Video surfaces of Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, smoking pot

Jon Gosselin wants everyone to know that his “business dinner” with a tabloid reporter from Star wasn’t a date and that he’s still with his second girlfriend since his split. Gosselin and 22 year-old hard-partying college dropout Hailey Glassman were photographed kissing at Harriman State Park in NY yesterday. The two put on quite a show, which was surely meant to quiet those pesky rumors about the other woman Jon was seen with on Saturday night. It wasn’t a particularly sensitive move to make, considering that his children might see the photos and feel upset that their absent daddy is moving on with yet another new girlfriend.

We don’t have the rights to those photos, but you can see them on RadarOnline.

Radar also has plenty of photos of Hailey partying, along with a newly-posted video of her smoking pot. Radar’s partying photos are completely different from the ones that were published in In Touch last week, which means that there’s a huge cache of photos of this girl smoking up, getting drunk, and generally acting the fool. The photos on her now-removed facebook were quite tame in comparison.

Yesterday there was a transparent story on People from a “source close to Jon Gosselin” that claimed he didn’t start dating at all until Kate filed for divorce and that he was not having an affair with the woman he was photographed out with multiple times in May, Deanna Hummel. Many assumed that it was damage control by Jon, who now seems like the irresponsible party who is more than willing to ignore his eight kids for a good time.

PopEater recently conducted a poll that shows that more people are on Kate Gosselin’s side in the divorce, about 58%, as opposed to earlier in their split when the tabloids were making her out to be the evil party. It’s hard to choose between the two, but people are seeing who is staying home and taking care of the kids, albeit with plenty of help, and who is more than willing to be photographed out partying with their new, much-younger partner. Add in a bunch of photos and videos of the new girlfriend doing drugs, however tame, and the guy looks like that much more of a douche for parading her around.

Jon Gosselin is shown out buying a swiffer at a Duane Reed in NY on 7/20/09. Credit: CWNY/Fame Pictures. Kate Gosselin is shown out running errands in PA on 7/20/09. Credit: Splash News.

Kate Gosselin runs errands and plays in the yard with the kids

Kate Gosselin runs errands and plays in the yard with the kids

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27 Responses to “Video surfaces of Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, smoking pot”

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  1. pebbles says:

    i know that jon is an ass, but i can’t help but be a Kate-hater….i still think that she destroyed the marriage with her money-hungry, fame-whore ways…
    she comes out looking good now, but wait til the eight little tell-all books come out….bet she’s a b**tch to live with……..

  2. PrettyEmbalmer says:

    in my opinion its ok to smoke a bit of mari jane….as long as you arent trying to become a step mom to 8 kids. chances are that jon knows she smokes and probably smokes it with her. he is basically an overgrown frat boy (well he looks like one) wearing those too small ed hardy shirts, the beer belly and young chicks

  3. PrettyEmbalmer says:

    pebbles…i agree with you. Kate was a f*cking monster on that show. She talked to jon like he wasnt a human being with feelings.

  4. OXA says:

    At the time of her smoking MJ i doubt she was thinking about becoming a stepmom to 8 or having to deal with the press and the rath of Khate.

  5. Giz says:

    I’m not supporting the use of mj, but heck, if you have eight kids, by at the end of the day you might be entitled to a little sumin’ sumin’.

  6. Charm says:

    She may be money hungry but; remeber she has 6 little ones + 2 – that is going t require a WHOLE LOT of that bitch money hungry Kate you guys are talking about. She is probably looking towards their FUTURE, when Jon now wants to be with his College DROP-OUT blonde.
    They should keep their Jon & Kate +8 until at least the two older girls go off to college – they will really need the funds.

  7. Tazina says:

    Big deal. It’s college. She’s not sitting there smoking in front of her kids. She’s with her friends. Like it or not your kids may actually smoke a bit of pot in college. It’s not going to scar them for life.

  8. Obvious says:

    @Charm, yes it does. I’m so far in debt because of it it isn’t funny. However, they have millions. More than enough to send them all to college.

  9. Nebraska says:

    Jon looks like he’s smoked a few bong hits himself; Kate looks like she NEEDS to smoke something to wipe that angry look from her face.

  10. boomchakaboom says:

    @Charmed; Yes, I think everyone’s aware that college is expensive. Maybe those “little ones” could get financial aid like the majority of the rest of us. Maybe some of them will get scholarships and maybe some of them will forego the college experience altogether and just go to work instead.

  11. Ashley says:

    You know if Jon had grown a set and just stood up to kate when they were married she probably would have respected him more.
    Just saying he brought a lot on himself. I wouldn’t want a man who is a doormat either. And now with him running around with a child for a girlfriend that is probably going to make him lose custody of his children, its pathetic and he deserves everything he gets.

  12. Joe says:

    jeez…c’mon celebitchy…this isn’t even his girlfriend anymore.

  13. the original kate says:

    they need to stop filming and let those kids have a normal life. and who can afford to send their kids to college these days? my father died when i was 15 so i put myself through college by waiting tables, financial aid and partial scholarships. i didn;t go to community college -i went to a very expensive school and i saw alot of rich kids who didn’t care because they weren’t emotionally invested in being there, and alot of them didn’t finish. i worked my ass off & graduated with honors. it was a good lesson for me about work and discipline. the gosselin kids can do the same as most kids in america.

    as for whats her face smoking pot, as long as its not around the kids who cares?

  14. texasmom says:

    Ho hum. . .maybe if we ignore them they will go away?

  15. bored says:

    If you absolutely must relive your lost youth, for gods sake don’t videotape it. Still team Jon, but only because Kate scares me with her sociopathic dead eyes. Lesser of two evils, maybe?

  16. teehee says:

    I think Kate saw what we are seeing and thats why she was so angry.
    She probably felt no way out with the children who needed a father- she was stuck with someone who didnt fulfill his father role.
    She could have indeed dealt with the anger differently; but its kinda hopeless because its not like it would have changed him. So in her mind she probably thought “what difference does it make” and just got her two cents in while she could.

  17. Katharine Jaynes says:

    @ the orginial kate… your personal story is very admirable. But still…

    If your parents had ranked in $4-7 million by selling the rights to film your childhood, don’t you think that at least a portion of that should be stowed away in a savings account or a trust for your future?

    Maybe not for college, because like boomchak pointed out college is not for everyone. Maybe to buy your first house, or as capital to start up a business.

    My point is that it’s completely financially irresponsible of unemployed Jon to be living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. He s renting an expensive apartment, going on expensive vacations, and buying expensive dinners, drinks, and gifts for his sleezy girlfriends with money his children earned for him. That money isn’t really his to spend. It’s his family’s, its the children’s. The kids are the ones who are going to suffer from Jon and Kate’s messy divorce and all this terrible publicity. Don’t the kids deserve to have something to show from all the years their childhood was exploited by TLC and their parents?

    How does he plan on sustaining this lifestyle? Jon doesn’t want to continue the reality show, which has brought all the money in. Remember he is an unemployed IT guy who never graduated from college himself. It seems to me Jon might be smoking some of the green stuff if he expects to find a job (in this economy!) that will keep him in the lavish lifestyle he thinks he is entitled to.

  18. bros says:

    katharine jaynes, i think the point is that they can now afford both. I have no doubt they have stored plenty of $$ away for education. that was part of the impetus (originally) for them to do the show. I have no doubt that they can afford sending all 8 kids to top notch schools at the same time as living in manhattan. sad, but thats the long and short of it.

  19. Tazina says:

    I don’t think Jon would have gotten anywhere standing up to Kate. She was just too aggressive and never backed down. He really did have to get out of that marriage although oddly it was Kate who filed for divorce.

  20. JaundiceMachine says:

    It’s hard to pass judgement – The majority of “photo opps” my friends decide to capitalize on inevitably involve some sort of deviance or illegal drug use.

    But I’m 25. I put myself through college (f*ckin UW-Madison, a notoriously demanding school) and worked my ass off so now I have several BAs. And I’m not a famewhore. So I guess it’s not really that hard to pass judgement after all.

  21. the original kate says:

    @ katherine jaynes: i never said i didn’t think john & kate should set aside money for college – i’m sure they already have (i would hope). but another poster was advocating that they should keep filming the kids so they can save money to go to college. my point was they should stop filming now and let them enjoy being children. if they really want to go to college there is always a way. maybe maddie can write a tell-all book and pay for everyone’s tuition, LOL.

  22. boo says:

    I would be very surprised if the eight don’t have a rather large trust fund in their names.

  23. hot stuff says:

    ummm Hailey life is about 8 small children for this unestablished broken man, not opinions, living, breathing children. Children who have a mother, a mother who is going to have opinions on how her children will be educated and raised.

    What person would date either one of the Gosselin’s? The possibility of the Gosselin kids having step parents are very low. They will be exposed to more opportunists seeking publicity.

    Maybe Hailey should go the the pet shelter and bring home 8 dogs and practice being a mother. Of course she would not adopt 8 dogs that would be irresponsble.

    Hailey are you doing to do when Maddy says I don’t have to listen to you, your not my mom?

    Jon will never marry again.
    Kate will learn to be kind to a man.
    The kids will learn to deal with unreal people.

  24. Hieronymus Grex says:


  25. Wow says:

    Kate will never look “good” in all of this, because we haveyears worth of video of her being “not good”.

    And not for nothing, but Kate spends a heck of a lot money too. I don’t fault either of them for spending money because I think people forget that Jon and Kate are paid to appear ont his show as well. So they could very well be spending their own money but keeping what TLC pays the kids seperately.

  26. eml says:

    ok so maybe its not really anyone’s fault? i know i’m going to get crucified here (esp b/c i’m on team kate) but during the “divorce” episode, kate said that parents of multiples had triple the divorce rate in this country. currently, the divorce rate of first marriages in this country is 41%. Do the math… they pretty much never stood a chance of lasting through the stress of 8 kids. BOTH of them contributed to the other being unhappy… and ultimately leading to the divorce. everyone blames kate for the fact that she was controlling… but who one child living without structure can be a nightmare, can you imagine 8 children living in chaos? I know their life is “chaotic” now, but at least kate and her helpers do what they can to give them some structure… less can be said about the life of their father now.

  27. pebbles says:

    yeah, it’s not about saving for their education anymore….they have more than enough for that if they ended the series today. it’s about maintaining Kate’s lifestyle…her personal trainer, her personal chef, her free vacations, teeth whitening, and plastic surgeries.