Katie Holmes says working on ‘The Boy 2′ ruined dolls for her

STX Films at CinemaCon
First of all, how is this the first I’m hearing that there’s a sequel to The Boy? I actually just watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It’s on Netflix now and stars Lauren Cohan (Maggie on The Walking Dead) as an American woman who goes to the UK to nanny. It isn’t until she arrives that she realizes she’s meant to watch a doll, whom his parents treat as a real boy. They leave her alone with the doll and all sorts of creepy sh-t ensues. I’m not going to ruin the end for anyone as I recommend it if you like horror, specifically B-movie horror. It’s not Jordan Peele level by any means, not much is, but it’s good for that genre.

Anyway The Boy 2 is being made and it just wrapped filming. Katie Holmes stars in it and she told Access Hollywood at Cinemacon that it was the creepiest when she was working alone with the doll.

What can you tell me about The Boy 2
It’s going to be as very scary as satisfying the first. I think audiences will really enjoy it.

That doll creeps me out. Where there any moments on set where you were freaked out by it?
It was very creepy especially when I was working one on one with the doll. I loved dolls growing up so I was like ‘oh my gosh this is ruining dolls for me.’ I never considered them creepy [before].

What is the premise?
I play Eliza. My family and I move to the country because we’ve just experienced a traumatic event. My son finds this doll [and] starts acting very different. Weird things start happening. Being a protective mother I start to get very worried and try to fix things and I get scared.

Aren’t there other people around and stuff or is the atmosphere just so creepy even when you’re surrounded by crew? I will watch this in theaters! It’s coming out July 19th, which seems soon considering that Katie said they just wrapped filming three weeks ago. I’m going to see Pet Sematary this week sometime and of course I saw US already and loved it. We talked about that on the last podcast! I would watch Us again too. I watch a lot of horror shows and movies, even cheesy horror I’m not picky.

As for Katie’s personal life she’s got some kind of friends with benefits relationship going with Jamie Foxx. They were last seen out together a couple of weeks ago. They’ve been together for years, but they spend a lot of time apart and I get the impression that Jamie is a commitment-phobe. US has a new article with insider quotes about why they keep it so low key. “They keep it private and protect it for the most part because they don’t want to disrupt either of their families. Jamie rarely has her over his house and they mostly hang out separately from their kids.” Tom Cruise never sees Suri so this must be coming from Jamie or maybe Katie, to be fair (although I doubt it.) Jamie’s daughters are aged 25 and 9 while Suri is 12.

That poofy white shirt is really fug. It’s also a bit see through and she’s wearing a pink bra under it.
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STX Films at CinemaCon

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  1. Erinn says:

    I was creeped out by dolls since I was a kid. Not sure if it was an RL Stein reaction from the dummy books… or what. I had been super into “The Big Comfy Couch” (Canadian kids show in the 90s) and my aunt got me a Molly doll. And it never made it out of it’s package. I remember stuffing it in the bottom of my closet. This aunt also had saved her Walking Dolls, and when my cousin and I were born had hoped to give them to us at some point. We were both repulsed by them haha.

    • AnnaKist says:

      It’s funny how some girls can be besotted by dolls, while others don’t take to them at all. When my daughter was very small, we gave her a newborn baby boy-type doll, which she named Thomas. About a week later, one of her aunties gave her an almost identical one, which she named Francesca. I don’t know whatever happened to them, but it never bothered us or her. She was such a tomboy and no longer had any interest in dolls. My mother gave her about 7 porcelain dolls – mum loved them, my daughter, not so much. Last year, my older sister was telling us about how our mother promised to give her some of these dolls, and was really disappointed that she was never given any before Mum died. She said she never knew who took them. My daughter told her no one had taken them, that Nonna had given them to her many years before, but that auntie was welcome to take any or all of them, as she found them ugly and creepy. My sister was beside herself with gratitude and took four of them, which she’s displayed in various rooms, including one baby doll on her bed. I’m with my daughter – they’re creepy fecking things.

  2. mycomment says:

    ugh.. what is with these poofy sleeves that suddenly appear to be the designer favorite style.. and has she done something to her face; she looks different.

  3. tempest prognosticator says:

    I imagine it’s like working with Jared Kushner.

  4. Laura says:

    A bit see through haha. Is it intentional? That blouse is horrible.

    • Trashaddict says:

      I’m not crazy about Tom Cruise but frankly both she and Nicole Kidman dressed better when they were with him. Was he using a particular person to do their fashion?

  5. CharliePenn says:

    I didn’t think The Boy was anywhere near good enough to constitute a second movie. I’m a big horror fan and I get a kick out of almost any horror movie, whether it’s good or not. So I did get a kick out of The Boy, but definitely don’t see that it earned itself a sequel.

    But I do like Katie! Also I think that see through blouse with pink underneath was intentional. Bad style!

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I might see this movie since you liked it lol. I too like many cheesy horrors, but there’s still a line. Nevermind. I watched three Sharknados so there’s not a line.

    Puffy sleeves reminds me of all the 80s shirts and dresses I refused to buy, wear, borrow, etc. Hated them then, and can’t believe I’m seeing them now.

  7. Barrett says:

    She needs a stylist, it’s like she has regular people fug taste but thinks she is quirky and good at pulling unusual stuff together.

  8. KidV says:

    I think the bra is supposed to be red to match the red in the skirt, and her lipstick. The white top makes it look pink. I like the skirt. Not the top. Nor the shoes. Her face and hair look good, though. I always forget how pretty she is.

  9. elimaeby says:

    She is such a timeless, classic beauty and she’s aging wonderfully. I wish she dressed a little better. The bottom half of her outfit is so chic.

  10. Renee says:

    I loved the movie The Boy. Brahms was so scary!