Duchess Meghan will have a second baby shower in England soon, it will be low-key

Fiftieth anniversary of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales

In February, the Duchess of Sussex flew to New York for a five-day personal trip. She flew into and out of New York on Amal Clooney’s private plane (as in, Amal paid for it). Meghan stayed at a ritzy suite in one of the most exclusive hotels in the city, and it was paid for by Serena Williams. Serena, Amal and Meghan’s other friends (including Meg’s sorority sister BFF) hosted a baby shower for Meghan and gave her baby gifts. They took a flower arranging class and donated the arrangements to charity. Meghan went out to eat with her friends a bunch of times. It was said that she just wanted to relax and have a nice visit with some of her friends and presumably get away from London for a short time. The British papers freaked the f–k out for a solid week. They were truly ripping out their hair and crying about how Meghan flew in a private plane and stayed at a luxurious hotel suite. How dare she! Well, Meghan is going to do a second baby shower in England:

Her elaborate, star-studded baby shower in New York cost a reputed £350,000 and sparked a furious debate about its ‘Marie Antoinette-style’ decadence. But rather than being put off by the criticism, the defiant Duchess of Sussex is planning a second celebration of her pregnancy – albeit on a much more modest scale.

A handful of Meghan’s most intimate friends, including Victoria Beckham, are expected to attend and the Duchess’s mother Doria will fly in from LA. A source said: ‘Doria is coming to a baby shower here. It will be a small gathering of five or six people.’

Meghan planned to host the event at Frogmore Cottage at Windsor where she and Prince Harry are setting up home. But renovation work has been delayed, meaning the party could be moved to Buckingham Palace.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Marie Antoinette-style” GTFO. One of the complaints about the New York baby shower was that “she’s a British duchess now, she should never spend time in America or have anything so gauche as an American baby shower” or something, to which many sources close to Meghan said that she was already planning a baby shower in the UK so whatever. My point is that everybody knew that Meghan would have a second baby shower, and so the Daily Mail just wanted to call her Marie Antoinette again. My guess is that this second shower won’t be as “glitzy” (eyeroll) but she’ll invite more than a half-dozen people. And of course Doria is coming over ahead of the birth!


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  1. Jessica says:

    I no longer believe 95% of what’s written about her but if true good luck.

    • MissyS. says:

      I agree. I don’t believe anything about Meghan unless I see photos, video, or read an official press release.

    • Himmiefan says:

      And even if it is true, the press needs to realize that it’s no one’s business. As much as I love reading about Meghan, I don’t deserve to know every single detail of her life.

  2. Reese. says:

    I’ve actually never been to a baby shower as they are not popular where I am from.
    I feel like I am missing out reading about them, private jets, hotel suites…
    Don’t care if MM has a lovely shower at BP. Let her have some bloody joy with one month to go. She’s had enough misery her way with the media.

    • Giddy says:

      Reese, baby showers can be really fun. When my third pregnancy was almost over, my close friends gave me one that was such a huge help. They knew that I would be going home to two toddlers and that my life would be crazy. So, they invited friends and asked them to bring either disposable diapers, or a dinner that was already wrapped and frozen. Each frozen meal had heating instructions. Most friends brought both the diapers and the frozen dishes. So, at the end of the party I had a large stack of diapers, and food that lasted nearly a month. It wasn’t expensive for my friends, but it was priceless for me.

      • Himmiefan says:

        What a great idea!

      • Nikki says:

        That sounds absolutely lovely!

      • jan90067 says:

        I did the same thing for my sister for her second (the boys are exactly 2 yrs. apart). While she knew I’d be there, every day to help out (I was teaching, and off for the summer; both are July babies), we did not having to think about anything: preparing any meals, or having to run out for “staples”, was a huge help for her and my bro-in-law. I also got to spend a lot of quality time with the older boy (2 yrs old). Big plus for ME was getting to spend that special time with my older nephew 😊

        Also, my sister was really wanting hubby and baby to bond before he had to go back to work, and between that, and Baby 2 taking FOREVER to nurse for each feeding, I thought I was never going to get to hold/bond with him lol (I did, of course! lol)

        I just think showers are a way to celebrate the new baby, whether it’s the first or a “sprinkle” for the last addition to the family.

    • Deedee says:

      We threw a couples baby shower where the mom and dad unwrapped gifts. We also gave the dad a big chef’s apron turned into a diaper changing apron, loaded with safety goggles, a clothespin for his nose, and other funny stuff. Dads are new parents, too, right?

    • Nikki says:

      Well Reese, middle class baby showers are considerably less opulent, but they are still wonderful occasions where you can show an expectant mother support and love, as well as provide some helpful items she could use. I’ve been to humble showers that were just in someone’s living room, with homemade goodies, and they always have some kind of decorations related to a baby theme. I also went to an upscale one catered at a restaurant hall, but the bride later remarked wistfully (in private) that she’d wished she could have just had one at home! Nowadays some people have “Jack and Jill” showers, where men are invited too. I was quite poor when we had our first, and my church ladies actually threw me a shower, trying to give us stuff we couldn’t afford. Maybe you could start a tradition, and host one for someone!

      • Deedee says:

        I’ve also attended “showers” to help stock the local food pantry and women’s service agencies with baby items, since diapers, wipes, formula are all much needed items, but seldom donated.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        What a wonderful idea, Deedee!

  3. aquarius64 says:

    Waiting for Samantha the other daughter to screech to the press she didn’t get invited or Evil Papa Smurf is not going to be flown in and put up in a BP suite to await the birth of Baby Sussex. I wonder if Harry is going to have a man shower?

  4. Becks1 says:

    Hope she has a great time and relaxes before the baby comes!

    Seriously Daily Mail. Marie Antoinette? LOL.

  5. Eliza says:

    I think from an American perspective baby showers are whatever – normal. They can range from sweet to tacky, but it’s just the thing that’s done.
    From the non-US perspective they’re not done as much because many cultures find it rude to straight up ask for presents. And when someone rich and has the money, their friends spending 6 figures so they can get free baby stuff the “look” is off. Esp with Austerity in GB and the fears with Brexit looming – It’s showy coupled with terrible timing for a government figure. If she wasn’t a representative of state, or if GB was not in its current pickle, I don’t think people would care about the spending other than an eyeroll.

    • Muffy says:

      Yes, some are sweet and some are over the top. It’s a baby shower, not the second coming. Let’s just have a nice meal and ooh over tiny baby clothes and visit with each other.

      • Anastasia says:

        Yes. And American baby showers have such humble beginnings. In poorer communities, it was just women coming together to “shower” the soon to be mother with things she would need and/or somewhat nicer things the mother wouldn’t buy herself–hand-me-down clothes, knitted blankets and knitted baby clothes, booties, second hand baby items, etc. New parents were appreciative, older parents got some stuff out of their house and saw it put to good use, everyone was happy. And it was only for first babies.

        My mother told me my great-grandmother lost a baby girl when the baby was five months old. Three months later, her best friend was expecting soon, and my great-grandmother put together a little event and gave her a lot of her baby things. Nowadays we tend to be sentimental and it’s hard to get rid of those things, but she would rather someone use them for their baby. Her best friend had a boy, but she gave the pink things to a cousin who had a girl.

    • Yoy says:

      It’s not their money that was spent, so moot point.
      She is an American, and if her friends want to, and did throw a baby shower for her so what.
      Meghan having a shower is nothing to do with Austerity or Brexit, even if Meghan dressed in sack cloth, the moaners would not be happy, oh it’s too big, oh it’s too tight, oh it’s too long, oh it’s too short, I’m glad that she gets on with her life, and don’t give a sod.

      • Eliza says:

        I’m sure some GB tax dollars were spent. I doubt her RPOs accommodations and meals were privately funded and that hotel is very expensive. But yes, tax payers did not spend anywhere close to that public amount, but neither did Serena – Lauduree food was leaked (compt) and the hotel is Serenas favorite and they probably gave her a great rate for all the publicity.

        Meghan is no longer 100% American, she’s applying for GB citizenship. She is a State Figurehead regardless of her Visa status and needs to be aware of optics. The royals all spend obscene money privately but they try to not to publicly. If your country is panicking about getting necessary medications in the country if a deal can’t be made, its not the time for visible excess. The timing is bad.

    • Its Ok says:

      Exactly. A lot of the critism she receives isn’t fair. However, Her trip to NY was rightly criticized because of her public role. Kate would have been equally criticized if not more so. The Royals have built an image where their private lives are low key and frugal. The Queen’s parents went all in on the “We are all in this together” by staying in London during the bombings. The Queen has tried to uphold the idea. Meghan’s trip directly contradicted this idea and it’s a sensitive time due to Brexit. People also got up in arms when Kate wore a previously worn McQueen to a family party. People felt that she shouldn’t be wearing those clothes privately. It’s absurd that they should just hang in her closet but these are the Royal hoops they have to jump through. Being discreet about their wealthy private lives is part of the social contract between the Royals and the public they serve. Not to mention that Serena did a few sponsorship deals for with the shower. She probably didn’t realize it was an issue, but it made things look even worse for Meghan. Royals aren’t allowed to accept free stuff in return for PR.

    • Millenial says:

      Well, you aren’t straight up asking for presents because in the U.S. you are almost never the one hosting. Usually a sister, cousin, aunt, best friend, etc… hosts and invites people, and they are essentially asking your friends or family members to shower you (and not really even you, your baby as most of the gifts are baby-oriented).

      I mean, don’t British people make wedding registries, too? That’s more asking for presents than a baby shower, IMO.

      • Anastasia says:

        I’ve even heard it said that it’s NOT supposed to be given by a direct family member of the expecting woman, that it was unseemly, as in a way, that family member also benefits from the gifts. So the grandmother, sister, cousin, etc couldn’t host the shower. A friend had to. At least that’s how it was in the south up to and including the mid-90s.

      • spidee!!! says:

        The British Royals don’t make wedding registries!!

        In fact W & K specifically asked that if people (organisations, etc.) were thinking of gifts to give donations to charities instead.

      • Sunnee says:

        I think this “not allowed showers because of the optics” is bogus. Its’s onesies and booties and diapers FFS! Most new moms are unaware of what they need. Someone gave me buttoned nightgowns. Came in handy for breastfeeding in the middle of the night. I would have never thought of it.
        And even if she received luxury items, so what? Are the royals forbidden from receiving birthday gifts? Gifts are about the giver not the receiver.
        And the spiel about bodyguards is also bogus. She would have them if she went to the corner market, they’re already assigned. She’s not a prisoner she gets to do things. And the British taxpayers pay 69 cents a year for the royals. I’ll send you 69cents if you need it so badly.
        Stop being so pressed. You know you just hate being reminded that a WOC has married into the BRF. It’s a done deal, get over it!

      • Leena says:

        @ Sunnee – most of the British public (not all, I agree) are actually not phased by the fact that Meghan is a WOC. Unfortunately, the press is not the British public, thank goodness, and they sicken us as much as they sicken you.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They may ask members of the public not to send gifts, rather to donate to charities. Some members of the public still send gifts. In 1981 they had an exhibit of the gifts Charles and Diana received from the public including his and hers toothbrushes.

        British Royals do make wedding registries. Their personal friends are not banned from buying them gifts privately FFS. Charles and Diana, W&K, Harry and Meghan. They had private wedding registries for their personal friends to give them gifts. C&D’s was at General Trading Company in Sloane Street, but they also solicited big gifts from companies.

        You can find an article about it in the NYTimes from 1981

        by Susan Goodman
        New York Times, July 27, 1981

    • Mia says:

      when William and his family of 5 take a vacation during brexit, how much does this cost the tax payers? Or is the narrative different since He’s the future king (Yawn)

      • Its Ok says:

        When is the last time they were actually on vacation? They went to Amner for the kid’s school break. Also we never see them actually on vacation day after day. So, they are being discreet.

      • Yoy says:

        They’re were seen once in Norfolk, does not mean they spent the holidays there.

      • spidee!!! says:

        @ YoY – didn’t mean to say they didn’t!

      • Olive says:

        @Its Ok pretty sure the Cambridges were on a ski holiday recently. didn’t we hear that?

      • Ainsley7 says:

        @Olive The press said that. However, they were seen at a spa near Amner when they were supposed to be skiing. So, they might have gone skiing for 3-4 days but I doubt it. Why have it so short?

    • Nikki says:

      I adore Meghan and am so glad she had a nice time, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to say the opulent consumption of the wealthy is something that breeds resentment. The gap between the wealthy in the US, and people working full time who are STILL at poverty level is disgraceful. Some people enjoy watching “the fabulous lifestyles of the rich and famous”, but as more and more people slip into poverty due to health care costs, high rents, and low wages, resentment grows. I’m kind of startled the US is so complacent, frankly; I don’t understand why we’re not rioting against Agent Orange. All that being said, I think Meghan is the target of this because the British press hates her; the Royal Family all has scads of wealth and privilege, but they’re not going after them. It was her friends’ money and their gift to her, not footed by the taxpayers. But do I think her friends could have toned it down a tad in deference to all the angst over Brexit, and knowing the press has their knives out for Meghan? Yes, I do.

      • lanne says:

        Remember though that the “crazy amount of money” was the plane ride (totally on the owner of the plane) and the location–which they probably didn’t pay full price for anyway. Nothing at the actual shower itself was extravagant.

    • Malificent says:

      It’s like any event — it can be intimate and supportive, it can be a display of conspicuous consumption, or it can be pandering for gifts. Some cultures have huge weddings or a coming of age ceremony like a bar mitzah or quinceanera — and whether those are an over-the-top display of wealth or a greedy cash grab, or truly a genuine celebration, depends entirely on the family.

      In middle and working class families in the US, baby showers are usually fairly informal events. Parents often register for baby gifts at stores, but there is no obligation to get an item in the registry. And often gifts are hand-made, like crocheted baby blankets, or practical items that the parents will need. Among my family and friends, we typically only give big gifts if we know that the parents-to-be have limited finances. It’s a way of helping to ease the financial burden of new parenthood. (And in the US, that burden can be substantial as many new moms, myself included, have to choose between a paycheck and spending a few extra weeks at home with their newborn.)
      And the cost of quality daycare is exorbitant in many parts of the country.

    • Casey20 says:

      Eliza: Brits should be upset with themselves. They voted for Brexit without understanding what would happened to their country. It’s like the US blaming “insert a Brit” for Donald Trump. Besides the Brits want the blood of the Royal Family for what amounts to nearly one US dollar a year each…it’s Crazy

      • Tina says:

        52% of voters in the referendum are not all Brits. Just like your electoral college means that the will of the vast majority of voters in 2016 was not respected. And no one wants the blood of the royal family, and they cost us much more than $1 per year pp (we are 66 million people and the royals cost us the Sovereign Grant (£80m) plus the Duchies (£40m) plus security (£100m+) etc).

  6. Angie says:

    Two baby showers are super normal for a first baby in America. Lots of people have several thrown by different friends or sides of the family.

    • jan90067 says:

      Very true! I gave my sister one, and her husband’s family (who live up in San Francisco) gave her one for the relatives who live up there.

    • Heather says:

      I did too! One was thrown by my best friend for just the friends. Then my aunt organized one for the family. My mother (who I adore) did not go to the first one, had a blast at the second one. My father (I’m extremely close to, daddy’s girl) didn’t go to either of them.

  7. Dee says:

    Really hope K and HM show!

  8. Kittycat says:

    All I care about is the duchess having a safe delivery.

  9. Enn says:

    Most of us already assumed she’d have a second shower in England with her mom as host. Totally normal.

    Honestly, I ignore everything the DM writes about her. It’s always trash.

    • Some chick says:

      Agree. I don’t click on the Daily Fail, and do my best to avoid it elsewhere (like here, where it’s unfortunately the source).

      I’mma go back to the Chiwetel Ejiofor pix. Byeeeee!

  10. Charfromdarock says:

    The defiant Duchess and her baby showers!
    How dare she celebrate her pregnancy!?!

    Every single woman I know has multiple showers. Usually one at work, one her own Mom’s friends and family and one with her own friends. Most Dads have multiple diaper parties too.

    It isn’t about the gifts. It’s about celebrating impending parenthood and a baby!

  11. MattyLove says:

    A bit off-topic but…I thought Doria was moving to England. Is she staying in LA now?

    • Enn says:

      Legally, she can’t just up and move, IIRC. Brits on this site have posted about it in the comments. She needs visas and whatnot. I think she can visit for long periods of time.

      • Yoy says:

        Doria as an American Citizen don’t need a Visa, she can stay up to six month in England, once she proves she is not there to work, can support herself or is being supported.
        I think KP put out a statement awhile ago saying Doria was not moving to England.
        Both Doria and Meghan appear to be independent, looking at pictures of Doria she appears to keep a busy schedule, getting on with her life, not whingeing to others.

    • JustSayin' says:

      Let me guess….you read it in the fail? Speaking of, whatever happened to the phantom Oprah interview?

    • jan90067 says:

      From what I read, when I was thinking of moving, was that you can “visit” for up to 6 mos., and then have to leave and reapply for another visa (now with Brexit, it may not be as easy for someone to pop through the Chunnel into France and sit out the wait to reapply). OR, you have to have a bank account (forgot the amount) sufficient to support yourself for at least year (incl. health care) before you can apply for citizenship. I may be misrembering, as it’s been a while since I looked, but I think this is it.

  12. Lilyb says:

    Not again. Oh dear God

  13. Chisey says:

    My understanding is that Meghan’s rich friends paid for everything with the shower, including the private plane, so it didn’t cost the British taxpayer much at all. She’s been working a lot, well into her pregnancy, so I don’t see what the big deal is. I get that most people (myself included) could never have such a luxurious weekend, but if I somehow made friends with filthy rich people who offered to throw me a baby shower like that, you better believe I’d take them up on it. I think the average Daily Mail reader would too. The complaints kind of just seem like sour grapes,

  14. Linda says:

    Why is a section of the media obsessed with how much Meghan’s baby shower in New York cost considering it was privately funded. This is just ridiculous at this point.

    • bonobochick says:

      Because they are hooked on shaming her publicly for *reasons* so no matter what Duchess Meghan does, wears, or says, they will always make it their main mission to find fault with her. It is gross and obvious.

    • Mia says:

      because she’s a woc and some people don’t think poc should have sh**. My friend has a Bentley, you ought to see the stares. No sugar daddy, sis works hard for her coins.

      • ArmchairStylist says:

        They were mad that she had the nerve to walk out the front while in NY she should walk through the backdoor like she’s a maid in 1920s. She doesn’t deserve the things she has is basically is the tone of brits towards Meghan.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      They are intent on putting her in her place for being a minor royal but behaving as if she is a major royal. Look at the language, they imply that their criticism of her shower ought to have put her off from having another. They are obviously trying to control her behavior by the cruel statements they print. Pretty much like being a bully.

      • Lady D says:

        “She defies her critics” Inside the article they call her defiant. The, how dare she not do what we demand, tone is loud. Their articles reveal they really believe she should scurry and hustle to obey them and her ctitics.

  15. Michelle says:

    Before Meghan came along the royals were & (are still) living luxurious lifestyles payed by us British taxpayers. They just like to lay blame at her feet for anything & everything.

  16. Brittanie says:

    I’m really put off with the Marie Antoinette and even the Diana comparisons. It’s the implication and undertones of these comparisons that are unnerving. These papers need to stop because they’re doing the most. Watch them have magical scoop about this baby shower and twist it to be worse.

    • Mindy_dopple says:

      Exactly this. Marie Antoinette was BEHEADED. DoS’ baby shower was privately funded and they’re still claiming she spent ALL OF THEIR MONEY and that the public should hate her. Notice that Kate’s new coat yesterday didn’t come with a price tag? It’s only ever Megan’s fault.

      • Milla says:

        Reckless spending while serving the Brits… Meg spends a lot and displaying wealth is seen as tacky. So instead of playing it cool, she wears couture. She is doing the damage to herself.
        Srsly, i cannot understand this at all. You have a great platform and a great life but don’t act like a kid in a candy store.

      • Deedee says:

        Meanwhile, Kate wears still another new green McQueen dress to hand out shamrocks. She must have a dozen green custom coatdresses now, right? There’s excess spent all over the monarchy, ffs.

      • Olenna says:

        Agree, Deedee. I just addressed a rant about Meghan’s spending up-thread, but some people dislike her so intensely and without rational thought that they won’t acknowledge their hypocrisy, envy or bigotry when it comes to the rest of the royals.

  17. MarcoPoloBaby says:

    Cute. I hope they tease a few pictures, or use them to launch their new IG account. The Swedish royals have one, and it is brilliant

  18. Mumbles says:

    This is going to be a minority view but here goes – a hotel suite that costs more per night than most people make a year is extravagant. I understand that Meghan herself didn’t pick this place out, and I also understand that she’s not an elected official or someone who owes anything to anyone. But by doing this her “friends” showed a pretty deaf ear/blind eye to the optics of her situation. She’s already getting raked over the coals for dumb things.
    Better to keep a low, tasteful profile. Yes that’s unfair, but why throw gasoline on the fire?

    • Nikki says:

      The press would have found something to criticize if her shower had been at McDonald’s, but I agree with you that her friends could have had a wonderful shower for her that wasn’t so in-your-face extravagant. The irony in this discussion is the Royals’ entire existence is about opulent privilege, no matter that they try to helm the country and do good works. They live in castles, wear priceless jewels, and have slews of any car they want (and they pick Land Rovers?????)

    • Yoy says:

      You know Meghan spent three nights with Nisha N, before going to the hotel as Serena’s guest.
      Know what, it don’t really matter! Optics or not after all that abuse she is getting, I hope she made full use of all the hotel services, Spa treatments etc.
      Hanging out with her girlfriends and visiting NYC, yeah for her.
      The press is piss because, she is not going to let them dictate to her, how to run her life and she Is not in a corner crying about their lies.
      I bet they had their story prep ready to print, about how she is trying to get pregnant and it’s not happening even with fertility treatment.

      • Lady D says:

        I bet you’re right. They probably had half a dozen ‘barren duchess’ stories ready to go. A few interviews with ‘experts’ on geriatric pregnancy, the fact that they will probably never have kids, and the emphasis would have been on her age thereby making it all her fault. There would also be the non-stop comparisons with her sis-in-law.

      • Olenna says:

        The barren narrative started before she married and it continues with the “fake pregnancy” stories. I remember seeing a tabloid article that claimed she underwent fertility tests and had frozen her eggs before she met/married Harry. The stories with their degrading, aging womb narratives never cease, yet people are happily anticipating #4 for the other married-in who is the same age.

    • lanne says:

      There’s no pleasing the press. They just move the finish line so they can criticize something else. WOC aren’t supposed to have nice things. That’s the “outrage.”

    • Bren says:

      @Mumbles– So in other words, Meghan should not show a bit extravagance because of the way she’s raked over the coals by the British press despite other BRF members taking advantage of the same extravagance that’s afforded them. The other royals aren’t flying commercial to their holiday destinations and they’re not staying at the local Econo Lodge either, but it’s Meghan and her friends that should keep a low key, tasteful profile? I see. So where’s the criticism of the Wessexes that chartered a private plane to an exclusive ski resort in the Alps for their family getaway the same week as Meghan’s NYC trip? I read last summer Edward was criticized for abusing public money by taking a private jet for a short commute but that didn’t stop him from chartering a private plane for a family holiday. A holiday that was most likely paid for by his private funds or the royal family. Honestly, wanting Meghan to respond to the negative press by showing behavior that is acceptable or tasteful is dog-whistling, no different than the racist press that won’t let up off of her because she refuses to act and behave in her place.

    • Olenna says:

      “Throw gasoline on the fire”? Yes, people’s asses (especially some RRs) were already ablaze over her just being herself: engaged, married, working and now pregnant with a royal baby. Don’t you see that it doesn’t matter what she does? She will still be raked over the coals, so she may as well live her best life and enjoy the company of people who love and appreciate her for who she is.

      • bluebell says:

        “So where’s the criticism of the Wessexes that chartered a private plane to an exclusive ski resort in the Alps for their family getaway the same week as Meghan’s NYC trip? ”

        Ask, Becks1. Because she was going up and down the threads comparing W&K holiday during the same week but she didn’t give a hoot about the Wessex holiday during the same week. Things that make you go hmm. No critics there for the Wessex fam, haha

  19. Loretta says:

    I hope Meghan will do a baby shower every week unitil Baby Sussex is born. British tabloids are pressed like a panini LOL

  20. Nikki says:

    I am SO ready for more pictures of the lovely Doria!! That English baby shower can’t come soon enough for me!! :)

  21. spidee!!! says:

    If people want to be assured that it isn’t just Meghan the press go for – try checking in at the Daily Express, there is at least one hate items on every other major royal everyday, some with the most misleading headlines!

  22. JanetFerber says:

    Meghan will always have loyal supporters in the U.S. Too bad she has to navigate the toxic, racist, snobbish English press. We’ve got your back, Meghan!!!

  23. Jay says:

    She should do what she wants, never mind the press. They’re so racist and ridiculous, she should just live her life and it seems like that’s exactly what she’s doing!

    That being said, baby showers are the worst LOL. The dumb games, the oversharing from every mom there about their conceptions, pregnancies, birth, poop colors, ugh. I like the cute stories moms always share about their kids at those things, but even half those stories aren’t that cute LOL. And I always side eye a baby shower for a third kid, and for a second kid the same gender as the first kid. Just admit you want your friends to subsidize your kid, we get it. And this is from someone who bought her best friends kid enough onesies for an entire year lmao.

    I love the baby showers many friends are throwing nowadays that are just about a fun pretty meal, either at home or in a restaurant, and spending time together. So much nicer for all involved.

    • sunny says:

      Baby showers today are so much more relaxed! Most of my friends have turned theirs into co-ed parties with no games(save a baby betting pool). Baby showers can be incredibly low key- depending on the mother’s preference.

      I am all Megan doing what she wants here- the insanely racist British press must be so exhausting! She will get criticism no matter what.

  24. Mego says:

    Marie Antionette eh? I notice the fail and Express love to make as many references and comparisons of Meghan to Wallace Simpson as they can too. They aren’t very subtle about it either. I hope she enjoyed the hell out of her baby shower in NYC. She needed some love.

  25. Michelle says:

    Do the royals not get any “personal money”? Like a salary? Are they not entitled to spend their own money on as many trips to America or parties or whatever they want? I guess I’m kinda confused. The British government didn’t pay for it. So why does anyone care? I think I would feel crazy weird if my friends had to pay for my vacations though.

    • bluebell says:

      Yeah, their salary comes from public money – funds from the Duchy of Cornwall.

      • Michelle says:

        Hmmm. I could see how that might be a little sticky. Their salary IS public money but also it seems like they should have the right to spend that money as they wish. That has to be frustrating.

  26. Casey20 says:

    Unhinged British Press over Meghan….same old chestnut

  27. Zazu says:

    It’s like at the end of the day none of them should be living a life of such extravagant and opulent wealth. You could live in the lap of luxury and still spend so much less, while being less conspicuous about it too! How about 1 million per-year / per royal? ;)

    But is there a double standard about how Meghan is criticized for living the life of the super rich compared to the other Royals? Yes of course, and it’s definitely racially motivated. It’s quite disgusting.

    And for the people saying what harm does it do to you or me if rich person spends their money, the answer is – lots. Extensive studies show that the greater the disparity in income between the rich and the middle class, and the more visible it is, the worse all kinds of social ills are- more crime, worse health outcomes, worse rates of mental illness, and on and on. That’s not because the lower classes are necessarily poor, this has nothing to do with absolute poverty, but the degree of inequality is the predictor of worse social outcomes. So yeah, we should be talking about how to redistribute wealth from all the super rich to everyone else. But no, the one woman of color in the royal family should not become the lightning rod for social discontents!

    • lanne says:

      Hear, hear! That’s what’s so disingenuous and disgusting, as if it’s somehow all the woc’s fault that income inequality exists. No amount of tiptoeing or wearing cheap clothes or creeping into the servants entrances will change a thing. The racist rrs are pressed b/c they can’t drive her narrative. That’s the bottom line. They hate that they can’t control her story, so they will pick on every breath she takes. Her biggest crime is existing. That’s why the “if only she did/wore xyz” stories are so problematic to me (not making accusations against other posters). There’s nothing she can do–no behavior that she can demonstrate–that will make them change how they see her. (In fact, if she changes her behavior to suit them, they’ll just pile on more b/c they love the idea of control). The only recourse is time.

    • notasugarhere says:

      What upsets certain people so much is many of Meghan’s friends are successful WOC who earned their own money. These aren’t trust fund babies or aristocrats with inherited wealth.

      • Ahoyoy says:

        And spend it as they see fit on their friend. Serena Williams can spend her money as she sees fit.

        And for those wannabe crisis management professionals concern trolling this comments section, take it from a real one, the ‘optics’ of this baby shower aren’t a concern. Especially when Saint Kate is giving Meghan unintentional cover by running around in a new custom coat every chance she gets. All the new PR office has to do is schedule a TV interview with Meghan about her whirlwind first year, after the birth, high-lighting the terrifying racism and Meghan’s fear for her child and then announce her initiative to fight racism in the UK. There’s nothing like good old fashioned shame to silence the fools.

      • Jeez says:

        No one cares if Serena spends her well deserved earned money. But Meghan’s pay-for-play friend Amal didn’t earn her money (she married it) and neither did her bestie Jessica.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “many of Meghan’s friends are successful WOC who earned their own money”

        W&K constantly use the private jet of the Westminster heir. He didn’t earn any of that money himself, but you aren’t screaming about that.

        How easily you try to dislodge the point I was making about racism. Didn’t work, but you tried.

  28. Peg says:

    Why no pictures of Prince Harry in is Marines uniform?
    He maybe losing his hair, but man is he in shape.

  29. Shannon Malcom says:

    They really do tear this poor woman apart, don’t they? I mean, seriously, she’s a wealthy woman with wealthy friends. It’s not like this was taxpayer-funded. Wow, rich people doing rich people things. It’s not like she’s bribing her unborn child’s way into university *cough* Kate (and I don’t dislike Kate, I like her just fine) does rich people things too. They ALL do because they’re ALL rich. But yeah, it’s racist af because they have a problem with it when it’s her.

  30. CoffeeAddict says:

    Are we totally going to ignore that Victoria Beckham is now an intimate friend? Is Meghan on a friend collection spree? This reminds me of Taylor Swift.

  31. suharik26 says:

    I am an American living in Great Britain for 7 years. I can tell you this, Brexit and Austreity policies have been deeply destructive and plunged thousands of children into poverty. Schools, NHS, roads, councils, everything experienced deep cuts while those roaming around finest establishments of London enjoy generous tax breaks as GB is essentially a tax haven. Throwing a baby shower, that cost this much, regardless of who pays for it, is just rubbing people’s noses in the wealth that is not just ostentatious but obnoxious enough to spend on any party. By joining the royal family she commits to living to a certain degree of modesty. What their wealth is like is their business but they do their best not to flaunt it. It hasn’t always worked but its what they strive for. I lost all respect for her after this and could give two hoots about where she lives and anything she does for charities. She seems quite vain and quite self absorbed. No one needed that shower. She has whatever she wants. And a private party with girlfriends to make storks and bouquets? Could have been doing without endorsements and media.

  32. MsIam12 says:

    I find this whole narrative about the baby shower so petty. And this idea that the royals must somehow appear to live “modestly” for “appearances is ridiculous considering they have how many palaces? How many luxury cars? How many custom suits of clothing? And all of the issues with cuts and austerity started long before Meghan arrived so why link her name to them?

  33. Sophie says:

    Doria has the best style! I want to dress just like her when I’m her age.

  34. Peg says:

    Why? and act like the blinking racist in the dailymail.
    in NYC most of the security was provided by the state department.
    We have been told often enough that Meghan is not an English rose.
    Who funded Anne’s house that have homes for Peter and Zara?
    Opulent is a gold piano.

  35. Olenna says:


  36. Olenna says:

    None of the royals are discreet about spending money, but you’ve decided–on your own–that the standards must be different for Meghan? And, half of all British “dislike her greatly”? Really? Now, unless you have verifiable stats, your comment sounds a lot like hyperbole and wishful thinking. Wouldn’t it make you sound a bit more reasonable and a lot less emotional to say it’s you that dislikes her greatly and that you can’t speak for half (of any of) the population of GB? Also, envying the rich won’t change anyone’s station in life. They will spend their money however they feel whether you know about it or not. If you don’t like paying for royalty, complain to your politicians about tax reform or how to abolish the monarchy ’cause Meghan is not the problem. And, BTW, when is this vote you’re talking about? Not anytime in the foreseeable future, I’m sure.

  37. notasugarhere says:

    In a recent poll, Meghan placed 6th in popularity in the BRF. Not too bad for being in the Firm less than a year.

    Half of the UK does not hate her. 20 trolls, eighty percent of whom are from the US, would love it if you believed that. Or are you one of those recently arrived from the cesspool of RoyalDish?

  38. noway says:

    Okay, when I went to London I paid a boatload of money to see royal things. By the way the carriage that Diana rode in for her wedding and the horses was actually quite fun, and we just kind of accidentally found it. Do people put that into their equation when they speak of the monarchy and how much it costs. Honestly, you guys would be idiots to get rid of the monarchy. Although, you voted for Brexit and still don’t have a plan so it would just be another idiot thing. I mean when you saw Trump agreed with Brexit you should have realized. Funny I always thought the Brits were smarter, apparently not. We can lend you Donald Trump if you want. Please take him. He always says how he loves Scotland. Still the monarchy is quite the tourist draw. Now pairing it down or eliminating members who get paid, that might not be a bad idea.

    With Meghan how is it bad optics when she has a private baby shower with her friends, and it doesn’t cost the British taxpayers much. Plus, all the supposed costs were inflated dramatically by the gossip rags.

  39. Rees says:

    Only 3600 people were surveyed for the poll and only about half of them liked Meghan, so that’s not exactly any real evidence of the British people’s love for Meghan.