Andrew Garfield: ‘My dream role is to be a father to a child, in real life’

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Andrew Garfield is currently promoting Under the Silver Lake, which is apparently a weird LA neo-noir of conspiracies on top of conspiracies. To promote the small-budget film, Garfield chatted with IMDB about love and life and his dream role. I haven’t heard much about Garfield since we learned that he’s likely dating Aisling Bea after a very brief romance with Rita Ora. I also still find Garfield to be a bit of an odd, morose bird, but being able to hear his lovely accent definitely helped (video at the end of the post):

Andrew Garfield is open to love in all of its forms! When a fan asked if he believed in love at first sight he said, “Yes, I do believe in love at first sight but I also believe that you would love absolutely anybody if you knew their story.”

The actor also opened up about how he views relationships, saying, “I believe that the modern notion of romantic love is seriously misguided and it creates a lot of problems in our modern world. I believe that we need to reevaluate this idea that we have of the nuclear family, this idea that we have of two-point-four children, this idea we have that it’s Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. I believe it’s possible for all of us to be in love all the time with ourselves and everyone around us.”

Andrew was also asked, “What’s your dream role and why?”

“This is such a cheesy response: to be a father. My dream role is to be a father to a child, in real life not just in fictional films,” Andrew said.

[From People]

“I also believe that you would love absolutely anybody if you knew their story…” Hard disagree. I get what he’s going for, the idea that anyone can fall in love with anyone and love is not binary or fated. But I also just think that this whole notion of “being in love all the time with ourselves and everyone around us” is… I don’t know, weird? He very specifically says IN love, not a general “love thy neighbor” sort of love of all humanity. He thinks you can be IN love with everybody. And that’s exhausting. As for fatherhood… he’s 35 years old, and I’ve always believed that some/many men have biological clocks, the same as women. I think Garfield’s clock is ticking. Garfield babies are coming.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    He was great and funny on James Corden last week too. They did a Funny GoT sketch too. Seems like he’s having fun on this press tour. As for babies. He said the same thing during promo for 99 homes in 2015 then shortly after he and Emma spilt. I’m surprised he didn’t settle down with a “Hannah Bagshaw” type cause he’s been talking about wanting kids for a long time now.

  2. Mash says:

    I roll my eyes so hard and or cringe when celebrities go on diatribes about love and restructuring ish….like
    people’s beliefs/love and how their families work are private, for this actor to pontificate on how something should be…i always feel they should caveat it with THAT’S WHAT’S WORKED FOR ME or THAT’S MY PHILOSOPHY

  3. Millenial says:

    For some reason I thought he’d had a secret baby on the DL, after it ended with Emma Stone, but I realized that was Nicholas Hoult, after it ended with JLaw.

  4. BANANIE says:

    I too disagree with people being able to fall in love with just anyone, especially because people fall in love with others in different ways. And I think – while this might not sound romantic – people can fall in love because of what they need, not always because of what they simply want.

    Some people just should not be together. And I firmly believe that some people – abusers, definitely, cheaters, probably – should not be with anyone.

  5. Snazzy says:

    I loved him in the social network then he just got creepy …

  6. Nancypants says:

    I loved him in Hacksaw Ridge.
    The Mormon (?) who volunteered to save but refused to harm.

    Based on a true story and the only person awarded The Medal of Honor without ever firing a shot.

    He does seem a bit odd and naive but I don’t know.
    The longer I live, the more odd people seem to be but some see me as odd as well.
    Even I sometimes look back at my life and think, “Yeah, that wasn’t normal.” but it seemed normal at the time.

    Anyway, I think I’d like him in real life. 🙂