Camille Grammer’s garbage take on Dr. Ford’s testimony: ‘It’s a he said, she said’

There’s a woman in my town who looks like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford whom I never noticed until now. The first time I saw her I decided to go back into the grocery store for one more thing just in case. Of course it was a different lady with the same hairstyle and similar glasses but part of me wondered so I doubled checked. There are a lot of things I want to tell Dr. Ford and I consider her a hero. Her testimony changed my life and helped me face some things. So many women feel the same.

That’s a lead-in to this story about Camille Grammer’s garbage take on Dr. Ford’s testimony. A heated exchange between Camille and Lisa Rinna aired on the last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It was taped at the end of September around the time angry drunk Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. It’s been over six months already and I remember it like it was yesterday. Long story short, Lisa Rinna was the voice of reality and Camille spouted Republican talking points.

Camille Grammer caused a stir with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars on Tuesday’s episode, staunchly defending Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he faced allegations of sexual assault…

“I am very empathetic to women who have had this, but I’ve also been accused of things that I’ve never done,” Camille said. “This pisses me off. … When I went through my divorce, I was taken down. I was maligned. I was emotionally beaten down. It’s horrible to go through that when you’ve done a lot of good things in your life…

“I empathize with what Brett Kavanaugh is going through. I’ve been in that position. I know what it’s like to be wrongfully accused and humiliated all over the world for lies. … It feels horrible to be in that position. I’ve been the victim of a smear campaign and it hurts.”

Lisa Rinna is the voice of reason
“To see this woman put herself in such a vulnerable position, and yet people making fun of her? People not believing her? It’s really f—– up,” Lisa Rinna said on Tuesday’s RHOBH. “I think she’s changing everything with her courage.”

Camille says there’s not enough “evidence” and that she was assaulted too
“She didn’t have enough evidence,” Camille said of Dr. Ford. “When you are going to go up against the senate with something like that, you better have your witnesses lined up because that’s a very tough thing.”

Camille then revealed that she had been a victim of sexual assault when she was younger, using that fact to question why Dr. Ford had waited over three decades to bring her allegations forward.

“If you were at 15, you would tell your best friend or you would tell your parents,” Camille said. “I’m a victim too. I told my boyfriend, I told my mother, I told my therapist. I told people. I didn’t hold on to it for 35 years. She told her husband years after. It doesn’t make sense.”

Lisa retorts
Rinna didn’t agree with that point, nor did her friend Robin — who told the group that she was attacked when she was in 7th grade but didn’t speak about it until the #MeToo movement picked up speed.

“Do you not believe her though? Do you not believe this woman?” Rinna asked. “You don’t believe her for getting up in front of the f—ing world and telling this story, and not getting anything out of it, nothing? Camille, she’s a doctor! … He’s going to be a judge on our court for the rest of his f—ing life and that is a very big thing.”

Camille feels so bad for Brett Kavanaugh’s family
“We don’t know if for sure it happened or not because it’s a he said, she said,” Camille responded. “Women should be heard [but] do you believe that all doctors are right? Do you believe because somebody holds a PhD, they’re correct?”

Asked by Mellencamp Arroyave how she would feel if her claims weren’t believed, Camille said, “That’s your prerogative.”

“This woman has some serious allegations and I feel bad for what him and his family are going through,” she added of Kavanaugh, later tearing up about it. “I feel bad for people. I don’t like when people do that kind of stuff.”

[From People]

As you can tell, I didn’t see this episode and am relying on People’s recap. They go on to recount Lisa Rinna’s story about how her mom was almost murdered by a notorious serial killer who tried to rape her, but was saved by a military policeman who happened to drive down the road where they were parked. It’s an incredible story and you can read it there. Lisa said that her mom didn’t tell her about it for years so she completely understands why it took Dr. Ford so long to come forward.

It’s scary as f-k that we’re still having these kind of conversations and that people “feel sorry” for an abusive Supreme Court judge who consistently rules to strip away basic human rights, and who just got a mandate to do that until his death. Camille has been in abusive relationships and as she said on the show she was sexually assaulted. She was married to Kelsey Grammer for a long time. I’m not making a particular observation about Kelsey other than to say he’s a conservative and he cheated on her and blamed her for it. She identifies with these horrible men, they’re the type of men she’s known all her life and so she makes excuses for them. To get personal for a moment, I have cut women like Camille out of my life and I’ve seen friends and family cut them out too. The current dystopia has made it abundantly clear where people stand.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are so fierce.


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  1. Tiffany says:


    That is all she deserves.

  2. Aims says:

    I watched it last night and wasn’t surprised by Camille response. She a diehard Republican. However, The positive side was she was the only one standing up for this creep. What really bothers me is that there’s still people out there who will bend over backwards to defend the unforgivable. That there will always be someone who will excuse the perpetrator and slander the victim. It’s just so sick.

  3. Nicegirl says:

    I’ve felt bad for CG bc of what Kelsey did to her and their children but she’s used up all of my sympathy now. Cancelled

  4. Endlesscircles says:

    Internalized misogyny. She makes no sense because she just said she knows what it feels like to have lies spread about you and in this case she sides with the lies about Kavanaugh over Dr. Ford. Pooooor white man! I just can’t.

    Lisa Rinna’s stock just shot up in my book!

    • lucy2 says:

      Agree on both. Good for Lisa for fighting the good fight, but I imagine it’s like trying to talk to a brick wall.
      Camille sounds like she’s just letting the R or D next to someone’s name determine what she believes, which is incredibly stupid, and it also sounds like a TON of internalized misogyny there (which is pretty much a given for any woman identifying as Republican, IMO).

    • Otaku fairy... says:

      Right. Certain kinds of misogynistic rumors probably do sometimes cloud some women’s judgment when it comes to hearing that powerful men are abusers, but that’s not an excuse for discrediting the victims.

    • Google Lisa Rinna/Harry Hamlin/Julianne Phillips….Rinna is a hypocrite b…her stock is and always will be worthless.

  5. Lightpurple says:

    Oh, Camille, the Dr Fords of the world are not the ones who made your divorce difficult; the Brett Kavanaughs of the world are.

    • Tiffany says:

      Dr. Ford- a woman who behind the scenes was telling anyone who would listen that Doughboy should not be on any bench and then decided to go public after the nomination came because, again, he should not be on the bench. The result was have to quit her job and have 24 hour security for herself and family.

      Who?????- a woman who lost her husband how she got him and endured some petty gossip. The result was a reality show, healthy child support, a settlement and property.

      Guess which one gets a eyeroll and a, ‘Bitch, find a seat’.

  6. Jennifer Martinez says:

    Who or what is a Mellencamp Arroyave???

  7. KidV says:

    I still have the hots for Harry Hamilin. Please, no one tell me if he’s a douche. This site has ruined too many of my crushes.

    Camille needs to take a seat.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I don’t what he’s like now, but back in the early-mid 80s, when he wasn’t as well known, he did Hamlet at the local theater in my town. (to be clear, it’s a pretty well known and respected theater in our area, and has had some pretty big stars do work over the years.)

      my mother was a HUGE fan, and “stalked” him (she didn’t REALLY stalk him, just waited outside the theater hoping to catch him for an autograph, but didn’t until his last night of the show). he was SO gracious to her, posed for pictures and signed a book for her. so, from what I’ve heard/seen, he’s a nice guy who appreciated his fans, at least back then.

    • sammiches says:

      I really hate to be the person to potentially wreck your crush, but both Rinna AND Hamelin are gross.