanye dress her because she looks a mess most of the time.

  4. tuille says:

    When she’s relatively covered, it’s often very see-through.

  5. Swack says:

    “I personally admire the way she has become a little bit more minimal in the way that she’s dressing and a little bit more covered.” She has not covered up more. Why, just why?

    • Christina says:

      Anna is trying to sell clothes. Kim looks bad in the couture Kanye chooses, but wealthy people buy those clothes, and they want to look sexy. Kim looks sexy to Kanye, and Anna isn’t going to publicly bite hands that help feed her.

  6. minx says:

    The day she put KK on the cover of Vogue….ugh. There is nothing stylish or fashionable going on with those grifters.

  7. Kaylove says:

    Uh…. What? The lady is off her rocker. When is Kim ever ‘covered up’? Ex: the Mugler ‘gown’

  8. heloncearth says:

    Proof that Anna has lost the plot and needs to exit from Vogue.

  9. Lily says:

    At least Kim looked happy in her clothes in 2009

  10. Lynnie says:

    Lol y’all seriously don’t believe that Kanye is the one picking out all her outfits when they don’t even live together 💀. It’s a combo of her own bad taste that she’s always had, her stylist’s decisions, and her copying what her younger sisters wear. In the early days of their marriage I think he did go through her closet yes, but now she doesn’t let him have as nearly as much influence in anything anymore especially since he went on meds. I’m gonna need that narrative to stop por favor.

    Anna’s first two responses sound like shade to me tbh. She has no one but herself to blame for giving them a second wind with that vogue cover tho smh

    • me says:

      Kim is nothing more than a copycat. Remember when she got caught stealing the style of Jelena Karleusa? She stole her look head to toe ! This was a few years ago but damn Kim has no shame. Does she think the internet doesn’t exist or something lol?

    • Anon33 says:

      Kanye’s stylist took over for her stylist years ago. So when she says this is all from Kanye, she’s almost telling the truth, because it’s the same stylist. And yes I’m embarrassed that I know this, lol.

  11. Kitty says:

    She’s just sucking up to them because she knows there’s money to be made by working with them. Fashion isn’t what it used to be, these days phenomena brands like the Kardashians are what sells, not regular models and designers.

    I really wish she wouldn’t stoop so low. We all know she’s lying and that she wouldn’t be caught dead near a Kardashian only a few years ago, before they became this huge empire. She’s really jeopardizing her integrity as a fashion expert here (if she ever had any).

    • Christina says:

      Exactly, Kitty. And Lynnie, Kim’s need for couture is a Kanye thing. She’d be wearing nothing but Good American, Kylie lip liner, and contouring makeup from her line if it weren’t for him.

    • HK9 says:

      Nuclear Wintour will always follow the money because EVERYONE knows what Kim has is not style. She jeopardized her integrity when she gave Kim K a cover-it was downhill from there.

  12. AnnaKist says:

    Oh, Anna. Collect your bus pass and stop at Specsavers on the way, pet.

  13. Steff says:

    Anna needed to be sacked from Vogue as soon as she put Kim on their cover.

  14. Ann says:

    If anything she’s gotten more naked since Kanye. I don’t recall seeing nipples nearly as often pre-Ye. And good grief that black dress from a few weeks ago was heinous!

  15. Pandy says:

    Hey Anna! Why not put that FANTASTIC denim combo on the cover of Vogue? so minimal and stylish. Piss off.

  16. Mitzy says:

    I want to know the dirty shame-filled secrets Kanye & Kim know about Anna Wintour for her to be waving their flag, I reckon it is pretty bad……………………………………

  17. me says:

    Kim was a “stylist” to Brandy and Ray-J. Who else? That’s it pretty much. We all know what happened there, with the law suit claiming KIm and her siblings used Brandy’s mom’s credit cards for their own personal shopping. They settled out of court. Anyways, Kim is a horrible dresser. Yes, it’s hard to dress for her body, but that’s mostly because her body is so damn fake.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Paris Hilton, so that’s three. Didn’t know about the credit card abuse, though; that’s interesting.

      • me says:

        I thought she “organized” Paris’s closets or something? Seemed like with Paris, she just hung around her and partied with her. I don’t think it was a professional thing but maybe I’m wrong. Yes, you can look up the story about Brandy’s mom suing the Kardashians. It happened years ago.

  18. Jb says:

    How does Anna have any creditably in fashion after putting the 2 most unfashionable and fame hungry ppl on the cover?! I remember when Vogue was the go to for fashion and not just another outlet to milk thirsty fame seeking reputations. Seriously Kanye and Kim are messes fashion wise. Ugh whatever it takes to sell issues Amirite Anna???

  19. Amy Tennant says:

    Style aside, I miss Kim’s old face. I always thought she was pretty back when she was hanging with Paris. And the funny thing is, that’s supposedly when Kanye saw her and thought she was the most beautiful woman ever. But then why did he influence her to change her face and body? And stop smiling? Assuming that’s his influence, of course. It makes me sad.

  20. Lindy says:

    WHUT?! Does not compute.

  21. Libby says:

    Can we just skip reporting on Kim and her whole family? Seriously, they add nothing to society, culture, pop culture, any of it. The only way they will (eventually) go away is if we just stop giving them attention.

    No diss to, love the site! But I just need to stop seeing anything about any of them for my own sanity!