Brittny Gastineau “joking” about saying Jamie-Lynn Spears needed to “abort”

I haven’t seen Bruno yet, but I think I’ve got one of the situations down: Bruno “interviews” random semi-famous people and gets them to say really embarrassing stuff. Brittny Gastineau was one of those random semi-famous people! Brittny is best known for… uh… that show “Gastineau Girls” and …uh… yeah. That’s about it. So Brittny is in Bruno, participating in one of the embarrassing interviews. Bruno shows Brittny photos of celebrity babies and asks her for a designation of “keep” or “abort”. Sounds hilarious…? When Bruno got to a photo of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby Maddie. Brittny declared Maddie to be an “abort”. And now Brittny has taken her “just joking” defense to Page Six:

BRITTNY Gastineau doesn’t really think Jamie Lynn Spears should have had an abortion instead of giving birth to now 1-year-old daughter Maddie Briann.

One scene in “Bruno” features Sacha Baron Cohen (as a flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter) showing photos of celebrity babies, and asking the reality starlet if she would “keep” or “abort” them. When shown a sonogram of what Bruno claims was Spears’ unborn fetus, Gastineau cheerfully decrees, “Abort it!”

“It’s a joke,” Gastineau assured us. “It’s crazy how serious some people can get.”

She said, “The whole time I was talking in this high, jokey voice, and I was just kidding along with it.”

“Everyone who follows me on Twitter has said that they know I was joking. I think [Cohen] is one of the funniest people alive, so when I got there, I decided just to spoof myself and be a dumb idiot.”

Gastineau admits that she didn’t realize Cohen was going to interview her before she arrived. “I was approached through a manager of mine. ‘Gastineau Girls’ was aired in 54 countries, and I thought I was doing a promotional interview for a German TV show,” said the daughter of legendary Jets lineman Mark Gastineau.

“When I got there . . . I knew something was up,” she recalled. “They wouldn’t let my makeup artist come in . . . Then, when I saw him, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, OK.’ Because I recognized the character but I couldn’t place it. I just went along with it.”

As for the rest of the film, Gastineau told us, “I overall thought it was great. I laughed my ass off — I was crying I laughed so hard.”

Although several people who appeared in Cohen’s first movie, “Borat,” sued claiming he had misrepresented himself and ruined their lives by humiliating them and depicting them as bigots, only one has sued over “Bruno,” claiming emotional distress.

[From Page Six]

Sacha Baron Cohen gets so many people to say crazy stuff, it’s kind of no longer shocking. Considering this interview from Page Six is the first I’ve heard of the Brittny Gastineau scene, I suspect this is far from the most shocking content in the film. I also suspect that it’s one of those situations D-List celebrities find themselves in – they do something weird or gross or shocking, and when nobody notices or cares, they talk about it in a half-assed apology or explanation, trying to get some kind of press out of it. Meh. Abort.

Brittny Gastineau is shown on 6/6/09 and 6/27/09. Credit:

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16 Responses to “Brittny Gastineau “joking” about saying Jamie-Lynn Spears needed to “abort””

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  1. Fiestarter says:

    I hate anything that Cohen does and her comment was nasty and tacky and not even funny. Maybe her mother should have done that with her! Oh, wait, I am just joking. Hahaha, I am so funny, just like her!

  2. ash says:

    “I decided just to spoof myself and be a dumb idiot.” ”


  3. Frenchie says:

    Not aborting is the only thing a Spear’s family member did that i respect

  4. wonder woman says:

    I like her better than her BFF Kim K!

  5. Jazz says:

    Who is this girl??

  6. Leticia says:

    Frenchie, I agree with you.

  7. judy says:

    Does anyone really care what this nobody says?

  8. Hieronymus Grex says:

    And she would be…. ??

    I already hate her because of her deliberately misspelled first name.

  9. Mollybloom says:

    Reminds me of Paris Hilton and her ilk: their defense for their behavior is always “I just play dumb”. I wish.

  10. CeeJay says:

    Abortion is such a button pushing issue, and that’s exactly why Cohen included the scene in the movie. He’s all about pushing the envelope, but he may have gone too far this time. Doesn’t really matter what your own views are, but anyone with half a brain (and a serious commitment to their career) wouldn’t fall victim to being included in this type of scene. Goes to show you how stupid this girl really is.

  11. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Yeah Ceejay, but when everyone is trained to think every stupid asinine disturbing thing they do is “edgy” and “pushing the envelope” doesn’t that make the mainstream again?

  12. yadira says:

    Who is she? Is she the girl that was dating Lindsey Lohan and Tila “troll doll” Tequilla?

    Cohen is so passe. There are other people who are actually funny without needing to smear others

  13. Cinderella says:

    She had to know what she was getting into. She probably thought this would be her big break. Oh well…back to reality shows with her wacked-out mother.

  14. ! says:

    As if any of us would actually believe she possesses the intellect and self awareness to “go along with it” and “parody” herself.

  15. notsoanonymous says:

    @yadira: I think you are confusing her with Courtnay Semel. Don’t they both spell their first names some BS way?

  16. Someone says:

    Who is she?