Jodie Comer gets her perfect pale skin by applying sunscreen ‘every day, rain or snow’


Jodie Comer is only 26 years old. Can you believe that? It’s not that she looks old, it’s that she has a very mature energy. Town & Country calls her the “next chameleon,” and now all I can think of is that Comer is perhaps the new Cate Blanchett – a shapeshifter who can do a million accents and look radically different from role to role. Blanchett had a very mature energy when she was in her mid-20s too – it’s like certain women are 24 going on 44. Anyway, Comer stars in Killing Eve, and everyone loves that show (I haven’t seen it yet, sorry). Comer plays the assassin Villanelle, and Sandra Oh plays the MI6 agent tracking her. In addition to not knowing Comer is only 26, I also didn’t know that she’s from Liverpool! Nice. This Town & Country cover profile is a really nice introductory piece to Comer, who I’m sure will be getting even more hype in years to come. Some highlights:

On childhood and if her parents ever expected her to be a famous actress: “I recently asked my mom if she ever thought I’d end up doing this professionally, and she said no. I didn’t really go to a local drama school until I was maybe 11. But as a child I was always doing impressions – of Cilla Black, of the singer Anastacia. I was very extroverted, very in touch with my emotions. I loved to talk, and I was probably a bit of a nuisance in the classroom because I never shut up.”

On how she views her character Villanelle on Killing Eve: “…I viewed Villanelle at the start as an actress of sorts. The way she prepares for her jobs, how she takes them very seriously and is proud of her work and gets off on seeing people be convinced by her guise and her charm.”

On her dedication to sunscreen: “Every day, rain or snow. I try and tell everyone how important this is, and they’re all like ‘Shut up, I’m not putting [SPF] 50 on when it’s thunder and lightning outside.’ And I’m like, ‘You can still get the damage!’

On why she and her mother love to watch Judge Judy together: “She’s fierce – she takes no sh*t!”

[From Town & Country]

Apparently, Jodie Comer’s skincare is a thing that people love to talk about, because her complexion is so pale and perfect. She’s not orange, she’s not blemished or grey. She really does have beautiful skin, but she’s really taking care of it in the way few people do – slathering on sunblock every single day. All that being said, as I really examine her face… she must feel like those bushy eyebrows are still in style. I know that’s what all of the models claim, but I kind of feel like Jodie could pluck some of the strays?


Cover and photos courtesy of Marc Hom for Town & Country, sent from promotional T&C email.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    She reminds me of Catherine Deneuve.

  2. mycomment says:

    comer is absolutely brilliant in killing eve.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I love Killing Eve and while Sandra deserves all the praise and more, Jodie needs to be on that bandwagon as well.

    Episode 2 of this season needs to be her reel for award season. She was absolutely perfect and should get all the awards.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      She is beautiful and an excellent actress.
      (I can’t get behind thin brows, nope)
      Also love Sandra Oh

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – I was thrilled for Sandra, but disappointed that Jodie wasn’t equally awarded. They are both fantastic on the show.

      I didn’t realize she was so young, but the last episode I saw she looked like a kid, I guess that explains it! But she really has a different energy with each “assignment” on the show, it’s great.

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Yes she does look – and seem – older than 26. Everyone should slather on sunscreen everyday regardless of the whether or season. I wear sunscreen everyday no matter what. Also yes bushy brows are still very much in. I envy her brows. I have straggly brows after years of plucking and have to make mine look full and lustrous. Micro-blading is at the top of my beauty wishlist. Alongside microneedling.

    • Wow says:

      EVERYONE my family is struggling with skin cancer in several members because there is a misconception black people can’t get skin cancer. We definitely do, its just harder to see so by the time its discovered its a later stage or metastasized.

      Tanning beds should also be illegal. I have no research to back this up, because I haven’t looked into it that deeply, but tanning creams and spray tans are probably toxic also. If its staining your skin, its probably bad. I’ll state that as an opinion, not point of fact because I dont have sources, but it seems logical.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Exactly. I didn’t start wearing sunscreen on a regular basis until my early thirties because of this very thinking. And what a lot of black women dont realize is that hyperpigmentation and melasma are due to sun exposure. I feel like if more black women knew this they would wear it. Vanity is a great motivator lol.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Very dark skin may be able to get away with low SPF (or even none) in the winter months if they live in northern areas well above the equator, but otherwise, yes, it’s a must in the long run. Darker skin provides more natural protection against UV than lighter skin, but that means when it does tan/burn, it’s had significantly higher and more serious exposure than a pale person’s burn. And depending on your genetics, all it may take it one very serious burn to generate a cancerous cell.

        On a more positive note, tanning beds are now listed as a carcinogenic risk on par with cigarettes. I don’t see them banning it any time soon, but it’s definitely being recognized as a serious health issue when overused. Spray tans aren’t necessarily dangerous, per se, it’s the fact that many contain dihydroxyacetone that has people concerned. You’re epidermis is fairly well protected against it, but inhaling it or intaking it through another orifice (eyes/nose/mouth/etc.) can be problematic.

      • Myriam says:

        I’m black and I’ve been using sunscreen everyday, rain or shine, since my 20s. When I was getting married, my makeup artist said I had really clear skin and asked me what was my skincare routine. I replied, “Sunscreen, soap and water.” To this day, it’s my only skincare routine. I get told I look like I’m in my 20s (I’m 35). I rarely put on foundation/powder at work. My coworker was SHOOKETH when I told her the only makeup on my face was my lipstick. LOL. Sunscreen is the true anti-aging skincare.

  5. Kateeeee says:

    … I thought she was Betty Gilpin with this styling. I’ve heard great things about the show though and she was lovely in the White Princess.

  6. Nicegirl says:

    I have very fair/pale skin and have had melanomas. About a year ago I got a Defense Setting Mist, with SPF 50 from Supergoop in a Sephora box and I loved it so much. It worked so well! Kept my skin safely covered and smells great, and does not mess your makeup when you reapply!! I ordered a bunch of it as well as a few of their other sunscreen products, including an SPF 50 sunscreen body oil I’m so excited to try out! Users say it works and keeps skin moisturized and adds a glow so I’m all for it. I also saw they have spf 50 primers and chemical and physical sunscreen options as well.

    Ps. You will love Killing Eve, Kaiser. It’s insane in the membrane

    • Erinn says:

      Ouuu that’s interesting. I’ve heard good things about super goop – so I was already curious. But pretty freaking pale – so it’s a necessity. And the body oil sounds intriguing as well.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Another pale person here, and I love Supergoop! They also have an SPF lip balm that I love. I only wear it in the summer months because I fortunately don’t burn as easily around my mouth, but it’s a good conditioner AND has a significantly higher SPF level than most protective balms.

    • Millenial says:

      When I was growing up, we were literally giving ourselves skin cancer to have the perfect tan. It’s gross looking back on it. But that’s what was “in.”

      I do wish American sunscreens would catch up to what’s going on globally. I’m having to use “grey markets” to access Japanese sunscreens because American sunscreens are such garbage

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I had a friend who used to intentionally burn so that when it faded she would be tan. Her pale stomach used to literally look PURPLE because it would burn so bad, but she loved it. I worry for her now!

        Another friend was at the top of competitive baton twirling, and she used tanning beds when she was really young all the way through college. She wouldn’t use eye goggles because she didn’t like the look of white circles.

        I loved the tan look, but it took me a while to build it, and I never had the patience to lay out or even use tanning beds that much.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I have been applying sunscreen in the morning for years, but last year I started reapplying before I leave work to protect me during the ride home. I got a spray…but after getting it home it said do not spray on face! So it kind of defeated the purpose of getting a spray because I have to put on my hands then rub on my face (totally ruins foundation, but I don’t care).

      The Supergoop Mist sounds perfect for my needs! I love the SPF hand lotion they have. I put that on the backs of my hands when I drive. Their regular facial SPF irritated my skin a little (I prefer Drunk Elephant), but I am so hopeful about the spray you suggested!

    • Snowflake says:

      Thank you so much! I used to work outdoors a lot and some of the sunscreen lotions would give my face a whitish undertone under my makeup. I am going to buy some of this right now!

    • Lilly says:

      I LOVE Supergoop’s CC cream! I also carry around the spf powder to refresh my protection in the afternoon, but I’m not so happy with the function of the applicator. I will have to try the setting spray!

  7. Daisy says:

    I’ve loved her ever since she was in My Mad Fat Diary (a show everyone should watch it). And I agree about the sunscreen, I also use it everyday. My dermatologist said it’s good to use it no matter the weather, that even the light from the computer screen can damage the skin.

  8. Veronica S. says:

    She’s got an old Hollywood face to me. I think those long, angular faces can sometimes look older because there’s a certain…sternness to them, kind of a hard authority.

    I’m with her on the pale person sunscreen use, though. My sister always teases me about it because I am quite fair (not quite ivory but very close) and stay that way more or less year round because I use a moisturizer with high SPF, but we’re in our thirties now, and, well. I’ve spent my life in the North wearing sunscreen continuously, and she spent several years in Florida not bothering with it, and frankly, it shows. She’s got hints of lines around her eyes already, while the only ones I have are those I’ve had since childhood.

    (It stopped being a choice recently, anyhow – I developed the autoimmune condition vitiligo, so sunscreen is an absolute must! Sun damage hastens the spread of the disease, and my body is losing any natural protection against UV now that melatonin cells are dying out.)

    • Snowflake says:

      Oh, yes, I live in Florida. I can tell who lives near the beach and doesn’t wear sunscreen lol. My mom works outside in her yard and is always tan. But her skin is more weathered compared to a lady friend who is close in age who lives in Ohio. Florida year round people are generally fitter and tanner than non Floridians but many of us are quite wrinkled due to sun damage.

  9. Lara says:

    She was also excellent in Doctor Foster a British TV show that people should watch if they get the chance!

    • amilou says:

      She was also great in The White Princess, which is re-airing on Starz right now.

    • SK2 says:

      She was captivating in her supporting role in Dr Foster!!
      I hated the first episode of Killing Eve, yuk.. too violent too

  10. Hikari says:

    She’s such a good actress. And it’s good advice. Sunscreen is almost a religion here in Japan.

    She looks as a grown up version of Elsie Fisher and when she gets much older I always think she will look like the British actress Sue Johnston from The Royle Family. Some producer should get those three in a movie someday as the same character but at different stages of her life.

  11. Canber says:

    She plays ViIlanelle as sexy, repulsive, and childish at the same time. She’s crazy good in that role.

  12. Grant says:

    She is sublime on Killing Eve. Honestly, I’m surprised that she didn’t get just as much acclaim for her performance in season one as Sandra Oh did!

  13. Lucy says:

    I don’t know her, but she’s absolutely stunning!! Can she act? Asking for real.

  14. DiegoInSF says:

    She’s great in Killing Eve and I was also shocked to find out that she’s younger than me! I’m with her on sunscreen, I’m always harassing everyone to wear sunscreen everyday no matter the weather!

  15. GirlMonday says:

    Love her

  16. HeyThere! says:

    I’m a year round Sunscreen person for a few decades, big hats, big sunglasses, long sleeves, dark tented SUV….I joke I’m a vampire because I literally hide from the sun. Mid 30’s and zero wrinkles anywhere on my face. I go to a medical spa and get microdermabrasion and stuff like that, nothing major. It helps my skin so much. I have some little red scars/uneven skin tone from having acne as a teen. My skin is far from perfect but I’m confident in it so I take care of it. Sunscreen and moisturizer is my miracle!!

    • Godwina says:

      I started wearing a day cream with an SPF in the early 90s, when barely any facecreams had it (Olay made it early, I’m grateful). I was about 23/24. Fast forward 25 years–I’m two years from 50 and everyone is bowled over when I tell them my age. I easily pass for 15-20 years younger, according to the whole world that thinks I’m some kind of freak now (I am on the receiving end of a lot of Drinks the Blood of the Innocents/vampire jokes). I stopped telling most people because the fun of shocking them wore off and, well, ageism. But I’m super pleased I took up that regimen when I did, mostly for vanity’s sake. No one is too young to start wearing SPF (or too dark-skinned, as others have noted).

  17. LT says:

    I also wear sunscreen every single day as well – it helps my makeup go on smoother. My skin isn’t that porcelain because I’ve got a yellow undertone from my Ukrainian ancestors, but I’m about that pale. The makeup people used to put me in the wrong foundation because they assumed pale = pink, but I finally found a makeover saleswoman (maybe Laura Mercier) who was like, “uh no, you are really pale but also quite yellow. Switch up your foundation.”

  18. Lindy says:

    Speaking of sunscreen, does anyone have a recommendation for a zinc based, clear sunscreen that you could in theory wear by itself or under a light dusting of powder or even a light BB cream?
    I wear sunscreen every day and have for years but I’d love to find one like that. As I’ve gotten older, I find the white zinc sunscreens just don’t absorb well, and I can’t put any makeup on over them without looking like a clown.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      Paula’s Choice Defense Essential Glow SPF 30, it’s titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Also, Drunk Elephant Umbra is only zinc oxide but it does leave a slight white cast by itself.

    • Veronica S. says:

      BareMinerals had a zinc and titanium based one they released a few years back that I really liked. It definitely had to be worked into the skin a bit and given a minute or two to absorb, but it didn’t leave any of the white streaks you’d expect from metal based protectors. I think they may have repacked it, but it was a good SPF30.

      I will say that if you get a chance, you may want to check Korean and Japanese cosmetic protects. I LOVE Missha. All of their BB creams have a good level of SPF protection in them, and they sit well over other SPF-based products (I layer them).

    • ClaireB says:

      Ulta has a zinc based mineral sunscreen under their own brand name. I tried the SPF 50 out, but it still left a little lavender haze that I could see, although probably others couldn’t. I thought it looked weird on my face, but it might work on someone with less yellow skin tone.

    • Annabel says:

      I use LaRoche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light on my face. The active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc, but it absorbs almost as easily as a chemical sunscreen, i.e. no weird clown-makeup white streaks after you apply it. I’m extremely pale and burn really easily, and this stuff works beautifully.

    • yeet says:

      I like the LaRoche-Posay BB Cream. I tried some other BB creams and none went on as smoothly and creamily as the LaRoche-Posay one.

      I did try the LaRoche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen and unortunately did get clown make up streaks from it, but I understand someone paler may not have that issue.

    • Snowflake says:

      Thank you for asking. I have the same problem. Now let me read the answers and i will know what to get

    • isabelle says:

      Elta has the best sunscreens I’ve ever used.

    • Seraphina says:

      Hi Lindy!
      Am always trying to find good mineral sunscreens that are chemical free and non nano and have at least 20% zinc oxide as they offer great protection and don’t break down as easily as chemical ones.
      Suntegrity is very good and you can get it in tinted or clear.
      Andalou naturals have a BB cream which has very good ingredients and 20%zinc but might be a tad on the greasy side for some.
      Citrix is also a really good one .

      Hope this helps!!

    • Sarah says:

      Lindy try Elta MD Clear. I’ve been using it for a few years and am still quite happy with it.

  19. LondonLozza says:

    She slays in Killing Eve … but if you’ve not had the chance also watch her in Dr Foster – with the equally fantabulous Suranne Jones – you definitely should.

    All three women (Sandra, Jodie and Suranne) are just hypnotizing to watch – and Jodie Comer’s range as an actress is everything.

    • Mrs. Peel says:

      Agree Dr. Foster is totally underrated. Also, Suranne is freaking amazing in Gentleman Jack on HBO.

  20. laura-j says:

    Killing Eve is so freaking good. Villianelle is awful, but so incredibly likable at the same time. Which is almost impossible. Like you worry about the cold blooded killer. Plus her clothes are AH-mazing. My favorite show in years.

  21. Mash says:

    yea im super chocolate brown and never put sunscreen on a day in my life….now my mom is more fair than me and constantly rags me on it saying just bec were black doesnt mean we down need sunscreen as well lol

    • Snowflake says:

      I’ve heard black don’t crack 😉 . But you could probably still get skin cancer so you might want to your mom, lol

  22. bella says:

    She is amazing in Killing Eve and Dr. Foster!

  23. Cara says:

    I can’t even say how much I love Killing Eve. I started watching it randomly during a marathon and I was hooked after the first episode. It is a wicked cool show. Jodie is my favorite, by far. She is genius in that role.
    All of you that aren’t watching it, you need to start. It will blow your mind.

  24. Lindy says:

    I love that CB has basically become my go-to for beauty and health crowd sourcing. Thank you, fellow CBers! I have a list of products now, and y’all are the best!!!

  25. Cee says:

    Regardless your skin colour, please wear sunblock every day. It’s not about remaining pale, it’s about protecting our largest organ, the skin. Dark skins get damaged too!

  26. Megs283 says:

    Wah, I am super pale, but I manage to just look like I’m ill – not glam.

  27. vegasschmegas says:

    she is absolutely mesmerizing as Villanelle. Love the callous behavior by her, and how obsessed they are with each other. I subscribed to Hulu just to see season 1, and we binged it over a weekend, and it was amazeballs. Watching it now, chopped up week to week, it seems to lose it’s mojo, but it’s still an amazing show. I think I will binge watch the whole second season again when it’s over and available in a bingeable format. But I love her so much!

  28. intheknow says:

    She is very pretty and I loved her in The White Princess and love her in KE. I am a woman of colour in my late 40s. People think I am 35. My nan made me wear sunscreen evry single day since I was 11 years old until I was old enough to manage it on my own. I have slacked off in recent years and notice some slight damage…sunscreen, moisturizers and lipstick are my thing. No foundation or powders. Someone once dabbed some cotton ball on my face to see if I was telling the truth.

  29. Lilly says:

    Ladies, I’ve been using sunscreen religiously for years and avoiding the sun like a vampire after 2 pre-cancerous areas were removed. But my doctor didn’t warn me to take vitamin D supplements. I had a health crisis that turned out to be dangerously low vitamin D levels. Take vitamin D supplements every day!

  30. KLO says:

    She is glorious. I am here for all of it.

  31. AudreyG says:

    Or. you know, Botox to keep people thinking king she was younger than she was.

  32. ikki says:

    lol she looks 44