Angelina Jolie brought her four youngest kids out to the LA premiere of ‘Dumbo’

Film Premiere of Dumbo

One of the smartest moves Angelina Jolie ever made for her career was getting in bed with Disney. She seemed to surprise herself by enjoying the process of making and promoting the first Maleficent movie, and after her split from Brad Pitt, Angelina has been doing a lot of stuff with Disney, like Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and voice work on The One and Only Ivan. I expected her to end up in a Star Wars movie and/or a Marvel movie.

Anyway, Angelina is a Disney Lady now, so she came out to support Disney’s latest, the live-action Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton. It’s weird Tim Burton and Angelina have never worked together, right? They seem like… they would get along. Angelina doesn’t have many connections to the actors in the film, but apparently the Disney peeps involved with Dumbo are the same ones who worked on Maleficent. Oh… Colin Farrell is in the film. He and Angelina used to deal with each other, very briefly, fifteen years ago. Cough. Maybe they are dealing with each other again. Cough.

It’s also possible that Angelina just wanted to be a cool mom and take her kids to see Dumbo. Angelina brought her four youngest children to the premiere, and they all posed on the carpet. Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox were all there. Maddox and Pax are too old to be enchanted by a tale of a magical flying elephant, sob. I don’t have an ID on Angelina’s dress, but it’s beautiful. It looks sort of familiar, like she’s possible worn it before, years ago.

Disney's 'Dumbo' Premiere

Disney's 'Dumbo' Premiere

Film Premiere of Dumbo

Here are some photos of the cast of Dumbo – Michael Keaton doing his thing, Colin looking like a snack, and Eva Green in an optical illusion Iris van Herpen gown (Eva’s makeup is terrible, btw).

Disney's 'Dumbo' Premiere

Disney's 'Dumbo' Premiere

Disney's 'Dumbo' Premiere

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. BengalCat😻 says:

    Eva Green is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life and I love her weird dress!

    • Sandy says:

      I’ve got a lady crush on Eva Green. I think she is stunning. That’s the one woman I could see myself together with 🤣💕

      • ZGB says:

        Eva Green is up there in my girl crushes. I find her so sexy, and she has one of the MO

      • ZGB says:

        Eva Green is up there in my girl crushes. I find her so sexy, and she has one of the MOST MESMERIZING EYES I’ve ever seen on an actress. I could totally go gay for her, I mean that in the best way

    • Lara says:

      She’s my husbands number 1. I’ve said if he ever gets a chance to go for it and hey I might watch :)

    • WingKingdom says:

      Eva Green and Angelina Jolie are, in my opinion, two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Them being at the same event is just delicious. Throw Lupita Nyong’o in there and just let me watch the three of them model dresses. Can they all do a movie together?

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Yes and yes. And both women march to their own drum which I love. Not to mention that Eva is SUCH a fantastic actress. SO underrated. Anyone who watched Penny Dreadful (RIP one of the best shows ever) knows what I’m talking about.

      • Dee Kay says:

        Penny Dreadful!!!!!!!! One of my fave shows of all time, Eva Green just owns every frame she’s in.

      • TQ says:

        Totally agree @WingKingdom. Eva Green, Angelina Jolie & Lupita Nyong’o are my all time faves!! All so clever, smart & beautiful, with funky fashion sense.

      • ZGB says:

        This is perfect. Angie, Lupita and Eva, make it happen movie gods

      • Cali says:

        @Dee Kay Penny Dreadful was amazing and I was so sad it ended. Eva’s acting can not be matched and the show deserved more recognition. The soundtrack is magnificent also and I listen to it often.

    • michkabibbles says:

      If you love this dress, please look up Iris Van Herpen! She’s amazing! She has her own youtube channel, and you can watch all her fashion shows as well parts of her creative process. The dress here is so beautiful in motion.

      • bros says:

        I love Iris Van Herpen. her stuff is glorious, full on works of clothing art and she’s by far the most interesting and technologically cutting edge designer today. love it. her instagram is amazing and I don’t even like instagram.

      • Susan says:

        I am in awe of the dress. Some people are so gifted and talented.Wow!!!!!!!

      • Haapa says:

        I love love love her. I’m not even a fashion person but even I can see what she is doing is art and is light years ahead.

    • Mel says:

      Eva is my favorite, definitely my girl crush and a fantastic actress. I think she is so mesmerizing! On a side note is amazing to me how much Shiloh and Knox look so much like Angelina, Vivianne looks a lot like brad. And Zahara is beautiful, she’s gonna be a knockout when she’s all grown up. Very cute kids all around.

    • TheEars says:

      I liked her in Kingdom of Heaven and that Bond film. She brings a lovely dignity to her roles.

      • Mel says:

        Kingdom of Heaven is one of my favorite films. the director’s cut is amazing, really tells the story properly (its about 5 hours long) and Eva was fantastic there as well.

  2. Annie. says:

    OMG those kids are so grown up! Knox in his blue tux kills me. Absolutely gorgeous, all of them.
    And Angelina looks stunning, as usual.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      She looks so healthy! She’s gained just a little weight and I think she is more comfortable with her transformed body and it shows.

  3. Cidy says:

    Cool mom vibes lol

  4. Toot says:

    Angelina looks great and the kids look happy. All good on their front.

    • Molly says:

      Angelina looks really fit and healthy. I was worried about her during her very slender days, and I love that she looks so happy here.

  5. Erinn says:

    I love that strange dress on Eva.

    Jolie looks almost over dressed? Or maybe it’s just the style of her dress that I’m not loving… it’s kind of leaning into a weird romantic kind of style? I don’t know how to explain what I’m saying. I guess I’d prefer to see her in something different. A cool looking suit, or a wrap dress, or something. I don’t know. Maybe if it was a different color I’d like it more.

    Beyond that… I will never watch this movie. I cried as a child watching the original Dumbo. I’m not down to pay money to have someone emotionally destroy me when I can do that to myself for free ahhaha.

    • Skyblue says:

      The original Dumbo is the saddest movie ever. (Shudder) I cannot watch the new version either.

    • Esmom says:

      I hear you on AJ’s dress, it reminds me of a nightgown.

      And I hear you on Dumbo, it’s devastating and there’s no way I’d watch it again, either. Like you said, plenty of other, less expensive ways to torture yourself, lol.

      • Kebbie says:

        Nightgown, yes! At first I was thinking low-key wedding dress, but nightgown nails it. It just feels off for this event. I’d love a nightgown like that though lol

      • billypilgrim says:

        Angelina looks like she should be running across the Moors at midnight looking for Heathcliff.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I feel the same way about her dress. it’s very pretty, but I feel like it’s too much for the Dumbo red carpet. Like, it would be great for the Oscars or one of her fancy-shmancy nighttime premieres. I’d also like it better if it were a different color. and agree with you, Esmom, it looks like a nightgown.

      • Kitten says:

        Yes it’s a bit much for red carpet. I would love to see her wearing it at a different event and in a different color as white washes her out. Not that it matters. That woman would look stunning in a potato sack (and sack dresses lol).

        Her kids look so thrilled to be there. Just adorable.

        Eva’s dress is one of the most incredible creations I’ve ever seen. That is ART.

    • BorderMollie says:

      omg I can’t even get through the trailer without crying! Don’t think I’d be able to handle the whole thing in theatres.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Yup. The scene where Dumbo’s mom cradles him in her trunk through her jail-car thingy turns me into a puddle of sobs every time. I don’t know if I can see this either!

    • TheEars says:

      She looks great in more casual outfits and wearing colour. She only wears blacks and whites and beiges/camel, I believe. She used to wear jeans and lovely jewel colours and looked great. This structured gown does seem too much and very nightgown-y at the same time.

    • SKF says:

      Do you see behind them that Kleenex is a sponsor of this premiere? That is absolutely hilarious and spot-on branding!

  6. Laly says:

    I used to ship Colin Farrell and Angelina before shipping was a thing!

    • Gaby says:

      Right?????? Totally here for it!!

      And happy she is getting more involved with Disney, she is gonna make BANK!!

      • Maya says:

        Disney loves her so much that they are allowing her to be co producer on Maleficent 2 & Ivan.

        She is going to make lots of money on these movies. Good for her.

  7. Becks1 says:

    Angelina looks great. I find that I either think she looks great, or really awful, and here she looks good. I love the dress, her hair looks nice let down like that, good makeup, etc.

    Colin Farrell is probably my ultimate Hollywood crush.

  8. Maya says:

    Angelina loves Disney & Disney loves Angelina.

    Plus she mentioned years ago that Dumbo was her favourite Disney animation so not surprised she came out to support the movie.

  9. Hallie says:

    I know I am very being too strict, and I am sorry, but I am kinda bothered by the low neckline of Zahara’s dress. But other than that, all of them look beautiful and happy!

  10. s says:

    The face makeup is way too light on both Angelina and Eva here (maybe it’s powder flashback causing it?).

  11. meh says:

    Its crazy how much Vivian looks like Brad and Knox looks like Angelina.

  12. Weaver says:

    Hmmm. Colin & Angelina had a fling back when they filmed Alexander. I remember there was a mini-scandal because he he was hooking up with their co-star Rosario Dawson then ditched her for Angelina.

    • Darla says:

      Huh really? I despise Rosario Dawson (yes, it’s political) so this pleases me.

    • Celina says:

      No, that was tabloid gossip. Her and Farrell never got together, that was proven false. Every co-star Angelina has been rumored to have a ‘fling’ with, the vast majority of them were found to be bs.

    • TheEars says:

      I believe Oliver Stone confirmed Colin had a huge crush on her but she wasn’t interested or something.

    • Riley says:

      HA! I remember that. And she had to switch hotels to get away from him! He was still drinking then and evidently quite obnoxious in his pursuit of her,

  13. Clare says:

    OMG I HOPE Angelina and Colin are the thing!!!!

  14. JadedBrit says:

    It’s lovely to see AJ look so healthy and happy.

    • Sash says:

      Also the children, they all look visibly happier since losing the extra baggage.

      • Eve says:

        I swear I read “…since losing the extra garbage“.

        Eh, not that far from the truth, non?

        Anyway, she looks great and I love the dress.

  15. Lucy2 says:

    I like Angelina’s dress, but it seems a bit much for a kids movie she’s not even in.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I agree but imagine that dress with a leather jacket over it, the softness of the design needs a bit of toughness of the leather.
      AJ needs a new stylist.

  16. Kebbie says:

    Knox is the spitting image of her in these photos lol I’ve never noticed how much he looks like her

  17. Lizzie says:

    i would risk it all for colin ferrell fully knowing he would wreck my pants and then my entire life.

  18. Pandy says:

    Why the gown for a movie you aren’t involved with? I love Colin Farrell, but not feeling the Hitler Youth haircut.

  19. Adorable says:

    You guys do realize had there been no Brad,Colin & Angelina would probably be a thing.Colin even involved Oliver stone in it,Calling Angelina his “perfect woman”le sigh.There’s even a 2004 French interview online & Colin is practically begging To date Angie & when the interviewer brings up Brads name,Colin’s looked changed & he looks defeated.I do hope they become a thing,they’ve both grown up tremendously since.

    • Maya says:

      Love Colin but still holding out for Keanu & Angelina 😍

    • Kebbie says:

      She knew what she was doing. Colin Farrell circa 2004 was a mess. Brad was the stable one who wanted a family. They’ve had a bit of a role reversal since then.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yes, Colin has really cleaned up his partying act and is, apparently, quite the family man these days. I just mean he’s all about being a dad, don’t know if he’s “WITH” someone.

        if not, then I would totally (re) ship these too. I mean, their fling during filming wasn’t really a ‘ship, but they could now…HOLY SHIT they’d be a hot couple.

    • TheEars says:

      Colin (1976) was propositioning Eileen Atkins (1934) at one stage, really hitting on her hard. She was super flattered but turned him down. I think he went through a stage where he was shagging anything that moved and gave consent but is calmer now, and he was still in that stage, super driven by hormones, when he fell in absolute lust with Jolie.

  20. anp says:

    Angelina is truly a beautiful woman.

  21. KidV says:

    Eva Green’s dress looks like me trying to draw a straight line.

    Michael Keaton looks good! I love his outfit.

    I’ve never understood the love for Colin. It just never clicked for me.

  22. Miss M says:

    Colin looks horrible: tired and grumpy.
    I think Colin and Angelina are verg alike. So it would be a hot mess made in gossip heaven.
    Eva’s dress is very interesting.

  23. FredsMother says:

    Angelina looks happy. Peaceful and happy and it is making her glow. Sometimes letting a man go helps a woman to thrive. Wonderful.

  24. mila says:

    Angelina’s dress is Atelier Versace. Vouge tweeted it.

  25. zia says:

    Angelina looks incredible here! Happy, face is a little fuller, boobs even look a little smaller. Perhaps she downsized the implants she got after the mastectomy. The original ones looked very painful. Anyway, she looks phenomenal here. GLOWING. So happy for her!

  26. Nibbi says:

    Eva Green is indeed stunningly beautiful herself, but why are we not talking about the atrocity that is that makeup job?

  27. Wolfie88 says:

    Is Ang raising her two bio girls Viv & Shi as boys? Haven’t been keeping up.