Video interviews with Mischa Barton show her slurring and out of it

Radar Online points us to this interview with Mischa Barton, taken on June 27 when she opened the Harrod’s Summer Sale in London. Her voice is very hoarse and her eyes are droopy. She looks like she’s on something and out of it, which is sad because the answers she gives to the fashion questions are kind of impressive. Mischa always struck me as a smart, aware person and I really hate to see her like this. She slips into a British accent occasionally, but she lived in England until she was five and has parents who are English and Irish so that’s understandable. It’s her kind of sleepy, slurry appearance that makes me feel for Mischa and hope she gets help. There’s also another interview with Barton taken that day in which she’s filmed from father away and seems more coherent.

People Magazine has been running stories about Barton nonstop since she was hospitalized on a psychiatric hold. They’re saying she’s a party girl who didn’t know her limits, that she had a falling out with close friends over her drug use, and that she has body image issues made worse by the media’s focus on her weight.

She has big self-esteem issues. … She hates her legs,” says a source close to Barton. “She isn’t comfortable with her body. It’s been a big source of stress and self-hate.”

Speculation about 23-year-old actress’s weight and nasty comments from tabloids and blogs also fueled insecurity.

“She had a big problem with those photos of her cellulite. … She didn’t like it,” says another source. “That just was something that contributed to her spiraling but she didn’t do much to fix it because of her partying.”

While another friend tells PEOPLE the photos upset the former O.C. star – “[She was] more pissed off than hurt and she complained a lot about that” – she didn’t let them get “to her too much. … I never saw her diet.”

But when photos showed a thinner Barton, she took to her blog and spoke out about the “crazy press,” telling fans that she’s “happier and healthier than ever so there’s no need to worry about me.”

[From People]

Some people say they saw this coming, but I wouldn’t have guessed that Barton had any issues other than smoking up and drinking too much like a lot of young people. She comes across as articulate and self aware without being self absorbed, and that’s rare for young women in that industry. I’ve thought that friends of mine were fine, too, and didn’t find out that they were really hurting until things were out of control. Barton is just 23 and she can get her life back on track if she’s serious about her sobriety. As far as we know, she’s still in the hospital being treated. Maybe this is the wake up call she needed. Mischa has her whole life ahead of her and I hate to see the media trash her for this. She’s only human, and she has a real chance to turn things around.

Mischa Barton is shown on 6/30/09. Credit:


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25 Responses to “Video interviews with Mischa Barton show her slurring and out of it”

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  1. Fiestarter says:

    Waaaa, waaaa, waaaa. Stress over some imporatant issues, cellullite is npot one of them.

  2. Bubulle says:

    Well unfortunately in H’Wood cellulite is a big issue. I’m glad to be a nobody. I will be mortified to see my cellulite exposed all over the tabloids.

  3. Frenchie says:

    I am conscious with my ass, my tights, cellulite and hairs, so hell no I would never wear her shorts or anything shorter than above my knees.
    It’s just an excuse

  4. bros says:

    for someone who hates her legs, they have always been pretty much on show constantly. and i think its pretty obvious that she is probably a meth abuser.

  5. Fiestarter says:

    Bubulle- Maybe it is a big deal in HWood, however, she has the money and the ability to get that problem taken care of. They have amazing treatments that lessen the appearance of cellulite these days, plus a little less self pity, diet and exercise and she may feel better about herself. No one is perfect, unfortunatley in HWood you have to try to be, it may not be fair but that is what you sign up for when you become an actress, public scrutiny.

  6. ash says:

    She looks filthy, come on Mischa, get it together!

  7. Bubulle says:

    Well you know Fiestarter there is no really efficient treatment against cellulite. Plus I’ve read somewhere that Mischa Barton was broke. And of course you’ve to deal with people scrutiny when you’re famous but it doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt.

  8. orion70 says:

    I’m with bros. “stop looking at my naked legs, waaah !!” Unless, of course, she likes to set herself up to hate herself even more. *roll*

    She’s doing a damn fine Pete Doherty impression up there though I have to say.

  9. Biz says:

    Mischa Barton looks really filthy..

    If she hates her legs and other bodyparts.. why does she have to expose them all the time?

  10. BOGART4017 says:

    No pity–its the price you pay for fame. Or in this case infamy.

  11. DK says:

    It would explain her horrible fashion sense.

  12. Curly Fry says:

    Um, Mischa isn’t self-absorbed? Isn’t this the same girl who said something along the lines that pretty girls have it so rough?

    I mean, I hate to see anyone go down this path, but just b/c someone is having a difficult time, doesn’t mean that fact should supercede the fact that she was just as shallow and vapid as Paris and Lindsey before this mess began.

  13. Caitlan says:

    I remember seeing Mischa on Jay Leno a while back and she was so vapid bragging and snobby. Didn’t think she was smart because you’d think she’d be aware how she was coming off. She was just so pretentious. (This was when her career was doing better.) I never liked her after that. This hospitalization is a desperate act for sympathy and attention since her career is going down the tubes. She’s really lucky she made millions being on the OC, if she wants to do drugs and wallow in self pity than she can go right ahead. I could care less. She contributes nothing to society. Heck, she’s not even that pretty.

    I have pity for some celebrities but not this twit.

  14. Hieronymus Grex says:

    AKA any day of the week for her. Oh, how she must miss the halcyon days on the O.C.

  15. daisy424 says:

    Too heavy on the eye makeup.

  16. fizXgirl314 says:


  17. KateKap says:

    I feel sorry for her and I hope she has a good friend somewhere who can help her get back on track as this life seems to be killing her.

  18. Lardy Chops says:

    Always thought she was a hot mess in the making. Even in her OC heyday I just didn’t get the Mischa Barton craze at all.

  19. Kat says:

    She’s in line to become the female Pete Doherty if she doesn’t get clean.

  20. yadira says:

    She’s only 23?!?!

  21. Ally says:

    She was to play a supermodel on that new CW show; I can only imagine the pressure the producers/executives put on her to lose weight any old way. (“Lose 10 pounds.” seems to be the standard idiot Hollywood producer/executive feedback anyway.)

  22. omondieu says:

    @ Lardy Chops: I’m with you. I’ve never seen the appeal of Mischa. I actually started watching The OC after Marissa was killed off. In my opinion, she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    I don’t think that her new role on The Beautiful Life is going to help her with her body issues. Buckle up.

    A drug habit would definitely explain some of the choices she’s made concerning film roles…anyone see the trailer for You And I?

  23. j.ann says:

    I’ve always thought she looked like Romola Garai, a totally classy and charming actress, but oh, wow, in that video, she reminds me more of Goldie Hawn playing her dumb persona. I want to feel bad for her, but I’m having a hard time of it.

    Btw, even though she’s originally British and grew up with British parents, her English accent in movies sounds so bad and so fake, so I wouldn’t be too understanding for her slipping into it during an interview.

  24. loldongs says:

    Okay, so explain to me why this broad is all f’ed up.

    From my perspective she looks like a whiny entitled brat that just can’t keep it together.

  25. Saul Yarde says:

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