Grazia: Duchess Kate is ‘unsettled, upset’ about all of the Rose Hanbury rumors

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal

Ever since Meghan Markle entered the scene, there’s been a concerted movement to make “Duchess Kate has never put a foot wrong” happen. It’s been sprinkled into stories for more than a year, like Kate is now the royal standard for duchesses or commoners who marry into the royal family. It’s almost as if Meghan’s entrance wiped Kate’s slate clean for some reason – gone were the days where royal reporters regularly mentioned Will & Kate’s “work-shy” habits and vacations, or how poorly timed some of their travels were (like William vacationing with his bros on Commonwealth Day, or going to Kenya to see Jecca Craig on Charlotte’s first Easter). No one will mention how Kate rarely bothered to make speeches (until Meghan showed up). No one ever mentions (anymore) that Kate used to flash her drawers at least once during every international trip, or that the Queen allegedly had to inform Kate that her twirly miniskirts and unweighted hems were no longer appropriate. No, Meghan’s presence suddenly wiped that all clean and now Kate is the matron duchess, the old hand who has “never put a foot wrong.”

I was reminded of that as I read through Grazia’s take on the Rose Hanbury-Duchess Kate-Prince William thing. Grazia published this several days ago, around the same time as In Touch Weekly released their cover story in the print edition. Obviously, In Touch had juicier details. But Grazia’s take is interesting too. Grazia started out with some interesting dirt – that the Turnip Toffs have all been gossiping about the scandal on WhatsApp – and then they just quote Katie Nicholl extensively. Nicholl has always been Kate’s hagiographer and Nicholl has sources deep within the Middleton camp. Basically, this is just Middleton PR.

Grazia’s source says the Norfolk dinner party circuit has been buzzing with the news of this rare – and therefore significant – local scandal, with lots of chat on WhatsApp. That there is gossip about her inner circle is causing the notoriously private Kate distress, and she is said to be concerned about who is leaking such personal information. Katie Nicholl, author of Kate: The Future Queen, points out that while the duchess is usually ‘unflappable’, this drama is unsettling for both her and William. ‘Kate doesn’t do arguments. If you upset her she freezes you out. There are very few leaks about what really goes on in the Cambridge household or their marriage, other than to say it’s a solid and happy one,’ says Katie.

‘William and Kate have a tight-knit group of friends and none of them talk. All of the speculation about this alleged falling out between Rose and Kate will have been upsetting for Kate. She won’t like being the subject of gossip, and neither will William, who is a very private person. For the most part, Kate pays no attention to gossip and rumours and while I think they laughed it off at first, the fact this is still being talked about will, I imagine, unsettle them.’ Indeed, one Norfolk resident told Grazia, ‘This area is generally a very ungossipy place, where the biggest question is, “How many birds did you kill today?” That’s why the royals have always liked it, they can go and hide and be themselves.’

The Palace is no stranger to rumours yet, since their marriage, William and Kate have rarely been the focus of it. Though it was reported they had ‘considered’ legal action over the stories, their modus operandi is said to be to keep quiet and hope the story goes away. The Queen is keen to smooth things over. Last week, she took Kate with her on an official engagement – she is thought to want to keep her close and show her support. A Grazia source added, ‘Kate is happy enough to be in the papers, she knows it’s part of who she now is. But she doesn’t appreciate stories like this.’ She has turned to her mother, Carole, and sister Pippa, who she trusts implicitly. ‘Kate also listens to her advisers,’ added the source. ‘Her private secretary Catherine Quinn is straight-talking and she and Kate are very much on the same page. The Cambridges also have a new senior adviser, Jason Knauf. He’s brilliant at damage control so they are well supported.’

Rose and her family are also yet to comment on the story. Grazia’s source says that this high-profile scandal is likely not to have bothered Rose quite as much as it has Kate. ‘Rose and her sister Marina are renowned for having a wild side. They aren’t bothered what people think about them. Being the subject of gossip isn’t anything new: it’s just on a bigger scale.’

Kate, meanwhile, plans to focus on her official duties and wait for the storm to pass. Katie Nicholl says, ‘She has an unwavering sense of duty and that’s key to her popularity. Kate knows her role is to support the Queen, her husband and make the royal family look good on the world stage. She has always been the perfect royal ambassador and never puts a foot wrong.’ Time will only tell whether this rift with Rose can be mended, but one thing is for sure: Kate and William will be ensuring that their social circle is made absolutely watertight to avoid further scandal. ‘They are as tight a team as you can get, but this has rattled them,’ says the source. ‘Kate will weed out anyone who casts a shadow over their happy family unit.’

[From Grazia]

See what I mean? There’s been a very concentrated effort to big-up (embiggen?) Kate over the past year, like SHE was the one just joining the royal family, like she was the one who needed to be hyped and flattered and praised and fluffed. I’ve been thinking this whole time that the movement to embiggen Kate was just because of Meghan’s presence, but what if the whole thing was also about Rose Hanbury? What if people are fluffing her up because William’s affair has been an open secret in Norfolk?

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. ByTheSea says:

    No, the enbiggening is about Meghan. Even the last paragraph of the article is about how she knows her place and purpose and has never put a foot wrong (we’re forgetting about her putting her a$$cheeks on display for the world to see, I guess). This just happened to come along during all of the fluffing, so it’s kind of embarrassing.

    • minx says:

      If William did have an affair (which I’m not convinced of) please tell me we’re not somehow blaming Kate.

      • ByTheSea says:

        Who’s blaming Kate? And how?

      • minx says:

        A** cheeks? What does that have to do with the specifics of this story?

      • bonobochick says:

        Kaiser’s comments prior to the Grazia thing is the media narrative that Kate has never put a foot wrong when we know she has in order for the media to undermine Meghan. One of those missteps is her history with flashing due to unweighted hems and the like. Then the story about the possible affair was quoted.

        It is not about blaming Kate for any possible affair Wills had and I am not sure how that conflation came to be. It is spotlighting the continuing media narrative around this affair rumor on top of other hit pieces about Meghan in which the media consistently pretends that Kate has never made mistakes and that she has always been ‘flawless’ in her Duchess role with working, with fashion, and with decorum. Kaiser was obviously knocking the lies of media with them wiping Kate’s slate in order to attack Meghan.

      • Lorelei says:

        Those were definitely jabs at Meghan.

        Emphasizing how private Kate is and expects everyone around her to be (as opposed to that gauche NYC baby shower). And once again the “never put a foot wrong” line.

        I am also not blaming Kate for anything, but there are dog whistles in that article.

      • Becks1 says:

        There are two stories going on here. One – the rumors about the cheating. No one blames Kate if William cheated on her. There may be some comments about how she cant be surprised, but those are based on the assumption that he has repeatedly cheated on her over the past 18 years. An assumption, and one that could be wrong. It doesn’t make the cheating her fault though.

        But, the other story is about how Kate is the perfect duchess who has never put a foot wrong and this story is just horrible and shes so upset over it because she is so private and perfect!!!!!! For that story……we can roll our eyes because we all know she HAS put a foot wrong.

      • notasugarhere says:

        ‘She has an unwavering sense of duty and that’s key to her popularity. Kate knows her role is to support the Queen, her husband and make the royal family look good on the world stage. She has always been the perfect royal ambassador and never puts a foot wrong.’


      • Becks1 says:

        @nota, right?!?!?! Carole really gave herself away with the “unwavering sense of duty” bit haha.

      • KEEKS says:

        Relax Carol. Nobody said that it’s Kate’s fault.

      • B says:

        @Keeks- there is no reason to be rude. Minx read the comment and took it a certain way and if you disagree with her view fine but to attack her is uncalled for.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        I am deeply ashamed to have to resort to quoting one of the Royal dish hags, but “Obvious PR is obvious”.

    • B says:

      Omg not everything is about Megan, especially in Kate’s life. In fact I bet she doesn’t give a hoot about Megan especially if she is having issues in her marriage.

      • jules says:

        This. People are seriously losing their marbles over defending Meghan.

      • MsIam says:

        @Jules then why are all these Cambridge stans trying to imply that Meghan and Harry leaked this story? They are trying to drag them into it with a tow truck. Why is that? What was that about lost marbles?

      • Veronika says:

        THIS. People have ridiculous hypersensitivity about Meghan here. Anytime someone even remotely criticizes Meghan, they are accused of being racist.

      • Veronika says:

        MsIam — you just proved Jules point.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yeah, the “never puts a foot wrong” is a dig at Meghan. Plus, it’s why I dislike Kate (or at least, dislike her “image” since I don’t know her). She is a freakin’ doormat to a man who doesn’t respect her, she isn’t particularly intelligent (doesn’t know about Faberge eggs despite her Art History degree), is really lazy, etc. And yet the royal family and the press want us to believe THAT is the “ideal” wife. It’s insulting and makes my dislike William and Kate quite a bit.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Mrs. Krabapple, I do not think the British Press really like Cathy Cambridge. I think they enjoy the money the clicks that bashing Meghan brings to their coffers. The easiest way to bash Megs is to praise Kate. Most of this nonsense IMHO is being driven by the commentariat in The Daily Fail, The Sun, The Express and other UK Red Top tabloids: The money making clickers.

      • Turtleshell says:

        I have an art history degree. A PhD, in fact. I know jack squat about Faberge eggs – it’s kind of a wide field, ya know?? Can we stop this tired old narrative that her degree is bunk and she’s cr** at her “job” because of that? It’s getting very sad. If you want to criticize her I’m sure there are things less of a stretch, and more valuable as critique, and insulting/devaluing ANY woman’s academic achievements harms us all.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Turtleshell, Kate (the famous “Art History” major) made that dumb statement WHILE VIEWING THE ROYAL COLLECTION OF FABERGE! If you think that makes her GOOD at her job, then I don’t know how much lower the bar can sink.

      • Turtleshell says:

        @mskrabapple . . . Your point? Doesn’t matter what/whose collection she was viewing. Doesn’t negate my statement. Knowing the specifics of a collection, work of art, or not, doesn’t have any real impact on her job. Showing up to work, using her platform for good, THAT does. Whether she is good at that or not seems open to interpretation, but enough with the casually tossed devaluation of her intelligence or education.

      • 90sgirl says:

        But Kate was dating a member of the Royal Family for years, then married him. William’s grandfather Prince Phillip is a descendant of the Russan Tsar’s Family.

        Kate had been around the Palace and William for years. Kate NOT knowing about Faberge was ridiculous.
        It meant that she never took the time to read about her own husbands family history in any depth,
        because if she had, there is no way she would have missed historical references to Faberge.

        To me it said something about her lack of initiative.

      • Skwinkee says:

        Dear Crapapple. I have an art history degree. I hate eggs. I don’t know squat about fabrege eggs (because I do not care! And it was not my area of speciality).

        I really don’t have particular feelings about Kate but how many British monarchs or spouses have been university educated? Not a huge number.

        This whole bullshit about duchess v. duchess it’s so tired.

      • 90sgirl says:

        The Queen and the exhibitor’s reaction when Kate didn’t know about Faberge said it all. Lol

      • Becks1 says:

        The Faberge eggs isn’t necessarily that big a deal in itself, its just sort of emblematic of Kate’s problems when it comes to “duchessing.” She was going to view an exhibit that included Faberge eggs. If she didn’t know anything about them from her studies (which I can understand), then wouldn’t she do some basic background review? Apparently not. That’s why so many people side-eye for her that. She doesn’t have to be an expert because she has an art history degree. But she can do some prep work before an event.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Exactly , Becks1 well put.

  2. Heather says:

    I have a few pressing questions.

    1. How do they walk in dresses that long across grass probably in heels without falling?

    2. This is a nothing story Whether or not there is an affair, I would bet money that there will be no divorce and Duchess of Cambridge isn’t going anywhere. She’s right where she wants to be and plans to stay. So why all the energy around it?

    • Of the Seraphs says:

      1. There are these great, cheap little things that slide over your heel that keep your heel from sinking in. They’re clear, too, so they don’t ruin the look of the shoe.

      2. I don’t know if there’s an affair ( I do think there’s *something* there) but I don’t think these Perfect Kate, ideal Duchess, stories are helping misdirect attention. People read them and then click right into the stories about the affair. Regardless, she’s not going anywhere. I think she loves William and loves her position and she won’t leave either unless she’s dumped.

      • Heather says:

        Those hems are so long. My face hurts already from the face plant I’d surely take if I tried a length that long without holding up the hem!

        I’m such a cynic I almost think that they (the Cambridges) are letting it fester and gain some oxygen a bit, as if to show everyone “We don’t control the media, honest! They’re after us just as much as they’re after my brother and his wife!”

        But that’s probably giving them too much diabolical credit.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree that Kate is not going anywhere, unless William divorces her, and I don’t think he would do that.

      • Megan says:

        Maybe Rose misses the old days when she was a hot topic of gossip and she decided to stir up a little fun.

    • Himmiefan says:

      I agree, she plans to stay because the crown is her goal. Will it be worth it though when people look at her with pity and whisper behind her back? Will the ginormous crown be worth it when people shake their heads as she goes by, whispering about yet another affair and what a doormat she is?

      • bertha butterick says:

        Believe the same could be said about the other one. Harry will stray, snort or whatever.

      • Megan says:

        Did the queen leave Phillip over his notorious philandering? The ginormous crown means she has never had two f*cks to give to the gossips because she will always get the last laugh.

      • BorderMollie says:

        This, though. She’s pretty much the ultimate proof that getting the crown (whether real or metaphorical) isn’t worth the price paid in privacy and dignity. No matter how many glamourous dresses she wears or outings she goes on, she just always strikes me as pathetic and grappling, like the royal version of Jennifer Garner or something. It’s sad.

      • Himmiefan says:

        Elizabeth is the monarch while Kate will just be the consort, so no Elizabeth didn’t have to care about the gossip, but she probably did.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    I was leaning towards the theory that Rose/William had a fling prior to both being married. But the more legs this story seems to be getting, the more I’m doubting my theory. There’s blood in the water; something is up.

    • Seraphina says:

      Rapunzel, I am in agreement. Something is up. And Digital Unicorn had an interesting take that Rose’s family may be behind the story on Carol. Maybe this is way bigger than we think because the gloves are on and two powerful families are at war, 2020 style. Kinda like the Boleyns and Howards. And where there is smoke there is fire. Why does this story have Kate so shook up. And maybe Harry does like Kate and is not happy with his brother. And being newly wedded and a father to be, it just really grated him. And maybe Wills is upset that Megs married into the family and they are so popular. All the dysfunction may have created the perfect storm and this Rose scandal was the final blow. Hmmmmm, interesting gossip indeed.

      • Mika says:

        Pendantic A-Hole Comment: The Boleyns and the Howards were the same family (Anne Boleyns’s mother was a Howard and her uncle, a Howard, arranged her married to Henry VIII, as well as Katherine Howard’s marriage to him). The Howards and the Seymours were at war.

        Also, I’m totally on team “Where there is smoke, there is fire” and my question is, like, why WOULDN’T Will cheat? He’s done it before. He clearly has delicate ego which needs stroking, and it’ s not like Kate’s going to leave him.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Mika high five!! I was going to say something too. Although Thomas Howard is an interesting study in terms of how to survive in Henry VIII’s court.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @mika – but who shall we cast in those roles?

        Bolyens are clearly the Middletons and the Seymours are the Chumleys/Hanbury’s.

      • Himmiefan says:

        Does anyone else picture H & M sitting on the sidelines munching on popcorn and enthralled with it all?

      • B says:

        @Himmiefan if H&M are horrible people then yes because nothing like having your sister in law and her children having marriage issues in the paper. I am sure Harry is endlessly enjoying this happening again to his niece and nephews.

        Personally I don’t think H&M are horrible people but if you do then ok.

      • Seraphina says:

        @ Mika, Thank you for clarification. I forgot which family was related to which and who was at war. But I guess they were all war trying to get to the king of England.

      • Himmiefan says:

        B, you know nothing about me. If the Cambridges are behind the Meghan smear campaign, then they deserve what they’re getting. The children have no idea what is going on.

      • B says:


        There is no proof or evidence that W&K are behind it but again do you

      • Princessk says:

        Yes, l also picked up somewhere that there is a Middleton angle here in terms of Rose being frozen out, and Rose’s family more or less saying no way was their daughter going to take all the blame and be the scapegoat. People then said that the Middleton’s had better watch out because Rose’s people are better connected and would be formidable opponents.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Princessk, You are correct. Rose’s people and friends are very very well connected.

      • speaking of a-holes says:

        Anne Boleyn’s uncle did not arrange her marriage to Henry V!!!. Stop quoting TV. He was Catholic and supported Catherine, not the niece he called “the Great Whore”. For good or ill, Anne did it herself.

    • LaraK says:

      Oh for sure William messed around, but not sure with whom.
      Kate doesn’t care, as long as he doesn’t embarrass her, but the gossip is a problem. She won’t divorce him or anything, no way after all she went through to secure the marriage. But she’s not above cutting some titled Toffs down to size to Kate herself feel better.
      I’d hate to live like that.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah am so on board that there is something to this story, the press clearly know something or else why would they keep bringing it up. And please, places like Norfolk are a hot bed of gossip as its pretty much all ‘these ladies who lunch’ do all day.

      And as I said yesterday, the Hanbury’s are pushing back on Carole and the Middleton’s as a way to get to the Cambridges. They know who was behind the smear campaign against Rose and they are clearly not afraid to retaliate. The Chumley are being chucked under the bus to protect Big Wandering Willy and for the record am not sure they had the affair, I think she knew about it and gossiped.

      Something has clearly happened or else it would have been a non story. William just keeps throwing lighter fluid on this fire.

  4. Fanny says:

    Both pensioner Billy boy and Waity is a waste a space and time, roll on thee republic to get rid of this Punch and Judy show. They must be pinching themselves every ask if this is real how can people so gullible when they suppose to be educated, intelligent and not living in the dark ages where people were more inferior.

  5. Kittycat says:

    The embiggening of Kate is basically white washing her past.

    It pretty interesting if you consider Kate and William had so many years to ease into their roles and now they are playing catch up.

  6. jules says:

    This pesky story will not go away, huh?

    • Sash says:

      To be fair, this is just gossip rags making their own narrative. On the other hand, it really ain’t going away lol. At this point, they should just ignore, acknowledging it will bring more attention.

  7. Becks1 says:

    Can we laugh at the fact that Jason Knauf is described as being “brilliant at damage control”????

    I feel like I’ve read the phrase “hasn’t put a foot wrong” regarding Kate several times over the past few weeks/months, from different sources (I think Richard Kay in particular used that line in his splendid piece from a few weeks ago that really quashed all these rumors), either its just something that’s gathering steam or it’s a specific quote given to these people from KP/Middletons/someone. I know its not an uncommon phrase, but I don’t feel its super common either, you know?

    • Of the Seraphs says:

      I’ve been hearing “never put a foot wrong” on repeat for a couple months now wth regards to Kate, so I’m sure it’s a talking point her press team is putting out. There’s really no other way to explain how outlets who were critical of her are now using that exact phrasing to praise her.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      The royals have stock phrases. “Hit the ground running” is another. It’s not a coincidence that both Kate and Meghan used it during their engagement interviews. Even Meghan has had a few articles before the full on smear campaign saying that she “hasn’t put a foot wrong.” It’s used like a public affirmation. Saying it over and over in exactly the same way tricks people into thinking it’s true. It works with the masses who aren’t paying attention and has been used for ages.

    • Oh No says:

      It’s so blatant they are hiding behind the Meghan smears to deflect. They aren’t even hiding it now.

      They better be cautious what sort of energy they put out into the world, because one way or the other, it always comes back around.

    • Lorelei says:

      Yes I lol’d at Jason the PR genius and Kate’s unwavering sense of duty. Oh brother.

    • Nic919 says:

      I chuckled out loud at the Jason Knauf comment too. And I bet he’s so brilliant that he’s the one who spoke to Richard Kay. Anyway Daily Beast has picked up on this with a story about William’s lawyers trying to kill the story. Excellent work Jason.

    • Amy Too says:

      There were a few quotes in the story that made me go “wtf?” Like Katie Nicholl is either trying really hard to cover up the story but is doing it really, really badly because she knows it’s true and keeps accidentally letting that slip by what she says, or like she’s trying to leave subtle clues that the story about the affair is true. Jason being “brilliant at damage control,” for instance. Damage control is generally for when you need to cover up or spin something that you actually did that was wrong. “Damage control” isn’t the phrase I’d use if I had truly not had an affair and was just trying to get the truth out there.

      And then the part about how Kate knows her duty is to support the queen and her husband in order to make the royal family “look good.” Not “be good,” or “be successful,” or “spread goodwill,” or anything like that. They just need to “look” good no matter what.

      And then we have her musing about whether the rift with Rose will ever be mended…. even though they spent all this time claiming that there was no rift, both couples are completely baffled about how this totally false story came into being, and how they all laughed about it and found it amusing in the beginning. Which is it? Is there a legitimate rift to be mended, or is it all just a super silly rumor that they’re all laughing about? But apparently also really upset about? So many contradictions.

      And the part about how Kate is just focusing on her royal duties while the story passes, yet we haven’t actually seen her out performing any royal duties in weeks. That just seems made up and was a stupid thing to say considering she’s not now, nor has she been, going to any events or engagements in quite awhile.

      And the part about how Kate doesn’t have arguments, she just freezes people out, sounds cruel and calculated and I’m not sure how that’s supposed to make her look good.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Nice breakdown of the contradictions. They make it worse with every story.

      • Anance says:

        “And then we have her musing about whether the rift with Rose will ever be mended”

        I believe last week we were at the “couples barely know each other” & “only ever met a few times” stage.

        Now we are worried whether the rift can be mended. And the subtle threat of “Kate just freezes people out.” Is this a msg to the Hanburys?

      • Becks1 says:

        @AmyToo those are all good points. This is another weirdly defensive article of something that didn’t supposedly even happen (the initial rift.) It makes me think the truth is what has been said here for some time – there IS a rift, and “they” (KP, Turnip toffs, etc) don’t want the real reason for that rift coming out. Doesn’t mean it was an affair, but it was something that I’m assuming makes the Cambridges look bad.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Ha Becks, I don’t get Jason’s “brilliance” either, unless he has blocked some really damaging stuff we have yet to see? Or he is behind throwing Harry & Meghan under a bus?

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Haha yes! Poor brilliant Jason and his keen damage control skills. No just no. Poor Jason turns a fender-bender of a news story into a 20 car pile up

    • Mego says:

      Yes I found that quite hilarious.

  8. Toot says:

    Katie Nichols is so far up Kate’s ass I don’t know how she breathes.

  9. manda says:

    I love how the fact that she doesn’t argue but instead just “freezes people out” is framed by grazia as a good thing. She sounds like a real b-i-t-c-h

    • Sash says:

      Eh, as I said when the rags were coming at Meghan for freezing out her awful family- sometimes you just have to do it for your own self care. Sometimes the offender doesn’t deserve the benefit of your confrontation, especially when you’re shagging her husband or gossiping about someone else shagging her husband, you know?

      • Betsy says:

        Freezing out exhausting and abusive family is different from freezing out someone who is either a friend or an acquaintance and who according to the Royals hasn’t really done anything wrong.

    • Ader says:


      “Kate doesn’t do arguments. If you upset her she freezes you out.”

      My first thought was: Wow, so she probably hasn’t grown much as a person if that’s how she handles life.

      Who ever tells her she is wrong? I feel like you don’t become a true adult until you can honestly asses your faults. And I’m not talking: “Oh shucks, me? My faults? Well, I’m a workaholic and I’m too nice to people.” Like, real, honest-to-goodness faults that we ALL have.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Given what former employee’s have said about Carole, in that if you disagreed with her she ignored you, clearly Kate learned this behaviour from Mummy.

        I now begin to see why William loves Carole, they both seem to have a brash/bullish attitude and communication style. They seem alike.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Manda, “freezes people out” is the exact same thing Diana did on many occasions.

    • Erinn says:

      I guess it depends on the situation. Sometimes it’s better to not engage. Sometimes it’s genuinely better to just clear the air. I’m not sure arguing would be much better than freezing out though unless it was somehow productive… but arguing isn’t genuinely productive.

    • B says:


      This is not something that makes her a bitch. Unless Diana was a bitch? WHat about Megan she did this, is she a bitch? Or Beyonce she does this?

      Sometimes it is just the better way to handle a situation.

  10. guest says:

    Lol this tea is getting hotter and hotter. We might get scolded. And all this started from them making a huge deal about a little old feud.

    • Kylie says:

      How is it getting hotter? The only editions to the original story are people adding their own ideas to it. It feels like weak tea that people want to be something because they are determined for there to be a royal scandal.

      • Nic919 says:

        Daily Beast is writing about William’s lawyers trying to kill the story. They aren’t your usual gossip rag.

  11. Ainsley7 says:

    The thing to remember is that Diana got her slate wiped clean by Fergie and Sophie got her slate wiped clean by Kate. Sophie is seen as perfect now, but her scandal was far worse than anything Kate has done. They always use the current scandal about one person to clean someone else up. They’ll do it for Meghan in a few years once the public is distracted by something else. That’s why they aren’t doing as much as they should now. They need Kate cleaned up and they know they can fix Meghan’s image later. This is why Royal PR no longer works well. The internet is forever and it’s too easy to look things up. Waiting it out and cleaning up later isn’t as easy as it once was.

    • Catherine says:

      This 💯! I’m flabbergasted by the praise heaped on Sophie Essex, I mean: she was/is AWFUL. Betrayed the Crown. But Kate came along and was set up by her dressers – just like Meghan was with that price tag flapping in the wind in Australia- the courtiers put the “new girls” through the paces to make us all forget the scandals of previous “incomers” . Compared to Diana (whom I love and adored), Fergie, and Sophie: Kate and Meghan HAVENT MADE ONE MISTAKE.

      I’m disappointed William and Harry have let it go this far. They are the ones fighting and they let their wives bare the brunt of it. 👎🏼

      • Erinn says:

        I don’t understand why though. Are they that bored? Is it a sexism thing? A ‘married in’ thing? I just can’t imagine putting that kind of effort into tearing someone down who hadn’t done anything wrong towards me. Is it their weird form of hazing?

        I really wish they’d put out a united front on this. I think the only way it could improve is to have TQ, Charles, Will, Harry et al actively putting out a joint force to try to stop it. I understand that somtimes it’s not worth commenting on things – but if they TRULY want to modernize they absolutely need to realize the world has changed so much with the fast paced news cycle and comment boards and things like that. It’s not the same as it was when it was just TV reports and print news. And they absolutely should be getting SOMETHING into place before all the current (and upcoming) kids have to deal with it.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        @Erinn it’s a “know your place” thing. The new ones get a lot of press simply because they are new. It’s a reminder that they shouldn’t get comfortable with the spotlight because it won’t be allowed to last. The spotlight is supposed to be on the monarchy not it’s representatives. That’s why Kate often looks like she is in a costume. She is. They want everyone to leave their individuality at the door. Even Princess Margaret got put through this. They don’t call it The Firm for nothing.

      • 90sgirl says:

        IMO Sophie wiped her own slate clean,through her own HARD WORK on a constant basis for the Crown as a working Royal, that is the reason Sophie gets accollades, because she has proven herself through her own hard work.

        But here’s the thing, IMO The Middletons have used their access to Royalty for more than a decade to promote their business,(they’ve been using their connections for every thing possible, Wimbledon tickets, freebies while Kate was dating, Book deal, business promotion) but the UK media has looked the other way because it’s the golden heir’s in law family.

        Sophie did not say most of what the tabloids initially claimed. She did not say most of the things attributed to her in the press initially. When the actual tape transcripts were printed much later it was found she didn’t say anything about Diana, she only called the Queen Mother an old dear and said Blair was too Presidential. The rest was made up by the tabloid to make it more scandalous.
        When the Fake sheik was taken to court , he admitted that the press reports were sexed up, juiced up to make them seem more scandalous.
        Also it was her boss who invited the fake sheik to lunch. Sophie got blamed for a lot she never even said.
        That’s why the Queen and Prince Phillip both threw their full support behind her.

        IMO what the Middletons have done for a decade , using Royal connection to profit and promote themselves, Is way worse than what Sophie did only once, it’s just that the UK media has basically treated the Middeltons profiting from connection with kid gloves.

      • Tina says:

        What 90sgirl said. Sophie’s scandal was really nothing by modern standards, it was mostly insulting politicians and any of us would have done the same (Blair, Brown, etc).

    • Anitas says:

      So true. And I think one of the reasons Kate has looked so relaxed and radiant after M&H wedding was because she knew she was off the hook. People were talking about how she and Carole must be furious for being overshadowed by Meghan but I think they gladly let her take the spotlight.

      • MsIam says:

        As long as that spotlight makes Kate look better than Meghan by comparison, I agree, Carole and Kate are happy.

    • Kylie says:

      Sophie is also the only known to publicly berate her RPO, which she did right before William and Kate got married.

    • B says:

      Yes this is the reality of what happens, and it is truly a strange PR strategy by the Royal Family but if we admit this is just what always happens then we can’t have the narrative of evil Kate being jealous and plotting against Megan.

      You are right thought is is the most bizare strategy of all time.

    • Mego says:

      Sophie certainly spoke out of turn and was set up but she knuckled under and made it right. People shouldn’t be branded forever by one misstep and I think she was remorseful and humbled by the experience. Also Sophie is not even close to being in the same position as Kate. We should expect a great deal from William and Kate and the others not so much.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Yes,Sophie works hard for the Crown and earned her accolllades.

      • Anitas says:

        Sophie not only talked shit about the prime minister and UK politics, but was also trying to cash in on her royal position. And she must have been doing it before she got caught, because they tabloids were tipped off about her before the trap was set. That was a much more serious breach of social contracts and royal protocols than anything Kate or Meghan have done. That you’re brushing it off as ‘she spoke out of turn but made it right’ shows their strategy is effective. Sophie must have been reminded that her status is a lot less secure than she thought it was, so she stopped with the talking and started with more ribbon cutting, or whatever it is that passes as “hard work” in royal circles. And her image was whitewashed.

        You’re right, she’s not Kate. And Kate is also doing what the firm is expecting her to do: producing cute heirs and fixing the RF’s image of a dysfunctional family, while being discreet with the media and having a bland/inoffensive public persona. I would much prefer it if she used her platform more to give back to the society, but Kate doesn’t care about what you or I think she should be doing. She cares about what her husband thinks, and the queen, because she knows which side her bread is buttered, and in that sense – other than a few glitches she really hasn’t done much wrong.

      • 90sgirl says:

        Sophie talked once at a lunch meeting that was set up by her boss , it was a sting operation by a tabloid, who then exaggerated greatly what she said.
        She said the Prime Minister was too presidential….
        She called the Queen Mum and old dear
        Most of the other things first reported were not even said, when the fake sheik had to release the actual tapes, most of what he claimed she said , as he described it was not in the tapes. He admitted in court that the tabloid stories were sexed up or juiced up to create more of a scandal
        The Queen and Prince Phillip totally backed her throughout it. If all the press has to point to is One mistake in 20 years, of being a Royal ,then I think Sophie is doing very well.

  12. Mego says:

    Wow KN is in the Middleton back pocket. Kate has an unwavering sense of duty? Never put a foot wrong? Kate and Willnot make the RF look good on the world stage? Riiiiiiight. I think the Monarchy just might come to an end during their reign.

    Carole, your over the top pr to prop up Kate is pathetic and obvious and it saddens me that so many don’t see this for what it is. You simply cannot have Meghan outduchessing Kate can you?

  13. MM says:

    Well, if Grazia says so it must be true.

  14. Stephanie says:

    “Kate, meanwhile, plans to focus on her official duties”
    LMAO she seems to be in maternity leave with Meghan at the moment, zero official engagements

  15. Beach Dreams says:

    Sooo…The Daily Beast is reporting that Will’s lawyers are apparently trying to shut down the story by claiming it violates his human rights…here the Tweet for the story (not sure if it’ll get through):

    The particular part of that story:
    The Daily Beast further understands that at least one British publication has been served with legal warnings after publishing details of the rumors by the Royals lawyers of choice, white shoe law firm Harbottle and Lewis.

    One of the letters from Harbottle and Lewis states “in addition to being false and highly damaging, the publication of false speculation in respect of our clients’ private life also constitutes a breach of his privacy pursuant to Article 8 of the European Convention to Human Rights.”

    • Lorelei says:

      His human rights? Seriously??

      He is and always will be a public figure. It is ridiculous that he thinks he should be able to shut down bad press about himself.

      I know that’s how the BRF has operated in the past but I hope he can’t keep getting away with it.

    • Stephanie says:

      OMG The Cambridges are a joke

      • Lorelei says:

        Here’s PR genius Jason coming along to make this a bigger story AGAIN by threatening legal action. Do they not understand that by saying that it intensifies interest and will only drive people digging further? They didn’t learn that with the Kay debacle?

        Also love how they outright state that KP is willing to stand up to the press when they’re upset enough about a story, but clearly none of them cared as much about the Meghan-bashing articles that we’ve been seeing daily for months.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The fact that he got his lawyers to send a legal threat about it is highly telling – the Cambridges only get their lawyers involved if its something that is true and they want to bury it. There is something about this story that has hit nerves within the Cambridge household.

      Even with all the threats the press are not letting it go, that is also interesting as normally they would drop it like a hot potato.

      As others have said, where there is smoke there is a fire and William keeps feeding that fire with stories like this.

      • Becks1 says:

        Also, I think now that it is in the press outside of the UK, we are going to see more stories about this. William cant shut down the US media.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Maybe they’ve also emboldened the press to a new degree by allowing all those incredibly disrespectful, highly damaging stories about Meghan go unchallenged.

        It’s like a lion that has its first human meal……it completely loses its fear of humans and pandemonium breaks loose.

      • Lady D says:

        What’s a white shoe law firm? Do they literally wear white shoes?

      • Nic919 says:

        No it’s just a term for an elite and traditional law firm. Although maybe someone wore white shoes a hundred years ago.

      • Tina says:

        And I’m sorry, but in no way shape or form is Harbottle and Lewis a white shoe firm. Slaughter and May, maybe.

    • Nic919 says:

      Very interesting that they make this vague human rights threat and don’t send an actual Notice of Libel, which you need to do before you start any libel action.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Nic William’s brilliance doesn’t just lie in PR, but legal strategy as well, apparently 🙄

      • Ader says:

        Yeah. And the UK’s libel laws — compared to the U.S. at least — are pretty plaintiff-friendly.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Why take this to the European Convention on Human Rights in the midst of Brexit, basically stating UK law isn’t good enough for W&K? Why not go with the UK Human Rights Act (HRA) of 1998?

      Aha, because the UK laws don’t include this provision “for us not to have personal information spread about us against our will.”

      How will that legal threat play out with a hard Brexit?

      HRA 1998
      Article 8 Right to respect for private and family life

      1 Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

      2 There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

      Article 8 – right to respect privacy and family life
      This right exists to protect four things: our family life, our home, our private life, and our correspondence.

      We have the right to live with our family and our loved ones.

      Respect for the home guards against intrusion into where we live, or to protect us being forced from where we live without good reason.

      Respect for private life protects our personal freedoms, including respect for our sexuality, the right not to be placed under unlawful surveillance, or for us not to have personal information spread about us against our will.

      Respect for correspondence allows for us to communicate with others freely and in full privacy.

      • B says:

        why are you saying W&K sounds like its him and him alone who is getting legal action but sure attack Kate

      • Bella DuPont says:

        You know B, I’d love to see you defending Meghan one day with such ferocity and dedication ….it’d be amazing! 😊😘

      • Bella DuPont says:


        After many years of secrecy and subterfuge, it’s wonderful to finally have a glimpse at what you do……

        I was convinced you were a spy of some sort, but after seeing so many paragraphs of heavy legalese, I’m no longer as convinced…..I’m now leaning towards the rather less exciting job title of “Legal Practitioner”.

      • B says:

        @bella dupont- I have defended Megan but I apologize I didn’t think she needed to be defended for setting up a garden? I thought that was a perfectly lovely thing to do and said so in the thread. I will go back in there and check no one is bashing her for it and if they are I will say something.

        Also the extreme hate Kate gets when people on this site defend Megan has made me go from really liking to liking her a lot less and gone from being thinking Kate had cute kids to liking her a lot more.

      • lawyergal says:

        @B, you refuse to spell her name right, for starters. Also, Kate is a lazy waste of space hence the hate. Meghan works her tail off, hence the support.

      • Tina says:

        We won’t leave ECHR in Brexit. It’s not part of the EU.

  16. Ader says:

    I wonder if the Turnip Toffs genuinely like Will and Kate, or if they just kiss their butts because of rank and all that.

  17. Iknow says:

    I was gossiping with a friend about this Turnip Toff affair and my friend slickly speculated on something that blew my mind about the leaking of this situation: what if the leaking of the story came from one or both of the Sussexes as payback for all the crap that has been leaked about Meghan? What better payback than to smudge the varnish off the unflappable Cambridges. That could explain why, in the rebuttal by Kay, Meghan was insulted and ran over by a big bus. As a lover of gossip, I loved the idea. As a human being, I prayed it wasn’t true because I would like the brothers to salvage their relationship or be able to co-exist amicably with their families.

    • Kylie says:

      It doesn’t seem like Meghan’s style to push such a sexist story.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        I agree, Kylie. That would seem totally uncharacteristic and really risky on Meghan’s part. As for Harry? I honestly don’t know. I still don’t think it came from them but it’s an interesting theory.

    • lobbit says:

      Well, Meghan’s detractors have blamed this on her from the start. Which is probably why I hate this idea lol. Because any and everything that goes wrong for the Cambridge’s is Meghan’s fault, apparently. *sigh* I just wish people would just leave her out of it. She gets enough shit as it is.

      • Lorelei says:

        They will somehow try to find a way to blame Meghan for the fact that William couldn’t keep his d!ck in his pants.

      • Moneypenny says:

        @Lorelei exactly. William was so distraught at the thought of Harry marrying Meghan that he found comfort in the bed of another woman.

      • Princessk says:

        This gossip was around before Meghan came on the scene. The code used was that the rivalry was between the two couples in terms of wealth and quality of property.

    • oddly says:

      This was apparently gossip in their circles for over a year, why is it just hitting the media now?
      Just after Megs and Harry employed a new PR/media rep who is used to the skullduggery of Washington and politics. Questions………questions.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Interesting indeed – sounds like a lot of sh!t has been going down behind the royal curtains. Me thinks some thing was going on, Kate found out about it, Big Willy denied it and Kate bought the denials while BW continues to carry on with said mistress who is leaking this to force his hand as its more than a shag.

        It kinda makes me think of the Bezos affair, the fake downgrade clearly benefitted from the affair being made public as it forced him to leave his wife and makes way for her to take her place as wife of the richest man in the world.

        It could be that someone in the Toff set leaked it deliberately to out William and force him to admit it. Could it be an angry husband, scheming mother or scheming mistress who wants to be Princess of Wales?

        Game of Bed Hopping continues ……………

        As for Rose, am not sure she’s the mistress and I think she may have gossiped to the wrong people about it and could be why her family is pushing back with their stories against Carole and PP. Rose is unfairly being chucked under the bus to protect the real mistress and Big Willy.

      • Heather says:

        I’m starting to think that neither Cambridge camp nor Rose camp and def not Sussex camp released this. If Kate has such a reputation of freezing someone out, could it be that she froze out someone else who is now outside that group and wants a little petty revenge? The whole “her life really isn’t perfect, listen to this” thing.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Heather – could be. That’s not an unreasonable theory and would make sense why there are these bits about “phasing out” and “rivals” and “freezing out.” Maybe she froze out the wrong person, someone who had information that they are now leaking.

        I do agree with Digital Unicorn that I don’t think Rose is the mistress. I think she is probably caught up in this mess in some other way.

      • Marr says:

        Here’s my crackpot theory of the day. Will didn’t cheat with Rose but with her sister Marina. Maybe even under the tacit cover of the neighbouring Chumleys. Kate finds out about it and even though she’s used to turning a blind eye to Will’s indiscretions, the fact that this one was so close to home and involved the betrayal of her supposed BFF Rose makes her take some action. Cue the freezing out of rural rivals. The Chumleys and Hanburys get all upper crusty aristo about it – ‘how dare that Middleton commoner!’ So a game plan is put into action to blow this wide open to the general public (because the Cambs would care about THAT) and take some swipes at Carole while they’re at it too. Tit for tat. Now the question is when to start the whisperings withtout making the source of said whisperings obvious to the general public. Enter Meghan whom everyone loves to blame for everything under the sun.

        Whew, this was fun writing lol.

      • nic919 says:

        Sara Latham hasn’t started yet and besides, it’s the Richard Kay article that blew this open and that came from either William or Jason K. Harry and Meghan would not have been part of an article that so clearly bashes Meghan on top of the mention of potential legal action.

      • MA says:

        It’s interesting how Meghan haters were gleeful about the news of the Sussexes going under the umbrella of BP. If you believed these stories in the tabloids, you’d believe that the Queen wanted to supervise over the Sussexes because they need “reigning in” and Latham would have to report her every move to BP. But here’s the thing–going under BP gives cover to the Sussexes. If this theory that the Sussexes are being babysat is correct, then how could they possibly be behind affair rumors concerning the future monarch? Now that they’re under BP, every move from the Sussexes is done with the implicit approval of the monarch.

        Also, pre-Meghan, there have been rumors and stories of William’s affairs for years. So there goes that theory.

      • Anance says:


        Fantastic theory. I don’t know about the details, but you and Kaiser are sniffing up the right trail. There are too many coincidences and odd behavior.

        1 – Originally a thinly sourced story on Daily Mail – Eden about rural rivalries.
        2 – Richard Kay article, threats of legal action.
        3 – Queen does engagement w/Kate when the story is still in the infancy stage – preemptive?
        4 – Negative stories about the Middletons also appear.
        5 – More stories about rural rivals spread. We find out who Rose is, etc.
        6 – Articles in the US press explicitly stating it is an affair.
        7 – More threats legal action, story spreads to reputable outlets.

        And, all happening…After Meghan’s baby shower but before she gives birth.

        Something is going on behind the scenes, powerful well-connected people are involved, and they are using Meghan & Harry as cover to settle their scores.

    • MA says:

      Meghan’s not even in their circle and has lived in the UK with different friends and in a different area for about a year. And you’d have to believe that Harry somehow told Meghan and they were both cool with leaking an affair about William? Which doesn’t even lead to positive PR for them? And especially right before the birth of their child? Nah.

      The Sussexes don’t get messy like that. Just look at their counter-PR work through all the Meghan smears. Unlike the pro-Kate PR stories, which can’t go without dragging Meghan, all the pro-Meghan PR stories were all positive, with no shade to Kate or other royals. There were no fingers pointed and there’s been no dragging through the mud of grifters like Meghan’s ex, Ninaki, Sam Markle, etc. In fact, we only know those people are trash through third parties or their own actions.

    • Mego says:

      I confess it crossed my mind but it would be Harry who leaked it. I just don’t think he would cross William because he knows what an a*****e he is.

  18. TheOriginalMia says:

    Goodness what a sugary story about the Future Queen Consort. She’s so strong and perfect. She cuts you…I mean freezes you out of her court if she thinks you’ve talked. Please GMAFB!

  19. Lululemon says:

    Kaiser, is that a Simpsons reference? Love it.

  20. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I could vomit from all the sugar heaped on Kate here. Whitewashing much? It’s been well known for years that Billy has a penchant for cheating and settled for Kate when none of the aristos would take on the life in the goldfish bowl with him. She’s known this and took the job, anyway. Having her dirty laundry aired has to be distressing but gaslighting the public is not as easy in the digital age. The jabs at Meghan are really low and just make the Cambridges and Camp Middleton look even more desperate than normal.

    • B says:

      OMG it is such a joke that he settled and so degrading for people to say this about someone.

      They aren’t all over each other in public but guess what that doesn’t always mean they arent’ in love or happy. In fact in my experience the more PDA the less happiness. But there is nothing to make anyone think that this is a Diana repeat situation except some people have an irrational hatred of Kate and want it to be true.

      Now that being said could he have cheated? Sure it wouldn’t surprise me, just like it won’t shock me when Harry cheats on Megan or if Charles was cheating on Camillia. I think its just what that group does.

      Also as people pointed out up thread this is the Royal protocal- when Kate joined the family she was trashed endlessly to white wash Sophie, Fergie did it for Diana etc. SO one day someone new will join and Megan will get the same treatment.

      • Mego says:

        Kate was not trashed endlessly to prop up Sophie because Sophie didn’t require it. Her indiscretion was long passed by the time Will and Kate married. Sarah Ferguson unfortunately has no finesse and bumbled into her own scandals and created many of her own troubles without the help of Diana or anyone else. Aside from her malignant family totally beyond her control and alleged diva behaviour not evident to the public Meghan has done nothing but Duchess (very well) and has gotten trashed in the media. This is no long established pattern we’re seeing. I would bet the farm this is Middleton-Cambridge media manipulation plain and simple.

      • B says:

        Google what more about Sophie- she was a disaster and Kate was trashed for it. She did all kinds of horrible things. But if you want to believe it is this all powerful Middleton-Cambridge group go for it. Even though there is zero evidence that it is true or even exists.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        Actually it was common knowledge that William was going around and trying to find an aristocratic girl who would marry him. None of them would. Kate was the last woman standing. He drug her along for years and was a known cheater. She is obviously ok with that and something in their marriage works for them that way. Denying what has been out there for years is your problem, not mine.

    • Mego says:

      I like your use of the term gaslighting to describe these pro Kate articles. It’s certainly beyond pr imo. I wonder what Katie Nichol gets out of doing this sort of thing eh? Is Carole pulling favours with her boss? Paying her off? Promising exclusives? I dunno.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        Katie Nichol has always run these Kate fluff pieces, even in the face of what is obviously the opposite happening. I don’t know what she gets out of it. They’re head scratchers, for sure.

  21. gm says:

    The statement about tight knit group who don’t talk to press ridiculous, obviously SOMEONE talked or this story wouldn’t have gotten out. I believe it is human nature to gossip. it could be anything , it could be nothing. The thing is IMO it comes from someone/ a few in that group, for who knows what reason, could be they don’t like one of the parties involved, malicious, or just likes to gossip and it gets out there.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I have always felt that the leak which started “Turnip Toffgate” came from a member or members of this “tight knit group” who had a major ax to grind with Bill Cambridge. What if Bill Cambridge putt the move on the wife of Lord X. Lady X rebuffed Bill Cambridge’s advances and told her husband, Lord X . Lord X knew of the affair with Rose Hanbury as did all the other Turnip Toffs of Norfolk in this “tight knit group”. Lord X could have discretely informed the media to make life miserable for Bill Cambridge. Just a theory.

      I do not think the Sussexes have anything to do with Turnip Toffgate.

    • A says:

      It’s the aristocracy. They do nothing *but* gossip, often viciously, about each other. It’s what happens when you’re rich, bored, and lack a proper occupation.

  22. Tallia says:

    Is it wrong of me to think this is something Kate leaked to make the English people draw even more parallels between her and Diana? Some of Kate’s outfits, her children’s outfits, etc. have been almost eerie in their similarity and this was on purpose. Eh…

  23. Ain’tNoTelling says:

    No way did Rose have an affair with Wills. She’s too good for him, trust.

    Rose knows that Wills has been stepping out with someone in her circle, and remained tight lipped about it. Kate has frozen her out, because Rose wisely decided to not get involved in any of it, yet is still close to the woman who has been shagging Wills.

    Rose comes from a lovely family, & I highly doubt that her parents have been speaking to the press.

    Ladies, Wills might be the future King of England, but he is a silly, spoiled brat. Those traits are not aphrodisiacs for women like Rose. There’s a very valid reason, as to why the aristo women in his circle wanted nothing to do with him.

    • MA says:

      You’d think, which is what my initial reaction too. She’s too sophisticated, cultured, stylish for him. However, we’ve got to remember that these people live in a bizarro world where their inbred (“pure”) bloodlines set them apart from us lower classes. I mean, Henry VIII was obese and diseased….maybe being the future king is enough of an aphrodisiac. Although admittedly, the monarch has very little power or influence these days.,.

    • Jaded says:

      My thoughts exactly. Rose is covering up for someone else and Kate froze her. Although I have no insider knowledge of William’s personality he comes off as a dictatorial, pompous a-hole who likely has some weird bedtime preferences if you get my gist and none of the aristo women would put up with it except for those desperate to social-climb.

      • Bren says:

        If Rose is not having an affair with Will, why would she cover up for someone else while getting her name dragged into a rumor that paints her as a cheater? She has a family to protect too if the rumor is not true.

      • MsIam says:

        The line in the Grazia article that I thought was curious was “Rose and her sister have a wild side” and “don’t mind being written about in the press”. Talk about some shade! Basically saying “THOT”! And it didn’t say wild past either. The original story about the beef never mentioned the sister, why bring her up now? And what an odd thing to say when you originally claimed you barely knew Rose and her husband.

    • Bee says:

      Hmmm, Rose has an similar looking sister called Marina who also appears to have married a much much older Earl aristo. Perhaps a roll in the hay with a younger man (even if it is Will) might be appealing in those circumstances. These ladies definitely seem attracted to titled types no matter what. The Future King Of England may simply be the ultimate aristo notch on the bedpost.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Both Rose and her sister Marina married titled aristocrats (a Marquess and an Earl) who have their own wild sides and crazy family history. If you want a great read google “Earl of Durham” and read about Marina’s deceased father-in-law. This Wikipedia article on the Earl of Durham further demonstrates how incestuous the British Aristocracy is. Marina’s deceased father-in-law had a fling with Samantha Cameron’s maternal grandmother. I am not making this up!

  24. JadedBrit says:

    A friend at St Andrews at the same time as W&K corroborated her unfortunate doormat status, which was a matter of common record: her nickname was, er, an item of bedroom apparel and his rampant exploits everyday gossip. Lord only knows how many girls, now women, had to be shut up/bought off to preserve his pristine image. (All too reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice, with Carole as Mrs Bennett, Catherine as Jane: demure (well, she had longer hemlines than our Kate), submissive, of moderate understanding, who has married George Wickham rather than Bingley.) William’s threat of legal action suggests that someone may have resisted being bought off, or threatened, and that they may possess damaging information which refutes his claims. His appeal to Section 8 has no legal merit whatsoever, even in the hands of the most unscrupulous lawyer, that’s for sure.
    I support having a constitutional monarchy only because of the complete fracas it would take to convert Britain into a republic, the tens of thousands of parliamentary hours spent (we’re no closer to Brexit years after the referendum, for heaven’s sake: what sort of mess would our representatives make of this upheaval?) and commensurate legal fees, the prospect of a Blairite or Trumpian presidency (or Hindenburg for that matter). The Royals exist these days to be nice to people, support charities and provide a good day out. They should not, given their paucity of constitutional power, be able to issue limitless threats to those who *subsidise their existence*. A giant leap too far.

  25. Casey02 says:

    Kaiser, you are spot on. Both of these issues are happening at the same time and easily conflated. It makes one wonder if the Turnip Gate reveal to the public is an attempt to set the record straight on the perfect future King and Queen Consort…but by whom??? The constant misrepresentation of Kate as hardworking, focused on her duties, frugal etc is a fraud and those of us that have followed the RF for longer than a year knows better!!! Don’t get me started on that A**hole William. As much as Kate irks me NO woman deserves to be cheated on!!!

  26. Anon says:

    I find it interesting that the narrative around this story is that “Kate’s upset/rattled,” etc. All this cotillion vocabulary from the British media is almost hilariously Monty Pythonesque in its politeness. “William, do please phase out our friends as I think they’ve bean a bit too chummy of late.”

    Listen. Let’s get down to brass tacks. IRL she’s probably throwing Ming vases and hurling profanities at Bill that would make Conor McGregor blush. Yes, he cheated. No, she’s not going anywhere. They are shackled together like two chain gang prisoners from now on. And to top it all off, she has a new sister-in-law who is frankly a better public speaker and works 10 times harder (come on – she busted out a new cookbook with Grenfell Tower survivors only months after she got married, let’s give the girl credit for her killer work ethic.)

    Kate Middleton was stroked and groomed and did very little but look nice (it’s hard to “put a foot wrong” when you’re not really doing anything of substance) for nearly a decade and now she’s got competition on two fronts: A husband with a wandering eye and a new in-law that has pulled focus from her being the center of attention. But no matter who Harry married, that was always going to happen – because Harry is perhaps the most popular member of the RF. Part of me wants to feel sorry for her, but she trained for this position for at least 10 years before taking the plunge. She knew what she was getting into. Now that she has had all those kids, and life behind closed doors is probably boring (and tense) she’s got a long road ahead of her.

    • MA says:

      I know this isn’t really the main point of your post. but do we really think that someone like Chelsy would’ve pulled as much attention?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @MA, No I do not think that Chelsy would have pulled as much attention and focus as Meghan. However, Harry did not marry Chelsy. So I believe that anyone who agreed to marry Harry and ended up married to Harry would have to be someone who knew how to deal with press, wanted to deal with press and was willing to use the press to further the goals of their public engagements and charities by pulling & focusing press attention on themselves. We must not forget that Harry really has no problem using the British press when it suits his purpose just like the rest of the BRF.

      • Anon says:

        I think Harry is so globally popular that whomever he married, as Tampa points out, would have eclipsed Waity. Look, there’s no question that there was a shitstorm at Kensington that made all the players decide to go their separate ways – and we all know it started around the Pacific tour by the Sussexes. I suspect that the staff was torn asunder trying to keep up with the demands of both couples. After all, media strategy and PR is hard work and given the nature of the Internet, which is 24/7/365, I’m sure some nerves on both sides were frazzled.

        That being said, I’m sticking to my guns that A.) It was no accident that right after the tour, Meghan was thrown to the wolves and B.) It was no accident that William’s affair was divulged (who leaked? we may never know) after months of bigfooting his brother and throwing his SIL (pregnant no less!) under the bus.

        Face it, he’s an entitled jackass who is – for the first time, *really*, reaping the consequences of his actions. Switzerland and visiting Jecca were red flags. This, however, is a five-alarm.

      • MA says:

        I don’t know. I think had Harry married someone more like Chelsy, the British press, royal commentators, snobs would’ve been much less threatened. And yes, a Chelsy would’ve taken attention away from the others because of Harry, but the “glow” wouldn’t have lasted as long and it would’ve been MUCH easier to Fergie-fy a Chelsy than Meghan.

        Agree on the timely smear campaign right after the tour and also that the affair has been whispered about for a long time now. William has a history of this sort of entitled, sleazy behavior. I think it got leaked “naturally”, as in aristos gossiping so much that it became common knowledge and the wrong people got wind of it. I don’t think that any royal is behind the leaks because it’s not good for the monarchy (and therefore their own survival) and the Queen would be PISSED.

      • Casey02 says:

        If Harry married Chelsey it would be BORING 2.0…. Chelsey, like Kate, isn’t in Meghan league!

      • 90sgirl says:

        Chelsy went to law school and has several of her own charities she participates in. I think she would have brought her own interests and knowledge into her role.

        Seeing how hostile and mean the British press was towards Chelsy while she dated Harry. The British press would still be dragging her with negative press if they married.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @90sgirl, Agree 100%. Your explanation explains why Chelsy packed up her shit and got the “F” out after spending 5+ years with Harry.

  27. Nicegirl says:

    I love love love your ‘the embiggening’-

    Your writing is so much fun, K.

  28. MA says:

    Remember when Meghan got flayed alive for “ghosting” people like…Piers Morgan? Guess “freezing out” is ok now.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      The perfect employer for Piers Morgan is “In Touch Weekly”.

    • B says:

      I don’t see anywhere in this article that says its ok just that it is her practice. WHat have seen is Megan being praised for this (which is fair) and Kate being called a petty insecure bitch who’s husband doesn’t love her.

      There is nothing wrong with choosing to freeze people out. But if you have an issue with it be universal.

      • MA says:

        Guess I should’ve specified. I mean it’s ok to the British press, which puts a positive spin to it in this article. Like you, I don’t have an issue as long as there’s consistency.

  29. FluffyPrincess says:

    Maybe Kate should try her own secret dalliance? I can think of one whom she particularly likes — Ben Ainsley! All her photos with him are so dishy! Honestly, she should have married someone like him, all sporty and stuff — she lights up in her photos with him — much more so than Wills. I just googled her and Ben Ainsley and man, her smile is megawatt and. . .so is his.

    Let’s throw some gasoline/petrol on this fire! ;-)

  30. Loren says:

    *IF* the cheating rumors have been swirling around Norfolk for a bit..I wonder if Carol and James doing interviews in December & January had something to do with taking the focus off Kate. Perhaps they thought the press would publish said rumors back then?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Loren, I get your point but what I do not understand is this; If Bill is cheating, why does the heat need to be taken off of Cathy Cambridge? I would think that if the truth comes out that Bill is the cheater that he is, 100% of public sympathy would swing in Cathy’s favor.

      • B says:

        can we stop trying to make Bill and Cathy happen.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @B, I am not sure what you mean by trying to make Bill and Cathy happen.

        I really have much much sympathy For Megs Sussex.

        I feel for Cathy Cambridge because she does not have much choice in how to deal with all of this. I wish I knew more about the true nature of Cathy Cambridge with regards too what she really WANTED then and what she really wants now.

      • Lady D says:

        I think Bill and Cathy is perfect for them. It’s about par with the amount of respect they receive.

      • Tina says:

        Bill and Cathy is already happening, via Tom and Lorenzo.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Tina, Tom and Lorenzo is where I picked-up “Bill & Cathy”. I read TLo daily. Great site for all things fashion.

      • Tina says:

        @BTB, love Tom and Lorenzo. They are hilarious and great.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Loren – you may be onto something. Her brother wrote that op-ed about dealing with depression. It seemed a bit out of the blue….

      • Anance says:


        I thought so, too. And there was a profile on James in a Paris magazine a few weeks ago. Whoever is after Will and Kate’s marriage & the Middletons may be going after James first. After all, going after the weakest one is usually a good strategy.

  31. This story becomes really interesting today by opening Twitter France I saw Kate Middleton at the trend this morning I checked the trend thread it was written Kate cheated by prince William humiliation for the Duchesse Of Cambridge this story is far from finished the newspapers are just starting to get interested

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Wonder if the French press will be more apt to follow this as sort of a payback for William’s lawsuit a few years ago?

  32. Ain’tNoTelling says:

    Well, dear Sir Ben is far more handsome than Wills, that much is certain.

    Kate really DID put a foot wrong, when she obstinately decided to become Wills’ consort.

    She should have married a decent man, who she could enjoy life with, without constant public scrutiny and ridicule.

    Her husband is a cad, & though I do feel sorry for her, she had MANY opportunities to turn not only the other cheek, but her entire profile, and would have most probably been happier with a handsome AND loyal fellow.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Ain’tNoTelling, Cathy Cambridge would probably been happier married to a simple generic rich dude like her sister Pippa.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        If she never dated William, I would agree. But after the prospect of William’s title, there was no other option for her. Same with Pippa. If she hadn’t tried so very hard to snag a Duke or other titled (and VERY rich) lord, I think she would be very happy with her husband – but the taste of ambition followed by failure will always be with her. At least Kate got the prize she wanted.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I agree, but I also think that it became a — I don’t know the right word: “quest” or “challenge” or addiction”? — that after putting in so much time chasing William, at some point she couldn’t stop. Because if she stopped, it would make all that work go to waste. I don’t think she even “loves” William, but he is the “prize” that she worked so hard to win. After the first three, or four, or five, or six, or seven years, I don’t think any other man could have been an option for her any more.

  33. topsy says:

    Poor Kate. So lacking in talent, intelligence or personality that EVERY SINGLE article written to make her look good has to drag Megan down. How did this woman survive before Megan arrived on the scene? Oh, that’s right, the press didn’t have much good to say about Kate before Megan arrived on the scene. The ‘English Rose’ bullshit started when the ‘dusky American’ appeared. How fortunate for Kate that Harry fell in love with a woman of colour!

    • dawnchild says:

      “…How fortunate for Kate that Harry fell in love with a woman of colour!”

  34. AprilMay says:

    “Kate, meanwhile, plans to focus on her official duties and wait for the storm to pass. Katie Nicholl says, ‘She has an unwavering sense of duty” Thats why she hasn’t been seen in two weekd and hasn’t announced anything new? According to PR loving Hello, she’s “worked” 14 days total all year. But sure she has a sense of duty.

  35. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I do sometimes overly give people the benefit of the doubt and I have been hurt by people I defended, but I remain the same and often I’m glad to have advocated for certain others. So, I’ve been thinking that there was no affair and I’d feel bad for Kate if it’s true. Still ffs, why does the stand by defense and deflection have to be put downs of Meghan and revisionist history?

  36. A says:

    “Kate doesn’t do arguments. If you upset her she freezes you out.”

    I called this weeks ago. She seems like the least confrontational person to me, like someone who doesn’t like being emotionally vulnerable with other people. She is definitely the type to be nice to you one day, then drop you like a hot potato the next because you “wronged” her somehow and she doesn’t want to talk to you about it openly.

    I’m also calling bullshit on the whole “the Turnip Toffs never gossip” stuff. They definitely do among their own circle. I’m really curious about how this stuff spread so fast though. I feel like there is so much dirt and gossip with these people that never sees light of day, and I really want to know what other wild sh!t they get up to on those weekend shooting parties and stuff.

    “Kate has never put a foot wrong.” K, this doesn’t actually endear her to the audience, at least not in these parts. The insistence on keeping up the ridiculous pretense that they’re a “happy family unit” who are totally perfect and totally focused on their own children and their wanna-be middle class existence (unlike those OTHER attention seekers in the family) and their unfailing devotion to the Queen and the royal family is truly what drives me up the wall. They’re trying to do a Hyacinth Bucket here and it’s not funny without the punchlines tbh.

  37. Birds eye view says:

    I thought Kate said they didnt know th theyr part of their “inner circle”? And what r th cambridges doing pissing about in Norfolk when they are supposed to be full time royals? And all this bs about kate not putting a foot wrong..her and th petulant prince were being constantly slagged off …and rightly so…for being lazy and doing less hours than all th other royals . They can try and rewrite history…but people have long memories…its getting insulting that they think wer all buying into this shit.

  38. RedWeatherTiger says:

    Many of these stories about Will’s affair state “Kate would never seek a divorce.” What if William decided he was done and wanted out? His father survived his scandalous divorce and has moved on to find happiness…maybe Will’s deciding that cheating is not the only way he wants to be like his father.

    • Betsy says:

      Yikes, on Kate’s behalf. I can definitely see William doing that.

    • MsIam says:

      Nah I don’t think William will ever file for divorce. At least not anytime soon. Diana put up with Camilla for years and the estrangement between Diana and Charles was obvious. I think Kate and Will are working together to quash this story.

    • 90sgirl says:

      When Kate and William did the engagement interview ,I watched with my grandmother and she felt it seemed more like an arrangement between them. She said William didn’t seem in love.
      He said it was time to marry as his reason.

      What if Kate agreed to whatever he wanted to get the ring?

      • RedWeatherTiger says:

        Charles married because he was pressured to have heirs. Perhaps William felt the same pressure and, like his father, felt no abiding love for the most obvious woman for the job? And if Kate agreed to this kind of arrangement, how terribly sad for her.

  39. Betsy says:

    Let’s be honest, “Kate hasn’t put a foot wrong” really means “Kate hasn’t put a foot brown.” I’m not one who sees racism everywhere, but Kate’s chief achievement in her office is a serious lack of work. And don’t at me that kids are work – I stay home with three of them, so that’s not news to me. But in terms of Royal work? Well it took popular, hardworking Meghan’s arrival to light anything remotely lighting a fire under Kate’s buns. That’s entirely a foot wrong, to say nothing about the fact that when she did work, it was frequently not very good.

    So their continued use of the phrase is really just, oh look at the pretty white duchess. I think it’s unconscious for most of them, but not defensible.

  40. liz says:

    Reading these comments is like stepping into some kind of conspiracy theorist den, it’s hilarious. You all need to go outside more.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Being on the outside is not any fun at all.

      If you want to visit a real conspiracy theorist den, go to the Daily Fail, click on the Royal News Section, pick any royal article and read the comments.

    • Tina says:

      Truly, nothing says disinterest like waiting until all of the other comments have been made and then making a comment that expresses your utter indifference towards the subject.