Antoni from Queer Eye on sitting next to Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson making out

In his interview with People Live, Karamo Brown said that his buddy Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye likely wasn’t paying attention as Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale made out right next to him at the Ranger’s hockey game. Remember that viral photo? That’s below. Karamo claimed that Antoni zones out a lot and that’s what he was probably doing. Kaiser and I talked about that on our ninth podcast and we decided that Antoni must have noticed, because if Pete and Kate were putting their tongues down each other’s throats right next to you, you’d notice. Antoni was on Jimmy Kimmel Live with most of the Queer Eye guys (Bobby was overseas) and he talked about that photo. He said that two players were fighting on the court and that’s what he was paying attention to. The Queer Eye guys also talked about the correct pronunciation of “squirrel” which was on the show and became a meme when the Americans said it was pronounced “skworl” and Tan said it had two syllables.

You’re at a hockey game and Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are playing tonsil hockey right next to you
There were two hockey players beating the hell out of each other and I was genuinely concerned. We chatted the entire game she’s very funny, witty, charming, AF.

After that Jonathan grabbed the photo and pointed out the beefy torso behind them and said “Who’s this guy? I’m single now!” It was hilarious!

I need to watch the new Queer Eye episodes they’re so funny together.

As for Antoni, I believe him that he was watching the fighting on the rink at that point. I think he noticed Kate and Pete making out earlier and was trying to ignore it.

On Kimmel they talked about visiting Japan and how they’re dubbed over for the Japanese audience. Jimmy asked if they found Marie Kondo annoying and they said definitely not and that they love her. Jimmy asked “Will there ever be an Avengers style joining of forces?” and Tan said “We pray for that” and they all agreed. I would love to see that! I would watch the hell out of that.

Here’s the video!

He is such a pretty man.

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  1. Gutterflower says:

    Damn that’s a fine lookin man

  2. Mitzy says:

    I adore QE so much. I binge watched the whole season in one go 🙂

    • Bella Bella says:

      Me, too! Watched it over the weekend. Wept. Laughed. They are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • H says:

      I’m midway through the third season and been crying on and off. The episode with Jess in Kansas City was absolutely wonderful.

      • Mariposa says:

        That was my fave too!! I cried when they were learning about their ancestors! My other favorite past if the season was Anthony’s legs in the summer camp ep. Damn…never seen a better pair of legs!!

      • Bella Bella says:

        @Mariposa, I thought all of them in shorts was hilarious.

  3. Feedmechips says:

    He is really really ridiculously good looking.

  4. Erinn says:

    I just find he looks so much like ‘vintage’ John Mayer. Which isn’t really a bad thing.

    • elimaeby says:

      I now can’t unsee that, but I had such a thing for JM back in the day, like when he first made it big, before all the womanizing and gross comments about former girlfriends.

  5. Steff says:

    My friend told me he looks like a better looking non-douchey John Mayer and I can’t unsee it now.

  6. Clare says:

    That whole interviews was a bit awkward though – Tan and jonathon just talked over everyone else…I like them both, especially Tan, but holy heck take a breath and let someone else say a whole sentence!!

    • Emily says:

      I used to like Jonathan but it’s obvious he knows he’s the star and loves to hear himself talk. I’m starting to find him annoying.

      • Bella Bella says:

        On the show he isn’t the star. Karamo is very charismatic. They all balance each other out in terms of impact on whoever they are helping. I actually thought Jonathan was fairly low key this season compared to past seasons.

  7. Some chick says:

    Farm eggs are the BEST eggs!

  8. Michelle Connolly says:

    We all know Bobby wasn’t there because he was probably doing all the work somewhere else! He’s the Cinderella of that group, the others get to have fun together and pop into each other’s scenes and he’s like “K guys, guess I’ll just build a house over here”…

    Also while I love Antoni, he cannot really cook. I watched him on some Buzzfeed thing the other day and he admitted he’d never even made a Croque Monsieur. He burned himself frying an egg. Another pretty face with not so much talent?

    • Emily says:

      I have also decided that Bobby is my favorite, and I need his whole life story. He moved out at 16? Then he said he never finished high school? Well then how did he end up here? (I listened to him on Jonathan’s podcast, but he didn’t answer all my questions)
      Antoni is so handsome it’s okay that he can cook about as well as I can.

      • Bella Bella says:

        Bobby keeps telling little bits of his story during the show, especially to people who are burdened by religious pasts or being kicked out of the house by their family. He said he lived in a car for a while. He is so interesting!! I know Karamo and Jonathan have books. Does Bobby have a book? He seems to have the most interesting life story. I think he does incredible work for the people in SO FEW DAYS. My goodness! I was like, Can you all come rescue me for a week so Bobby can re-do my space??

      • Ange says:

        My favourite part of Bobby’s all this season was when he heard that the little girl had taken over the master bedroom in the family house and the dad was living in the basement. He looked suitably horrified then just went ahead and turned it back into a master bedroom, loved it! People, don’t let your kids run your house.

    • Bella Bella says:

      The joke the first season was that all Antoni did was show people how to cut an avocado. He was Mr. Avocado. He really is pure eye candy and has no background in cooking. This season at least he teaches some of the people a real recipe and advises them about healthy eating as a way to take care of and be kind to yourself.

    • Cee says:

      I love Bobby, he’s my fave but Jonathan makes me laugh so much.

  9. Canadian says:

    I love this show. Season 3 is full of heart, great food and makeovers. Anthoni has some yummy sounding recipes, including Lao food that he mispronounced its “Lap” not larb. My wife is Lao and was excited to see her cuisine featured.

    • elimaeby says:

      My best friend’s mom is from Laos, as well, and my roommate told me to stop yelling at the TV because I corrected him every time he said it LOL. That stuff is amazing, though. That episode made me want to go home for a visit and get some of my second mom’s cooking <3

  10. Pandy says:

    I don’t watch the show. Saw the guys doing a bit on Kimmel Monday evening. Wow, they are silly and irritating. Guess I won’t be watching lol. And as someone who attends a lot of sports games, I spend 95% of them staring at the field/rink/ring while totally zoned out and not paying attention to any of the game. So I do buy that he was zoned out.

  11. Faithmobile says:

    Antoni actually has a food background though it’s mostly front of the house experience. And he used to work for Ted Allen as a personal chef. I think he can be low key and received a lot criticism for just being a pretty face and not contributing as much as the others. This season he turned up the energy so as to have more screen time. Jonathan is of course my favorite but Bobby is the special one-> what is his full story?

  12. Jan080 says:

    Well! This man is certainly attractive!

  13. Jb says:

    Yummm haha I’m sure I’d have a chance if he wasn’t gay 😉 btw agreed undouchey John Mayer if John Mayer took care of his face and worked out regularly

  14. atlantic says:

    I’ve been on a QE binge for the last month, watching all 3 seasons. I’m glad I had the whole thing to catch up on. I can’t think of another show that made me smile more or left me feeling so uplifted. A few of the moments feel manufactured, yes. But the guys are just so kind and compassionate it really makes for wonderful viewing. I wish there were more than 8 episodes per season. (BTW, Bobby is amazing and such a behind-the-scenes hero in a way. I also love how empathetic and thoughtful Karamo is.)

    • Mariposa says:

      I thought Karamo stepped it up a notch this season, he was really good. Antoni also tailored what he was doing more towards self-care and health, and that was good too. Am a big fan of Bobby, but I felt like he did a few too many dark rooms.