Rep. Ted Lieu destroyed deplorable wingnut Candace Owens yesterday

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I know I should have very strong feelings about Candace Owens, but ultimately, I can’t make myself care. She’s a Deplorable wingnut who has a terrible history of saying terrible things. She has so little power, though. She’s basically Tucker Carlson, only she’s a black woman without her own Fox News show. So why should I even cover this? I don’t know, it’s a huge story. Yesterday was a big day on the Hill, with AG William Barr telling lies to a House committee, all while another House committee – Judiciary – held a hearing on Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism. The Republicans chose Candace Owens as one of their witnesses. Owens sat there and spewed utter lies about the GOP’s Southern Strategy (Owens said it never existed), and then this happened with Rep. Ted Lieu:

This clip is just… perfect. From Candace Owens’ look of panic and rage, to the way Lieu transitioned from the clip to ask Eileen Hershenov, a senior vice president at the Anti-Defamation League, about Owens’ legitimation of Hitler, it’s just *kisses fingers*. It shouldn’t be like this. We should be able to have congressional oversight on a vital issue like the rise of neo-Nazism without the Republicans calling on someone like Candace Owens as a witness. But everything is garbage, so I’m glad Ted Lieu took out the trash.

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  1. Jenns says:

    I was thinking about this tweet yesterday:

    In the context of Fox News bubble, Candance Owens sounds normal. But, when you remove her from that bubble, she sounds batsh*t crazy. The problem in that Republicans don’t want to love outside that bubble, so they think that Candance is the best they can offer.

    • Kitten says:

      So last night my BF and I were flipping through the channels and apparently, I have Fox News. Honestly had no idea because we rarely watch anything on TV–we mostly stream stuff.

      Anyway, we watched it for about 20 minutes or so and I don’t know if it was because I was stoned or if it really is as insane as it seemed, but there was a news ticker at the bottom of the screen going a mile a minute, a huge red graphic at the bottom saying “FOX NEWS ALERT” and a small screen in the right corner playing a video of Ilhan Omar, but with no sound. In front of that was Sean Hannity who was very brightly-lit in a strange, kind of graphic way. He was going on and on about “deep state emergency” and all kinds of just…nonsense. I mean, it was truly nonsensical garbage.

      The whole aesthetic was clearly meant to incite people; to foment fear, agitation, anxiety, and panic. It was completely nuts and so effin disturbing. I can totally see how people get sucked into it and eventually brainwashed–that’s what it’s designed to do.

      • Jenns says:

        It’s a shame, because I know a few people who have “lost” their parents to Fox News. They’ve said that conversations have become so difficult because all they want to talk about is things they saw on Fox News.

      • Kitten says:

        That’s what happened to my aunt and uncle. It’s amazing how this incredibly dangerous network is allowed to continue to damage our country. I often wonder if we would even have Trump for a president, were it not for Faux News.

      • Elkie says:

        There is a fascinating article from an ex-Fox News guy about how the channel was essentially designed to be WWE wrestling for racist grandpas, where every “debate” is pre-planned to give its audience that sweet, sweet “owning the libs” dopamine hit:

      • Mel M says:

        @jenns and kitten-Both my parents and in-laws are completely lost to fox and yes, you can hardly have a conversation about anything without it somehow turning into something about Trump or what Fox News is spewing. It’s incredibly sad and depressing and I can’t be around them for an extended period of time right now. My parents used to visit once a month but I haven’t seen my father since Christmas and my mother I’ve only seen once since then and it was not for long. I just can’t be around them or speak to them for my sanity.

        We are supposed to be going to my in-laws for the Easter weekend and I don’t know how I’m going to make it though since I can’t be in the same room with my FIL for more then a few min. I told my husband that he needs to just shut any conversation that turns political in anyway down ASAP or I will have to leave. They are all beyond my comprehension at this point. How they can think the way they do and justify it all while spouting off bible verses. It always makes me think about the quote that satan knows the scriptures too.

      • Kitten says:

        @ Elkie-Thanks for the link. Both interesting and terrifying.

        @Mel M- That is so effin hard. I’m sorry. I wish I had some good advice about dealing with Trump-supporting relatives but my brother, SIL, my SIL’s parents, my parents as well as my BF’s parents all hate him, thankfully.
        My Trump-obsessed uncle died in a freak accident last October and when we were at the rememberance ceremony his Trump-supporting son-in-law was wearing his red MAGA cap. My way of dealilng with it was excatly like you: I just avoided him the whole time. Of course that’s easier to do in a situation where there are a hundred friends and family members around, not so easy when it’s just you and your husband’s side of the fam.

        As I’ve said before, I purged one of my closest, dearest, and oldest friends because of her Trump-loving BF who had managed to change her from staunch Dem to crazy-ass Trump-defender. When I called her out, she whined that I was being mean to her because of merely a “difference of opinion” and that she was still a “Clinton-style Democrat” but that she believes in “law and order”. THAT was in the context of an argument about Trump’s immigration policy, right when he first started the separations. I just couldn’t believe this compassionate person was defending something so utterly cruel and inhumane SMDH. Didn’t recognize her anymore…

        People have to do what’s best for their emotional health and that might look different for you than it does for me. For me, cutting them off completely was less painful than continuing to witness their devolution. This man is destorying families–both emotionally and phyically at the border–and causing division everywhere. He’s so utterly destructive to this country. Sigh.

      • Neva_D says:

        I’ve lost my mother to FoxNews! It crushes me that someone who I love so much has the capacity to subscribe to such lunacy. It’s definitely put a strain on our relationship, but I have very firm boundaries on the type of people I have in my life and I have no time, space or energy for hatred and intolerance, family included.

      • Anne Call says:

        My parents were very liberal. I’m glad they didn’t live long enough to see trump become president.

        Owens is basically running a scam to make money off the wingnut right wing who love that this African American lady is on their side. Grifting off of uneducated old white people is a time honored profession in this country.

      • Kitten says:

        I feel like there’s a great business model waiting for post-Trump America: deprogramming centers for people who have converted to Trumpism and support groups for people who have lost their loved ones to Trumpism.

        I’m sorry for all of you. I’m sure it’s incredibly painful.

      • Megan says:

        @Kitten – we joke about starting a chain of deprogramming centers at work. We call it: Center for Harmonius Holidays.

      • Kitten says:

        LOL, Megan! That’s perfect.

      • Mel M says:

        Thanks for your condolences, seriously. I’m so jealous of your family! It’s not just my parents and in-laws either. It’s all four of my husbands siblings and all of his cousins that we used to be really close with. And we aren’t just talking supporters, we’re talking batshit crazy disciples of this guy (is there any other kid anymore though). One of his cousins that we used to be closest with has his profile pic on FB as the orange monster and his step ford wife. It’s sick. They are constantly posting antichoice shit all day long too but are all for separating brown babies from their mothers. They don’t really care about the babies because they couldn’t care less about them once they are born. It’s only been about controlling women’s body and choices, not about babies. Like you said, they are unrecognizable. It’s like they are for real pod people whose part of the brain that controls reason, common sense, and sane critical thinking has been totally taken over.

        Also kitten I’m sorry about your friend. It really is a loss to mourn right? And I would love to cut every one of these a$$holes off and if they were just friends I would. It’s like I hate everything they stand for and my family will not be subject to that, especially my kids, but I also don’t want that moron responsible for me loosing my entire family. We’ve definitely stopped communicating with the cousins that have the illness but the parents we will just have to tolerate for now. I could hardly tolerate my FIL before this so…

      • Kitten says:

        There is absolutely a mourning period, Mel, because it IS a loss. I hope your Easter is noneventful and goes by quickly. Hang in there.

        Also, this has been making the rounds on Twitter today and I thought I’d share it here since it’s very on-topic with this thread:

        These stories are very sad and very, very alarming.

      • Mel M says:

        @kitten-Thank you so much for that link! It’s amazing and so effing scary at the same time that there are so many of us going through this. I could’ve written this word for word!

      • JennErinMS says:

        @Mel M, I know I’m late to this post but I sincerely hope that you see my comment. I understand and feel your pain as I feel like I don’t know my parents, in-laws, and the large majority of my family anymore. I’m sharing these posts below because they have brought me as much comfort as they possibly could and I hope they will bring you some measure of comfort as well.

    • boredblond says:

      Kitten..your friend’s law and order remark was confusing-since trump has only disdain for judges, the FBI, courts, the constitution, he is clearly anti-law and must be something else that she likes about him. Most maggats won’t admit what they love is the hate.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        no, because he’s for “law and order” for the “right” people…read: brown skinned.

      • Kitten says:

        Yes what WW said above.
        And I KNOW, boredblond!!!! I was losing my mind arguing with her over it. In addition to what you said, every time I would say “These people are seeking asylum LEGALLY” she would reply with “then why aren’t they being allowed in?”

        Because the POTUS is a xenophobic bigot FFS. Wake the f*ck up.

        Another crazy thing is that her fiancée works for the Department of Defense and he IS brown–Columbian, I think. He’s another very religious and likely self-hating idiot.
        Trump-supporter’s terribleness seems to spread like a cancer and infect everyone around them. Never in my life would I have EVER though that this highly-intelligent, EXTREMELY accomplished and well-traveled woman would ever be so weak-minded as to fall for this shit. It really shocked me.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    This woman is the worst. She and the deplorables of course scream that Lieu took her out of context. Sure, Jan.

    • Xi Tang says:

      She also have the creepiest eyes ever. So *ucking dead and empty. Reminds me of that nazi..Stephen Miller.

    • Wow says:

      I was talking about it with a parent waiting for my son at karate and she said “okay, but what was the full context?”

      I’m really struggling to find a context that could possibly make that any better.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        instead of YOU struggling to find a context, put that on the dumb bunny who asked about the full context. just say “well, in what context do YOU believe it would be OK to say that?” let THEM struggle to talk their way out of agreeing with a white-nationalist.

        it’s so frustrating, isn’t it?…SMDH.

      • Wow says:

        @whatwhat i seriously considered it, but my son has friends at this dojo so I don’t want to create an issue.

        This woman also thinks we are friends because we are black. We aren’t, her son is much older than mine thank God they don’t interact, but the self loathing is real with her. You can tell she married white just for light kids because she constantly nit picks her daughter who doesn’t look mixed about her hair and it makes me want to scream.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        oh, Wow, that’s so sad about that woman.

        and I completely understand your trepidation about mouthing off.

    • Carol says:

      ugh, anytime I hear “Prager” I want to stick a fork in my ear. Dennis Prager is a full-on idiot. I loose all respect for someone who thinks differently. Lol!

  3. grabbyhands says:

    His face!!! That “Bish, pls” expression as her her own words get thrown back in her face is priceless.

    And damn, how much must you have to hate yourself to be a 45 zealot who praises Hitler????

    • Carmen says:

      She’s the world’s biggest fraud. She used to call herself a progressive but she couldn’t get any traction so she did a one-eighty and now she calls herself a conservative. She will say anything to get her face on the TV screen.

  4. Kitten says:

    That picture of Ted Lieu: The face you make when you find out that Republicans are bringing a self-hating, white-nationalist sympathizer to a hearing ABOUT white nationalism, just to troll the libs.

    • Erinn says:

      YESSS. His face through all of this was so amazingly ‘eff em’.

      I’m also unsure of how she thought her explanation was any better though. So if Hitler had wanted to kill people whom he didn’t consider ‘his people’ that’s cool? Because I’m quite sure that he already considered “his people” to be “superior” white, blonde hair, blue eyed followers – and did not consider anyone opposing him, or who were Jewish, or gay, or whatever ‘other’ to be his people. She’s absolutely vile.

      • Kitten says:

        Exactly, Erinn. Everything she said was both ignorant and anti-Semitic IMO. Full context doesn’t change that in the slightest. Nobody manipulated what she said, those were her words. She’s appalling.

      • Algernon says:

        There are a *lot* of people who think if Hitler hadn’t invaded any countries everything would have been fine. When I was in school a million years ago, a teacher said in class that Hitler’s mistake was invading Poland. I raised my hand and said, “I’m pretty sure his mistake was trying to exterminate the Jews.” The teacher didn’t even get upset at me for mouthing off, he just shrugged and said, “A leader can do what they want to their own populace.” In the decades since then, I have encountered this belief over and over again. A lot of people really think genocide is acceptable if it’s within your own borders. You can see echoes of that whenever people wonder if we should get involved in situations like Rwanda, the Balkans, the current campaign against the Rohingya. So many people do not see it as a moral human issue but as “other people’s politics.”

      • Dee Kay says:

        Algernon: Wow, that is horrifying that people believe that (that “a leader can do what they want to their own populace” — including genocide). And yet, in these times, I totally believe that people have that appalling belief. I guess this administration is teaching me that I just shouldn’t be surprised anymore that many other people basically do not believe in universal human rights. That’s a thing. I know it always was a thing, I just wanted to think the world was a different kind of place, but today I can’t have that delusion.

      • Megan says:

        @Algernon – Leaders can do what they want to their own population because no one wants to interfere. Look at the Rohingya, Kurds, Palestinians, Uighur, etc. The UN fact finding mission described the situation in Burma as gencide, but no one has moved to stop it.

      • Original Jenns says:

        Algernon – Eddie Izzard has a part in one of his shows in which he speaks on the reaction to Hitler vs. Pol Pot. Pol Pot killed people in his country, and the response is “not our business”. Hitler branched out. Oh, stupid man, after a decade we won’t stand for that! Eddie does it much better than I.
        I agree that many people think a leader knows what’s best for their country, which is horrifying.

      • Kitten says:

        YES, Algernon.

        What you describe is really evident in how western media covers genocide, especially in eastern cultures. The extermination of the Rohingya (that you mentioned) is a prime example.
        Additionally, the news coverage and the collective response to it is indicative of some very specific issues with the United States in terms of our general disinterest in foreign policy as well as our lack of compassion for anyone who isn’t white and Christian.

      • Caitrin says:

        Original Jenns – I was JUST coming here to post about Eddie Izzard’s remarks on Pol Pot.

  5. Ader says:

    This is an example of a black person who is racist against other black people. She’s swallowed the implicit bias, hook, line and sinker. The self-hate is strong.

    But I give her no quarter. You lie with dogs, you get fleas.

    • Megan says:

      What kind of crackpot brings her grandfather to a hearing where she intends to defend white nationalism? I have to assume he was the last family member speaking to her, emphasis on was.

    • BlueSky says:

      Just another useful idiot for the alt right in attempt to normalize white nationalism.

      This woman is a disgrace not only to the black community (black woman here) but to the human race.

    • Original Jenns says:

      And to state it was Rep. Lieu who was assuming black people were too stupid to understand her full comments??? The self-hate is strong in this one. I would think most people of color see her for what she is. Those that don’t, I find they think they are above their own race/ethnicity/culture.

      • Ader says:

        Right!? I was all, “Girl…whut!? Project much?”

        I hate how the right is trying to flip that particular script. So disingenuous.

      • Snowflake says:

        I think she was trying to change the subject by saying something outrageous and make herself out as a victim.

  6. Megan says:

    I love Ted Lieu. His Twitter feed is full of direct hits and humor.

  7. Incredulous says:

    P.S. That’s her grandad behind her.

    I am so glad Ted Lieu is not my father, that is Death Star levels of disappointment.

  8. Audrey says:

    I don’t agree with Candace Owens, but I think Rep. Lieu should not have played a cherry-picked a 30 second audio snippet. I think it weakened his argument. He should have played the question asked and her entire answer. 30 seconds from many interviews or conversations could sound hateful without hearing what was said prior to and after the statement.

    • Kitten says:

      The full clip has been floating around since she originally said it. Most of us have heard the full recording and I would bet most feel the same as I do: it’s truly awful, with or without the added context.

    • Alissa says:

      there is no additional context that would make what she said okay. there just is not.

    • Rapunzel says:

      So what is this full context? What was it cherry picked out of? How does that context change the statement? I’ve yet to hear how playing the full clip would make this statement mean something else. Until I hear a successful answer to these questions, I think Lieu did fine.

      Honestly, just cause you don’t use a full quote, doesn’t always mean cherry picking or that context is lost. Sometimes, the statement stands on it’s own.

      • Audrey says:

        @ Rapunzel – True. I didn’t hear the original interview, I just watched the full exchange between the Rep and Owens. Her rebuttal and his lack of response to her rebuttal, made me think that his attack kind of fizzled. I’m sure her response is going to be praised by Breitbart et al.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Audrey there was no need for Lieu to respond to her rebuttal. They aren’t supposed to get into arguments with witnesses, which is what Owen wanted. She was chastised by the committee chair because she was way out of line. The next step would have been a warning from the chair and then she would have been tossed out of the hearing.

    • Nic919 says:

      There is no context you can add to justify the statement Hitler should have stopped at the German borders. None. Owens is a liar and saying it wasn’t the full context is a cheap cop out. She needs to live with those words forever.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Do you think it’s just an accident that she threw out the anti-Semitic dog whistle “globalist” in that comment?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      so, in what context do YOU think her comments would have been OK?

      sometimes context matters, sure. but in this case, IS there a context in which her comments were OK to say? you’re indicating you think there would be…so, what is it?

      unless one can come up with a scenario/context where the comments being slammed would actually not be offensive, the “but but but…CONTEXT!” argument is BS.

    • topsy says:

      If someone doesn’t want their words used against them, they probably shouldn’t spend 30 seconds, or even 10 seconds saying that Hitler really wasn’t all that bad if you look at him THIS WAY.

      • Original Jenns says:

        Exactly. Arguing that Trump being a nationalist isn’t bad and like Hitler because Hitler would only be a nationalist if he kept genocide inside of Germany has no need for other context. She got caught and that’s her/their only face saving for their supporters.

    • anon says:

      Here it comes, the “oficial talking point defense” of Candace… She said what she said, and she said worse things during that session from which the audio snipet was talken. She’s a paid bigot troll, and that’s the only context needed to understand what she says and does.

    • Veronica says:

      There’s literally nothing about the statement even in context that’s acceptable or even accurate. His clip is fine because it highlights the ignorance at the heart of it. Hitler was absolutely a nationalist and the Holocaust is absolutely a direct result of nationalist politics gone unchecked. Nationalism requires a static idea of cultural identity, rather than something fluidly evolving. That inevitably means minority groups get singled out as outside the acceptable norm. We know this because we’ve seen this over and over again in history.

  9. TheOriginalMia says:

    I love Ted Lieu. He doesn’t give af about these people and will drag them for all they are worth. Candace was pissed yesterday. You could see everything on her face. The crazy, the anger. It was hilarious. I will never understand why these token black folks allow themselves to be made fools of in advance of Republican’s agenda. No one buys their presentation as anything but a lame attempt to deflect and diminish racism claims against the GOP.

  10. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    We need to do this. All the time. Quietly feed them their own filth, then walk away. Conversation at this point is useless and exasperating. They are what they are. It won’t change.

  11. Kylie says:

    Self-haters never learn. The people who they are trying so desperately to impress, will turn on them eventually. It always happens.

    • Kiki says:

      A good example: REMEMBER STACY DASH????? Anyone?

      • Carmen says:

        A friend of mine is related to Stacey Dash. He told me the family realizes she is totally effed up and wants to do an intervention on her. I told him good luck with that.

  12. Jerusha says:

    At first I wondered what sort of underlying self-loathing a woman-White, Black, Latina, Asian-must have to support donald trump, but then I realized, nah, Candace Owens is just a cunt.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She used to despise Trump and ran a blog with jokes about his penis. This was before he was elected. Then she got involved with Gamergate; she had a kickstarter to raise funds for a site that would doxx gamers. People on all sides of Gamergate protested and Kickstarter tossed her. She blamed “progressives,” claiming they were racist and she had an overnight conversion to conservatism. She goes with whoever will pay her

      • Kitten says:

        Interesting..did not know that about her. I wonder if Trump, who has issued several glowing endorsements of her work at TPUSA, know about her mocking his mushroom dick. Methinks not…

  13. HK9 says:

    Candace is just Uncle Ruckus in a skirt. Good for Ted Lieu.

  14. adastraperaspera says:

    Who funds this college dropout? My guess is Steve Bannon and the Mercers. After dropping out, Owens magically comes up with cash for every one of her schemes–which I have a hard time believing she pulls off alone. She shows up out of the Gamergate hole, which we know now was a Bannon radicalization tool. Finding lost, damaged, and avaricious individuals to carry water for fascism is his specialty. We need to start seeing bad actors like Owens, who are radicalized online, as part of a shadowy terrorist group bent on destroying our country. Owens is not just a wing nut–she is an operative who is helping carry out a hostile attack on our sovereignty.

    • Kitten says:

      She works for Turning Point USA. So yeah, Charlie Kirk….same toxic shit, basically.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Foster Friess funds TPUSA.

      • adastraperaspera says:

        Thanks, I just read about Foster Friess and TPUSA. How can there be so many wealthy, born-again loons in this country?? (Let me answer my own question–Reagan’s deregulation jet fueled John Birch Society worthies.) And why would they fund a ragtag collection of college dropouts like Owen to spout facism and disinformation? I still can’t quite believe that they’re siding with old Soviets like Putin, but I guess having a black president was just too much for them–the original snowflakes. Anyhow, in some articles it states that Friess was initially recruited to run for Wyoming governor by Bannon. Then Bannon fades out of the reporting and Friess gets Trump’s endorsement his failed bid. Dangerous, patriarchal ideologues with too much money. Scary times.

  15. Kim says:

    Check out the photographer in the background between 0:36 and 0:55 while the insane recording is playing. Lol!

  16. Anastasia says:

    She supports white nationalism. Next.

  17. Stacy Dresden says:

    Love Ted Lieu!!!!

  18. Lightpurple says:

    It says a great deal about the Republicans that this idiot is the best they could find to present their side of view, and that THIS Is their view. She’s not a Tucker Carlson; she aspires to be Tucker Carlson. She’s the communications director for TPUSA, hand-picked by Charlie Kirk to pretend they aren’t racist or sexist. TPUSA is bankrolled by Foster Friess with Charlie Kirk, a community college drop out. They “organize” in high schools and colleges. Kirk claims that “the left” is violent and trying to silence conservative voices through mob violence. TPUSA is under investigation on some campuses for staging attacks against its own members.

  19. lucy2 says:

    Wow, watching her physical reaction was really uncomfortable. That was a mix of panic, anger, and pants sh!tting fear, and it made me feel anxious. But I feel no sympathy for her of course, as she is AWFUL.
    I see no way that any additional context could improve what she said.

    Also, Rep. Lieu is pretty awesome.

  20. Tiffany :) says:

    Ava DuVernay’s tweet about her testimony regarding the Southern Strategy is devastating. You can’t get a better response!

  21. Harryg says:

    So, as long as you don’t kill your “own people?”
    Oh hahahahahaha.

  22. KidV says:

    I love Ted Lieu. If only he were born in the US, a Harris/Lieu ticket would be perfect.

    I somehow fell down the GOP rabbit hole on Twitter last night there was all sorts of “Candace owned the Libs, and Ted Lieu is an idiot”. I’m not sure if it’s brainwashing or lack of comprehension.

  23. B says:

    Go Ted Lieu! But honestly why is she testifying in congress? Like that is the equivalent of having Aunt Becky’s daughter testify about equality in college admissions.

    Congress is suppose to be a serious place that does important things and this topic they are discussing is beyond important so why let a youtuber testify.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Because Republicans invited her to present their views on hate crime and white nationalism. She says white nationalists don’t engage in hate crimes.

      BTW as a kid, she received over $30,000 after someone shouted racial slurs at her from a car.

    • Kitten says:

      She was a prop. A bit of “our ideology can’t be racist if a black lady supports it” with a side of “liberals are mean to this one black conservative so THEY’RE clearly the racist ones.”

  24. Sterkviking says:

    Watching her speak and hearing what she said makes me sick to my stomach. How can this be allowed to be mainstream Republican thoughts now?

    • Megan says:

      Sadly, I suspect this was always how mainstream Republicans thought. Trump has empowered them to stay what they have been thinking all along.

  25. Reece says:

    Is it bad that my mind immediately focused on the costco water bottle? Product placement! Costco in Congress!
    I think my mind is starting to drift and reject it all to save itself.
    I cannot begin to comprehend her.

  26. topsy says:

    Oh, her face. Seeing her eyes dart and watching her fight back the panic as her ugliness is revealed for all the world to see. The fear that her ‘masters’ might see her as a liability and she’d be just another Black woman looking for a job.

    I just watched the first part of Dr. Henry Louis Gates’ documentary on Reconstruction and I wonder how this woman keeps from dying of shame. What African-Americans have endured and achieved is awe-inspiring and to see this piece of trash shit all over her ancestors fills me with grief and rage.

    It’s also clear that no Black hair stylist worth their license would touch this bitch.

    • Carmen says:

      LOL I was just thinking she needs to do something about her raggedy-ass split ends. She probably styles her hair at home with a ton of Dixie Peach and a hot comb.

    • Mel M says:

      @topsy- I watched it last night and had THE EXACT SAME THOUGHTS!!!

      • topsy says:

        It should be must-see tv for EVERY American. And the deplorables should have to watch it twice.

        I’m dreading the next episode because I know there’s going to be so much pain and violence. But there’s also going to be courage and triumph. That’s why this creature (and those like her) should be ashamed. She’s standing on the backs of too many heroes to disgrace them and herself this way.

  27. vegasschmegas says:

    Her 15 minutes is long over…………..

  28. Dee Kay says:

    Ted Lieu is one of my forever faves. I hope he becomes Secretary of the Interior or something under President Harris or Booker (or any Democrat, but those are my top two picks right now).

  29. Marty says:

    I’m not saying Owens isn’t a genuinely terrible person, but you got to remember that this is all about getting paper for her. If Satan came up from Hell and offered her a million dollars to send her Peepaw down the river, she would take it.

    She realized pretty quickly that being a minority and mimicking the words of your oppressor is a lucrative gig.

    • sarah says:

      so, are her and Kanye just doing it for the money….but Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (multi millionaires) aren’t? If it is true for one, it should be true for both, or else its simply because you agree with them and not her.

      • Jonsey says:

        @ sarah: When have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson mimicked the words of white supremacists/nationalists, stated that racism doesn’t exist or that slavery was a choice? Candace Owens, Kanye West, Stacey Dash, Cubic Zirconia & Rayon are cooning for coins.

      • Marty says:

        @Sarah- Did you get lost on your way to the Yahoo comment section or something???

      • Jerusha says:

        Cubic Zirconia and Rayon-Perfect!!😂😂😂😂

      • anon says:

        What the f*** was this comment about? Anyone care to explain what “Sarah” is trying to do noise about?

  30. historybuff says:

    Ok, I’m going to try to pick out the piece of her testimony that might be worthy of debate. Try not to hate me until I’ve finished.

    Hitler was awful. Evil, manipulative, and one of the worst examples of humanity history offers. However, he, like Trump, was democratically elected. I think she was making the point that not everyone who elected him supported his evil, that they had other reasons.

    After the first world war Germany was humiliated and broken. They were paying out huge reparations to foreign nations. Out of desperation, they elected the guy who basically said that it was okay to be proud to be German, that just because our victory was stolen from us doesn’t’ erase centuries of greatness, and that he was going to put the country back on its feet economically. If he had been able to do that without stealing from the Jews, imprisoning/slaughtering anyone, or invading other nations, we would have a very different view of him today. A lot of Trump voters believe that globalization has robbed them of the ability to provide for their families and that the constant harping on America’s past sins, however valid, somehow means that they’re not allowed to be proud to be American.

    A better example that Candace should have used was Napoleon. He actually did put France back on their feet after the horrors of the revolution and had he kept within his own borders wouldn’t have been arrested by the Brits.

    Owens isn’t the best example of a black person speaking out against Democrat efforts to improve the lives of people of color. Thomas Sowell makes a better argument for those who say that the government interventions have had unintended negative consequences for the very people they hoped to help.

    Thanks for reading to the end. I hope that people can find some small points of agreement with their family members. I’m leaning towards Warren for 2020 because I remember her wisdom during the Savings and Loan debacle.

    • topsy says:

      Here’s the thing. Hitler NEVER hid what he intended to do to Jews. Or gypsies, or communists or gays or anyone who wasn’t the Aryan ideal. Read ‘Mein Kampf’. So to pretend that the final solution was some surprise he pulled on the unsuspecting German people is a lie. Every German who voted for Hitler KNEW what they were voting for. There is no ‘yes, but’.

      • historybuff says:

        I’m not saying “yes, but.” Hitler was a monster. No
        buts about it. I guess I’m saying that nationalism can be separated from the monstrosity. Mein Kampf didn’t really sell until after his rise to power, but yes, there were plenty of opportunities for the Germans to get rid of him. Trump blamed the Chinese, the Mexicans, and even the Canadians for middle American’s woes. He also said that it’s okay to be proud to be an American. I just think that anyone who wants to beat him will have to address that.

      • Jaded says:

        @historybuff: The difference between pride and nationalism is that a patriot is proud of his/her country for what it does while the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does. The first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility towards ones country while the second creates a feeling of blind arrogance and allegiance that can eventually lead to mobocracy and even war.

      • topsy says:

        @historybuff. By saying that there’s an upside to nationalism sounds a lot like a ‘yes, but’ to me. Maybe it’s my BA in History or my minor in English, but it’s hard for me to equate nationalism with patriotism. One brings a tear to the eye when the Star-Spangled Banner plays. The other tears families apart and puts children in cages.

    • Really? says:

      It’s just too easy to move from nationalism to committing hateful crimes in the name of one’s country because one is no longer thinking of others as people but as the enemy. The murderer of the British LP member screamed “Britain First!” as he stabbed her to death because he didn’t support her sympathy for Syrian refugees. Our great leader screams “America first!” at all his rallies and is fine with putting immigrant children in cages, their subsequent abuse, and possible eternal separation from their immigrant parents. In fact, he wishes that his Homeland Security secretary was tougher on them.

  31. bree says:

    Please don’t hate me, but I actually agreed with some of the things she said. I especially liked her message of black people not being victims, and how we don’t talk as much about them failing reading and getting shot in Chicago because we are wasting our time on race baiting. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions in this country.

    • Carmen says:

      I’m black, and every one of my black friends and relatives would line up to slap this bitch to kingdom come. Her “message” is a fraud. She’s nothing but a fame whore whose 15 minutes were long gone.

      • Tx_mom says:

        I’m always fascinated how this sort of person likes saying super-inflammatory things and then be outraged when people push back on that. Then they immediately victimize themselves — “you won’t let me defend myself!” (As she defends herself and makes inflammatory accusations: “you think Black people are stupid” — when he simply asked her about her own words.) it makes my brain hurt.

    • topsy says:

      @bree Agree with her if you want.

      But while you’re agreeing with her take a moment and think about WHY she’s saying what she’s saying. What Black person with any kind of education or a lick of pride and sense of self-worth is going to testify before Congress IN DEFENSE OF WHITE NATIONALISM? Think about the men and women who DIED so that this disgrace had the freedom to vomit all of that foolishness out of her mouth. And not just died but were burned alive or torn to pieces by a mob or raped and murdered. Because that REALLY happened to Black people who had the courage to fight for freedom.

      Then think about what would happen if the people who are pulling her strings got REAL power. Would she or you have the freedom you enjoy now?

    • anon says:

      How “WE” don’t talk as much about “THEM”… of course you would agree with her. Here we have an intelligent troll. The othering in your comment is subtle. The mention of “opinions” on this country gives you away, though. Right or wrong aren’t just a matter of opinion and absolutely no one is entitled to historical revisionism.

    • Snowflake says:

      What is race baiting?

  32. TheMummy says:

    Please don’t call me ignorant or stupid. This is a legit question that I am so confused about. HOW could a black woman be/become a white nationalist??? That makes no sense, right?? Am I missing something here?

    • Jonsey says:

      She and those like her are doing it for money.

    • Dee Kay says:

      It’s the same reason that some women oppose the feminist movement and women’s rights, and that members of any indigenous group decide to cooperate with colonizers: they think that there is more to be gained by siding with the oppressors. The scraps that patriarchy and imperialism give to the cooperators are scant, but they are virtually guaranteed. People are willing to sell out their own side for very little, really. Safety/approval/financial rewards/social status may seem like a lot, but the bigger picture is that backing up the oppressors just leads to more oppression for everyone.

    • Snowflake says:

      You are correct, it makes no sense to me either. But I think some minorities side with those in positions of power in hopes of protection and/or personal gain/status. Example, Omarosa. Pretty sure she was their token minority. But it got her to the White House, didn’t it? Some are willing to sell out their race so they personally can do better. Fucked up isn’t it?

      • Carmen says:

        Omarosa was a self-loathing bitch just like Owens. She was in it for the fame and the money. Owens would sell out her own mother for a buck and a headline.

  33. Luci Lu says:

    I just want to thank Ted Lieu for the laugh of the day. Candace…go get your hair did….get a manny, and a petty. You look beat up…fool!

  34. Steph says:

    Did anyone bother to watch her reply? Just curious how much people actually care or if they want to just shoot shit off at the mouth. She made some good points about how Ted Leau chopped up her statement, took it out of context and didn’t allow her a chance to reply.

    Her statement was stupid, I understand what she was getting at though. She didn’t praise Hitler in anyway. That’s just being obtuse. Maybe try listening to her response.

    • Baltimom says:

      I read an article about her. She seems pretty screwed up. She believes that Democrats haven’t done anything for black people and so they all need to become Republicans because Republicans just LOVE black people. I think she just sees the dollar signs and fame in saying stuff like that. It’s a win for Republicans because they can trot her out as proof that they aren’t racists. Meanwhile the serpent’s head is destroying that argument by attacking immigrants and by not condemning white supremacists.

    • topsy says:

      Was that a reply? It just sounded like an orchestra of dog whistles.

      If you understand what she was getting at, perhaps you can explain it. Because I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone with two working brain cells to rub together would try and give the ‘up’ side of what Adolph Hitler did in Germany.

      In fact, I can’t think of a reason why anybody would mention Adolph Hitler at all unless they were trying to warn Americans about the slippery slope so many of them seem determined to slide down.

      • Steph says:

        She said that she called Hitler a homicidal maniac who killed his own people. I think what she was getting at was comparing nationalism (pride in your own country) vs. imperialism (wanting to conquer the world). She was saying being a nationalist wasn’t what made Hitler evil, the fact that he was a horrible murderer that orchestrated the holocaust is what made him evil. And yes I agree- you don’t bring up Hitler in a positive way ever because it just can’t end well. But I don’t think that’s what she meant by it. And she said she didn’t mean that and she is young and I am going to take her at her word because I think it’s more likely that she said something stupid than her being a NAZI sympathizer.

      • Snowflake says:

        I think it’s more likely she’s a Nazi sympathizer. Trying to make Hitler less evil, wth? Bottom line, nationalists believe in keeping America white. You can bullshit all you want but if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck. There were Jews who worked on Hitler’s side, fyi. Fucking their black slaves didn’t make the slave masters not a racist. They are using her to show their party is not racist, she’s using them for a paycheck and power. But in the end, they will still destroy her.

    • anon says:

      Again, another Turniing Point troll dropping by to defend the indefensible… Her full statement is not in any manner better or making more sense. She was exculpating nationalism and white supremacy and also engaging in light weight anti-semitism (because Hitler killing jews was not Hitler killing his own people because since jews were not considered German nor human, and Candace here is fine with that. For her, genocide is fine as long as stays within borders). And by the way, it’s LIEU, not Leau. For someone who supposedly paid so much attention to the full session, you obtusely missed that detail.