Timothy Olyphant’s dog ate his edibles and the veterinarian had a brochure for that

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You probably noticed that I’ve been reporting on more interviews lately. It’s fun to see the late night interviews. Celebrities get about 10 minutes to tell a couple of stories and they usually deliver. Plus they’re all on YouTube now. Timothy Olyphant was recently on both Late Night and on Conan, where he copied Conan’s entire look. It turns out that Timothy and Conan are close friends and that they hang out together a lot. They had a great rapport and it was fun to watch. On Late Night Timothy seemed a little tipsy or maybe high, although he said he hadn’t taken anything, and he was just hilarious. He said that ever since California legalized recreational weed he’s been taking edibles a little bit to deal with his job. He’s trying to take it easy but it does make it more tolerable. Once his dog got into the edibles and got stoned, but the veterinarian seemed familiar with that and acted like it was no big deal.

On how he started doing edibles
In California weed is legal. In New York it’s not legal, it took me by surprise. California is ahead of the curve on the weed thing.

My wife, we are not weed people, came home the other day and announced that she went [to a marijuana store] and got some stuff. They said ‘what would you like’ and she said ‘I would like a glass of wine without the calories.’

He took one before doing press
I had to do some press the other day. Hollywood foreign press. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be nominated, but those people are batsh-t. I went to go speak to them. I got to go do press from 10am to 4pm. I don’t want to drink all day but I still got to get through it. I [ate] one. The interviews haven’t come out yet but I feel they went great.

On his dog eating his edibles
When they legalize they say “people will figure it out.” Listen NY, because it’s coming. They [have] these little things that look like gummy bears. They don’t tell you that dogs don’t know it’s drugs.

Little Bruno [ate] six. If you ever ask yourself if [they will be surprised] if you show up to a vet clinic with a stoned dog, they won’t. He will be like the third dog that showed up high. They will be like “no we had a boxer here earlier today way more stoned than that. Come back in 45 minutes he’ll be fine. We’ll give you a brochure when you leave.” They’ve printed a brochure. That’s how common it is.

[From Late Night]

I wish marijuana was legal in my state. From what I’ve read it’s effective for pain, it’s less addictive and there are less side effects. I wouldn’t go on it long term, but it would be a better alternative to prescription pain medication after getting surgery for instance. Of course when it’s legal you also hear stories like this about pets overdosing on it.

I was over one of my friends’ houses when her dog ate two pills I left out on the nightstand. It was a cocker spaniel and apparently some of them will just eat anything. The veterinarian had medicine to put in the dog’s eyes that made her vomit. I would imagine they do something similar for stoned dogs to get it out of their system. (I told this story already in a post about Kathryn Hahn’s dog eating underwear so forgive me if you’ve heard it before.)

Also THE DEADWOOD MOVIE IS COMING TO HBO MAY 31st!! I am so freaking excited for this! Timothy said he’s seen it and “couldn’t be more proud of it” and he was so effusive about working on that show.

Here’s the video of him on Late Night talking about his dog and the Deadwood movie! The other part, where he explains how they started doing edibles, is here.

He looks high in some recent photos. He is such a beautiful man.
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24 Responses to “Timothy Olyphant’s dog ate his edibles and the veterinarian had a brochure for that”

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  1. Billbop says:

    I love him. Especially in Justified. Yum…

    • Josephine says:

      Yes. Justified was crazy good, especially at first. It’s funny that he’s such a California surfer dude in real life but he was so different (and hotter) as Raylan Givens.

    • Eva says:

      He’s so sexy in Justified, oh dear. I kind of don’t want to see him in anything else because I’m afraid I’d be disappointed when he’s not being Raylan Givens. Still have to watch Deadwood, though, at least he probably wears a cowboy hat in that one…

  2. Lightpurple says:

    My brother had a cat who used to steal his roommate’s stash. He used to have to warn visitors that if they had anything in their coats or bags, the cat would find it and eat it.

  3. Erinn says:

    It’s super dangerous. My cousin works as a vet tech in the city – they’ve had a few people bring their dogs in for suspected cannabis ingestion.

    Another one to be INCREDIBLY careful with is Coco Powder or bakers chocolate. It doesn’t take much to do some real damage and potentially death. Just a couple of ounces can do severe damage to a dog around 40lbs.

    • CairinaCat says:

      Then you have my parents dog who got into a cupboard and ate a 5 pound box of chocolates 🤪😜
      She was so gentle, took each one out and left the wrappers.
      It didn’t hurt her

      She would also eat Christmas tree ornaments 🎄⛄🎅

  4. JanetDR says:

    I adore him in everything I have seen him in, and especially interviews! He’s so funny in Santa Clarita Diet it’s hard to believe he is the same person as Justified and Deadwood. I know, Acting! but still. He just seems like he would be fun to hang out with.

    • launicaangelina says:

      I love him in Santa Clarita Diet! I need to watch Justified and Deadwood. He’s such a good looking man.

  5. Ali says:

    He’s so hot to me!

    Wine without the calories 😂 feeling her on that.

  6. lucy2 says:

    He always seems a bit stoned, I think it’s just his general demeanor. He’s hilarious, especially with Conan, and a great actor. Justified remains one of my favorite shows of all time.

  7. Lucia says:

    I use medical marijuana a lot. It helps me but these days I’m more pro-CBD. I hate the fogginess I get on THC. I have a story similar to Tim. Back in the early days when I just got my medical card, my feline bff ate part of a medicated cookie of mine. It was my fault for leaving my plate. He only had a bit before I grabbed it but I get the super medicated stuff so the single bite was around 5 mg of THC which is a lot for a cat. He got super high but he’s a 16 lbs so he fortunately didn’t get sick, just drooled and caterwauled a lot. I didn’t take him to the vet but after 2 days of him being crazy, I learned my lesson. Now, I keep it out of reach of my feline friends, and eat my stuff in one sitting. It isn’t the worst thing to happen but they only need a 1 mg at most. I give same kitty some CBD droplets as he has kidney issues and the doctor says he’s still pretty healthy all things considered and his numbers look good after a year.

  8. Birdix says:

    I’m glad pot is legal here in CA. But. On a superficial level, I’m tired of smelling it every day in SF. I rarely smelled cigarette smoke, but now the smell of weed is pervasive.
    On a more serious note, it is SO easy for young teens to get access, and it’s a problem. They were already targeted by vape ads, now they’re all vaping pot. And looking for edibles. And really don’t have the decision-making skills to regulate their usage in the same way as adults. Plus, with an entire culture/marketing effort saying that it’s healthy and if you’re worried about it you just don’t get it and aren’t forward-thinking… a lot of kids are getting thrown under the bus. And let me tell you, the rehab options for teens aren’t great if you don’t have much money to throw at the problem. I’ve seen the effects firsthand, and it can be really, really awful.

  9. Ann says:

    “A glass of wine without the calories” is brilliant! I keep all my stuff in a little stash box I keep on a high shelf so my dog doesn’t get into it. They do have marijuana doggie treats though. I’m not sure if there is THC or just CBD in them, but I know I’ve seen them sold at multiple dispensaries. My pup is only 2 and has no health issues that would justify giving him one but maybe some day in the future.

  10. Chef Grace says:

    I live in Texas so it will never be legal here.
    I loved him in that one movie The Crazies. I became a fan after. He rocked Justified.

  11. Lucy says:

    He’s fabulous in every way. Better be careful next time, though!

  12. Mtam says:

    He was great on the Conan Needs a Friend podcast. They definitely have a great rapport. And there’s a recurring joke on the podcast about Conan buying a beach house and Timothy being the one occupying it haha.

  13. DiegoInSF says:

    I love him in Santa Clarita Diet. Drew and him have amazing chemistry! I just wish the seasons were longer.

  14. V says:

    Y’all need to watch Santa Clarita diet. He and Drew Barrymore are amazing in it!

  15. Taylor says:

    You can actually use cannabis in pets- but CBD and THC. THC is gaining more traction within the veterinary community as we keep pets alive for longer and provide more treatment options (such a chemotherapy). I have definitely seen some dogs get majorly messed up on pot, but it’s not typically dangerous. They just look like the most stoned people you have ever met lol.

    • Dani says:

      THC is a big no no for pets. CBD, however, may confer benefits for certain veterinary patients, but we don’t yet have enough research to indicate which patients and how much to give (though current studies are underway). CBD can still cause adverse side effects. Also, the CBD you can buy is not regulated like a drug so the advertised concentration may not be entirely accurate, which makes dosing harder. Plus, vets in CA can’t legally advise/prescribe use of CBD products for your pets.

      • Taylor says:

        BUT I should add in- yes don’t get your dog high on purpose and no veterinarian will “recommend” any cannabis-based product. lol- thank you for correcting that Dani!

  16. SJR says:

    Deadwood was a great show. Tim was smoldering hot in it. He was so, so hot with the mustache, the walk, etc.
    Justified was a great show. Tim was smoking hot as Raylan Givens. Great current day lawman.
    Well written, great acting.

    Santa Clarita Diet is funny as hell. Didn’t know he could do comedy.
    I keep Netflix for Peaky Blinders, Santa Clarita Diet and the stand up comedy shows.

  17. Rye says:

    Love him in santa clarita diet, he’s hilarious