Duchess Meghan is being blamed for a parking lot drama at Windsor Castle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Newzealand House

There is still confusion (on my part) about what will actually happen media-wise when the Duchess of Sussex gives birth to little Polo Baby. I didn’t find the Sussexes’ media announcement all that helpful yesterday – they’re clearly trying to tamp down expectations and hype, and they clearly want to have a different kind of delivery/labor than the Cambridges. Some royal reporters have the translation of the Sussexes’ cryptic media release, and I’m assuming they’re getting this from the new Sussex communications team. The Daily Mail says we’ll be informed when Meghan goes into labor, and then there will be a second announcement hours after the baby is born, where we’ll learn the gender, weight and place of birth. Two days later, Meghan and Harry will pose for photos with the baby at Windsor Castle, or on the grounds of Windsor. Vanity Fair says that Meghan and Harry will only do a Windsor photocall when they “feel ready” but “there is no time limit” and it will depend on how Meghan is feeling postpartum.

As for the Windsor photocall and the Sussexes move to Frogmore, apparently staff at Windsor are completely pissed off that they no longer have access to a parking lot which somewhat overlooks the back garden of Frogmore Cottage:

Prince Harry and Meghan have infuriated Royal Household and staff members at Windsor by banning them from using a car park — because it overlooks their new home. A source said: “Everyone’s calling them NIMBYs, meaning not in Meghan’s back yard!”

Royal Household staff at Windsor have parked there for decades. Low-paid staff now face having to fork out up to £10 a day on parking. They have been urged to use the King Edward VII public car park on the other side of Home Park — a lengthy trek from the area around Frogmore Cottage where many work. Servants and members of the household have been used to parking their cars near the property to play golf, cricket and bowls at the royal club. But they were told that from April 1 they could no longer use the site and other access points without permission from the Windsor Castle Superintendent.

A royal staffer said: “To say we’re upset and annoyed is a massive understatement. We can only assume that Harry and Meghan don’t want to look out of their window and see cars coming and going and members of staff walking into the club.”

Last night a senior source at Windsor Castle insisted Harry and Meghan had not demanded the change. They said the car park would not be closed entirely but confirmed fewer people would be able to use it. They added the decision was made as a result of a review by the Superintendent of the castle. But the staffer insisted: “We are being told to use a public car park — but it’s a long way. Some permits will be issued but not everyone will get them.”

The “Changes to Windsor Castle and Home Park access” were posted on royal notice- boards late last month — just days before Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, moved in. The source added: “It’s one thing to want privacy but this seems selfish and won’t endear Harry and Meghan to the staff. Everyone has started calling them Royal NIMBYs, meaning not in Meghan’s back yard! The fear is that soon we will be told we can’t play cricket or bowls either and the clubs will die out — it’s outrageous.”

[From The Sun]

Jesus, is there anything they won’t blame Meghan for? Do you think a heavily pregnant woman marched into Windsor Castle and demanded that a parking lot be shut down permanently? Really? Isn’t it far more likely that whatever this parking lot beef is, it’s a temporary thing until they can get a privacy fence or privacy hedges or something? Or that it might just be a temporary thing solely around the birth of the baby? Good lord, I hope the employees at Windsor Castle understand that they’re the ones who look like massive a–holes, not Meghan.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Attend A Commonwealth Day Youth Event At Canada House

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  1. runcmc says:

    Honestly at this point, I almost want her to leave Harry. What kind of life is this??? She can’t do ANYTHING. She’s trapped in these horrible dusty old homes with horrible dusty old people who hate her. I’m just waiting for the follow-up story about royal staffers sniping that she sneezes incorrectly.

    The whole lot of them are insufferable a-holes and I feel bad for her that she has to deal with it. I bet Cressida and Chelsy are both heaving a huge sigh of relief for dodging this massive bullet.

    • Bunchita says:

      Do you remember when Harry and Meghan were dating, and British people were saying “as an American, she can’t possibly understand the implications and restrictions of marrying into the BRF”? This is what they meant.

      • Roux says:

        Exactly this. There are so many little things which weren’t understood. Staff on these old estates have often worked there for decades and although they’re low paid, the little perks help make up for it. They’re treated like friends and when small things like this come along, it actually tends to have a big impact because they feel less valued. The entire way this ‘business’ operates seems an alien concept to Americans who are very direct and compartmentalised.

    • claire says:

      She clearly had no idea what she signed up for. Of the two of them, she’s the one who made the huge sacrifice when they decided to make it permanent. Unlike Kate, Megan had a career, her independence and from what I can glean – a full, happy life before this.

      • Kittycat says:

        Meghan also got a loving husband and a new baby.

        All the success in the world cant equal love.

        A little corny but what is the point of life without love.

      • runcmc says:


        I mean sure but Harry is not the only man on the planet. She could live a happy life filled with love with someone who doesn’t come with this much effing baggage. I truly pity her. I would trade all the jewels and titles and designer clothes in the world for a quiet life filled with love and freedom (which I have!) It really wasn’t either/or. I feel so sorry for her.

      • Jag says:

        Y’all are talking about her like she’s some stupid, ignorant little girl. She’s an intelligent woman who allegedly jumped at the chance to marry into the royal family. She knew exactly what she was getting with him, and she married him.

        Stop acting like she didn’t know that she’d have every breath scrutinized. I knew that and I’m just an ordinary person. She already had a measure of fame, so had an idea of what it would be like because she was already dealing with fans and non-fans.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Jag Are you American? Maybe it’s because I’m an American and didn’t pay attention before, or maybe it’s because she’s actually being treated worse, but I don’t think anyone could have actually predicted just how much they’re picking her apart.

        I mean she doesn’t want people parking in her backyard near her garden and she’s a witch for that? And we don’t even know that it’s her that doesn’t want it! It could be Harry, but of course she gets the blame. They’re griping that they can no longer park for free when they play cricket and that makes her a monster? It’s absurd.

        Maybe Brits could foresee all this. Maybe that’s why none of his other girlfriends were willing to marry him. But I definitely didn’t see all of this petty non-stop criticism.

      • Roux says:

        I think it’s a bit of both. I think she’s an intelligent woman but to some extent I think she underestimated the outcome of this. I agree she probably jumped at the chance to marry into the BRF and she knew she would have her life scrutinised and have negative attention along with the positive but I suspect she thought there would probably be a lot more positive than there has been. That might still come though. I don’t think they’ll split up any time soon. They haven’t really been together all that long.

      • M_icky says:

        @Jag, totally agree. She knew about the goldfish bowl that Diana was subjected to/was responsible for. She is aware that she will always be hugely popular in America, I assume that she thought she would be popular in Britain as well, but that was never going to happen. The British people that are most likely to be Royalists are older people, they still remember Wallis Simpson who very nearly ruined the royal family. They see parallels between Wallis and Meghan. It is also true that Americans are not all that popular overseas and this has impacted Meghan too. It’s got very little to do with race and a lot to do with nationality.

      • Beck says:

        I agree with @Jag and @M_icky – I think the Brits look at this in a different way to Americans. For Americans it’s all about race but I think Brits focus much more on nationality and American nationals are very problematic when it comes to the royals for historical reasons.

        I think race issues are generally a bigger problem anyway in the US and nationality problems are a bigger problem in the UK. We have to remember the lens through which these stories are viewed. Americans also seem to be fed this idea that they are popular around the world and raised to believe they’re somehow the pinnacle but the reality is that the rest of the world doesn’t feel the same. I suppose at one time the Brits probably saw themselves in a similar way.

      • Salvation says:

        Don’t you just love it when SOME Brits come one here and rap on about how there’s no racism in Britain and how them Brits only view Meghan from a Nationality pov as opposed to her skin color? That’s all hogwash, Brits AND Americans are all equally as racists, no country is better/worse than the other. So the “Harry’s girl is almost straight outta Compton” and Meghan mother has dreadlocks and yadda yadda yadda was all coming from a media that’s viewing Meg from a her nationality pov? GMAB, there are as many racists in the UK who have subjected Meghan to racism as there are in the US that have subjected POC to racism all their lives. Meghan is not Wallis Simpson, so subjecting her to such abuse with excuses that whoever the racists/classists/misogynists view her as Wallis is just blaming the victim and excusing her abusers, plain and simple.

      • Beck says:

        @Salvation, nobody is saying there is NO racism in the UK but it is considerably different and to say that it is not is naive. The UK & US have historical differences. To say that the race divide is less obvious in the UK is not to minimise racism but to acknowledge our cultural differences. Maybe I’m wrong but I get the feeling Americans culturally care less about where someone is from and more about their skin colour. In fact they wear alternative nationalities as a badge of honour.

        Here in the UK there are more favourable nationalities and less favourable but nationality is more of a barrier than skin colour. I’m a mixed race person and can honestly say I’ve never felt that was a barrier to anything. Having children with a white French man though caused no end of problems. My best friend is Spanish and has felt that their nationality is behind many job rejections, not their skin colour. My French ex felt the same and was always angry about it. So yes, I feel that nationality is considerably more important to Brits than skin colour.

      • M_icky says:

        @salvation having travelled through both countries fairly extensively, I can honestly say that you could not be more wrong. I am sorry to say that the only more racist country I have been to, other than America, is South Africa, (mind you, Russia is appalling too). The only place I have ever been refused service based on my appearance is in America.

        I know that Meghan is not Wallis Simpson. But there are parallels. It is also true that the British royalists (not the public at large) are very nervous about the idea of a non royal, non British person entering into the royal family. It hasn’t ended well in the past and the best predictor of the future is the past, is it not?

      • Ader says:

        @M_icky: Are you Black? Because I have traveled too, and wholeheartedly disagree with your statement. The UK, Australia….they’re all just as racist as the U.S. and South Africa. And being refused service is not the only marker of racism. That is overt racism; but the day-in, day-out racism of bias and systemic racism is a lot more complex than that.

        I don’t know if you’re white or not, so I am just saying this generally, but I am so sick and tired of white people (and Uncle Tom-ing biracial people* and the Candace Owens of the world) trying to dictate what is and isn’t racist, and what countries are racist and which are not. It’s GD maddening. It’s gaslighting.

        *I’m biracial, too. I’m just not an Uncle Tom-ing one.

      • M_icky says:

        @Ader I am. You know what makes me sick and tired? People telling me that my opinion/experience is wrong. I wasn’t gaslighting anyone and I am no person’s “uncle tom” or “coconut” or whatever other racist thing you want to call me. I simply stated that, in my travels, the USA was the only place I have been refused service, and my partner (who is light skinned) was told that he could “leave the monkeys alone” in Boston. My partner had his feet spat at in Russia, we felt that it was probably a race thing but could have just been appalling manners. I have found the British are more concerned with nationality than race, when I lived there anyway. There is absolutely racism, but the concern with nationality is very real. I have seen French people and Australian people treated in the most appalling manner because of their accents. Your experience may be entirely different and that is fine, but don’t negate mine.

      • Ader says:


        But you were the one who was telling everyone else they were wrong because of your experiences. So, why the double standard? Why is it fine for you to tell people they’re wrong because of your experiences, but it’s not OK for people to disagree with you?

        Your Words: “having travelled through both countries fairly extensively, I can honestly say that you could not be more wrong.” So, explain. Why is it cool for you to do that?

        As for the second part of my statement, I said I was speaking generally. If you disagree with my POV, that’s cool.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      The lyrics of their wedding song have never made more sense:

      “If the sky that we look upon
      Should tumble and fall
      Or the mountains should crumble to the sea
      I won’t cry, I won’t cry, no I won’t shed a tear
      Just as long as you stand, stand by me…..”

      After many, many years of rejection as an aspiring actress, she finally got her big break and her life took a turn for a massive tragectory of success…..she just needs to tough it out once again……it won’t always be like this – however hopeless it might seem now.

      • Kebbie says:

        I agree that at some point they’re going to tire of going in on her like this, but I expected them to go easier on her as a pregnant woman, and that definitely hasn’t happened. They’re not worried about causing excessive stress to a woman about to birth a royal baby, so I don’t know when they’ll back off.

    • mercury says:

      For everyone that is saying Meghan should walk or way or that they pity her, or that she should leave her marriage, have no understanding of a day in the life of a black person. She will experience these same things without being in the Royal family albeit on a microlevel. I dont know what its like to NOT experience racism. I have no idea what it feels like. I accept it as a part of my life. I can only live my life in accordance with my own creed and personal beliefs. I am sure Meghan is doing the same. That’s all you can do. You can’t run away from racism.

    • Jenn says:

      According to a blind item (which is likely untrue, but I want it to be true), she’s been asking him to move to Canada since before they got married. It makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe they’ll move away after gran dies?? Ugh.

      • Ader says:

        Egh. The people behind “blind gossip” are trump-loving ass wipes. They’re making that shit up.

  2. Y says:

    It’s most likely for security measures and precautions.

    • Kebbie says:

      No, it’s because Meghan is a fire breathing demon hellbent on bringing down the monarchy and then the entire country.

      • Desolee says:

        She can bring down the monarchy and the UK would be totally ok , even for tourism, am I wrong?

      • Kebbie says:

        Lol the UK will be fine and the monarchy will be fine. The idea that one person could bring down a thousand year old institution because she’s “demanding” and likes designer clothes is hilarious to me. She’ll be the end of it all if you believe those commenters at the DM though!

  3. HK9 says:

    I’m sorry, I had to read this because the headline was incredulous. Their blaming her for their parking situation??!!?? I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

    • himmiefan says:

      And it’s not even for work! If it were for parking at work, then they’d have a case, but this is for fun activities that are purely optional. Yes, they can park elsewhere. Spoiled babies. Of course, who knows how much of this is even true.

      • Lauren says:

        Yeah, that stood out to me – it’s not for work, it’s for the club. Yeesh. Get over yourselves.

      • minime says:

        LOL Yes!! I first thought it would be for work and well in that case I could understand but it’s to play cricket at the club!!! There’s a lot of stuff that I think is really over the top in the Royal Family but actually this is a parking lot with direct view to their backyard! Who would want that, royal or not? And I would guess that this was not Meghan’s decision. Most probably really a security decision or coming from her husband. These people come out as super petty.

      • Kebbie says:

        That’s what’s so infuriating about the story. They don’t get free parking to play cricket! They should RIOT! How can they possibly put up with this kind of repression?!

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        Okay, I’m glad someone else read it that way. I was reading it and thinking, it sounds like this isn’t even work related! It’s probably a perk being able to use the club and park there for such use. It’s not like they’re being required to pay for parking in order to go into work!

    • notasugarhere says:

      It gives staff fewer opportunities to be paid off to sneak photographers in close to Frogmore Cottage too. I hope Sarah and Andrew were given a slapdown from the Queen as well, after sneaking a writer in close to the Cottage for that Wallis article.

  4. Oh No says:

    If they’d talk to the press about a car park, they’d tell the press about a birth or take photos… The irony is wasted on them.

    If I went to the press and spoke about my job or my higher ups, I’d be fired.

    Honestly every time we see, household staff say this, or senior member says that, I side eye that whole situation.

    Liz, control your household

    • CommentingBunny says:

      “If they’d talk to the press about a car park, they’d tell the press about a birth or take photos… The irony is wasted on them.”


    • ADS says:

      “If they’d talk to the press about a car park, they’d tell the press about a birth or take photos… The irony is wasted on them.”

      Yes! Absolutely spot on!

  5. Cherie says:

    Both things can be true, parking around the home was naturally going to chance once it was occupied as a home for security reasons.
    People always lose their ever loving minds over parking, be at at work, a Subdivison, grocery store etc.
    Of course you’ve gotta throw HM in the headline because otherwise no one reads this story.

    • Megan says:

      Parking is always a huge deal. My employees would give up their healthcare before their parking spots.

      • Ponytail says:

        But if you see my comment below, this isn’t about their workplace parking spots – there is nothing to indicate this. The car park is for a sports club, and the employees quoted aren’t employees of the club.

      • Megan says:

        I think you misread the article. It directly references the staff who work near Frogmore.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s a very oddly worded article in that it is difficult to figure out who parks where and why. It says “near Frogmore many work,” but then goes on to describe that they are used to parking in that lot near Frogmore so that they can play golf and cricket at the royal club.

        My guess is that the people who do actually work in that vicinity will be allowed to continue to park there (since it says there will still be some spots) but people who were parking there for access to the club will have to park farther away.

      • Sid says:

        The staff is complaining because they can no longer park near where they play golf. They’re not complaining about trouble parking near work. They are complaining about GOLF. That is insane.

      • Heather says:

        Direct quote from above:
        “Servants and members of the household have been used to parking their cars near the property to play golf, cricket and bowls at the royal club.”

        So they work on the estate, in some capacity not necessarily in view of Frogmore. BUT a perk of their employment seems to be the ability to play golf, cricket and bowls at the royal club. So some of the parking to this recreational optional not necessary for employment and salary activity may be restricted.

        So they’re complaining that they may have to walk a little further to go do something that is their choice and not something required. Boo hoo.

      • Megan says:

        Here is the first part of the direct quote from above:

        “Royal Household staff at Windsor have parked there for decades. Low-paid staff now face having to fork out up to £10 a day on parking. They have been urged to use the King Edward VII public car park on the other side of Home Park — a lengthy trek from the area around Frogmore Cottage where many work.”

        It says 10 pound a day. Do the staff play gold every single day?

      • Heather says:

        @ Megan “A royal staffer said: “To say we’re upset and annoyed is a massive understatement. We can only assume that Harry and Meghan don’t want to look out of their window and see cars coming and going and members of staff walking into the club.””

        The club. Not work. The club. It’s not work they’re upset about. It’s that a previous privilege (PRIVILEGE) has been altered. If this affected their ability to get to and do their jobs, the article would have said it.

      • Megan says:

        @Heather – You seem to be assuming that the club operates with no staff.

      • Olive says:

        wow @Megan your employees sound kind of pathetic if they’d give up healthcare before PARKING.

        i don’t know why some people want to live in WALL-E. i think that was a cautionary tale, not goals.

      • Megan says:

        @Olive – I’m sorry you have never been a city. Maybe someday you will find the courage to leave the shire.

      • Salvation says:

        @Megan,no one is assuming that the club operates with no staff. The article said that permits are available for employees.

      • Heather says:

        @Megan. again the quote, emphasis mine:
        “Servants and members of the household have been used to parking their cars near the property TO PLAY golf, cricket and bowls at the royal club.”

  6. Snowflake says:


  7. Ripetyde says:

    I think the palace with H&M are being disingenuous by calling the birth plans ‘private’. As per the complete press release an announcement will be made when Meghan goes into labor (just like Kate). A large area will be set up for broadcasters, journalists & members of the public (just like Kate). An announcement will be made after she gives birth (just like Kate). There will be a photocall (just like Kate). The only difference is the changing of the venue & timing of the photocall.

    The press release also states the media & public will be allowed to camp outside Windsor castle’s long walk for 72 hours after the birth. So they’re going to turn this into a 3 day extravaganza. Make no mistake this is as much of a public spectacle. Harry & Meghan saying they want this to be private is just a cynical attempt to set up a contrast between her & Kate, however if you read between the lines what is being planned isn’t really private at all. The definition of private is what Zara had.

    • Oh No says:

      You’re right, I actually have photos of Meghan stroking a fluffy white cat as she plots the Great Baby Wait. Don’t worry, Harry is there too; staring into bleak sky with an eye patch atop their Swiss Alps mountainside hideaway.

      But they can’t reveal their nefarious plans until they perfect their villain laughs

      Meghan is going for more of a Cruella thing, but keeps getting stuck between Ursala and Scar…it’s a work in progress

    • Yoyo says:

      Meghan and Harry can’t control the long walk, it is Windsor Castle property.

      • Metalshoe says:

        The palace are setting up a media area on the long walk once it’s announced that Meghan has gone into labor.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        Harry and Meghan do control the Long Walk when planning things like this. They decided to put the press and public there because it fits with their plans to present their baby. If it didn’t then people would not be told that they are allowed to camp there up to 72 hours after the birth.

    • MissyS. says:

      I think this approach is better than having thousands of people with cameras disrupting patients and staff while trying to get a glimpse of Harry and Meghan. I support whatever the couple wants to do because a mother’s birth plan should not be up for debate. Meghan and the baby’s health and wellness should be our concern and not who will get the first photo or how this situation compares to Kate’s.

      Some of you royal fans have completely forgotten what’s important. These are real people and not some popularity contest.

    • Becks1 says:

      I mean, the press was camped outside Lindo Wing for DAYS before Kate went into labor with George. It was insane. So 72 hours on the long walk doesn’t seem that insane to me comparatively.

      What I don’t get is, will the press on the Long Walk be able to see the Sussexes when they do the photocall? Or is more just to control the inevitable influx of photographers etc.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        They had to camp out for days because they didn’t know when Kate would go into labor. Surely H&M could just let people know when the photocall would be after the birth? That would limit the camping to only 1 night like the wedding. That’s the only reason 3 days seems weird to me.

      • Redburgandy says:

        For George the media camped outside the hospital for days which was chaotic & disruptive. The palace had learnt their lesson so for Charlotte & Louis the media were not allowed to camp outside until it was announced that Kate had gone into labor, and once Kate had left the hospital that was it. For Harry & Meghan the circus won’t be outside the hospital but at Windsor Castle Long Walk instead!

        Harry & Meghan’s photocall will have just one photographer, one reporter & one camera person in the private grounds of Windsor castle and this won’t be open to the public. And that will be held a few days after Meghan gives birth.

    • Lolo says:

      Thank you, @Ripetyde! When I read the story yesterday and more details came out I kept thinking, “wait, how is this THAT different?” They are doing the baby presentation in a garden instead of outside the hospital? Mmkay. And obviously it’s totally up to them but the spin on this is hilarious. You have to hand it to their new staff, because it’s great PR. They’ve managed to convince everyone that this is some groundbreaking decision and have gotten loads of glowing articles about how much they value their privacy and are doing things their own way (which is obviously so much better than W&K’s way) our of all of it, so 👏🏻

      • Lady D says:

        No doubt, she is being praised everywhere for her choices. I myself have seen tons of articles loaded with glowing praise for the Duchess./s

      • V says:

        Groundbreaking and very feminist.. lol.
        They already prepared the field when they let Omid Scobie,who,let’s be honest is almost their PR person,write a whole story about how Meghan is a true feminist and doesn’t want to raise unrealistic expectations for other women,clearly shading Kate. This bit is being mentioned a lot in the various reports about this “privacy” decision.
        Never mind that Kate wasn’t forced to be photographed,was obviously feeling well ,and she did what she wanted to do. Above all with George,she looked really healthy and glowing,not overly glammed up and it didn’t occur to me that the time she was even praised for showing proudly her postpartum body.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate didn’t leave the hospital with her first for 36 hours. During that time, she brought in her stylist, hairstylist, and makeup team. Second time she did the same, but topped it off with an $8000 hand painted dress. She wanted to be glammed up, that’s the choice she made. LOL

    • anon says:

      We’re not talking about that now. This is serious talk about a parking lot for golf and cricket playing situation, a real matter of civil rights. Keep on subject.

    • Lesanne says:

      What most people here are overlooking is the security risk that all this hatred has generated. I am sure there are daily threats against Duchess M. It would not be wise to have open precise plans that any psychotic yawhoo could fixate on and plan around. This site is another bubble of intelligence that is fun to slip into, the world at large these days is stupid and venal. If I were HRHH and Duchess M there would be not one sliver of opportunity for anyone to vent their racism through a physical attack on my child.

    • V says:

      If she’s planning a home birth,as the DM claimed and it seems very likely,there wasn’t even need to say that photograhers and reporters will not be allowed outside their door.. Isn’t it obvious? If they don’t want to be photographed outside the hospital,it’s fine,but notifying the press when she’s in labor and setting up a media area for 3 days “slightly” contradicts that privacy announcement..to say the least. Without considering that photographers are going to stalk hospitals,adding other cahos for those who don’t deserve it,unless they confirm the home birth.
      It looks like they want to play the privacy card to set up a contrast with the other two,but at the same time they want the attention and the media circus.

  8. WingKingdom says:

    Oh my god. You know who else is sometimes disappointed by changes to parking at their work? The rest of us. You know who else has to park in a public lot and walk several blocks to work? The rest of us. Some of us take the bus! I did not know that the rest of the world would be interested in my commuting woes. Calling the Daily Mail right now.

    • Ponytail says:

      The article has been very sneaky – there is actually no evidence that the car park is to accommodate employees while they’re at work – it’s about them having to walk a little further to get to their sports club (the cricket, golf and bowls). In fact, by insisting on mentioning their employee status, they’re highlighting that club membership is a perk they get as part of their job, and for goodness’ sake, they don’t realise how lucky they are.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        The ones getting passes do use it for work. It’s only the club members who don’t use it for work that aren’t allowed to use it anymore. Someone should let them know that carpooling is a thing.

  9. BayTampaBay says:

    Why was this problem not discussed before QEII gave Frogmore cottage to Megs and Harry if the car park is to be permanently off-limits to staff?

    This whole story really makes no sense.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      It’s not staff that is losing access for work. It’s for when going to the club to play golf. They’re pissed that they no longer get prime club parking. The article is terribly worded (or deliberately sneaky).

  10. Rapunzel says:

    “A royal staffer said: “To say we’re upset and annoyed is a massive understatement. We can only assume that Harry and Meghan don’t want to look out of their window and see cars coming and going and members of staff walking into the club.” ” — sure, that’s it. It’s got to be that, and not the fact that they want privacy and safety. If, and that’s a big if, Meg and Harry demanded this, it was in response to the security threats and a move to protect their baby.

    And seriously, these people work for the Royal household and they’re acting like Meghan is the most precious, demanding person they’ve ever seen? GMAB.

  11. Sassy says:

    I’m starting to agree with those who say this marriage won’t last because I can’t see her continuing to deal with this especially when they began to target her kid(s). Harry isn’t doing anything to stop it. Meghan is a gorgeous woman she will not have a problem finding polo baby a handsome rich stepfather.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Please don’t blame Harry, I can’t really see what more he can do to protect Meghan in this situation. They just need to soldier on and KEEP WORKING.

      The story will change eventually.

      • Lady D says:

        The story will change when the press starts going after Charlotte to cover for George. How does William not see this cycle repeating?

  12. aquarius64 says:

    It wasn’t Harry and Meghan’s call about the parking lot. And I don’t want Meghan to leave that’s what these losers want. They will crow that they won and they wouldn’t back off even if there were a divorce.

  13. NotHeidisGirl says:

    Did I read correctly that this is a parking lot close to where the staff is playing golf? Not necessarily close to where they work? Good Lord…this is ridiculous.

  14. Deanne says:

    Really, now she’s a diva about a parking lot? I’m sure it has everything to do with privacy and security concerns and nothing to do with her “demands”. I can’t wait to hear about what a diva bitch she is during delivery of her baby. Honestly, I’ve never gotten why anyone would want to marry into that family. She isn’t going to change anything about how they operate and she’s going to be criticized within an inch of her life for everything she does. How awful for her. I feel for Harry too. He clearly loves his wife, but he’s just the spare. He can’t force the Royal machine to change. I hope that their relationship can withstand all of it.

  15. Ponytail says:

    Wait a minute – the people affected are employees, but there’s nothing in the story that says this affects their getting into work – the complaint is that they can’t park there when they go to play golf, cricket and bowls. Big f-ing deal! I have to pay car parking when I want to go swimming, or go to the library.
    And the complaint about it being a ‘long way’ – it takes 3 minutes to drive to the further away car park, and they actually pass another car park to get there, so could use that one instead. I mean, it is a whopping 0.3 miles away, and presumably they couldn’t manage that (but COULD manage game of cricket…)

  16. 10KTurtle says:

    If this staff works at “the area around Frogmore Cottage,” and Harry & Meghan “don’t want to look out of their window and see cars coming and going,” then why don’t they just fire everyone? What’s less private about the staffs’ vehicles being onsite than the staffs’ bodies being onsite doing their jobs?? [sarcasm, in case you can’t tell]

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    This sounds typical of middle class whingers, they are only pissed at losing easy access to the golf and bowls club. Given that its the Sun I know I should disregard it but I have first hand experience of how pissy older (boomer) middle class people can get when you try and take easy access to their perks away I can believe this. The golf and bowls brigade are some of the b1tchiest mean old gits you can meet, esp when it comes to their parking rights and thinking the rules of private land don’t apply to them and they can park where ever they like. My favourites are the ones with the disabled badges who use it to park right outside the pub or bookies on a pedestrian high street.

    • joanne says:

      where do you think disabled people should park? is there a reason they can’t go the pub or bookies? i’m not following you’re reasoning on why that would be annoying.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        It gets abused, often the people whom the badge is for are not even in the car, pub or bookies. I have seen these people take up spaces for those who genuinely want to use it.

      • Susan says:

        Digital Unicorn, that’s not what you said. You bitched about people with disabled badges actually using those badges in a very judgmental way about where they choose to go (pubs and bookies). Now you are trying to change it into something else.

      • Ader says:

        Actually, Susan, you read your own meaning into what she was saying. She just elaborated.

      • Erinn says:

        It IS abused by some (just like ANYTHING), but you also have to keep in mind not all disability is visible. And if someone is using a valid tag to park in a legit spot it doesn’t matter if it’s a pub, a McDonalds, a doctors, or what have you. If it’s there, and they’re using a valid badge, then there’s no reason to call them out as if disabled people don’t have the right to live the same sort of life an able-bodied person does.

    • minime says:

      well where I live I only see people without the badge using the disable parking, what makes me really furious. However, what I see often are those traveling without children but with a child’s seat in the back, that just park at the spots for families with children…Seriously, sometimes I think society is rotten.

    • joanne says:

      your response is totally different than your original comment. are you annoyed by those with disabled stickers parking in disabled spots in places you don’t approve of or are you annoyed that you don’t believe the people parking are disabled? my husband goes for coffee some days when he has enough energy. he also parks in the disabled spots RIGHT in front of the coffee shop as it’s not possible for him to walk farther. i’ve never used the sticker for myself. i feel quite strongly about anyone who would criticize his choice of what activity he enjoys.

    • Laura says:

      @digital, if someone is disabled and has a disabled parking placard, they can go and park in disabled spaces, wherever that may be. You have a problem with that?

    • Ader says:

      I understood what you meant right away because there is a person in my neighborhood who does this. He is not disabled at all, but got his hands on one and is a terror with it.

    • Nic919 says:

      This comment seemed pretty obvious in context that it’s about people who abuse parking privileges which includes people who abuse the disabled parking permit. My grandfather had debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and could barely walk and needed the spots but many others, some I was related to, would get them for something temporary like a broken leg and then hold on to them forever. Doctors don’t question too much about handing them out and it ends up punishing the ones who truly need them.

      Many are looking for outrage where it does not exist.

    • joanne says:

      i’m not looking for something to be outraged by at all. i’m taking issue with the original statement about disabled people parking right outside the pub or bookie’s. that’s not referring to people taking advantage of disabled spots fraudulently, it’s judgemental about disabled people.

      • Ader says:

        She said “disabled BADGE” during a conversation about fraudulent parkers. It was obvious that she was talking about people who abuse the system, not genuinely disabled people.

      • Erinn says:

        Ader the abuse aspect only got brought up after the fact almost two hours after the original post.

      • Ader says:

        This is a petty argument, but it is driving me nuts, so I have to respond.

        1) She didn’t NEED to explicitly state that because it was already implied! That’s the point!

        2) Not everyone can stay on the website all day long. So what if it took a few hours to clarify for those that couldn’t see what she was, clearly, saying from the jump!

  18. Purplehazeforever says:

    People lose their minds all the time over parking. If the staff once could park for free & now some have to pay for public parking & walk ( perish the thought) & some don’t, yeah it’s going to cause problems. The most obvious reason is for security than view, maybe they are reducing the amount of parking?

    • Ponytail says:

      Maybe they don’t all have to go and play golf at the exact same time ? The car park is still there, it’s just been reduced in size.

  19. Seraphina says:

    I’m going to start blaming things on Megs too. Husband asks why we are going out, I will say: It’s all Megs fault. I was reading all the gossip about her and the drama with the royals so it’s all on her.

  20. RoyalBlue says:

    It’s just clickbait The article also mentions in smaller print, the decision to use the other car park was made by the castle superintendent. Not the Sussexes.

    In any case, I park two miles from my office and chalk up the walk twice a day to exercise. Good for the staff getting an extra walk in. They should lighten up.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The article also says that its not being closed and then number of people who can use it is being reduced, means that people can still park there but the number of spaces is being reduced.

      In the UK parking is one of the main causes of disputes between neighbours and with the local council.

    • Lady D says:

      Not sure where you live RoyalBlue, but here we get a weather pattern called a polar vortex and they are bitterly cold. Walking 2 miles twice a day in that cold, snow, ice and wind would be hell. Frostbite is also a real danger in those temps.

      • Eyfalia says:

        Well on days like this I doubt it that they want to play Golf or any other outdoor sport and will therefore not need the car park.

      • Lady D says:

        I’m pointing out that walking isn’t always a feasible option for some. I agree no one will be playing outdoor sports in that weather (unless they are in Canada, lol) I was referring to getting to work, but I did not make that clear, sorry.

      • Eyfalia says:

        I leave you this here, as it seems, it is not the car park for their job.

        “Servants and members of the household have been used to parking their cars near the property to play golf, cricket and bowls at the royal club.”

  21. Red Weather Tiger says:

    The parking situation at my job changes, too. For example, next semester, instead of parking right outside the building where I teach at 7:55 AM as I have for five years, I will be forced to park at a lot a mile away and shuttle in.

    I blame Meghan Markle!!!!!

  22. Yoyo says:

    The British media is all shook up because media from around the World is calling them on their racism and classism.
    Twitter users are flooding their sites, Chris Ship ITV news and a journalist from the Sunday Times are bold face lying, saying the media have treated Meghan fairly, that they promote her Charities and all members of the Royal family are criticized.

    • Heather says:

      Chris Ship ITV was the funniest one, he was in full tantrum mode because he doesn’t know what hospital to camp out in front of and harass comers and goers.

  23. Nikki says:

    I’ve heard Meghan is to blame for global warming.

  24. Yoyo says:

    A reporter said Buckingham Palace convinced Meghan and Harry to do the photo-op in Windsor Gardens, apparently they were only going to post the picture on SM, but a comprise was worked out.
    From a reporter again, Doria was in England a few weeks ago, and you know Oprah was making trips to England often this year, maybe she called up her old friend Doria☺️ And offered her a ride.

    • Oh No says:

      That seems like the most obvious reason they are doing this…but people need something to blame on Meghan

      It’s a way of life now…

  25. guest says:

    Just add it to the list of bs the British press throws at a pregnant woman. They’ve really shown the world (the press) list how racist they are 😶

  26. guest says:

    I love how meghan and harry keep their foots on the British press throat. They p!ssed off the pressed with this announcement of the baby. Harry btw was working yesterday, Meghan cant because shes on maternity leave. I guess William is done playing james bond (or seeing his rose bush….jk jk) and I guess kate is on maternity leave too?

  27. Jessica says:

    I hope she triumphs over them all, but increasingly I think she will eventually be run out of this family. Whether Harry goes with her is up to him. This doesn’t seem sustainable. If they wouldn’t stop during her pregnancy, they will never stop.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Jessica, even if she leaves it won’t end. Look how it turned out for Diana. Hounded until death do they part. It seems there are no reporters’ honour code about personal boundaries and respect for other people.

    • Sassy says:

      Harry will never give up the royal lifestyle he complains but he loves it too much. Meghan will get tired of it, Meghan is big name now she can parlay that into another career when she leaves him.

      • claire says:

        If she hadn’t got pregnant so quickly, I thought she’d eventually get fed up with this and leave. Now that there’s a baby, I think she will stick around and endure.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Meghan and Harry will not leave. This is the life she signed up for and she loves him. She went in with eyes wide open. Harry can’t leave as it will possibly cause a constitutional crisis.

      • Elle says:

        Who is to say Meghan’s bothered at all? She said she ignores the tabloids and social media. She’s filthy rich and has plenty to occupy her time. It’s like how BTS, Avengers: Endgame, & the Russia report are big deals in some circles but plenty of people live in blissful ignorance. Maybe she sticks to FT and the NYT and calls it a day.

      • Ader says:

        I agree Elle. I read an interview with her in, I think it was “Ebony,” a few years ago, pre-Harry. Even back then, she commented on her own “temperament” (for some reason I remember the exact word she used), and that she was the kind of person who let everything roll off her back, and that she concentrated on her friends and family and didn’t worry about the rest.

        Which, when you are a Black-biracial woman in the public eye, is exactly what you have to do. Heck, all Black and Black-biracial women need to do this in our daily lives if we don’t want to go insane. Because white folks can be maddening with their implicit bias nonsense (and not even be conscious of their actions and attitudes and double standards).

    • Bella DuPont says:

      She mustn’t go anywhere. No way she can let these jealous weasels win. She just needs to develop a stiff backbone and a sense of humour at the hysteria she’s causing in these people’s lives.

      As long as she keeps working hard and making a real difference, the actual British people (not RRs or royal adjacents), will see past this nonsense and love her more and more.

  28. Loretta says:

    Meghan is really doing something good if tabloids are so pressed.

    • MA says:

      Quote from a recent article (I don’t remember from where): “If they’re mad and she’s happy, who’s winning?”

  29. Lucia says:

    Oh please. They found the most disgruntled employee in Windsor and took his quote and made it seem like all employees feel that way. The British media just wants a reason to rag on Meghan.

  30. Chef Grace says:

    Oh the horror! Of having to walk.
    Welcome to the real world.
    This just seems so petty.
    I remember our employer changing up parking. It sucked but we did the walk.

    • Heather says:

      It’s not even to work! It’s to go play a sport. As someone above commented, apparently they can’t bear to walk 3 minutes more to go to the club but they can definitely play cricket when they get there.

  31. TheHeat says:

    You’ve never heard juicy office gossip if you haven’t heard office gossip about PARKING!!! Those painted yellow lines are the battle-line borders for which everyone and anyone will wage war. And, if there’s someone to blame…verily they shall be blamed! Hung, drawn, quartered! I’ve seen it. My office *almost* changed buildings a couple of years ago, but we would have had to start paying for parking, despite improved office space/amenities. NO WAY!
    Even if it has nothing to do with H & M’s arrival at Frogmore, (even though it likely does have a lot to do with additional security), the fact that the timing of the minimized parking coincides with the move, is all the ammo the affected people will need in order to lay the blame.

    • Heather says:

      But it’s so idiotic! It’s not the parking spaces for work. It’s the parking spaces for the royal club so they can play cricket or whatever when NOT working!

      • TheHeat says:

        Sounds like the cricket, golf, etc, is a perk for royal staffers. If you think parking is enough to get panties in a bunch…try taking away a PERK! Good gracious!
        {my tongue is firmly in my cheek, here}

  32. Rianic says:

    From the photos I saw, it looked like the new parking lot was closer to WC than the old one.

  33. Abby says:

    For frick’s sake. I feel so bad for her.

  34. Lisa says:


  35. Maxie says:

    Well, anyone that had free parking but must now pay £10 per day or £2000+ per year won’t be happy about it.

    • Lady D says:

      …to play their game. It is their choice, they are not being forced to be there.

    • Olive says:

      parking is expensive to offer – parking lots are not cheap to build and maintain. everyone SHOULD be paying to store their private property.

    • tuille says:

      @ Maxie – So they go for bowls, playing cricket & golf 200 days out of 365? They can walk around a golf course but not from a parking lot? Why do they get to use the “Royal” Club anyway? Do any royals actually go there? The article said that some, not as many, cars will be able to park there. Sounds as if those reporting for work can use it but not the recreational club-goers. That’s completely fair.

      I know, let’s shut down the “club” and make it a child care center instead.

  36. Ennie says:

    It will be a good warm up for those mushy athletes. Ha!

  37. notasugarhere says:

    From what I can see on aerial photos, there is no car park near Frogmore Cottage.

  38. Katashae says:

    I think this story is oddly written. Sounds like some use it for work and some for golf/etc. And it says it has a view of Frogmore but not that it’s next to it. So I’m going to play devils advocate here because while Frogmore Cottage is H&M’s new private home and they deserve all the privacy that other royals get of course, it’s still part of a publicity operating royal site, and people work and visit there just like other royal sites. I’m just saying that there may be good reasons for all of this stuff but there also may be – something we never bring up on this site – a kernel of truth to Meghan and Harry not being as bright-and- light as we want them to be here. I’m still trying to ignore my inner gossip voice that’s saying we may have a future Andy and Fergie on our hands at some point lol. BUT, for today I’m still a stan and I’m going to stick with that 😋.

    • Yoyo says:

      LOL. you don’t say, a woman that is getting criticism for working/breathing.
      I would not want stans, this wishy washy.

    • Sassy says:

      She this difficult b**** now but some how wasn’t when she was working on Suits?
      Outside of jealous half siblings and a former friend who might have been in love and/ or slept with her first husband, who has said a bad thing about her? Yes fame can change people but not that much. If you’re an asshole you’re going to be an asshole whether you’re broke or rich nothing is going to change that.

  39. Laverdadduele says:

    Ha. Excuse me while I go cry fo these aholes. First world problems: “Servants and members of the household have been used to parking their cars near the property to play golf, cricket and bowls at the royal club.” Even of this was not expected due to security concerns, they are literally complaining about parking to go have fun outside of working hours. What’s next? Complaining about how they can’t drink and drive near the palace because of Meghan? Losers

  40. Vanessa says:

    What’s with all this concern trolling about Meghan not knowing what she got herself into their marriage won’t last long . Meghan knew what she sign up for she not some naive little girl who oh so confused about royal policy and people need to stop acting like Meghan is this fragile woman who can’t handle herself do you really think she hasn’t deal with this kind of racist abuse beforehand as a woman of color Meghan has probably deal with far worst . This is what the British media and some People want they want to make Meghan life hell so she will leave Harry and the royal family why should she and Harry give up on their marriage because their are racist disgusting people who don’t like Meghan because of the color of her skins why she have to walk away that won’t stop the racist people for attacking her .

    • Mumbles says:

      She was a minor character on a basic cable television show. She was in her mid-30s and nobody was banging on her doors to transition to movies. If things work out she now has a lifetime of extreme wealth and privilege with a husband who seems to be a decent guy who loves her, with at least one child and perhaps more. She doesn’t have to work hard and gets to focus on things she cares about.

      Seems to me the trade-off was worth it. The press will tire of her when the novelty wears off and there’s someone new to obsess over.

      • Sassy says:

        She deserves the racism and harassment because tHiS WhAt sHe SiGnEd uP fOr?

      • Lady D says:

        How does anybody know no one from Hollywood was banging on her door? I’ve seen this comment so many times, that her career is ended, it’s over, she’s finished in Hollywood. Truthfully, nobody has any idea what kind of career she may or may not have had in TV and movies, but boy do they love to assume and pronounce that Her Career Was Over!

        @Mumbles, this isn’t aimed at you personally. I’ve just seen this comment so many times, said with such spiteful glee.

  41. Ennie says:

    So friggin’ weird that the wording blames Meghan only, as she’s the one helping tabloids sell. They wouldn’t touch Harry, so they go for his pregnant wife. Ridiculous.
    As if they wouldn’t imagine that the grounds would be closed.
    I was reading about the aftermath of the russian revolution and read an article weeks ago saying how even some russian relatives of the Windsors (received as expats) were limited in their use of. Gardens in windsor IIRC when they bumped into lilibeth and said hi to her in the 30s. And these were family. Nothing new.
    I’d figure the same would happen for any high profile person, they’d try to have more privacy, and they are not actually damaging anyone. The queen greenlighted them living there, so employees have to abide by the new situation. I bet there are more changes that they don’t like, as it will be more restricted, but Harry has to make his own life and they’re hounded by the press and have to be guarded.

  42. Olive says:

    people have SUCH entitlement issues around parking. get over yourselves and walk! it’s good for you!

  43. Can’t even says:

    Am I missing something, have I misunderstood? Free parking at work is a luxury, free parking at a at a social club afforded to me because of my job is next level entitlement!!! Wow, I never comment on these thing but this really made me annoyed!!!!

  44. HeyThere! says:

    I love MM. I honestly think she knew what she was signing up for but didn’t care. She would have Harry and be Royal, sure she would manage. I don’t pity her because I respect her too much. She will be fine. She has the love of her life and a baby! Having stated that, I think even she would be shocked at how ridiculously negative the media has been to her. I think Harry is shocked too. This to shall pass(I HOPE SOON). I mean, what if in five years this is still happening daily?? I couldn’t be could it?? As for the parking situation….who would want to see a busy parking lot from their back yard?! Not me. I’m confused though because it’s for work or to play cricket?! Huge difference. They just need to get some bushes or a fencing up and then they can park? Shesh, they are mad at the wrong person!

  45. Zazu says:

    It really annoyed me that the headline in the Daily Mail started with “Not in Meghan’s backyard”. Because of course it would not be Harry who wants maximum privacy for his new family … it must be that gold digging, difficult duchess Meghan. The level of bias is breathtaking, it’s making me so depressed at how backwards everything is going in terms of racism and hate speech being brought back into the mainstream.

  46. ojulia123 says:

    This? This is the best they can do to try and shift the focus from William’s (alleged) affair? Really?

  47. Casey20 says:

    I watched a clip of 4 British woman discussing Meghan and Harry’s decision concerning Baby Sussex. The show was on Channel 5, Jeremy Vine on 5…Google his Twitter and check out the clip dated April 11 titled “Do Meghan and Harry have any right to keep their baby plans a secret….it’s interesting how some Brits feel that she had no choice in the matter. It is their right to see the baby how they want to see the baby!

    • Pip says:

      Please remember that Jeremy Vine is no better than a shock jock. Everything he says & everyone he interviews is to provoke a reaction – he is INSANELY inflammatory. He also has a lunch-time radio show on the station my office used to listen to but, since Brexit, we’ve had to switch channels as I ended up spending the whole two hours of his show screaming abuse at the radio.

      So be aware that his guests will be the most hyperbolic shouty unreasonable fanatics he can find. That’s how he rolls.

      As other British posters have said, many/most of us are utterly indifferent to the Royal Family & some of us are very much anti. I’d much prefer us to be a republic but frankly at the moment the country has MUCH more important issues to worry about.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @pip, Jeremy wasn’t there, Anne Diamond was filling in for him and she was being a total cow about this, saying it’s our right (British public) to have her parade the baby as we pay for them and she shouldn’t have married into the royal family if she doesn’t like tradition. The guests were a little shocked by her obvious hate and all three called her out for it.

    • Kebbie says:

      I’m sure the people arguing that are the same ones who insisted Meghan was going to parade the baby on the steps of the Lindo Wing and turn it into a red carpet appearance. The same ones who argued that Meghan and the baby weren’t important enough to warrant a presentation. It’s only now that they’ve found out she isn’t doing that kind of presentation that they’re demanding one. It’s not about principle with these people, it’s about criticizing Meghan no matter what.

  48. Sassy says:

    A good looking man with the same amount or more wealth with less drama is out there for Meghan once she gets out of this sunken place.

  49. What's Inside says:

    Okay. So obviously the Frogmore Cottage is not going to work out — pissing off too many people. The Queen just needs to set them up in a better place, preferrably their own palace with ample parking and privacy.

  50. Casey20 says:

    Royal Reporters can’t get the hint so they followed the Sussex’s to Frogmore, meanwhile Kate (future Queen Consort and English Rose) hasn’t been seen since March 28! I guess they prefer to bully a pregnant woman in her final stage of pregnancy vs questioning why th future Queen hasn’t worked in weeks!

    • claire says:

      There was a comment from someone the other day that Kate was away on another well-earned vacation….;)

  51. Dark and Stormy says:

    I don’t know who suggested that staff not get to use that parking lot but I am not surprised it caused sime angst amungst staff. That absolutely happens in the US as well, it’s not just an uppity British ideal that you should be able to get to work easily and without cost. Without knowing the average income of the staff affected by this I will just say that $15.00 a day for 20 days a month in the US adds up to some peoples share of the rent. If one of my kids was told they would have to pony up $300 a month for parking they would literally have to choose between making their share of the rent or making all of their other obligations such as electricty, groceries, etc. I sincerely hope Windsor will reimburse all employees affected by that change.

    As for those who may only be impacted by the distance; that too is a very common American complaint as well. The last “drive to work” company that I worked for always had parking on the agenda. Bad parking lots can mean vandalism (when I was new I had my car ransacked, others had tire damage, etc). And when the company moved to a larger building that had a parking garage there was a whole huge pecking order to contend with that often saw people getting very upset including those who were disabled (legally) those who may have health or physical issues that made the new trek difficult or painful, and of course tenants that were already using the garage would throw huge fits and threats if they found one of us in a spot that wasn’t designated for our company.

    With the amount if security that I imagine Windsor staff already go thru I’m surprised no one thought about the employees who work there before making this decision. POOR management, I would not stick it out with a company that acted as indifferent and unprofessional as Windsor just did if crap like this kept happening. A happy staff is a happy company. Treat your employees with dignity and compassion for crying out loud.

    • tuille says:

      This isn’t for work. It’s for going to a club for cricket & golf.

      • Dark and Stormy says:

        I’m admittedly a little confused on that part. It sounds to me like they use it based on work because they referenced in the article that this lot was closer to work for staff and that some would be given passes. I’m not clear if the lot is also allowed for personal use which our company did as well so that when events were happening nearby we could park there during non business hours. We still used it primarily for work which I suspect is the case for the Windsor staff. I think this could have and should have been handled more professionally.

        While I have absolutely no idea who suggested staff not be able to use the lot; I can see why/how Meghan took the fall for how horribly it was handled.

  52. SpilldatT says:

    I spilled some of my iced coffee today in the car while I was driving.

    It’s all Meghan’s fault, I’m sure!

    (sarcasm if people didn’t get it).

  53. Well Wisher says:

    I will follow the press statement to the letter although I can appreciate the the varying interpretations of the birthing plans. Kaiser is spot on on the parking lot. The root has predicted that the trolls will not stop until divorce. So it is best to ignore: even if it extends for the next 20 or 40 years. I hope they live each day to the fullest. Be in the present. All will be fine.

    In retrospect Bishop Curry’s sermon was apt.

  54. MoreSalt says:

    And? I’m a low paid worker working for a major university, and I have to pay $8/day or $1.50/hr depending on which building I’m working in. My choices are to suck it up or to find a new job, same as theirs. Poor lambs. *eyeroll*

  55. LRob says:

    Next they’ll blame her for failed Brexit negotiations in Parliament. Her strategy so far has worked. Do the work, support the causes she, Harry, and the Queen choose, be creative, share talent and intelligence. Kill it with your natural style. Focus on Harry, your baby, your duty, your supporters and your own well being. Team Sussex is OK by me.

  56. CairinaCat says:

    Of course this is yet another contrived situation to distract from William shagging Rose
    Distract, distract, distract.

  57. marina karina says:

    I’m very skeptical of this article, as I don’t believe NIMBY is a British term, but American slang.
    No one has lived full time at Frogmore for years — and there are a lot of people & fringe groups who do not wish the Royal Family well. This change seems very practical to me from a security standpoint. Also, with people coming & going in their parking lot, there could be some privacy challenges as well. Finally, the Duke & Duchess are certainly entitled to give their Frogmore office staff parking privileges over people who want to play golf. Finally, I don’t think this decision came from Harry & Meghan, but Security staff. Me thinks Duchess Meghan has other, more important things on her mind these days.

    It seems like another calculated PR move in the media takedown of the so-called uppity biracial duchess who doesn’t know her place. If the reason behind this is to take the public’s attention away from Will’s possible affair, it isn’t going to work. If William or the Middletons are behind this calculated campaign against the duchess, then they truly are despicable human beings. That being said, it could just be some doucheb@g reporter trying to keep selling newspapers by generating headlines at the expense of others.

  58. mk says:

    too late for anyone to see this, but meanwhile, the prince and duchess are nesting, enjoying each other, making plans, anticipating….

    I can’t imagine what their lives must really be like and it has nothing to do with what’s going on with employee parking.

  59. ME says:

    Ok, this is bullshit. I live there, the car park in this story is the public car park next to the public side of Windsor Home Park. The parking lot mentioned here is not the once being used by employee’s of Windsor castle, there are others closer to the castle (behind the public entrance where you buy the ticket to get into the castle).

    The car park mentioned here is at the entrance to the Frogmore House “area” and it’s the carp park of the cricket club but there are several other car parks on the royal estate. And, it’s not even overlooking Frogmore House.

    Also, noone working in the castle would park on the King Edward car park (the one indicated in the article as the new parking space) anyway, you would need to walk up all of Castle Hill.

  60. Paisley says:

    I’ve gotten to where I believe nothing the press says until I actually see a picture or it has been confirmed.