Dina Lohan: “Lindsay is a genius” and “will direct one day”

Charlotte Russe Fall 2009 Launch Event
Dina Lohan is still delusional. As Lindsay Lohan falls deeper in the downward spiral of irrelevance, self-perpetuating drama, burglary and drug abuse, her mother continues to justify her behavior and her insanity. If I was being kind, I’d say that Dina is the one of the few people still on Lindsay’s side. If I was being honest, I’d say that Dina is just as much of a user and abuser as Lindsay, just in a different way. In any case, Dina gave an interview about her daughter to OK! Dina claims that Lindsay is a “genius” and that Lindsay will be a director one day. Yeah, I rolled my eyes too:

If there’s one person that’s solidly in Lindsay Lohan’s corner these days, it’s her momager, Dina Lohan, who praises her daughter as a “genius” who just wants to be successful in her career and live happily with a family.

Lindsay’s most recent foray into the entertainment business is the production company she just started, a venture Dina is all about.

“She’s a genius. Such a good heart,” Dina told OK! at the Charlotte Russe 2009 Fall Launch in NYC, adding that Lindsay will also be heading behind the camera.

“Lindsay will direct one day. She loves directing,” Dina revealed to OK!.

And although Lindsay’s acting career might seem at a low ebb right now, Dina thinks a busy career isn’t the only thing to aim for in life.

“You know what, I taught my children to love. And if you fall in love, life is about that. Family, it’s not about work. You want goals, you want it to be, but you still want someone to share that with, so it’s kind of an open ended question. We’re all living that,” Dina explains to OK!.

“We’re all looking for love and someone to be with; someone to share that with. My parents have been married for 50 years, we see that and that is important. It’s work, but you want to separate it, go home and have a family. [Work] is not going to be forever.”

[From OK! Magazine]

So Dina’s talking point is that it’s okay for Lindsay to just be a party girl, because there’s more to life than work. And yet Lindsay’s talking point is that she’s always working. Lindsay claimed earlier this month that she’s a “workaholic” who is “creatively frustrated”.

Yesterday, another interview with Lindsay came out, but I can’t find the original source for it, so it may be based on that old “workaholic” interview. In this one, Lindsay claims: “I do like to go out, but there aren’t many girls my age who live in L.A. who don’t. But what people don’t realize is that I work very hard during the day. I am a very hard worker, there isn’t much time during the day when I’m not thinking about work. I enjoy going out but I enjoy working more.” Whenever I see pictures of Lindsay, she’s always shopping or giving paparazzi the stink-eye as she wanders around, cracked out. If that considered work now?

Dina Lohan is shown on 7/15/09. Header photo credit: Getty Images, photo below credit: WENN.com


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24 Responses to “Dina Lohan: “Lindsay is a genius” and “will direct one day””

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  1. BiggieShortie says:

    UGH. THIS twat again? Her daughter is bad enough on the daily.
    This whole family is a lost cause. They really think the world at large are a bunch of idiots who BELIEVE the BS.

  2. Susette says:

    I never have much sympathy for Lindsey Lohan, until Dina opens her self-absorbed, deluded, fame-whoring mouth. It really drives home the point that Lindsey never did stand a chance. So sad.

  3. Nev says:

    Omg! It’s been a pleasant break not hearing from this publicity seeking cow. She must be having media withdrawals. May she please crawl back under the rock she came from. The Lohans and Simpsons are all so disgusting.

  4. Lisa says:

    What in the world is she wearing? Someone her daughter’s age – the younger one, not Lindsay – might be able to pull it off. But, come on, Dina, you look pathetic.

  5. clare says:

    Lindsay’s going to be a dead genius the way she going. Great mothering, Dina!

  6. lulu says:

    the only thing she likes directing is coke up her nose.

  7. Sandz says:

    Genius? Bwahahahahahaha

  8. the original kate says:

    ummmm….WTF is she wearing?!

  9. Ang says:

    U all R Jealous. I think Lindsay is the most beautiful, witty and real woman out there. She doesn’t hide that she does drugs and she seems to be proud of who she is, accepting of her flaws and moves on with life. I hope soomehow she reads this and knows that she deserves the best and im not quite sure if Sam is just that, but i do know what it’s like to be in love with someone that everyone else hates. You just can’t shut off that love. I keep dreaming about Linds and feel like i should try and reach out to her someway to let her know “fuk wat everyone says you know what you do and that’s all that matters.” I wish I could be lucky enough to spend one day chillin with you becasue you are a unique individual that has grown up in front of millions of people and that is enough to make anyone do drugs. U only live once, you have no kids so be true to yourself and i hope you and sam can enjoy each other and try not to let her control you so much babe (you really have the control, you just don’t know it yet.)

    Your friend…


  10. Lisa says:

    Sorry, but snorting too much of the white stuff turns a person into a paranoid, delusional twit. Lindsay threw her talent into the shi**er, and she looks like a 40 year-old truck stop prostitute!

  11. Kat says:

    That’s a little cruel to truck stop prostitutes, Lisa. Just saying.

  12. Caitlan says:

    Lindsay is hardly a genius. No wonder LIHO is so narcissitic, her mother has been over inflating her ego since she was a child. I hope both of these women just STFU and go the F away.

  13. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Bitch, please.

  14. BEEBEEC says:

    She’s doing jobs alright.. but not legit, tax deductable jobs.

  15. Green Is Good says:

    Blowhan wants to direct? Bwhaaa ha ha ha! The only thing she directs is her dealer to get his thumb off the scale when he’s weighing her coke stash.

  16. westward ho says:

    “U all R Jealous. I think Lindsay is the most beautiful, witty and real woman out there. She doesn’t hide that she does drugs and she seems to be proud of who she is, accepting of her flaws and moves on with life.”

    um … does the phrase “these aren’t my pants!” ring any bells? how many cars has she crashed now after a night out, and then denied that she was stoned/coked/drunk/high/whatever? yeah, i’m jealous of THAT. @@ if she wants to kill herself, i guess that’s her business, but here’s hoping she doesn’t take too many others down with her.

  17. Sauronsarmy says:

    WOW Lindsay Lohan has a fan?! I don’t know whos more delusional Dina or Lindsay.

  18. assistantrachel says:

    Dina is just trying to get Lilo a damn job so she can collect her 10%!

  19. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Come on, guys…Ang is clearly Dina in disguise.

    oh, and Dina? you forgot to call us “H8TRS”.

  20. Moosefan says:

    Directing? Directing what? Porn? Which ways she wants her stash cut? Where to spray her tanner?
    When she was younger, and even up to a few years ago, yes, she had talent. But the number of chances that this twit has been given are way too much to count. Could she come out of this? Yes. But she has to WANT to come out of it on the right side. She has to want to get healthy and she has to. No director wants to work with her because she is uninsurable. She is too much of a risk. She can take a couple of years, go back to school-did she even graduate high school or did Dina get her diploma from one of those places on line? As for her mother, must have been low on cash and ran to the ATM of OK magazine to get a pay check. This bitch puts money and running her mouth to make a buck off of the “family” that she says that she cares about.

  21. Anoneemouse says:

    Well, at least her mom loves her. She does need ONE friend in life.

  22. Ashley says:

    “creatively frustrated” is just code for can’t get a job, no one will hire me.

    Both of them are delusional.

  23. la chica says:

    Dina that outfit is way too young for you. being skinny is not enough to pull off dressing like a tween. you look stupid. accept your age woman.

  24. daisy la la says:

    What a mess …