Duchess Kate ‘has no issue with Meghan,’ is making ‘a real effort’ to get along

Britain's Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex leave af

The Cambridges and Sussexes’ joint appearances at the Commonwealth Day church service at Westminster ended up being kind of non-story from a gossip perspective. Sure, we talked about Meghan’s fug nurse’s hat and Kate’s buttons, but there was no real scandalous or controversial moment between the couples. It reminded me a lot of the Christmas Day walk at Sandringham – Kate and Meghan were doing all of the heavy lifting of going along and getting along, and they were both definitely trying to be SEEN getting along. Meanwhile, the vibe between Harry and William seemed similar to Christmas too – like Will and Harry have had a serious falling out and it’s still not okay between them. Anyway, Meghan and Kate greeted each other with a friendly cheek-kiss at Westminster, which was enough for Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair to point out that “sources” insist that Kate and Meghan have completely buried the hatchet.

The kissy greeting at Westminster: According to a Palace source, Kate Middleton’s unusual public gesture was deliberate—she hoped the warm embrace would be captured by the world’s media and finally put an end to the rumors of an ongoing feud.

Meghan’s last event? Vanity Fair has been told that the Commonwealth Day service was the last official royal engagement that Meghan Markle, who is believed to be eight months pregnant, will carry out before she gives birth, although she will continue to take private meetings, and Kate was keen to send out the right message before Meghan and Prince Harry have their baby.

A source claims Kate wants to keep everything professional: “They might not have a huge amount in common but Kate has no issue with Meghan. She wants them to get along, not just for Harry’s sake but because two royal sisters-in-law at loggerheads wouldn’t be good, and Kate knows that. For Kate, it’s about keeping their relationship professional and putting on a show of togetherness.”

The Sussexes & Cambridges have been getting along better: As Meghan nears her due date, she and Kate have apparently been in regular touch. There has long been reason to doubt the reports of a feud between the two women, though there was indication last fall that Harry and Prince William were experiencing some tensions. Now they’re said to be getting along well, and there were no sign of any distance between William and Harry on Monday. However, joint appearances between the “Fab Four,’” as they have been known, won’t be frequent from now on.

Kate has been making the effort: “It’s not always been easy, there have been issues behind the scenes, but Harry and Meghan want to leave on good terms and Kate especially has been making a real effort,” says a second source. “There are no bad feelings and I think Kate was keen to put an end to these rift rumors. She has no problem with Meghan and she has made it clear to Meghan that she’s there for advice or whatever Meghan might need.”

[From Vanity Fair]

I enjoy this story for the subtext most of all – “Harry and Meghan want to leave on good terms and Kate especially has been making a real effort.” I suspect William has not been making a similar effort. Possibly because it was never really about “the duchesses at war!” as much as it was about William and Harry’s falling out. That being said, this is such a dumb way to position this story, like Magnanimous Future Queen Kate is a brilliant internal-politics diplomat who is the only one who understands that she has to get along with her sister-in-law. I guess Meghan didn’t have any agency in the whole “duchess feud” thing, huh?

The Duchess of Cambridge stands with the Duchess of Sussex at Westminster Abbey

The Duchess of Cambridge sits near the Duchess of Sussex as they attend the West

The Duke and duchess of Cambridge stand with the duke and Duchess of Sussex at W

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Maria says:

    The feud was always between the brothers and I didn’t see any signs at Westminster Abbey that things were much better. I do hope the baby will bring about a reconciliation and that the two families will spend time together.

    • KA says:

      Agree. It has always seemed to me that both William & Harry have relied upon their relationships with their cousins. Even in the normal world, the cousin bond is an important and influential relationship in a persons life. But I am sure, in their case, it also has to do with them being some of the only people who understand the inner workings of the whole thing. I would just hate to see the problems between William & Harry influence the relationship their children have.

    • Milla says:

      Wills and Harry are turning into Charles and Andrew. Maybe the fall out is permanent.

  2. Sash says:

    I’ve never thought the problem was between Meghan and Kate. The ladies seem to get along just fine. It’s their spoiled husbands…

    • minx says:

      Yep. These are pragmatic women, they know how fortunate they are.

      • jan90067 says:

        The NEW story the tabs are trying out is that Meg is becoming magnanimous and will “extend the olive branch to the (white) Markles, father and sister AFTER the baby is born, and try to bring the family together”. Don’t think I”m buying into that one.

  3. Kittycat says:

    Why does Meghan look so pretty even wearing that ridiculous hat? Pregnancy really agrees with her.

  4. Lisa says:

    Never thought Kate and Meghan had the issue.

  5. Anners says:

    In that header pic Kate totally looks like a Disney super villain who’s plotting ways to destroy the pretty new princess/usurper. I know she’s not – she seems like a decent enough person – but man that harsh lighting was unflattering to her. She looks a decade older than Meghan.

    My gut feeling is that M and K neither like nor dislike each other – they don’t really have much in common or a real relationship. But I think they are both savvy enough to make a show of getting along on the outside. Of the four of them, they are acting the most like legit adults who sometimes work with annoying people. Props to the women.

    • Alexandria says:

      I think it’s just harsh lighting. I think 90 percent of ppl (including me) would look bad under that. Meghan is really an anamoly to me, she’s very photogenic!

      • emerson says:

        tanning, smoking, partying , extreme/obssesive exercising and dieting. especially the exercising and dieting is a culprit that ages a person horrribly.
        she has a sister in law, the daughter of a yogi, (who’s been seen smoking and tanning) a foodie could possibly help her out with options. **they are 6 months apart & meghan’s older

      • Sorry, but I think her skin has looked really bad for a while. (The lighting is not helping though!) She looks much older than she is and that is definitely smoking, which reduces your collagen and elastin so your skin is less subtle. It’s also that old canard at a certain age you have to choose between your face or your ass. If she choose her face and put a bit of weight on it would honestly be far more flattering. I live in LA and see the super skinny women and NO ONES face looks good super thin unless you are 16. The older you get the harsher it looks, hence why people do fillers and the plump cheeks chipmunk thing. Looking at you madonna.

    • Himmiefan says:

      There’s one photo that I hope Kate and Meghan can laugh about together. Meghan’s sitting behind Kate with the goofiest look on her face while Kate’s doing the Disney villain glare.

      • Anners says:

        Sorry – that’s the one I meant – the thumbnail pic I guess. Kate’s giving good stink eye and Meghan looks like birds are about to make her a fancy new dress. It just looked pure Disney to me 🙂

      • salmah says:

        Meghan looks like she’s just failed to keep in a fart and is trying to pretend it isn’t her while Kate looks like she’s just caught whiff of it…

      • Himmiefan says:

        Anners, there’s an even goofier one of Meghan. Even goofy, she’s still disgustingly photogenic!

    • Janey says:

      Random comment but she has three kids. Regardless or not how active she is in raising them, I honestly do think it does something to a woman physically. Myself and all my girlfriends are now Moms and we’re just TIRED. LOL

      • Milla says:

        People forget that pregnancy especially more than one, is hard on women. Kate cannot look fresh as a daisy she has 3 small kids. Doubt Wills is much of a help.

    • Lulu says:

      @Anners rotfl! Disney villain indeed, complete with royal getup and dark angry brows.

    • Casey20 says:

      Middleton genes must be dominant because Kate is aging like her dad. Prince George looks like him too…

  6. Lulu says:

    I have the same… heavy skin as Kate that causes those cheek jowls – I don’t drink, I’ve never smoked, I’ve never tanned (I’m so pale, I’m practically blue) and I eat well and exercise. I’m not as thin as she is either, so that’s not the reason.

    Any advice? Are fillers the only solution?!

    • kgeo says:

      I have the same issues. I have smoked and drank, but this is all genetic. My sister is a much heavier smoker/drinker thank i ever was, but her skin is just fine. She just has a different father. Anyway, microneedling helps. I’d suggest going to a professional though. Your face should look like hamburger when you’re done. It’s not fixing everything. I think I’d like to try fat grafting in the future. Need to find a surgeon that’s used to working on younger people though. I’m not trying to rebuild cheeks, you know?

    • Kittycat says:

      You are perfect just as you are.

      Fillers can have so many bad side effects.

    • NorthernStar says:

      I do too. I also don’t drink, smoke, tan (so pale practically translucent) etc. I’m 42 with absolutely no wrinkles – but I have that heavy looking skin. I sent to a dermatologist last summer and she gave me Voluma injections in my cheekbone area. It lifted everything and the results were instant and I was (still am) pleased with the results. I think she said it is something about the fat beneath the skin not staying where it is supposed to but slipping downwards (she was Eastern Europeean, I’m Scandinavian and not a medical proffessional trying to explain in English so sorry if this is not correct). PS: after the Voluma injections my Face hurt for almost two weeks, just be prepared

    • Originaltessa says:

      Try face kegel exercises. They have videos on YouTube. Tightens cheek muscles so that your face pulls up naturally. I got bored and stopped doing them, but while I was I noticed a difference.

    • Kit says:

      It’s genes. Some people have naturally taut and glowing skin, like Meghan, and I’ve noticed her mother Doria has really youthful looking skin too. Kate and her family don’t, their skin seems to be drier and older looking. Apart from good skincare and a healthy diet, there’s not much you can do. Going down the fillers route doesn’t necessarily make you look younger, just more plastic.

      Kate is lucky in other respects; she’s tall, has a naturally athletic body, and good hair (even without the wiglet). Put her in a simple, elegant column dress and she would be a total knockout. We are all lucky in some respects and less lucky in others.

    • Sienna says:

      I agree, with the other posters. Microneedling is the way to go – that said make sure it is RF Needling (radio frequency) as you want the tightening effect from the RF and the neocollagensis. Botox will help too.

      Do you by chance have TMJ/ grind your teeth or have or enlarged masseter muscles? It often causes jowling.

      Filler can definitely add definition to your jawline but it breaks down under the heat of treatments so it should be the finishing touch and not the initial treatment choice.

    • Svea says:

      Facial muscle exercises help somewhat, but you have to be consistent.

    • Nastasia says:

      For the poor and patient one, I too have the puffiness going on.
      What work best for me is every type of creme and concealer in the fridge (Especcially pure aloe vera) and… Bags of ice, on the face, particularly cheeks, cheekbones and the jawline each morning. I did it for the eyes first because I have so much lids .. like some morning my eyelashes are like a bra for my lids. I look Asian with Jean Reno’nose and it’s too much exotism for me. F**k.)
      It’s amazing for the boobies too! Ha and the traditionnal big glass of water with à sprinkle of lemon EVERYDAY works very very well too.

  7. MCV says:

    i wonder how it must feel to be in the middle of a media strom like that knowing that the other person is trashing you every day in the media and you can’t say anything (not directly) i couldn’t look them in the eye.
    Everytime I read the word “keen” in an article about Kate I laugh.

  8. Himmiefan says:

    I like how Kate reached out to Meghan first for a hug. No one’s commented anywhere yet that Will air kissed both of Meghan’s cheeks too.

    Being the younger sister, I know that it can be hard when the younger sibling acts like the independent adult that they are. Going against established family dynamics can cause tension.

    • Becks1 says:

      I do think that William and Meghan get along. Or that he at least fakes it for the camera. I forget what account it was, but I was watching a whole montage on twitter a few weeks ago of all the times William has greeted Meghan in public at events like this, and it seemed pretty comprehensive (i.e. I didn’t notice any major events that were left out.) lots of moving aside for her, reaching out to include her in the circle, stuff like that. I hate to say it, but he almost seemed to treat her better than he treats Kate at times (umbrella incident!!!!)

      so that leads me to think the issue is something else entirely.

      • Himmiefan says:

        Like the scarf incident was really between W and H.

      • Redburgandy says:

        I’ve observed their interactions & I don’t see William treating Meghan any different to the way he treats Camilla. He is polite to her in public which is all you can really expect. I certainly don’t see that same warmth & closeness compared to when we’ve seen Harry & Kate interact. If there is one woman William seems to have genuine warmth for in the royal family other than his wife, it’s his cousin Zara Tindall who also happens to be godmother George. Zara is the only royal relative they have selected to be a godparent to their children which says a lot.

        Personally I think William is someone who is reserved by nature. Also I don’t think he or Kate have interacted much with Meghan to have formed any close bond with her.

  9. Feebee says:

    This is what drives me mad about gossip esp royal gossip but part of what keeps us all in it…. there wasn’t really any proof the ladies didn’t get along so now in the face of an apparently out of the ordinary cheek-kiss it is said one is making such an effort to bury what wasn’t there in the first place.

    Unless there are some massive insecurities at play (or maybe small insecurities that certain people in and out of the royal households play on for their advantage) there’s no reason why two women like Kate and Megan wouldn’t get along. They don’t have to be real friends but like you get on with colleagues who ‘you like fine’.

    Without knowing about the brothers situation, the theory the wives relationship is cover for theirs makes more sense. Family stuff can be the worst stuff. It can cut deep.

  10. Jegede says:

    Why is anyone still listening to Katie Nicholl?

    She’s a BS artist of the first order.

  11. Case says:

    This dispels the ridiculous rumor that Meghan is driving the brothers apart. If she were the reason, Kate certainly wouldn’t be trying to play nice with her.

  12. vava says:

    Kate’s coat dress is one of her worst.

  13. kgeo says:

    My sister-in-law and I are both geologists, we both enjoy trail running, hiking, camping, paddling. We have two kids that are the same age. We just aren’t up in each other’s business, and it’s fine. We get along just fine, we have a lot in common, but we don’t talk every month. I don’t invite her to every function, we don’t always spend a bunch of time together when we’re all together. Every once in a while, we’ll pair off, commiserate, have a beer, but that’s it. It’s all fine, spending so much time being concerned about one person when I have so many other people in my life that I connect with so much more would be exhausting. Basically, I think Kate and Meghan are fine.

  14. hello says:

    How do those hats stay on their heads?

    • Originaltessa says:

      Most have combs and pins built into the inner construction.

    • EMF999 says:

      My husband bought a vintage pillbox hat for me as a joke (I was chauffeuring around my pill of a MIL at the time). I do wish I could wear it in public as it is gorgeous and without any assistance stays on my head like it was stuck on with glue. It really is a marvel. I have not been able to figure out why it stays on so well. It just does.

  15. MissyS says:

    Two thumbs down for this fanfiction. Tabloid reporters created this feud story and now they are trying to backtrack because of the backlash.

    My conspiracy theory is that all of this hate towards Meghan comes down to one issue: loss of control of Harry. After the Queen, Harry has been the most popular royal. I think everyone got used to him being the charming, partying bachelor, and they never wanted him to grow up. Too many people were satisfied with him following his brother around like a little boy. It disgusts me when I hear people talking about Harry as if he’s a child without a mind of his own.

    • Harla says:

      i agree MissyS, when Harry quit being who/what the family expected him to be it threw them for a loop and some of them still haven’t come to terms with his growing maturity. It can be hard on family/friends of someone who is growing and changing, it can highlight the fact that various family members or friends are rather stuck where they are, unwilling to grow and change.

    • mc135 says:

      lol this is so funny. i’m not believing this fan fiction. but let me tell you my own fan fiction . i just wish people would know that everything does royals do in public is to build a public persona. journalist or fans don’t really know who they are. And their fans need to stop acting like they know their favs.

      • Lady D says:

        …or the fans can be left alone to indulge in their harmless gossip.

      • Tina says:

        And also, these are not actors. I promise you, Princess Anne does not give one f—-about her public persona. Most of the time, what you see is what you get.

  16. Lenn says:

    Can someone fill me in on why the brothers might be fighting?

    • Murphy says:

      Because they’re both headstrong, self-important grumpuses.

    • Dani says:

      Because Harry has hair and William is losing his.

      • Eyeroll says:

        Sadly so is Harry… the Windsor genes.

      • Erinn says:

        lol, they’re BOTH very thin on top. It’s just thinned in two different ways.

      • Becks1 says:

        Nah, its because Harry is getting more attractive with age, somehow, and William is going the opposite direction. Remember how attractive William was in his teens?!!?!?

      • Luxurylucy says:

        Neither of the Windsor boys are attractive. William lost his looks in his mid 20s. Harry has always been plain looking its just that his beard masks it. The only difference is Harry currently has more hair than William but he is also balding fast! King Felipe & Prince Carl Philip run rings around these two.

      • Anitas says:

        I always thought Harry was a copy of Charles, it’s becoming more obvious as he ages. William had enough of Diana’s features to make him attractive early on but that’s not going so well anymore.

    • jan90067 says:

      From what I read, William questioned Harry whether or not he knew Meghan well enough, that things between H&M moved vey quickly. Harry took offense at this, as well as the fact that he didn’t feel W&K (William in particular) didn’t welcome Meg into the family as wholeheartedly and quickly as Harry would’ve liked.

      Again, this is just what I read. This could be total fiction as well.

  17. Murphy says:

    I really don’t think they ever had a hatchet to bury. They aren’t BFFs, they’re in-law acquaintances and that’s fine.

    • jan90067 says:

      How many in-laws are BFFs immediately anyway? The relationship, like any real relationship, takes time to build, to find things in common, etc. You can’t expect them to be bosom buddies at first glance. It’s hardly can be a case of “You had me at hello” here lol

  18. Christina says:

    To me, this just looks like the BRP, Nichol in partícular, got played by Megan. She out PR’d them, so they are suddenly playing nice. I don’t know what’s reported overseas, but that’s how it looks from here. Thomas Markle’s release of the letter also helped show how unhinged the white Markles are. The story seems to have shifted after the BRP tried to take Megan down for the NY baby shower.

    • Weaver says:

      Meghan is the first royal who has an alternative to the usual royal reporters. She has celebrity friends and American publications ready to counter any BS. She also has a very strong social media footprint from which her fans have been pulling receipts to counter a lot of the lies about her. It’s been fun watching these so/called royal experts get dragged and called out on social media.

  19. kim says:

    I think William is jealous of Harry. Will followed the rules and married a safe girl. Harry followed his heart. Will is a man child, while harry is a man. Will is bald, Harry is…well, hairy. Will seems kinda pretentious, while Harry seems fun spirited.

    • Florianight says:

      And William will be King while Harry will not 🙂

      • Yoyo says:

        Are you sure about that, Diana was going to be a Queen Consort, but a divorce happened.
        There is no guarantee in life.

      • Casey20 says:

        Do you really think Harry wants to be King? Being King pretty much means your entire life has already been written. Your job is to secure the “Kingdom” for the next generation and the endless ceremonies that have been gone on for years and years. Harry as DoS has so many more options with his life. I can see Harry and Meghan performing duties under E2 and King Charles. I can also see them giving William and Kate five fingers to face and moving on to establish a Global Foundation. Working on causes around the world or maybe UN Embassassdors or something of the sort. William and Kate will have their hands full trying to keep the Brits happy and putting out fires as their kids grow older. Harry/Meghan would be wise to plan for a future that doesn’t include the Cambridges because there is NO WAY Meghan spends her life waiting for William and Kate to “give” her life…please. IMO it is this freedom that Harry has begun to express that scares William. He probably belived Harry would be in it with him until the end….maybe a “brothers promise” has been broken. William understands what’s ahead for him and one things for certain….money and being King can’t buy you happiness! Again the Brits probably thing being King and Queen Consort is a huge win. Being an American and seeing the confinding nature of Royalty and knowing something completly different, IMO, Meghan is shining a new and different light and life to Harry.

    • Bren says:

      I don’t think it’s jealousy because I believe Will married the wife he wanted. I think Will never imagined Harry would marry someone that is smart, ambitious, and willing to do the job that she married into. Meghan brings substance based on her personal interests and life experiences. Everything that Meghan is shines a light on what Kate is not and I believe that is Will’s problem. For so long Will could coast on Kate & their adorable children and Harry the wayward spare who has no direction. Who knew that Harry marring up would force Will & Kate to step up? Finally.

      • jules says:

        This ^

      • Skylark says:

        Spot on, Bren. I think that’s absolutely at the root of the ‘resentment’.

        I’d argue though that it’s not the unflattering light it shines on Kate that’s William’s main issue, more the way in which it reflects on him and his entitled, workshy ways.

      • Bella Bella says:

        Harry and Meghan have that “it” factor. They are glamorous. William and Kate are dull and mumsy.

    • jennifer says:

      Nah. william seems the happiest with kate and kids. only time hes not tighly wound. i bet the friction is due to who will pick up the royal “work” now that Hrry will have an excuse

  20. Weaver says:

    I do think think Meghan’s work ethic has ruffled feathers. Can you imagine being as lazy as Will & Kate, making only minimal appearances between vacations only to have Meghan show up and make you look bad? Now they can’t just be keen anymore they actually have to get out more and they can’t be happy about that. In an indirect way Will and Kate probably are annoyed with Meghan but not because she’s some harpy. Meghan raised the bar for them. R.I.P. to “keen”. The Cambridges are finally gonna have to work.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, Meghan is more like the Queen in that she is accustomed to working and making public appearances for her work, and she seems to enjoy it given she chose to be an actress and that’s part of the deal. Will and Kate are likely feeling pressure to measure up. It rings true that they would be sensitive given the prior criticism they’ve received about not wanting to work as much before Harry became engaged.

    • Maria says:

      I think we should wait until the official numbers of the engagements get out before we praise or condem anybody’s work ethics.

    • V says:

      I guess I missed that Meghan has been doing engagements every week.. Their schedules are pretty much identical,and while now Meghan is pregnant,William was already doing more than her and Harry last year too. Appearing in public once in two weeks is not some kind of hard work..

      • Tina says:

        William is supposed to be a full time royal. In 2018, he did less than Charles, Anne, Edward, Andrew, the Queen, Sophie and the Duke of Gloucester. William did 174 fewer engagements than Andrew. William is lazy as hell.

  21. intheknow says:

    Take a look at Will’s jaw line in a close pic. Look at all that clenching and tension…just looking at it is giving me a migraine. He is very very tense!

    • Maria says:

      Kate isn’t smiling either in any of those pics. I wonder what is going on there. Meghan looks like a cat who got the cream.

      • Bella Bella says:

        William and Kate rarely look like they are having much fun together. Their body language is awful. I never have the sense of them taking pleasure in each other’s company.

  22. DP says:

    Does anyone know what the fallout between brothers was about?

  23. Mego says:

    Kaiser nailed the entire problem with this narrative and that is Kate is entirely responsible for this relationship. More make believe from Katie Nicholl. I believe the grounds at the bottom of my coffee cup more than her bs articles.

  24. Casey20 says:

    Meghan walked into the RF and didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. I’m sure many within the family and those that supports the family aren’t sure how to take this American woman. The British tabloid media has it in for Meghan. Something about “putting her in her place” The Brits have this fascination with the Class System and how whatever class you’re born in you pretty much stay there. Completely opposite of the American Dream. IMO most of this is about culture and class sometimes sprinkled with racism. My theory is that Kate will be loved by the British people with very little effort on her part. Meghan will work as hard as anyone before her to try and gain favor. Only to be loved by the world and despised by the Brits. Because Harry’s personality is “the protector/hero” he will love Meghan for her efforts and adore her for the fight.

    • aquarius64 says:

      And I think that’s why the Markles are dragged in. The press use the Markles despite her refinement and accomplishments she is trash like her paternal family.

    • Yoyo says:

      Honestly I don’t think Meghan is trying to gain anyone’s favor by working, it’s in her DNA.
      She was working from age thirteen at a yogurt/ice cream shop, and I don’t she has ever stop working.

      • Casey20 says:

        YoYo, yes I agee it is who Meghan is but I also belive that she wants to be “liked”

    • Tina says:

      Please. Kate is solidly middle class. The class system is pervasive, but there’s better social mobility in the UK than in the US. Please do not conflate the British media with the British people.

      • Casey20 says:

        “Better Social Mobi!ity” in Britain…..Lol. British media is a reflection of its people.

      • Tina says:

        Believe me or not, but those are the facts. The probability of a child born to parents in the lowest 20% of household income reaching the highest 20% of household income is 7.5% in the USA. In the UK, this number is 9%, And the Daily Mail reaches far beyond the UK. Bigoted and racist people from everywhere love to comment there.

      • Casey20 says:

        Tina my point is that in the UK there are certain parts of society you can’t get into unless you’re born into or marry…i.e your Royal Family and Aristocratic Families. Your House of Lords, part of UK Government, is ran by these Aristocratic Families (If I’m not mistaken). In the US we have NO such system. Our Government isn’t established on behalf of the Monarch, like it is in the UK. So basically Obama could never have a Government Established in his name in the UK nor could he be a member of the House of Lords. So with all due respect the UK has a glass ceiling for the majority of its people that will probably never be shattered….ie a Class System, please check me if I’m wrong, thanks

      • Tina says:

        @Casey20, you are partly right but mostly wrong. The royals and the aristos are a very small part of society, and they don’t have any real power. Some of them have money (the Duke of Westminster is a billionaire) but they don’t run anything, and especially not the House of Lords. There are some members of the Lords who are there because they have inherited titles, but these are only 92 of the 781 members of the House of Lords. The vast majority of the House of Lords are life peers, who are politicians and other respected people who are from all classes and appointed for life.
        The US is relatively unusual in having a unitary head of state (ceremonial) and head of government (powerful) in one person. Other countries separate out the roles, so in the UK Theresa May is Prime Minister (head of government) and the Queen is head of state, in Germany Angela Merkel is head of government (chancellor) and Frank-Walter Steinmeier is head of state (president), and in Ireland, Leo Varadkar is Taoiseach (head of government) and Michael D Higgins is head of state (president).
        The class system is real, but it doesn’t have nearly the influence you suppose it does.

  25. Yoyo says:

    Katie Nicholl wrote this story by looking at the photos, LOL.
    Before Meghan came on the scene, Harry acted as the court jester for Kate, now he is not doing that anymore, so when the four of them are together it can look weird.

  26. City says:

    Wow, Kate…you let them get your bitch face on camera…we will be seeing that pic for years to come!