Kourtney Kardashian’s new Goop-esque lifestyle site, Poosh, isn’t terrible

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian dine at Giorgio Baldi with Kylie and Kim

All week, I’ve been avoiding Poosh, which is Kourtney Kardashian’s new lifestyle site. Kourtney is the Kardashian sister who is the least interested in branding and co-branding her lifestyle, but I do know that this whole Poosh thing was years in the making. As far as I can tell, the launch of the site went well – no big or small technical difficulties, and there was some buzz about it. It feels like these kinds of lifestyle sites were the thing to do about four or five years ago, but nowadays, there aren’t that many people who are just now trying to replicate the model Gwyneth Paltrow gave people with Goop.

That being said, by the time I actually went to Poosh – go here – I was actually sort of impressed? Kourtney has good people working on her site, and the editorial layout reminds me a bit of the American Vogue site. It’s user-friendly and it’s not banging people over the head with spon-con and advertising. The content is very Goop-lite – it’s all about diets and “looking good naked” and bargain basement pop-culture feminism.

Weirdly, the worst part of Poosh is the name? Is it poooo-sh or PAAW-sh? Apparently, Kourtney named it after her daughter Penelope, whose nickname is Poosh. Kourtney released a statement about the launch, saying:

Named for her 6-year-old daughter Penelope, who is affectionately called Poosh, the site caters to women who carry the same spirit of ‘playing by their own rules, coloring outside of the lines and celebrating life with an infectious confidence and ease.”

“People are constantly asking me how I do it all, from being a single mom to working full-time to still maintaining a social life,” Kardashian said in a statement. “I get endless questions about food, kids, beauty and fashion, so I decided to create Poosh, a curated experience and a destination for modern living.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

What do you think? I’m glad it’s not a paywalled/subscription thing. I’m happy that she got professionals to design it and operate it. But yeah, I don’t think many people really were clamoring for Kourtney’s secrets. Still, at least she has a “thing” now. Her thing used to be “being lazy and morose.”

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  1. runcmc says:

    She does have one thing that she can sell: her nutrition and exercise habits. She gave birth to three healthy children and has kept up a regular (actual!) fitness regiment the whole time. I read an article about her in Runner’s World (or maybe Shape?) a few years ago…apparently she has been a runner for years and just consistently keeps it up without these huge “omg look at my new trainer, time for revenge body!” pushes. She also doesn’t fluctuate like her sisters. Consistency.

    I’d definitely be interested in her health/diet lifestyle tips, tbh

    • Kitten says:

      You can absolutely tell that she works out and has a pretty strict diet. She’s not taking the easy way out with lipo and BBL like her sisters.

      • jules says:

        You’re joking right? She has definitely had work done, you can tell by looking at her but if you need more:

      • runcmc says:

        lol I just scrolled through that whole thing and she basically just looks older, maybe with some botox and *maybe* her nose is a little different (but I’m not convinced, not even by the side by side photo).

        Her body is what we’re talking about though. She did have breast implants but they’re pretty modest and she hasn’t gone up in size/crazy boobs like Kylie. She literally has the physique and musculature of someone who eats a healthy diet and exercises (she looks like she has a running/yoga body, so it’s not like she looks like a person who lifts heavy). Whereas Kim and Khloe look like they sucked all of the fat out of their body to put into their diaper butts…and maybe they look at a squat rack or pick up a dumbbell once a month.

    • Lara says:

      There is nothing natural about any of the K’s. Kendall used to be the most natural but she has morphed into Kylie’s lips. This is just another marketing approach to sell herself.

      • Jb says:

        She’s completely natural ***except for the nose jobs, Botox, fillers, boob jobs! Hahaha none of these creatures have the body God intended. If you think Kourtney has that body “naturally”..sure!

  2. Dani says:

    She lost me at being a single mom. She is not an actual single mom. Their father is very much involved in their lives and she doesn’t have any of the actual hardships single moms have. She’s not living paycheck to paycheck or hardly making it. She’s not working 60 hour weeks. She’s not struggling to be at work, at kids school events, and on time for her kids return from school. She lives in a mansion. She has round the clock care and help. She has a house keeper. She has a driver. She goes on multiple lavish vacations a year. She has a closet worth more than an average persons home. She doesn’t work full time at a store, or an office or a hospital. Celebs need to stop with their woe is me act and realize they are in fact, not just like us. Single mom. How effing offensive.

    • TheHeat says:

      I understand 100% what you’re saying.
      But, she is single…and she is a mom…so despite the fact that the label insinuates that she’s hard-done-by and struggling, it’s accurate.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      This is silly. Being a single mother means just that. It’s not a socio-economic description. Lots of single moms have help or have the means for help. That doesn’t mean they arent single mothers. And I say this as someone who was raised by a single mother who struggled financially. Not all single mothers do and it’s crazy to think that because they dont they can’t call themselves single mothers. That’s like saying working moms can’t call themselves “working” moms if they have help.

    • CityGirl says:

      She lost me at juggling her singal motherhood, family life, and social life with her fulltime job…


    • KP says:

      I am 100% a single mom because I am single and a mom. My son’s father is very much in the picture. His presence is absolutely a help to me and, of course, good for my son. I know many single mothers don’t have the help of a co-parent and that their struggles are much harder than my own. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m a single mother and I have the struggles of a parent without a partner.

      If anything I’d take issue with saying she works full time…

    • Embee says:

      I struggle with parents like KK wearing the single parent badge too. I feel like the term is applied too broadly notwithstanding the accuracy of the terms “single” and “mom” (and this is not a dig at The Heat’s comment…I think we’re on the same page actually). I feel like the term originally applied to a mother (or father) whose spouse died, and so they were truly parenting alone. The term was understandably expanded to include parents who divorced, especially when the other parent stopped participating meaningfully in the children’s lives. The term became synonymous with a parent who had no meaningful support from the other parent. To lump in the same category a parent whose partner is financially, emotionally and logistically involved in the children’s lives gives her credit for work she’s not doing; it gives her the sympathy she has not earned. When I say I am a single parent it’s because my daughter’s father (my exhusband) had a complete and permanent psychotic break while I delivered her, and has not been able to contribute in any way other than to be a frightening nuisance for the past 9 years. The idea that Kourtney’s “tips” on being a single parent are instructive to me is insulting. She hasn’t any idea.

      • LT says:

        Hmmm – I’m of two minds on that. Technically, I was a single mom because I divorced my kids’ father. We share custody and he’s very involved, but no question is it harder parenting solo, even if I was only parenting solo part time.

        My (now) husband, though, was truly a single dad because his ex wife died. It was exponentially harder for him to parent solo 100% of the time that it was for me, even though both situations are harder (in my opinion and experience) than having two full time parents.

        I wish there was another term. I guess “divorced mom” kinda implies the ex is still involved, though it doesn’t have the same ring to it ;-).

      • Embee says:

        LT I totally agree. Parenting with your ex is NOT the same as parenting with your spouse with whom you live…it adds an entire realm of logistics and negotiations, stressors, etc. And I don’t wish to be the verbiage police as to what someone calls themselves. It’s the aspect of KK’s seeking to monetize from or get credit for something she simply is not doing that makes me salty. I guess I will just look away!

    • KP says:

      It’s not a contest to see you has it the hardest. In every single category there will be people who have it better and worse than you. Some single mom stories are heartbreaking while others are uplifting. Some are single moms by choice, some through death, some through divorce, some through heartbreak. The possibilities are endless. Some have absolutely no help and no resources. Some are wealthy beyond belief. Some have co-parents- some of whom are 50/50 some of whom live in different states,- some have none and some have terrible parental figures they have to navigate. Just as with two parent homes there ARE ALL KINDS.
      That doesn’t change the fact that all parents struggle and all single parents struggle. I have a good job, a good support system, an involved co-parent and many resources available to me but that doesn’t change the fact that in the day to day I am solely responsible for my son, all of that falls on me and I don’t have a support person for me. I get lonely and sad and overwhelmed and there is no one for me. I have to shove it all down and be there for my son. Some would argue that that is easier than dealing with an unsupportive partner you are attached to… Point being there is always someone with it easier and someone with it harder and it is not a contest.

    • Jojo says:

      most single moms do not have live in nannies that take care of the kids.

    • sammiches says:

      Dang, mothers will put other mothers down over a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.

  3. Lenn says:

    Poosh sounds too much like Goop

    • me says:

      Well the Kardashians never do anything original do they? They just copy something that’s already successful.

  4. Jb says:

    How does she do it??! Money, money, money and zero shame is how she does it! Don’t compare yourself to these ppl, I can tell you you’re a better person for it and don’t feed into their massive egos.

  5. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Eh. No. Kourtney touts a $1500 skincare routine on her site. If you’re going to bash Goop for being elitist and out of touch you cant praise Kourt for doing essentially the same thing.

  6. jules says:

    I thought Poosh was an april fools spoof. Honestly. The name is awful and she is flaunting a healthy lifestyle when she is for sure not natural.

  7. BeanieBean says:

    ‘a “curated” experience’?

    • Stella Alpina says:

      I roll my eyes when people use that word. I hear it in commercials, too. It’s pretentious speak, like calling used cars “certified pre-owned” and used clothes “vintage”.

      Pretty sure it originally applied to the work curators do in a museum, library, archive, etc. Now people “curate” their furniture and wardrobe. Puh-leeze.

      I’m not surprised Kourtney and her team are using it. In the near future, Kardashian should become a noun that universally means “poseur who speaks with vocal fry”.

  8. Nanea says:

    I’m not sure I buy into this Penelope nickname thing.
    If true, poor kid. I wouldn’t want to have my name out there for all the world to see and/or make fun of, eventually, even if the name is nowhere as bad as real first names – like Moxie Crimefighter, Pilot Inspektor Whatever, or Apple.

    Or is it really Poosh because Posh was already taken – by Vicky B?

    • Anon33 says:

      I admit that I used to watch the show. (I stopped when they started openly supporting Trump and other pedophiles.) I can confirm that kourtney referred to her daughter as “Poosh” or “pooshka” many times on the show prior to this website launch.

  9. Erinn says:

    I’d feel less judgmental towards it if I didn’t suspect she’ll be matching Goop in pseudoscience.

  10. Lightpurple says:

    She works full time? What does she do?

    Who are these people who are constantly asking her these questions?

    What kind of horrible nickname for a child is Poosh?

    What the hell is she wearing?

    I want lifestyle blogs from Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Nancy Pelosi

  11. billypilgrim says:

    Will support the Ks period.

  12. Holly says:

    Are we not going to acknowledge that Poosh sounds like Goop? This seems like a lazy knock-off; like I’m cringing at how similar the branding seems. I haven’t visited either website so I’m probably wrong but even naming it Poosh seems shamelessly “inspired”. Bizarre.

  13. Harryg says:

    Of course it isn’t since other people do EVERYTHING for them. Trashians probably can’t even spell.

  14. Clare says:

    How she does it all? I’ll tell you – by being extremely wealthy and being able to afford all the help she needs.

    Hard pass.

  15. Original Jenns says:

    I am ashamed at how I white noise binged the latest episode, but not ashamed enough to admit it, I guess! I used to think that she was the most likeable, but that was before her storyline was mom-shaming. Watching her say working and money aren’t important, being a mom is, that’s her priority, so the rest of her family is just disgusting, just put her in the same space as the rest of them. Sure, money isn’t important, Kourtney, when you have millions and other people doing the work to put yours in your bank account. She doesn’t seem to realize it’s her privilege (that other moms are spending time away from their kids to earn a living working on) that allow her to choose her hours, and keep her in the organic lifestyle for her kids. If all the Kardashians split and only made their own money, she’d be in trouble. She’s clueless. I do think this falls in line with her interests, and she might actually be a little involved in this, which, good for her.

    • hkk says:

      I think her doing this website is an acknowledgement of exactly what you are saying though. She got off her duff and did this, I think it’s great. Anytime they want to do an interview (control the narrative) they can put it out through her site and keep the click money in the family.

      • Original Jenns says:

        Honestly, my point is that she thinks she’s better than working mothers because she doesn’t recognize what her privilege allows her to do, and will still see herself as better since most of the work on this will probably come from other working parents. But you are nicer than I 🙂 And at least she is doing something that aligns with what her interests are, which is good for anyone.

  16. Wellsie says:

    I mis-read, “…celebrating life with an infectious disease with confidence.” hahaha.

  17. hkk says:

    I like it. I think it is sort of brilliant too. Lots of news media sites make so much money off reporting on her family and she can just say oh, Kendall pop this hat on and let me take a pic for my website. And Kris giving exclusives and recipes. I think it is a very, very smart move. I’m 37 and have two kids and share a lot of similarities with Kourtney, I buy organic foods, and do lots of all natural type parenting things. I will keep checking out her site.

    • StormsMama says:

      I’m 42
      And have never felt a need or urge to lean into the kardashians
      But I agree
      This interests me
      1) it is a bit like goop but without the asshole
      2) the site is pretty and easy like vogue and as someone who grew up with magazines I can’t hate on that
      3) the write up on organic wine was simple and to the point but also the wine selection was GREAT
      4) I saw her in Nantucket 2 years ago and was amazed at how fit and gorgeous she is in person. Unlike her sisters she seems to just L I V E live and do it well. Everyone loves to hate on that
      I won’t

  18. Dttimes2 says:

    Why is she promoting with naked pictures of herself?? It grosses me out you take a cute child’s nickname than use it and promote it naked?? Why? If you’re looking to attract other women why be naked??

  19. Jumpingthesnark says:

    It has “poo” in the name, which seems like a mistake. That’s all I got.

  20. Kathleen says:

    Anybody a Parks & Rec fan? Remember the lifestyle site that Donna and Tom loved? I think it was spelled ‘Blush” (?) but they pronounced it Bloosh. That’s all I can think of when I read Poosh.

  21. Grem says:

    She works full time??

  22. ana says:

    Poosh, Goop, poop, what’s the difference?